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The Best Free Guest Blog Post Sites to Submit your Link in 2022 – The Complete List

There are thousands of free guest blog post sites today. They give mutual benefits for bloggers to get more traffic and boost domain authority. In this article, I will give you the best free guest blog posts in 2022 so you can build backlinks easily for your blog.

Do you feel like you have your articles optimized enough but still don’t get higher rankings?

Recheck your external links and make sure your articles are not over-optimized.


Google neglects lots of websites that provide paid links or are over-optimized.

If you have been caught red-handed doing those, here I have the best solution for you.

Use free guest blogging.

The most helpful benefit of a guest posting:

boost domain authority & more traffic & sales.

Trust me, as you get deep into guest blogging, you will find a lot more benefits from it.

To start, you need a well-packed list of the free guest posting sites in 2022.

And this article is here to provide the issue.

Let’s get started.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting means writing a piece of content as a guest on someone’s website about a relevant topic with the website niche.

It is a great method to boost exposure and traffic for your blog.

Also, it is the best alternative if you want to create a backlink on a high authority site.

It might be time-consuming, but I promise your time will be worth wasted.

Just search for websites that provide guest posting, you will find both paid and free guest blog post sites list.

Choose the one you feel interested in your idea and match with your niche, then reach out to them to pitch your content idea.

If they agree you can start writing without paying anything.

But if you want to get paid, you can choose websites that offer compensation for your writing.

Free or paid, guest blogging is very important if you want to gain more traffic and ranking on Google.

To put it simply,

Guest blogging gives you a free alternative to promote your brand through other similar brands without giving any paid compensation.

Why do you need Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is great free marketing to build links for your blog and get exposure.

The main goal is to increase your Domain Authority (DA).

It’s either for link building or SEO purposes, guest blogging will always be useful for your blog.

When you write content for someone’s blog, it’s a win-win solution for both of you.

They can have additional content on their website, and you can create backlinks for your own blog.

All for free, no charges.

Also, remember that Google abandon sites with paid links?

Guest posting is indeed the best marketing for your blog to shine (rank good & high domain authority) on Google.

What are the benefits of Guest Posting?

Aside from driving traffic and increasing domain authority, there are still a lot of things you can gain from a guest posting.

Here are the benefits of writing a guest blog post for your website:

  • Gather more qualified & targeted backlinks for your website
  • Drive more targeted traffic to your blog
  • Boost higher ranking on search engines
  • Promote your brand (blog) to the website audience
  • Build brand credibility
  • Expand your network and build relationships
  • Find new clients and opportunities
  • Show your expertise in a specific topic or improve your writing skills

See, there are LOTS of profits you can make from a guest posting.

To sum up, guest blogging provides free marketing for your brand to grow and expand your online presence.

Make sure you utilize it right by choosing the best free sites to guest post in 2022.

List of the Best Free Guest Posting Sites in 2022

Site NameLink of Guest BlogDomain Rating
INSG.COSubmit Guest Post26
Your Website here?Contact usU tell me

How to Write a Guest Blog Post that gets accepted?

A successful guest blog post depends on careful planning.

Here are the steps to write a guest post that will benefit both your blog and the others.

Pick the topic of your guest blog post

This is the most essential part of the steps.

The topic you choose will determine whether they agree to publish your guest post content or not.

So, don’t be in hurry to deliver the topic, rather spend more time deciding what is the best topic to write.

Here are some tips to help you create a solid content idea that will get you through their approval.

Get to know the website

Guest blogging means you are writing a blog post for another person’s website.

So you have to understand their niche and typical posts.

Even if you two are running in the same industry, there are still some differences in content preference.

The best way to do it is simply to go through their website and do some quick research on the blog.

Look at the most popular content and the usual topic they tend to write about.

With that, you can define their content preferences and put your special angle for the guest post.

Position yourself as the website’s regular reader

Guest posting means you are writing content as a representation of the website.

You can’t assume you are writing the same piece of content as you are doing on your own blog.

So, try to think like their reader.

They have expectations set for the content of the website and you have to know what it is.

You can go through the website comment section or their social profiles to know the audience’s feedback about their content.

Use Q&A tools to generate ideas

If you are still indecisive about what to write, you can utilize Q&A tools like Quora or Reddit.

That way, you can get exposed to what people are discussing about your niche.

If many people are questioning some specific topic and the website is still not providing the answer, you can go with that.

Conduct extensive research for a successful guest blog post

There is no instant success unless you suddenly go viral.

Same as writing a guest post, you need to do some deep research before actually writing it.

Follow these research tips for a successful guest blog post.

Use a smart keyword on Google

There is an easy way to filter the guest post sites with certain niches.

Open Google and type specific terms to find the sites you want.

These are the formulas you can use:

  • “write for us” + topic name/keyword
  • “submit guest post + topic name/keyword
  • “contributor” + topic name/keyword
  • “become a guest author” + topic name/keyword

Basically, try to guess the CTA or the term they use for their guest post segment.

Understand the website and guest post guidelines

As I said before, you are writing a piece that will be posted on another person’s website.

So, you must understand the website content preferences.

Just go to their website and check the contents they have published.

Also, don’t miss out on the guest post guidelines.

Read carefully until you have the imagination of what your writing will be.

Make sure you understand this matter before pitching your content idea.

Start building a relationship with the blog owner

Connection is very powerful in every business matter, including reaching out to write a guest post.

