Cryptocurrency is gaining in popularity in Singapore in 2024 the public becomes more interested in learning more about it.

Singapore plays a major role in the cryptocurrency adoption in the Asia-Pacific region, with about 196 million U.S. dollars in funding for cryptocurrency companies.

And with more than ten thousand kinds of cryptocurrencies, beginners tend to have a hard time choosing.

Even understanding where to start is also hard enough.

It is no surprise that the public resorts to the emergence of crypto influencers and content creators in their country to learn more about cryptocurrency.

8 Best Singaporean Crypto Influencers in 2024

  1. Kelvin Learns Investing
  2. Jorden Tan
  3. Gerald Ong
  4. Chris @HoneyMoneySG
  5. Southpaw Chad
  6. Chicken Genius Singapore
  7. Invest with Rui Ming
  8. FIP Crypto
Crypto Influencers list in Singapore to work with

Which is actually a brilliant idea.

Because these crypto influencers share so much knowledge about cryptocurrency and they break down which crypto to buy and which to not buy.

To work with these influencers means to have an access to their audiences who look up to them and value what they say.

For brands, this is a promising opportunity to grow your business.

In this article, we have selected the best crypto influencers in Singapore and compiled them into one big list.

Without further ado,

Here are the top crypto influencers in Singapore in 2024.

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1. Kelvin Learns Investing – Singapore’s Young Investor and Crypto Influencer

Kelvin is a Singaporean YouTuber and influencer experienced in stock and cryptocurrency investments.

No wonder this influencer has 82K subscribers on YouTube.

Kelvin occasionally talks about cryptocurrency, too.

On his YouTube channel, he shares tips for beginners wanting to start investing in crypto.

He also provides information on the top crypto exchanges in Singapore.

Many people love his content and they think he is very helpful to Singapore’s crypto community.

Kelvin is a gateway for brands wanting to grow their sales.

2. Jorden Tan – Crypto Influencer in Singapore

Jorden Tan is another Singaporean influencer who specializes in crypto.

On his YouTube channel, he informs his subscribers about the best crypto to buy.

He also shares crypto investment tips.

His channel is perfect for those who are wanting to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency investment in Singapore.

And he is also a perfect choice for brands wanting to gain more exposure.

3. Gerald Ong – Singapore’s Beginner Friendly Crypto Influencer

Gerald Ong is a crypto influencer loved by beginner crypto investors.

He has a “full beginners guide” video on his YouTube channel.

And with that, he sure has helped many beginners in crypto investment.

Ong also covers crypto mining on his channel.

Gerald Ong is a must-collaborate-with Singaporean crypto influencer if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business.

4. Chris @Honey Money SG – Singapore’s Crypto Influencer Helping You to be Financially Independent

Seen on his YouTube banner, Chris from the Honey Money SG channel promises to help you gain financial freedom.

And we are sure that he’s living up to his words.

This is because he has been very active on his YouTube channel, sharing his knowledge about the investing world.

On his channel, Chris reviews crypto apps and shares beginner-friendly crypto information.

He explains how his viewers can find crypto, buy cheap ones, and save fees.

Chris is very influential and many Singaporean follow him for information about crypto.

Brand owners must consider working with him to reach the crypto community in this Asian Tiger country

5. Southpaw Chad – The Passionate Crypto Influencer of Singapore

Having reached 6 figure net before 25, the “Southpaw Chad” channel owner, Sin Hai, is inspired to help other people succeed in investing, too.

He mainly shares his knowledge on his YouTube channel.

This Singaporean crypto influencer breaks down which bitcoin is worth buying and which isn’t.

He is also looking out for his viewers by talking about the problems they might face when buying bitcoins.

Sin Hai is passionate about sharing his knowledge.

He should be on your A-List if you want to target crypto lovers in Singapore.

6. Chicken Genius Singapore – Singapore’s Influential Crypto Influencer 

Ken is a former employee turned retiree at only 38.

His enthusiasm for investment grants him his success and he’s here to share his tips with his 306K subscribers.

On his YouTube channel “Chicken Genius Singapore”, Ken talks about how he makes millions of profit in months.

He also shares crypto market strategies.

With the number of audiences he has, brands should not miss out on working with him.

7. Invest with Rui Ming – Singaporean Crypto Investor Slash Influencer

Rui Ming is a Singaporean crypto influencer who discusses his crypto investor portfolio on his channel, “Invest with Rui Ming”.

He shares his crypto plans as well.

Rui Ming believes that crypto is here to stay and it’s going to be the future.

He uses analogy in explaining things and his viewers enjoy his content for this.

With his loyal audience, working with Rui Ming is a one-way ticket to achieving company growth.

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8. FIP Crypto – Singaporean Aspiring Crypto Influencer

From its name, it is clear that FIP Crypto is a YouTube channel that specializes in crypto.

The owner of this channel, Gideon, talks many things about crypto.

From fee reduction, and withdrawal tips, to the changed crypto regulations in Singapore.

Gideon is an aspiring crypto influencer.

His content is relatively short as his delivery is straightforward.

You can see that he is very passionate about what he’s doing and we believe that his name is only going to get bigger from here.

Collaborate with Gideon and reach Singapore’s crypto community now!

So, are you ready to collaborate with the best crypto content creator in Singapore in 2024?

With their uniqueness and knowledge, these crypto influencers are loved by their audience.

They help beginner crypto investors understand what to do and where to start.

They are not hesitant about sharing their valuable knowledge, too.

And people love them for that.

This is a sign for brands and businesses to work with them.

Once you do, we guarantee that these Singaporean crypto influencers will help your company penetrate the Singaporean market.

Wait no more and start collaborating with them now!

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