Here is a list of the top 10 best Direct-to-consumer aka DTC brands that succeed organically on TikTok throughout 2023.

While you might see many brands using influencers to extend their promotions,

Or simply doing a brand takeover during TikTok Live,

Many companies, including luxury DTC brands, have also been running impactful campaigns on the app, making TikTok their forefront marketing channel.

list of the Best D2C brands using TikTok

The brands on the list are one of them.

From fashion, food, clothing line, cosmetics, and skincare, to jewelry brands,

These D2C brands are the best accounts for inspiration in terms of marketing and gaining organic growth on TikTok.

If you run a new, small business and need a marketing hack to grow,

Or if you have an established brand but the sales are not really good these days,

Pay attention to these brands.

Let’s get to know each top Direct-to-Consumer brand using TikTok and gains massive organic success in 2023

And make it as fuel to start your 2023 marketing journey.

Top 10 Direct-to-Consumer Successful Brands on TikTok with Organic Growth

Many businesses have actually succeeded in their marketing on TikTok,

From the most-followed, well-known brands to the small businesses that are barely getting started on the short-form video app.

We can see a constant growth of D2C e-commerce retails in The US.

Even if the percentage is not that significant, but the revenue is huge.

The growth of Direct to Consumer e-commerce businesses in the US from 2018-2024
2024 is going to be the best year for DTC brands in the US on e-commerce.

Now, let’s see from our beloved region, Southeast Asia.

Well, the hype of DTC retails in e-commerce seems to fade slowly ahead of the years.

The experts predict that there is a decline in e-commerce D2C retails until 2025 in SEA.

The decline of Direct to Consumer e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia from until 2025
Southeast Asia seems to have enough e-commerce hype…

However, TikTok has been pointed out by studies as the most valuable app for DTC brands.

This is the list of best brands that are slaying it on TikTok, our top brand recommendations with excellent marketing:

  1. Love, Bonito – @lovebonito
  2. Mad for Makeup –
  3. Gymshark – @gymshark
  4. The Clear Cut – @theclearcut
  5. Vessi – @vessi
  6. Din Tai Fung Singapore – @dintaifungsg
  7. Chipotle – @chipotle
  8. Kattoen – @kattoen
  9. Young Nails – @youngnailsinc
  10. Sabra Hummus @sabrahummusdips

Let’s get to know each one of them.

Here are the top 10 D2C brands on TikTok that grow organically and make millions out of it.

1. Love, Bonito – Singaporean-owned fashion brand, a Direct-to-consumer business that leverages trending elements

Love, Bonito, is a Singaporean local fashion brand that survives the ever-changing & highly-competitive mode industry.

This brand also succeeds in its “TikTok-marketing” move, even bringing the brand known internationally.

Love, Bonito constantly features trendy fashion wear along with catchy or popular music on TikTok.

The brand also shares outfit recommendations using its products, resulting in audience buzz in the comment section.

The TikTok promotions also bring lots of visitors to the offline store.

2. Mad for Makeup – Indonesian local cosmetic brand, a Direct-to-consumer company

Make up bertekstur itu normal, but we can try to minimze it! inspired by kak @Clara clarissa✨

♬ Aces by DKJ – Danny Johnson

The power of TikTok also influences skincare brands to turn to the video-sharing app to target Gen Z and Millenials.

In case you don’t know, TikTok is now the go-to search engine for young people.

And Mad for Makeup has taken TikTok advantage very well.

Most of the content is “self-promotion, but make it helpful” kind of videos.

The video below is the kind of hack beauty enthusiasts looking for,

By using Mad’s makeup, they also target audiences to be interested in, at least, trying out the product.

3. Gymshark – British fitness apparel company, a DTC brand that focuses on TikTok challenges


Immediately changing our name to “jimchar” #gym #gymskit #Gymshark

♬ original sound – Gymshark

Are you running a fitness clothing line? Gymshark can be your best TikTok content inspiration.

No, it doesn’t have to be that content where you show muscly men showing off their 4-week body-building routine.

You can also create fun content like the above video, impersonating societies.

Or focusing on challenges, it’s a very Gymshark thing.

The “66 Days: Change Your Life” challenge is the most viral challenge from the brand,

Generating over 193 million views on the hashtag #gymshark66 and of course, millions of new followers.

See how you can be jokey and funny on TikTok, even when your brand provides real things 🙂

4. The Clear Cut – NYC-based jewelry brand, a B2C startup that rides viral moments on TikTok


2023 #engagementring #trend predictions! 💍 what do you think will bw big next year? #theclearcut #diamond #diamonds #engagementrings

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

You can expect any kind of jewelry content on The Clear Cut’s TikTok account.

Even with engagement ring trend predictions, the jewelry startup prepares anything for your anticipation.

This company is very confident about its growth on TikTok.

The Clear Cut said it spent less than 3% of its usual media spending in 2023, including on TikTok.

The NYC-based company relies on the viral moment on TikTok to share more brand awareness

While also spending less money on the brand campaign.

