Delete an Instagram account permanently πŸ”š Save and Disable your IG account

Looking for a way to easily delete your Instagram account . Tired of Insta? of your subscribers? Want to move on by closing your account permanently . Quit the Instagram Game is not as simple as a simple checkbox 😊 No need to panic here is a complete tutorial to remove or disable your Instagram account cleanly and in stages to recover your data and make to clean everything well.

Instagram would be the social network the most harmful to our mental health . If it’s your case maybe it’s better to delete your Insta account.

You actually have several options available to close your Instagram profile, from temporary deactivation without losing anything, to your photos, your followers, the accounts you follow or even the publications you have saved.

Until the total account deletion , firm and final social network

Instagram is a very popular social network that is very successful. As for Facebook, however, we are witnessing a departure wave by people drunk by the platform or not or more in line with its operation.

Not to mention the users who leave Instagram and who now have a better picture of themselves

graphic number of users worldwide instagram in 2019

With over a billion users, more and more features it is also more difficult to make a hole. Drilling on Instagram and getting more likes and followers has become an increasingly difficult exercise.

The Instagram algorithm that changes is also a cause we have observed.

Let’s go to the methods of deletions available.

This is an immutable solution if you choose its total destruction.

Let’s go.

What are the common reasons for Instagram account deletion?

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Instagram actually offers you two options that are disabling your profile , easy to find and do.

They do not want you to leave and think you will change your mind by then.

Or the account deletion outright, with no way to go back.

But before all this you probably want to save and keep all your photos s that you published and a history of your data ?

It’s possible.

Save all his content and photos posted on Instagram before closing his account?

You can get an official copy of all your published data and provided by Instagram services for free and in one click.
A file that will be sent to you by email within 48 hours and which includes a complete history of your interactions on Instagram: Images and videos, comments ..

How to back up your Instagram data from an iPhone

  1. Click on the Menu with the three bars at the top right of your profile
  2. Click on Settings

at the bottom right

  1. Then Security
  2. Finally go to Download the data
  3. Fill in your email address and click request a download
Save your Instagram data from your mobile

How to back up Instagram data from a computer

Log in to Instagram from your computer.

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on the icon at the top right
  2. and select Security and privacy
  3. Several options in the menu, go to Download data
  4. Click request a download
  5. You arrive on the page: Get a copy of what you shared on Instagram
  6. Fill in your email address and click Next
  7. Instagram will email you a link to a file with your photos , comments , profile info , and more.
  8. It can take up to 48 hours to collect and send data.

It’s always important to make a full backup of your account before you see it disappear forever.

For the most nostalgic of you it could serve you πŸ˜‰

Let’s move on to the first visible delete option from your account, disabling account.

Disable his Instagram account temporarily

This is the first option that Instagram offers. the option: Disable your account temporarily

You can disable your account instead of deleting it . By doing so, your account will be hidden until you reactivate it by reconnecting.

You can only deactivate your account once a week .

To do this, nothing simpler :

Disable your Instagram account from your iPhone or Android

You can do this but not via the Instagram app you usually use, this option is not visible.

The smart guys at Instagram πŸ˜‰

Use your Chrome or Safari browser from your smartphone and sign in to Instagram, here’s the procedure:

disable Instagram account from iphone
  1. Open your browser and fill in: https://www.instagram.com/
  2. Click on your profile , the little character icon
  3. Then Edit profile
  4. Temporarily disable my account
  5. Select the suggested reason
  6. Fill in your password
  7. Click Disable account temporarily

Disable your Instagram account from your computer

This is pretty much the same procedure as that on your mobile which we just detail with the previous tutorial.

On your laptop or desktop computer you need:

Open your browser and fill in: https://www.instagram.com/

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on the icon at the top right
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the link in blue: Temporarily disable my account
  4. On the next page: Select the suggested reason
  5. Fill in your password
  6. Click Disable Account Temporarily
How to disable his Instagram account from his computer

Your account is now disabled, it will be reactivated when you log in again.

To be sure not to be tempted do not forget to delete the application once deactivation done.

In the meantime no one sees you anymore, you are invisible πŸ‘»

Delete your Instagram account permanently from a computer

No deactivation for you, you want to delete your account forever. Instagram is finished, finished.

So it will have to go through a link not put forward at all (at least not easily findable anyway) provided by Instagram.

Keep in mind that deleting your account will be irrevocable, it will be lost

Let’s go.

  1. Visit official account removal link Instagram : https: // www .instagram.com / accounts / remove / request / permanent /
  2. You’ll be on a page with the old Instagram design called Delete your account
  3. Then select the reason for deleting your account from among the eight proposals
  4. Confirm your password
  5. Click the red button: Permanently delete your account

Instagram is sorry to hear you leave, but your choice is made.

The 8 reasons for deleting your Instagram account are:

  • Too many ads
  • I can not find an account to follow
  • Problem of use
  • I created a second account
  • I want to delete something
  • Privacy issue
  • Take too much time
  • Something else

Keep in mind that by clicking on this red link your photos, all your comments, all of your likes, your friends and contacts and all other data related to your Instagram account will be permanently deleted and you can not recover them.

If you decide to create another Instagram account in the future, you will not be able to register with the same username .

delete his Instagram account permanently

Delete your Instagram account permanently from an iPhone or Android smartphone?

It does not work.

Only playable from a computer. If you try with the link provided above you will be redirected to the page of your feed.

So choose a computer to delete your account permanently.

You know all about all methods to quit Instagram πŸ˜‰

Good luck to you, excellent continuation in real life or via another social network πŸ˜…

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