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Fashion Influencers in Malaysia in 2023 – Top 11 Must-Follow

Here are the best and must-follow fashion influencers in Malaysia. 

Not only are they helpful with your fashion-related struggles

But these content creators are also the golden gate to reaching many social media users in Malaysia.

The thing is that when Malaysians need any type of outfit inspiration,

They will go to social media to take note of influencers’ fashion sense.

Because they always manage to look stylish and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

On top of that, fashion creators provide review content so you can learn about a certain clothing item before purchasing it.

They also post hauls and OOTD pictures that are guaranteed to elevate your look effortlessly.

The 10 Best Fashion Influencers in Malaysia in 2023

  1. Mika – @mika_ccy
  2. Athirah – @atrhmn
  3. Yurida – @yuyuridayu
  4. Joseph – @joseph_ro53
  5. Evelyn Ramli – @evelynramli
  6. Black Lover – @blacklover669_
  7. Ayuni Mae – @ayuni.mae
  8. Camilla Faris – @camillafaris
  9. Keisha Yong – @keishayong
  10. Namira Abdullah – @namirabdullah
  11. Mr. Bamii – @mr.bamii

Express yourself through the way you dress.

And when you need a little inspiration on how to style your clothes, you go to fashion influencers.

Simple, right?

Let’s learn more about them in this article.

Here are the top 11 fashion influencers in Malaysia in 2023.

1. Mika – Stunning Fashion Influencer in Malaysia

Mika is a Sofia Goh-inspired Malaysian model and lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and travel influencer. 

But whatever type of content she posts, her fashionable side always shines through.

Her Instagram pictures are full of stunning OOTDs. 

So follow her now to get more fashionably up-to-date and gorgeous.

Mika has dedicated followers who are drawn to her beauty and content, making her one of the top influencers in Malaysia

Should you collaborate with her, I can guarantee that your brand will increase in awareness instantly.

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2. Athirah – Malaysian Women’s Fashion Content Creator


Baju kurung boleh sorok perut kalau pergi kenduri 🫣 #outfitkenduri #outfit

♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

Fashion creator Athirah has the content you’re looking for if you are a hijabi who likes to dress modestly, 

Elegant flowy dresses and skirts are her main focus.

And the digital creator will show you how to style them for every occasion.

She also tops her outfits with accessories like bags and flat shoes – she really got you all covered from head to toe.

Want to reach many hijabis in Malaysia?

Working with Athirah is your answer. 😉

3. Yurida — Famous Couple & Fashion Influencer in Malaya

Want to wear matchy-matchy outfits with your partner?

Then you need to follow Yurida.

She posts photos of her and her husband posing with matching outfits that are definitely not tacky. 

For a formal event or a Saturday night out, Yurida has it all. 

Check her account out and get ready to look stylish with your significant other.

Also make sure to leverage Yurida’s influence among many Malaysians and grow your brand in the country.

4. Joseph – Cool Fashion Influencer from Malaysia

Boring and basic are not in Joseph’s dictionary when it comes to dressing up.

This Malaysian male creator has the coolest street styles showcasing his collection of baggy pants, pattern shirts, and honestly, so much more.

He perfects his looks with accessories like chains, rings, and hats, too.

Many brands have trusted Joseph to introduce their products to his audience – young men from Malaysia.

If they are also who you want to target, then it is obvious that working with Joseph is a must.

5. Evelyn Ramli – Malaysia-Based Helpful Fashion Influencer

We all need that one influencer who gives out outfit inspo complete for every event. 

One example of that is Evelyn Ramli.

Evelyn shares many mix-and-matches of her wardrobe that you can take inspiration from. And they all cover every situation!

The Malaysian female influencer also does beauty hauls if you ever need product suggestions.

Evelyn’s online presence is quite significant on TikTok.

So utilizing her influence to reach a bigger audience is highly recommended. 

6. Black Lover – Mysterious Men’s Fashion Enthusiast & Content Creator in Malaya

Here we have Black Lover, a fashion content creator whose identity is kept secret. 