5. Vessi – Canada-based footwear company, A D2C brand that loves doing giveaways on TikTok


#duet with @Vessi check back next month to see if it’ll have rained yet! #rain #vancouver #yvr #vessi #waterproofshoes

♬ gford._ gets no maidens – $avøry-$adisticpai

The Canada-based footwear brand, Vessi, is also one of the inspiring brands to watch.

The product itself is already a visionary breakthrough. So does the marketing team on TikTok 🙂

From being a new business in 2018, now they have almost 200k followers on TikTok.

What did they do?

Lots of partnerships with the best influencers from various locations and niches.

And also giveaways to generate user-generated content, as well as followers and revenue.

6. Din Tai Fung Singapore – The Singaporean food B2C brand that rides the TikTok trends


We don’t judge, all of our diners are still a 10 in our eyes 😌 #dintaifungsg #hesa10but #fypsg #fyp #sgfoodie

♬ original sound – ❀

“He’s a 10, but…” is such a viral template everywhere on social media, especially on TikTok.

Din Tai Fung, the Singaporean rides the trend cleverly by creating the above video.

You can also find lots of similar trend-riding videos like using the Money Heist costume.

Even the restaurant has made the Minister of Health of Singapore smiles on camera.

Of course, the minister video goes viral with over 230k views, resulting in a follower surge on Din Tai Fung’s TikTok page.

7. Chipotle – The Business-to-consumer food brand with a consistent TikTok character

Do you sell guacamole? Need some ideas for your TikTok content?

Chipotle might be your best go-to page for inspiration.

It is quite new to TikTok but it already generates 2 million followers on the app.

What’s the secret?

They’re consistently creating fun & engaging videos that stick to the TikTok audience’s characteristics.

They ride the trend, participate in challenges, create simple & funny videos, and all that stuff.

8. Kattoen – Indonesian DTC casual wear brand with organic sales on TikTok


udah tahu belum cara gampangnya? simpen dulu biar gak lupa #fashionhack #hoodie #kattoen #localbrand

♬ Me Too – Barry ALLEN🇵🇭TBPH

Here is a local casualwear from Indonesia, selling fluffy & comfy hoodies for boys & girls.

FYI, Kattoen once made 50% of the profit the first time they use TikTok.

From sharing helpful hacks, showing off their quality products, to mix-n-match casual outfits, and more

You can expect from their channel.

Scroll more and find ideas you think can match your brand image 🙂

9. Young Nails – A B2C polish nail brand with engaging TikTok videos

Do you know how the nail polish brand has almost 3 million followers on TikTok?

You Nails has been consistently creating videos that invite conversations on TikTok.

Fun videos like nailing tips, nail hacks you have never known of, and more.

Expecting how to put on gel nails correctly on this channel?

Just scroll and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

10. Sabra Hummus – Small Business-to-consumer food brand that leverages TikTok for sales


Hummus, Dill, and Pickles….its like we’ve seen this somewhere before 👀

♬ original sound – sabrahummusdips

Here is for the vegan and healthy food businesses, take Sabra as your inspiration to market your product on TikTok.

Sabra Hummus is considered a homemade, small business but it excels the promotions on TikTok.

From sharing hummus ideas to recommending DIY hummus recipes & hacks, the channel grows like crazy.

Thanks to its engaging videos, Sabra has gained thousands of followers.

Our Take: Direct-to-consumer Brands need to hop on TikTok ASAP to get organic growth & scale up their business

TikTok’s power is no doubt, it brings many brands to a new level:

Sped up business growth.

Many brands have admitted its broad opportunities to reach audiences as wide as possible.

Yes, working on the best influencers that resonate with your brand is a big deal.

But working on your own TikTok business channel is going to help. Like a lot.

Especially when you are a new small business that has no budget to afford an influencer.

More & more businesses are proving the benefits of marketing their products on TikTok.

Now it’s your turn.

No matter what your business scale is, TikTok will always be open

To give you more brand awareness & lead generation, and even increase sales.

So, are you ready to accelerate your business on TikTok?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble expanding your business on TikTok.

We’re ready to help and grow your business like those brands on the list.

Expect guaranteed business growth from us 🙂

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

More Questions about DTC Brands on TikTok?

What brands are most popular on TikTok?

If we talk about the most-followed brands on TikTok, then TikTok’s own brand is the most popular brand in 2023 with 62 followers. The second and third positions are Netflix and NBA with 23 million and 15 million followers respectively.

Can brands make their products go viral on TikTok?

Absolutely, brands can set a strategy to make their products viral and gain a sudden spurge of dollars in income. There are lots of products that went viral on TikTok and gained a massive sales increase in a short period of time. From simple products like cleaning gels, and a smiley 3-color sponge, to branded products like lip balms from Laneige.

How do brands get more views on TikTok organically?

To gain more views on TikTok, brands can start prioritizing making shorter videos, SEO-optimized captions & hashtags, and adding viral elements to the video like a popular song or following a trend format content. Additional pro tip: brands can also start teaming up with influencers on TikTok and reach wider audiences.

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