Projected growth in Indonesia Health & Fitness market is expected to be 11.40% from 2022 to 2027, culminating in a market size of US$12.23 million by 2027.

Dedicated to brands that want to expand in the lucrative Indonesian fitness market.

Thanks to fitness influencers, more Indonesians are beginning to join a sporty and active life after seeing their content.

Top 10 Fitness Influencers in Indonesia in 2024

  1. Maria Vania – @maria_vaniaa
  2. Jennifer Bachdim – @jenniferbachdim
  3. Andre White – @andrew.white._
  4. Yulita Baltschun – @yulitabaltschun
  5. Daffa Cho – @daffacho
  6. Sally Tanudjaja – @sallytanudjaja
  7. Nadira Diva Vitani – @petitedivaa
  8. Imey Liem – @imeyliem
  9. Novia Wijayanti – @noviawijayantiii
  10. Rudy Sekti – @rudysektio

Even Jakarta has now become the third most popular Asian city for a gym selfie.

This is because these influencers make healthy lifestyles seem more approachable and welcoming to everyone.

Question result: Have you already purchased a product from an Indonesian Influencer?

And because not anyone plans to hire a personal trainer for their wellness journey, many choose to follow fitness influencers in Nusantara instead.

Which is a good idea because they provide motivational fitness content at no cost. 

Some even show that working out can be done at home without expensive equipment.

They can be a substitute for an actual fitness coach.

Because of this, their followers stick around for content, tips, and motivation they get daily.

For brands, working with Indonesian fitness influencers means reaching people who listen to what they say.

And this is an opportunity not to be wasted.

Convinced? Then check out our list of the top wellness influencers in Nusantara who will help you expand your reach in the country.

List of the best fitness Influencers in Korea

Here are the 10 most-loved fitness influencers in Indonesia in 2023.

1. Maria Vania – Famous Celebrity & Fitness Influencer in Indonesia

Maria Vania is an Indonesian presenter, actress, and model.

She had been a presenter on various sports TV programs and became popular due to her workout videos on YouTube.

Her fitness achievements are no joke, she has won several modeling championships in Jakarta and Bandung. 

The influencer is also a model for various fitness magazines. I mean, with such a body goal, she is the perfect model to represent fitness brands in Nusantara.

With such a presence in the industry, it is no surprise that many fitness enthusiasts look up to her for inspiration and motivation.

Maria Vania is your golden ticket to reaching them in no time.

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2. Jennifer Bachdim – Dedicated Female Fitness Influencer in Indonesia

Jennifer Bachdim is a lifestyle blogger turned female influencer who covers parenting, fitness, and travel content.

She then became famous when she married a popular Indonesian soccer player, Irfan Bachdim, back in 2011.

The pair now live in Bali and have been documenting their life as parents and fitness enthusiasts.

On her Instagram feed, Jennifer shares her daily workout routine, diet tips, photo shoots, and some heartwarming family moments.

Now being a mother of three, her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still as big. Even when she is pregnant, she never skips working out. (Yes, baby #4 is on the way!)

With all the entertaining and helpful content, Jennifer is followed not only by fitness lovers but also by the general public.

Her influence is not to be ignored and that’s why big brands like Pocari Sweat and Adidas chose her as their ambassador.

We highly recommend you to work with her too because once you did, increased brand sales will definitely come your way.

3. Andrew White – Established Indonesian Fitness Influencer

Andrew White is a father, businessman, powerful male influencer and gym addict all rolled into one package.

He is married to an Indonesian celebrity, Nana Mirdad, and the two are widely known as a “power couple” who are here to serve only inspiring content.

Since both of them share the same interest in fitness, they have a private gym at home at which Andrew is often seen working out.

Andrew also loves outdoor activities and traveling with his family.

His page is perfect for those wanting to stay motivated to work out.

Connect with Andrew now and get a hold of the gym junkies of Nusantara!

4. Yulia Baltschun – Inspiring Indonesian Wellness Influencer

Yulia Baltschun is an Indonesian chef, author, and diet and fitness specialist. 

Her name got big due to her participation in the fourth season of MasterChef Indonesia back in 2015.

Now, she focuses on being a healthy lifestyle influencer who shares diet and fitness tips on her platforms.

Even though she’s been in the industry for some time now, her content is also perfect for those who just started exercising.

The mom of two also shares many things about diet so you can also be healthy from the inside.

Yulia sometimes discusses skincare, too. She truly inspires everyone to take care of themselves in all aspects!

With her reputation, many take into account what she is suggesting.

Brand owners, she is your ultimate ticket to reach wellness enthusiasts in Nusantara.

