The best SOCKS5 proxy can help you access the internet safely by hiding your IP address, unblock restricted websites in your location, scrape data from any web, and many more. Take notes to use the best-quality SOCKS5 proxy since using the free service might get you in danger. Here, I have ranked & reviewed the 6 SOCKS5 proxies in 2023, best for your internet anonymous browsing.

List of the best Socks5 proxies

Are you looking for a way to scrape data on Instagram, or any other website safely?

Or do you need a highly-protected IP address to unblock restricted websites that your country ban?

Here is a tip: use a SOCKS5 proxy.

Why must be that specific type of that proxy?

The intermediary server is more versatile than the previous version, faster, and more secure.

How does a SOCKS5 proxy works between a user and the internet usage connection

Really, the best SOCKS5 proxy will help you hide your real IP address,

Making you proceed with further activities like scraping web data, unblocking geo-restrictions, or even downloading torrents.

There is already a lot of getaway server services offering SOCKS5 proxy, but not all of them are worthy of your money,

Moreover, you should avoid using the free SOCKS5 services for security reasons.

In this article, I have listed the 6 best SOCKS5 proxies to stay anonymous online.

Read on and choose your best suit.


Use The Social Proxy if you need a powerful SOCKS5 getaway server for your internet roaming.

Private Proxy for a more affordable choice with high security.

5 Best SOCKS5 Proxies in 2023

Here is the best place if you want to check out what SOCKS5 proxy is worth trying.

We have tried & tested every tool on this list for readers’ convenience.

Differences between a VPN and a SOCKS5 proxy with IP usage

Here we come to the conclusion that the best SOCKS5 proxies in 2023 are:

  1. The Social Proxy
  2. PrivateProxy
  3. ProxySeller
  4. BrightData
  5. SSL Private Proxy

Get to know the best SOCKS5 proxy servers for your 2023’s safe internet roaming.

1. The Social Proxy – Premium SOCKS5 Proxy Provider in 2023

The Best SOCKS5 Proxy server available so far (Free-$89/month)


Best-in-class SOCKS5 proxy provider

Supported by a very fast internet connection, no metered bandwidth, and 5G-compatible for mobile devices, this proxy provider is here to help you with more versatile features that can handle any internet usage. From data extraction, business development, social media automation, and more.

The Israel-based company, The Social Proxy provides the best mobile tunneling servers ever since last year.

The Social Proxy is only available in The UK, The US, Germany, & Israel.

For you that is now in the locations mentioned above, you’re lucky.

The getaway server supports 5G & 4G mobile connections with endless IP streams.

The SOCKS5 Proxies 5G & 4G support for mobile devices
Supporting 5G = highly fast speed connection 🙂

It also rotates automatically per every request since it uses rotating IP with no metered bandwidth.

This tunneling server is dedicated to many internet projects: social media automation,

Market management, web data extraction, and many more.

With its endless streams, enjoy doing your online activity in as many accounts as you like in advance.

How does a proxy work between you and internet
💻 Proxy on the middle

Key Features:

  • Only support IPs for The UK, The US, Germany, & Israel
  • Supported by REST API & IP rotating
  • Fast speed connection
  • No metered bandwidth
  • Unlimited connection


To use The Social Proxy, the price is set for $89/month for each country to enjoy all the premium features.

If you doubt the price, just try its Free Trial.

Or try the premium in advance and issue the 3-day refund if you are not satisfied.

2. PrivateProxy – Affordable SOCKS5 proxy server

Extra secure SOCKS5 Proxy for internet surfing (Free-$5/month)


A SOCKS5 Proxy with high-security

If you are on a tight budget and need an affordable-but-still-has-good-quality tool to help roam the internet anonymously with SOCKS5 proxy, this provider right here is for you. Provided with flexible pricing options, you can also choose between a Datacenter or Residential Proxies.

Given 4.8 stars review on almost everywhere,

The UK-based company, PrivateProxy provides 1000+ cities & 15.000+ IP addresses.

Ir offers the SOCKS5 version of proxy that helps you

Hide your IP address & bypass the geo-restrictions.

Starting at only $5/month, this provider offers the best services even if charged at a low price.

The SOCKS5 Proxy provider Residential server services
A lot of benefits at only $5/month is crazy.

It also uses SLS encryption and has a strict lo-logs policy,

So you can be protected from an IP address leak, bandwidth usage, browsing history, and many more.

The best thing about PrivateProxy is the precise geo-targeting & very private connection.

