Family influencers in Singapore are your best choice to target Singaporean parents.


Because many people in Singapore follow many moms, dads, and family Influencers for parenting tips and stories.

They look up to them and take their advice wholeheartedly.

These family influencers are indeed the KOLs among Singaporean parents.

And this is a promising opportunity for brands that want to grow in Singapore and particularly target Singaporean families.

Top 10 Kids & Parenting Influencers in Singapore

  1. Jianhao Tan – @thejianhaotan
  2. The Genesis Family – thegenesisfamily
  3. Pooja Kawatra – @poojakawatra
  4. Diah Mastura – @entrangle
  5. Lian Meiting – @lianmeiting
  6. Lirong – @lirongs
  7. Calista Evangelista – @calista_evangelista
  8. Cordelia Daphne Low – @c0rde
  9. Aarika Lee – @aarikalee
  10. Tjin Lee – @tjinlee

Before further discussing the best Singaporean family digital creators,

We would like to point out that the ones we have on the list are all safe to collaborate with.

They are not bad family influencers and they post family content genuinely to educate and share heartwarming moments with their followers.

List of Family Influencers in Singapore

Once you work with them, your brand will get recognized by many Singaporean parents and the general public.

Just imagine your product being promoted to its dedicated followers. Think of how many people in Singapore will see and purchase it.

Now, let’s jump right in.

Here are the 10 best Singaporean family influencers to follow in 2024.

1. Jianhao Tan – Established Family Influencer in Singapore

Jianhao Tan has long been known as a drama and parody YouTuber & top influencer in Singapore.

He got married to another Singaporean online personality Debbie Soon in 2019 and they had their daughter, Starley, in the same year.

On his Instagram account, Jianhao now shares a lot about his family and his daughter’s milestones.

He documents his life as a dad and even has many highlights titled “Daddy Duties”.

Fans always look forward to Starley’s cuteness and their funny father-daughter moments.

With the loyal audience he has, Jianhao Tan is your ultimate gateway to expanding your market in Lion City.

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2. The Genesis Family – The Lion City’s Family & Parenting Influencer

The Genesis Family is a Singapore YouTuber and influencer who mainly makes kid & parenting content.

They upload outing, traveling, and toy unboxing videos, as well as daily vlogs as a family of 6.

On their Instagram page, the fun family can be seen sponsoring many brands, such as PediaSure, Traveloka, Colgate, Koko Crunch, and many others.

With the online traffic they get, we can see why brands reach out to them.

If you want to broaden your brand’s awareness in Singapore, we encourage you to reach out to the Genesis family, too.

3. Pooja Kawatra – Fun Mom Content Creator in The Lion City

Pooja Kawatra is a Singapore-based fun mom.

She has a son and a daughter and uses her Instagram for their sweet moments.

Pooja likes to cook for her family and you can find some food recipes on her page as well

She loves festivals and always goes big when it comes to celebrations.

The mom of two likes to tell stories in her caption and many engage with her posts.

Connect with Pooja and reach Singaporean parents through her influence.

4. Diah Mastura – Singaporean Kids & Parenting Influencer & Food Reviewer

Diah Mastura is a mom content creator & food influencer from Singapore.

On her Instagram, Diah shares many sweet moments of her kids.

She even has highlights dedicated to each of her 5 kids.

The mom loves to review foods and share home-cooking recipes, too.

Diah Mastura is a comforting account for many Singaporean moms.

So, if you want to target the online mom community in the country, we do encourage you to work with Diah.

5. Lian Meiting – Singapore’s Mother and Family Influencer

Lian Meiting is a Singaporean mom making use of her platform to share her motherhood story.

She writes about parenting tips and her dairy as a mom.

Lian also loves traveling, which you can tell from looking at her Instagram feed.

One thing about Lian is that she likes to tell stories in her captions, some of which are very heartfelt.

Many parents relate to Lian and that’s why she has loyal followers who always engage with her posts.

With her online presence, your brand shouldn’t miss out on working with her.

6. Lirong – Foodie Mom Influencer in The Lion City

The Singaporean mom influencer Lirong is a huge foodie.

She shares her love for food with her children through her homemade food.

We can see that food is her love language. Yum! 

Lirong also loves traveling and often brings her children with her.

Watch your brand get recognized among Singaporean moms and work with Lirong now!

7. Calista Evangelista – The Lion City’s Chic Mom & Kids-loving Influencer

Calista Evangelista is another mom influencer in Singapore we have on the list.

On her page, you can see her enjoying her life as a mom and sharing her motherhood stories.

Calista is also known for her love for traveling and lavish lifestyle.

When you look at her, you’ll know that she is young at heart.

She shows her followers that moms can have fun, too.

Work with Calista and be guaranteed that your brand will increase in exposure and growth!

8. Cordelia Daphne Low – Lovely Mom & Family Influencer in Singapore

Cornelia Daphne Low is the 2013’s Miss Singapore runner-up who now enjoys her life being an emcee and a mom.

She documents her pregnancy and postpartum journey as well as gives out tips about being a mom.

She also values her bonding time with her kids and shares it on her Instagram.

When you scroll through her feed, you can also see that she loves traveling with her family.

With her influence, we recommend brands work with Cordelia to expand in The Lion City.

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9. Aarika Lee – Busy Mom Influencer in Singapore who loves her Kids & family

Aarika is a wife, mom, director, and musician all at once.

The mom influencer is also the co-founder of a designer dress loan company.

She is truly an inspiration for Singaporean moms out there who are also pursuing their careers.

Aarika’s vibes are fun and carefree, but responsible and hardworking.

With her personality, no wonder many of her fans look up to her.

If you work with Aarika, we can promise that your brand will increase in popularity among The Lion City’s moms and parents.

10. Tjin Lee – Singapore’s Inspiring Family Influencer

Tjin Lee is an entrepreneur slash mom content creator in the home of the Merlion.

The mom posts cute pictures of her kids all the time.

She also discusses her life as a working mom on her page.

We honestly don’t know how she does it all.

Connect with Tjin Lee to know if your brand is aiming to target the Singaporean mom community.

So, which Singaporean family influencer are you ready to connect with in 2024?

The family influencers we have curated are all inspiring and unique in their own ways.

Many parents follow them to feel less alone in their parenting journey.

The Singaporean influencers on the list have dedicated followers who look up to them for parenting tips and relatable stories.

Their posts are never without interactions even when they are not posting about their kids who are also viral on the internet.

Choose the best one from our list and we can assure you that,

Your brand will thrive and be recognized among Singaporean parents should you work with them.

Because the influencer marketing market is the greatest way to penetrate the Singaporean market.

And if your brand is aiming to specifically target the parents in Singapore, you should work with them ASAP!

Further reads if you are interested in influencers of Singapore:

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