So, get to close with the blog owner before pitching your guest post idea.

The easiest way: start commenting on their blogs. It’s very easy yet it brings you close to the blog owner.

But, don’t create a hasty comment, rather write a thoughtful sentence to show your interest in the article.

Also, you can connect with other bloggers through social media.

Today, many bloggers hop on social media to stay connected to their audience.

It means that they are open to discussions, it would be great if you take advantage of this opportunity.

5 Tips for writing a successful Guest Post in 2022

If the preparation steps are done, now you have to write WELL.

Basically, make sure your guest blog post can be accepted easily.

Here are the tips you should do:

Write good quality guest posts

If you still think a guest post is just a ‘guest post’ with no effort to write it, you should change your mindset from now on.

Believe me or not, many people still have this kind of perspective towards guest posts.

While in fact, you can write a good quality guest post that benefits both their website and yours.

What’s the point of keeping great content if you can’t reach a bigger audience?

It will be a different story if you post the content on other blogs that have a bigger audience and high domain authority.

You will get recognition for your work, more traffic to your sites,

Literally all the best things to grow your own audience.

So, start putting the same effort into your guest blog post.

One thing for sure: write a minimum of 2000-word in-depth guest posts.

In a report, the 5 top searches are articles with more than 2000 word posts.

Trust me, this is a tip for approval-guarantee content!

Provide the guest post with solid references

As I said before, always put some effort into your guest posts.

Including in the references you use.

Readers are always curious and they want some more information.

If you mention some things in the article but do not provide the reader a link for further research and details, the content quality has dropped.

People will not take the content into consideration. Otherwise, they will love your content.

Also, solid references indicate that you, as the author, provide legit information to readers.

Make sure to cite, credit, and provide links for further reading.

Optimize your guest blog post for search engines

Let’s recall your goal: to get more traffic to your own website.

To get more traffic, the guest post needs visibility: a high rank on Google searches.

Never forget to optimize the guest blog post.

Title tags are one of the most important parts when it comes to search engine optimization.

When creating title tags, make sure to include your keyword and don’t use “stop words”.

Stop using these “stop words” for your title tags:

  • articles: “the”, “a”, “an”
  • prepositions: “of, “that”
  • conjunctions: “and”, “or” “but”
  • and many more

Basically, don’t let any words that get in the way of your keywords on the title tags.

Also, don’t stuff keywords when you write.

Just write like you normally do and you can optimize it later.

Mention other bloggers in your guest post

Appreciate others so that they appreciate you.

Don’t hesitate to namedrop some amazing works you found regarding the topic.

After mentioning them in your guest post, don’t forget to personally tell them through email so that you get the appreciation back.

It’s a win-win solution for both of you.

Whether it’s a mere “thank you” or offering you something in return, you should welcome them with an open arm.

Try mentioning more of the bloggers who “thank you”, maybe you can get more appreciation in the future.

But if they don’t respond at all, I think you should move on to other more ‘friendlier’ bloggers.

Pay attention to your guest post’s readability

Remember that you are writing for an online audience, that might read through their smartphones.

So, always write clear and concise sentences.

Keep it short and write 2-3 sentences in one paragraph.

If the website has more smartphone readers, you can write with only one sentence.

Aside from readability, these tips will help readers to skim the information easily.

These are format tips you should use when writing for online readers:

  • Use subheadings
  • Use bullet/numbering
  • Use bold/italic/underline to show important information
  • Use quotes to emphasize the context
  • Use analogical or question to keep the content interactive

Start writing your guest blog post on free sites in 2022

That’s a wrap!

Guest blogging is not hard, but it still needs some hacks and tips to get accepted by the blogs.

Through this article, I have explained deeply to you how guest posting works and how to do it with some amazing tips.

If you still don’t utilize this guest posting, you should start from now on!

It’s great marketing to get more brand exposure for FREE.

Yep, start with choosing free sites that provide guest blogging.

You get more chances for your content to reach a bigger audience, drive more traffic, and other drooling benefits.

This article has another mission to gather those not on the list who also open guest blogging.

You can rely on this to find a comprehensive list of other blogs providing guest posting.

Do you have any recommendations for free guest posting sites in 2022?

Let us know in the comments section 😉

How to start guest blogging?

Simply choose the website you usually read and reach out to them about your content idea. You can also use smart Google search techniques: “write for us”/”submit a guest post? + topic name/niche. Don’t forget to learn about the blog first to know the content preferences and start formulating your content idea. Contact the blog owner through email and tell them your idea.

Are guest posts important for SEO?

Yes. Guest blogging helps your content get more visibility. Thus, you can get a more qualified audience and relevant traffic to your website. It also helps build your brand credibility as it is attached to higher-quality blogs.

How do I find quality guest posts for my site?

If your website is quite new, it’s a bit difficult to attract quality writers to write a good guest post. Try working on your site a little bit more to get higher domain authority. Thus, you can attract quality writers to write guest posts for your blog. Don’t forget to write your own guest posts on other websites as well. Write guest posts to lift up your own website, remember?

Is there any website that pays guest bloggers?

Definitely. Here are some websites that pay for your guest blog posts: Cracked (comedy site: $100), Income Diary (marketing site: $50 to $200), UX Booth (user experience & web design: $100), Smashing Magazine (technology-related topics: $50+), Site Point (website design: $50 to $100)

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