Key Features:

  • Over 1000 locations & 15.000 IP addresses
  • No-logs policy, SLS, encryption, no privacy leak
  • Private & secure connection from its server
  • Support torrenting
How does a proxy work between you and internet
💻 Proxy on the middle


Reading the benefits, I suggest you subscribe to its premium plan.

Starting only $5/month. Look at the full-price list here.

  1. Residential Static $5/month: 1 static residential proxy, multiple locations
  2. Datacenter Static $9/month: 3 static datacenter proxies, multiple locations
  3. Datacenter Rotating $59/month: 200.000 requests, 2 days-trial
  4. Residential Rotating $150/month: 200.000 requests, unlimited simultaneous connection

The prices above are only starters, you can proceed further with a more expensive budget

but also more quality features.

You can try their Free Trial, just in case you doubt their offers.

3. ProxySeller – Budget-friendly Proxy provider with SOCKS5 version

Cheapest SOCKS5 Proxy in 2023 ($0.08/month)


Best price for SOCKS5 Proxy

If you are looking for the cheapest SOCKS5 proxy but with high-quality features, this platform should be your #1 list. It also comes with various solutions to offer its clients the best-suited payment for them.

Proxy Seller, based in Russia, is known as having the best pricing options for business to buy SOCKS5 versions,

And also others like IPv4, IPv6, and the classic ones, HTTPS.

You can literally buy the IPv6 location only for $0.08.

Proxy Seller is like a forward server marketplace where the price is set for a single location.

This makes the purchase very flexible for the customers.

Buyers can also set some filters & categories to find the proxy specific to their needs.

The SOCKS5 Proxy provider Residential server filter services
Set your target categories, from locations to your use case.

Regarding the speed & response time, Proxy Seller is not the fastest on the market,

But it’s still acceptable and very okay with the price.

Key Features:

  • Provide proxy protocol  HTTP(S) & Socks5
  • Flexible payment option
  • Many location coverages
  • Fine speed connection & response time
Mobile proxy usage for Instagram to protect you
Mobile proxy = Best option for you


If you want to try ProxySeller, you can choose the desired location and pay for the price.

The thing is, it varies depending on the location.

You can choose the cheapest ones with IPv6, but limited locations.

Or the most expensive locations on Mobile Proxies.

4. BrightData – Advanced SOCKS5 Proxy server

Best SOCKS5 Proxy with business-optimized features in 2023 ($0.5/month)


SOCKS5 Proxy with high-end features

If you need a super proxy provider with huge servers, many forward proxy options, powerful management tools, and flexible billing options, this tool is by far the best you can find.

Bright Data is very huge with 72 million shared & exclusive IPs across 195 countries.

The getaway server is equipped with advanced features, best for any matter with the SOCKS5 version:

Businesses, marketing, promotions, data scraping, and more.

It also supports 4G&5G connection for mobile devices.

The SOCKS5 Proxy provider support 5G connection on mobile devices
Unblock any geo-restriction and access the internet everywhere.

You can also easily install Bright Data as a Chrome Extension, using the tunneling server directly from the browser.

With the extension, you can ask for help from your team to manage the task without giving your login information.

With the premium features, this tool is more pricey than everyone in the market.

Don’t panic, you can try their pay-as-you-go plan and see if the tool is worth the claim.

Key Features:

  • Huge servers with 72+ million locations
  • Proxy options: data center, residential, and mobile IPs
  • Flexible payment options
  • Powerful management tools
  • Advanced features: SSL decryption, intelligent routing, custom rules to reduce bandwidth, etc.
why shared proxies are a bad option for you?
🛜 Now you know. Pick your proxy wisely


Bright Data also offers a flexible price plan.

There is a pay-as-you-go option that lets you buy non-bundling proxy locations and of course a lot cheaper.

There is also a monthly or yearly subscription. Here is the list.

  1. Experimenting $300/month: Residential $15/GB
  2. Starter $500/month: Residential $12.50/GB
  3. Production $1000/month: Residential $10/GB
  4. Plus $3000/month: Residential $8.50/GB
  5. Enterprise (custom): unlimited usage, scale, & custom pricing

SOCKS5 proxy from Bright Data is very good for demanding projects.

If you are interested but not having a big budget, try the pay-as-you-go plan. It will be very worth it.

5. SSL Private Proxy – Highly-anonymous SOCKS5 proxy provider

Another affordable SOCKS5 proxy server in 2023  ($1.75/month)


High-anonymity SOCKS5 Proxy

For complete anonymity on the internet with SOCKS5 proxies, this provider can be your option. The highly-anonymous proxy is ready with flexible pricing plans yet has a fast connection & large IP pool across the world.