The vendetta mask wearer will show men in Malaysia how to style a certain clothing piece,

Like hoodies, pants, and shirts. 

Black Lover’s closet is mainly in earth tones and neutral colors, perfect if you don’t like wearing vibrant clothes.

Follow Black Lover now to get inspired by formal and casual men’s clothing.

And do collaborate with him if you plan to target stylish young men in Malaysia.

7. Ayuni Mae – Elegant Hijabi Fashion Influencer in Malaysia


Replying to @urqissyy shawl tutorial, sesuai untuk sulam shawl & convo style! Save for future reference. kat beg kuning ada few sulam shawl yang best! #shawl #sulamshawl #tutorial #convo #grad

♬ Arjuna by Dewa19 short cover – andriju

The mode TikToker Ayuni Mae has unboxing, hauls, and reviews to give you inspiration on what to wear.

From pretty heels to comfy pajamas, she covers it all on TikTok.

Ayuni’s style is simple and elegant.

And she has hijab tutorials for you, which is one of the most highly requested contents in her account.

Give her account a visit now to get inspired by the hijabi’s fashion style instantly.

And work with her if you want your brand to be known by many hijabis in Malaya.

8. Camilla Faris – Female Malaysian Influencer with Inspiring Fashion Content

Discover fashion & beauty finds with Camilla Faris.

Camilla created her TikTok account with the aim to share outfit ideas for mid-size girls –

All women with a size M/L looking for clothes that flatter their body proportions.

Not only that, but Camilla also shares skincare and makeup clips so you can feel beautiful all the way.

She is that Malaysian beauty influencer the content is awaited by many fans.

Her GRWM content is always a must-watch because her energy is unmatched.

Follow her now and get the ultimate access to her fashion looks and don’t forget to also collaborate with Camila,

If you plan to reach many fashion enthusiasts in Malaysia.

9. Keisha Yong – Rising Fashionista & Influencer in Malaysia


should probably start documentinv things again #fyp

♬ Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

Keisha Yong is a rising fashion influencer from Malaysia.

She uploads the trendiest fashion inspiration suitable for all Gen Z in Malaya.

Keisha’s style is edgy and not boring.

And she will definitely encourage you to keep expressing yourself through fashion.

Work with Keisha to connect with Gen Z mode lovers in the country ASAP.

10. Namirah Abdullah – Fashion Influencer to Follow for Malaysian Pastel Color Lovers

Namirah Abdullah loves pastel colors and floral patterns.

Different types of pretty flowers can be seen on her dresses, hijabs, shirts – everything!

And we love to see how comfortable she is in expressing herself through fashion.

Such an inspiration in many ways.

If you are a girly girl like her, don’t forget to give her a follow.

And if you are a fashion brand owner, you need to have your product promoted by Namira to reach a wider audience.

11. Mr. Bamii – Nano Men’s Fashion Influencer in Malaya

Dressing casually might seem simple for most men.

But upon seeing Mr. Bamii’s account, you’ll know that you can experiment with many fashion items and colors,

To make yourself look even more stylish.

Mr. Bamii has tons of outfit ideas you can follow without spending too much money.

That’s why he is among many influencers whose content is anticipated by fashion enthusiasts in Malaysia.

To get a hold of them, I recommend you work with Mr. Bamii right now!

Leverage the influence of fashion creators and expand your business in Malaysia.

To penetrate the Malaysian market, you need some strategies. 

And one of them is through influencer marketing.

Therefore, if your business sells fashion items, it’s Malaysian fashion creators that you need to give a call. 

Because their audiences care about fashion and they follow their advice when it comes to dressing up.

Once your product is promoted by them, it will reach just the right audience

And pave your way to success in thriving in Malaya’s fashion industry.

Just be sure to work with one whose niche represents your brand appropriately.

This is to make certain that your campaign has the maximum outcome and generates the appropriate exposure.

One last thing: always audit the influencer you want to work with unless you meet fake creators who waste your money.

Read further about Malaysian influencers in other niches here:

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