Graph on What impacts Buying decisions on Indonesian Consumer in percentage

5. Daffa Fathur – Indonesia’s WFF Athlete & Wellness Influencer

Daffa Fathur or better known as Daffa Cho is a YouTuber, wellness influencer, and WFF athlete.

He initially started his workout journey to win a competition.

However, upon being committed to a regular diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle, he couldn’t back out.

Now, you can see his love for sports, weightlifting, cycling, and even swimming on his Instagram.

Daffa is married to a woman named Veronica and the pair is popular on YouTube.

Both of them have been into sports since they were still dating and up until now, they both still motivate each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

Unknowingly, they also motivate many other couples to start working out together.

Daffa Fathur is who you need if you want to reach Indonesia’s gym junkies.

6. Sally Tanudjaja – Indonesian Home Workout Content Creator

Sally Tanudjaja is a fitness enthusiast famous for her achievements in sports, despite her age and being a mom of three.

Sally has run several prestigious marathons, such as the 42 km Full Marathon in three WMM (World Marathon Majors) events.

In 2017, Sally run the Berlin Marathon in under 4 hours, and in 2018, Sally made another successful run at the Chicago Marathon.

Then, In 2019, Sally also took part in the New York Marathon and managed to get to the finish line even though her leg was injured.

On her Instagram account, Sally now shares workout content, such as glute exercises, gym content, and 7-day challenges.

Which of course needed by many who want to look as fit as her.

Sally is inspiring because she shows her followers that they can still take care of their bodies at home. And with her content, she is here to help.

Should you work with Sally, I can guarantee that she will get your brand recognized by glute, marathon, and wellness lovers in Nusantara.

7. Nadira Diva Vitani – Home Workout Content Creator in Nusantara

Are you looking for easy-to-follow exercises that can be done anywhere and only using things around you? 

Take a look at Nadira Diva’s Instagram page. Trust me on this one. 😉

Diva is a CrossFit sports trainer who documents her exercises for her audience to follow.

She believes that exercises can be done anywhere and don’t have to be in a gym or studio. 

The fitness influencer shares workout challenges and tips for many purposes.

Whether you wanna enhance your upper body, chest, or bottom, she has it all!

Follow Diva now and find yourself looking fit without leaving the comfort of your home.

As for brand owners, you should work with her to reach the home workout lovers in Indonesia.

8. Imey Liem – Active Fitness & Pilates Influencer in Nusantara

Imey Liem was once famous for her role in several Indonesian movies.

Retiring from acting, she is now a famous pilates & barre instructor.

She shares many pilates and barre workout videos so her followers can try them at home.

Imey also showcases her exercises to achieve body flexibility.

On her Instagram page, you can see her enjoying many sports and outdoor activities, such as running and playing tennis.

The influencer is super active and it motivates her fans to maintain the same healthy lifestyle.

Collaborate with Imey now and reach the pilates community in the country through her influence.

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9. Novia Wijayanti – Insightful Female Indonesian Fitness Influencer

Novia Wijayanti is a bikini model, brand ambassador, and nutrition student.

She shows her followers her workout routines, as well as many types of them like upper body, body weight, and leg exercises.

Her content is not only about exercises but also about diet, nutrition, and calorie counting.

So you’ll get a complete package if you follow her.

She is also very insightful and would answer many fitness-related questions her fans asked.

Work with Novia now and I promise you, your brand will be recognized by the Indonesian fitness community right away.

10. Rudy Sekti – Bodybuilding Influencer in Indonesia

Rudy Sektio is an Indonesian fitness content creator whose content focuses on powerlifting and bodybuilding.

His love for fitness inspires him to open up a powerlifting & strength gym called Ronin Strength Gym.

He also makes use of his account to educate, motivate, and help people in achieving their dream bodies effectively. 

He really is dedicated to helping people who want to have an ideal body like him.

If you plan to reach male bodybuilding junkies in Indonesia, Rudy Sekti should be on your A-List.

Ready to grow your brand with the Indonesian fitness influencers on the list?

The influencers I have on the list have established a good reputation in the Indonesian fitness community.

Not only that, they are also dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles.

The combination of both has generated many trusting followers over the years – those who trust look up to them for fitness advice, inspiration, and motivation.

These fitness influencers are perfect to penetrate the Indonesian influencer marketing industry, and why not raise money over there.

If you work with them, your brand will surely benefit from the huge online presence they have.

And your brand will increase in sales, traffic, and exposure.

If you are ready to work with them, 

Always make sure to take the initial step of choosing the right content creator who matches your business niche,

So you can get the maximum results from your social media advertising in Indonesia.

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