SSL Private Proxy is a classic player in the proxy industry.

Founded in 2012, the getaway server provider is known for its highly anonymous proxy and VPN service with flexible pricing options.

It has a quite large IP pool with 120.000 IPs in 39 countries across The US and Europe.

Enjoy using the SOCKS5 proxy version at a very affordable price: $1.75/month.

A Proxy provider support the SOCKS5 version
Both HTTPS & SOCKS5 versions are supported.

SSL Private Proxy also provides a special bundle package for specific needs, e.g. social media automation, SEO targeting, and more.

This tunneling server also has a fast-speed connection, generating 52 Mbps in download.

Lastly, you can choose between username/password or IP authentication for more security.

Key Features:

  • More than 120.000 IP addresses in 39 countries
  • High protection with HTTP & HTTPS
  • Fast speed connection
  • 7-day refund policy
  • Multiple authentication methods
Residential proxies and datacenter proxy differences
Do you see the main difference?


Same as others, SSL actually provides various pricing plans.

But you can’t miss out on the special package by SSL Private Proxy.

This is the bundling price list.

  1. Private Proxies $1.75/month: Dedicated IPs, unlimited bandwidth
  2. Pinterest Proxies $2.24/month: Dedicated IPs, HTTP/HTTPS
  3. Classified Ads Proxies $3.60/month: Virgin dedicated IPs, 1 GB speed

If you need high security with an affordable price for your online activities, 

SSL Private Proxy can be your best choice.

You can issue a 7-day refund if you are not happy with their services.

What is a SOCKS5 Proxy?

If you are a beginner at protecting & IP-hiding servers like VPN & proxies

And you come across this article because you want your internet browsing to be secured,

Let me explain from the beginning.

First off, you must understand what a proxy is, which is a getaway server between your real internet protocol and the website accessed.

Proxies are used to hide your IP address to send data to a third device and access the internet privately.

Proxies have many versions, one of them is SOCKS which stands for “socket secure”.

While SOCKS5 is the version known for its high level of security & IP protection.

So, a SOCKS5 proxy is an intermediary server offering highly anonymous access to any internet websites & apps by hiding your IP address location.

Looking into the strength, SOCKS proxies can handle all types of traffic, protocol, and program easily without limitations,

Whether it’s webpages, email, torrents, video streaming, or games.

If you need a robust getaway server, the SOCKS5 proxy is the best choice.

Visit this page to choose what proxy server meets your needs.

So, are SOCKS5 proxies only helpful to hide IP addresses? Is there something else the server can do?

See the answer in the next section.

Main Functions of SOCKS5 Proxies

There are many things you can do with SOCK5 proxy aside from browsing the internet using a protected IP address.

Let’s see the common usage of a SOCKS5 proxy one by one.

1. SOCKS5 Proxies are best to hide your IP address

This is the classic use: protect your real identity and replace it with its prepared IP address.

SOCKS5 proxies are very good at this function since it is the highlight or main feature of this server.

Expect extra layer protection & secure identity when using a SOCKS5 proxy.

2. The best SOCKS5 proxy to unblock geo-restrictions & access forbidden content

Are you struggling to publish your Instagram content as your country bans the visual app?

No worries, SOCKS5 proxies are here to help.

SOCKS5 proxies will bypass firewalls & geographical restrictions and let you access Instagram freely,

Without having fear of identity leak.

That way, you can unblock the denied access and 

Or if you want a more compatible tool, we have also ranked & reviewed the best Instagram Proxies for your IG use.

3. SOCKS5 proxies to download torrents

Downloading torrents to your computer is possible with SOCKS5 Proxies

They are compatible with any similar P2P communication software,

Like BitTorrent or uTorrent.

4. A SOCKS5 Proxy is best to chat & making video calls

Are you having trouble contacting your overseas boyfriend or girlfriend?

Use a SOCKS5 proxy to Skype, FaceTime, or send messages through Telegram.

Expect a no delayed chat and a smooth connection when using this forward proxy 🙂

5. Use SOCKS5 Proxies to stream websites & play online games

If you are an active streamer on Twitch or other any streaming site,

Using SOCKS5 proxies is the best solution to avoid heavy buffering.

If you are also a gamer, you can also use a SOCKS5 proxy and play your games smoothly.

6. [Not recommended] SOCKS5 Proxies are also often used to perform illegal activities

For every helpful innovation, there will always be foul play by some people.

Including SOCKS5, many are willing to spend a lot of money to buy the best one and run carding easily.

This is a serious problem and we DO NOT recommend using this helpful service for any detrimental act.

