Are you looking for the updated list of Indonesian beauty influencers in 2023?

You have come to the right place.

For brands and businesses in Indonesia, this list is for you.

Influencer Marketing in Indonesia is a huge for Cosmetics & Beauty industry.

they are very dedicated and the most influential & engaged influencers in the home of Bali.

List of the top Beauty Influencers in Indonesia

They have the most loyal audience, a high engagement rate, and promising account growth.

If you work with them, then getting wide product visibility is a guarantee.

Also, very potential for long-term partnerships.

This list is also useful for international brands who want to expand their impact in the Indonesian market.

They are the perfect gate to grow your consumer base in Indonesia.

Let’s go find out your best suit.

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Indonesia in 2023 ⬇️

  1. Tasya Farasya – @tasyafarasya
  2. Jovi Adhiguna – @joviadhiguna
  3. Vincent Widjaja – @kkmn99
  4. Arashimalya – @arashimalya
  5. Biergita Avrilian – @biergitaa
  6. Ine – @skincarebyine
  7. Cecilia Wijayanti – @cecilenyu
  8. Kholifah Rifani – @kholifahrifani
  9. Regina Bundiarti – @reginabundiarti
  10. Ayas – @allhailclearskin

The beauty industry is always an in-demand market in Indonesia.

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No wonder beauty influencers are everywhere on social media in Indonesia.

Be it Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you will always find Indonesian beauty influencers there.

Especially when Indonesian Gen-Z consumer uses TikTok before purchasing cosmetics products.

But to say the top beauty influencers, the standard may vary.

Most popular Influencer Content in Indonesia is Fashion and Beauty
Fashion & Beauty is the first Content, the most popular in Indonesia

These are the top list of Indonesian influencers that match every beauty brand for any business scale.

This is the ultimate list for brands and businesses who want to work with diverse beauty influencers in Indonesia.

Especially for the nano-influencers.

They are labeled as the most important influencer tier in Nusantara.

I have also prepared some rising beauty nano influencers in Indonesia for this list.

Let’s dive into the top 10 beauty influencers in Indonesia on Instagram in 2023.

Tasya Farasya – The biggest and queen of beauty influencers in Indonesia

Everyone in Indonesia knows Tasya Farasya, especially beauty enthusiasts.

She is that influential, no wonder she is at the top list.

Most of the beauty products endorsed by her will definitely influence everyone.

The beauty community calls her impact “Racun Tasya Farasya” or the Tasya Farasya Poison.

Even other beauty influencers ‘bait’ her impact with “Racun Tasya Farasya” on their content caption.

“Racun Tasya Farasya” even has a section on Google searches.

Every recommendation and opinion of her about certain products will be obeyed by the beauty community.

She is literally the biggest influencer and KOL of the beauty industry in Indonesia.

She uses Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok as her platform to share her influence.

She also builds her own business, Mother of Pearls Beauty, a vegan makeup brand.

If your brand wants the best influence to increase sales or to enter the market in Indonesia, Tasya Farasya is definitely the best pick.


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Jovi Adhiguna – The best Indonesian beauty & fashion influencer

Here is another influential beauty influencer, Jovi Adhiguna.

Previously, Jovi was a fashion designer, then they appeared in their sister’s YouTube video, Sarah Ayu, also a beauty vlogger.

Turns out, people love their opinion and ideas, so they decide to hop on social media to become beauty content creators.

Jovi is known for their eccentric fashion and their love for beauty and makeup.

They are also known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

They have a boba franchise, Street Boba, and a Korean snack franchise, Gildak.

Their Instagram feed is full of their everyday quirky yet elegant outfits.

Jovi has also endorsed many beauty brands on their Instagram page.

If your brand wants a powerful influence while still supporting inclusivity, you should keep Jovi on your list.

Vincent Widjaja – The best K-beauty influencer in Indonesia

Korean wave always sells in Indonesia.

Especially when there is ‘Oppa’ that can speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Vincent Widjaja takes advantage of this opportunity with his look.

He is Indonesian but his face looks more Korean.

Vincent once auditioned for Produce 101 but can’t proceed further.

He then becomes an active beauty content creator on Instagram and TikTok.

And of course, his social media page is full of his skincare routine and his makeup look.

Vincent has also collaborated with various beauty brands. He is an ambassador of one of the Indonesian local brands.