There are already a lot of fraudsters taking advantage of proxies, we encourage you not to be one. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of a SOCKS5 Proxy

Since SOCKS5 proxies are known for their strength & upgraded features,

That’s why there is a lot you can take advantage of the version.

Here is a list of the pros of using the SOCKS5 proxy server.

  • Can be used for all kinds of data, not only web pages.
  • Ensure a high level of anonymity
  • Best for traffic-intensive tasks
  • Can help you bypass internet blocks
  • Faster and more reliable connection
  • Best used on P2P platforms

See how many things you can do by installing the best SOCKS5 getaway server for secured online activities.

But are there any cons? Of course, there is no perfect tool.

Here are the disadvantages if you want to use SOCKS5 forward proxy.

  • Your data will be unencrypted since the type of server is proxies
  • Even if it’s already upgraded, they still won’t work on some applications
  • Generally more expensive than HTTPS proxies

Differences between SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTPS Proxies

SOCKS5 is named after a number of improvements, meaning the greater the number, the newer the version if.

SOCKS5 is basically the latest and upgraded version of the proxy protocol.

It is equipped with several important features, they are

  • More authentication options
  • Support for IPv6 IP addresses
  • Remote DNS queries
  • Compatibility with the UDP protocol, not only TCP

The UDP protocol, for example, is used in many video streaming services and video games to transfer data in real-time.

That’s why this type of proxy is very suitable for heavy internet tasks.

In the previous version, SOCKS4, the UDP protocol, and more complex authentication methods are missing.

Those are what make the two operate differently.

SOCKS5 can be used for any internet traffic,

While HTTP proxies only work with the HTTP(S) protocol, meaning it only works on web pages only, 

Reasons why you should avoid using free SOCKS5 proxies

Freebies are always tempting, especially if you are on a tight budget

Or you just want to try out the tool.

The thing is, free usage also always comes with “cheap” risks.

When you use a fee SOCKS5 proxy you have to share the servers with other people.

This affects the server’s performance, of course, making it slower & unreliable.

Since free subscriptions don’t bring any benefit to the company,

You won’t be able to call for support if you are experiencing trouble.

They also won’t give much attention to server maintenance so having several instabilities will be common.

Plus, you won’t risk your personal data in the middle of searching for an anonymous tool, right?

It’s possible that the companies are in disguise, offering you free services while collecting your credentials.

Trust me, you won’t regret trying out legit proxy services,

Some have a very affordable price, flexible pricing options,  free trials, and even a refund policy.

Try which one meets your needs (and wallet) and stop struggling with cheap & free platforms.

Our Final recommendation on the best SOCKS5 proxy to browse the internet safely in 2023

Picking the right proxy might be tricky, but if you need the best & powerful forward server,

I highly recommend the SOCKS5 version.

Because SOCKS5 can load heavy data tasks in real-time, perfect for streamers & gamers.

SOCKS5 proxies are also best used for unblocking geo-restrictions & access forbidden content

Without having fear of identity leaks.

Just write down your needs, why do you need a proxy in the first place?

Be careful, there are a lot of shitty and proxies scam services.

Never use a free SOCKS5 getaway server if you can’t take risky consequences.

Just remember the rule: quality always comes at a price.

A cheaper option like shared proxies on free tools will be useless.

From many services on the market, the best SOCKS5 proxies are here on our list.

And after reviewing each service, I have come to the conclusion that The Social Proxy is the best one so far.

The SOCKS5 version supports a 4G/5G connection, best for heavy mobile users.

It’s also highly secure and lets you unblock any web restriction.

Access banned platforms in your country safely with The Private Proxy, like Instagram.

It’s quite expensive if you are on a tight budget, but trust me,

You will get the best user experience in browsing the internet highly anonymously with The Private Proxy.

Did this article help you to find the best SOCKS5 proxy for you? Comment down below 🙂

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something about this topic to talk about.

Questions and Answers about Socks 5 Proxies 👇🏼

Is SOCKS5 Proxy better than VPN?

Depends on your needs. If you want to use a tool that helps your online activities with encrypted data, then VPNs are better since proxy servers won’t encrypt any of your data. But if you need a powerful data protection tool that can handle heavy-traffic online activities, the SOCKS5 proxies are better than VPNs.

Which one is better, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 Proxy?

Obviously, SOCKS5 proxies are a lot better than SOCKS4 since the former option is the upgraded version of the latter. SOCKS 5 proxies have several authentication methods & support UDP protocol to load heavier data tasks, while SOCKS4 doesn’t.

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