Get in touch with him ASAP if your brand targets k-beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia!

Arashimalya – Established Indonesian beauty & lifestyle influencer

Arashimalya keeps her persona on Instagram so brightly.

She shares her daily outfit and makeup look on Instagram and also many branded content.

Yep, she has built her reputation as one of the most influential beauty influencers in Indonesia.

Her flawless appearance has made every sponsored content looks elegant.

She also shares her eating in a cafe or making ceramics on her Instagram page.

Arashi is very active with her brand deals, even promoting the brand in her Stories.

If you want to work with a dedicated Indonesian beauty influencer, Arashi must be on your list.

Biergita Avrilian – Versatile beauty influencer in Indonesia

When you look at Biergita’s bio, it’s empty.

Well, it might not look interesting, but trust me, she has worked with many beauty and skincare brands.

She even endorses a laptop product.

Indeed, her focus is on beauty brands but she is also open to other opportunities like tech products.

As you scroll, you will find a lot of photos of her posing with the endorsed products.

She might look basic, but her influence is no joke.

Start emailing her for the partnership to reach a ‘mediocre’ but powerful audience.

Ine – Best Indonesian Muslim beauty micro-influencer

Ine is very creative in creating her beauty content.

Sometimes you find interesting Reels, sometimes she posts carousels.

And she is only focusing on product reviews, so it can be said that she has a very niche audience.

With her niche, Ine has very dedicated followers, cause they want to know hands-on experience about the product.

If your brand wants to target the Muslim beauty community, Ine is the right one to reach.

Especially when you want to assure your consumer that your brand is worth trying.

Cecilia Wijayanti – Indonesian Beauty, Travel, & Food influencer

Cecilia calls herself a beauty enthusiast. But her interest is not limited to that.

She loves traveling and sharing her travel experiences on her Instagram page.

As an influencer, Cecilia has posted various branded content.

Two things about her: she loves producing Reels and her audience is very loyal.

You know how important that information is?

Cecil is indeed great for brand exposure because Reels are her style.

Also, if you want engagement, Cecil is the right choice as her posts are flowing with interactions.

Kholifah Rifani – Rising Indonesian beauty nano-influencer

Here is Kholifah Rifani, the rising star of Indonesian beauty nano-influencers.

Her followers might not be as many as the top listers, but Kholifah has done much more brand deals on her content than expected.

I think she posts branded content more than her own portraits.

And I think that’s a dedication as a beauty enthusiast.

Also, Kholifah has gained a trusted audience as her followers are crowding her posts every time.

Make sure to add Kholifah to your list and see the power of a nano beauty influencer in Indonesia!

Regina Bundiarti – All-around beauty influencer Indonesia

Regina is another thriving nano beauty influencer in Indonesia.

But Regina has more diverse content. She posts sponsored content and also product reviews.

Not only beauty brands, but she also endorses bags. I can say that Regina is versatile in growing her account.

She also utilizes Reels for her branded content.

Go check her out if your brand wants good exposure from an Indonesian beauty nano influencer.

Ayas – Indonesian growing beauty micro-influencer

The last micro-influencer on the list: is Ayas.

Same with Ine, Ayas focuses on product reviews.

The only difference is that Ratna has a smaller audience than Ine.

But that’s not a problem.

She has done a lot of endorsements with beauty products even with a small audience.

Ayas also loves sharing vlogs with her audience.

If your brand targets the beauty community in Indonesia that prefers honest reviews, Ayas is absolutely very worth trying.

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Ready to work with Indonesian beauty influencers?

That’s it, the top beauty influencers in Indonesia in 2023 for every tier.

Who is your favorite beauty influencer in Indonesia so far?

Your answer might vary because choosing the right influencer depends on your needs and the influencer’s niche.

Even if every influencer on this list walks in the same industry, you can see their diverse colors.

Two things for sure:

these influencers are very popular in their market and have the most dedicated follower base.

No matter the number of their followers, their posts are always crowded with likes and comments.

When you work with them, getting more traffic, engagement, new followers, and brand awareness are very easy.

It’s like a default KPI they can bring.

They are definitely the best choices for your business to grow.

So, are you ready to work with Indonesian beauty influencers?

Continue to read if you want more infos about Influencer Marketing in Indonesia

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