The Video Games market in Malaysia is projected to grow by 7.90% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$860.00m in 2028

Here are the top Malaysian gaming YouTubers you must collaborate with.

These gaming YouTubers in Malaysia are perfect to penetrate the influencer marketing industry in Malaya land.

Malaysia is home to many dedicated gamers, many of which utilize YouTube to share their passion for gaming.

The influencer Marketing industry in Malaysia is solid, and you will find great creative games creators.

They are none other than Malaysian gaming YouTubers, whose persona and niches vary even though they work in the same industry.

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers in Malaysia in 2024

  1. Soloz Club
  2. Syafiq Aiman
  3. Penjahat Soldier
  4. Biu Biu
  5. Drah_Eyra
  7. LuNaCy
  8. Akif Iskandar
  9. Ronin Gaming Malaysia
  10. fazyFiq

Here are the top 10 Malaysian gaming YouTubers in 2024.

Many are so entertaining that people are willing to watch them play games and talk.

Many others are insightful, giving off gaming tips, reviews, and recommendations so people know what to do or buy.

Online buying behaviours from Malaysian people
Malaysian buyers prefers to buy relevant products form influencers

With everything they offer, gaming influencers in Malaysia are loved by their viewers.

Their content is always anticipated and whenever they post something, flooding likes and comments are to be expected.

It is clear, right? Malaysian gaming YouTubers are who you need to penetrate the lucrative gaming industry in the country.

Not to mention that Malaysians naturally love spending time on social media to watch these influencers.

Social Commerce is strong in malaysia

Best gaming influencers in malaysia

Working with gaming content creators will only help you reach many gamers in the country and grow your brand awareness in no time.

Ready to know who they are?

1. Soloz Club – Entertaining Gaming YouTuber in Malaysia

Soloz Club is an established gaming YouTuber & top influencer from Malaysia.

He is very well known in the industry and is watched by both Malaysian gamers,

As well as non-gamers who love watching people playing video games.

The thing is, he is very funny, the kind of funny that’ll make you laugh so hard you hurt your stomach.

Both his gaming skills and narration are just top-notch.

On his channel, Soloz Club plays various games including Mobile Legends, Valorant, and Among US.

He also occasionally vlogs to show other sides of him to his fans.

If you are a brand owner planning to grow in Malaysia, Soloz Club is definitely who you need to work with.

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2. Syafiq Aiman – Malaysia’s Skilled Gamer & YouTuber

Syafiq Aiman is another famous gamer in Malaya & well-known male Malaysian influencer.

He plays many kinds of games, including Resident Evil 3, GTA 5, Minecraft, Roblox, COD, and PUBG.

Sometimes, he also reviews gaming devices like PS 5 and headphones.

If you want other types of content, you can also find pranks and reaction videos on Syafiq’s YouTube channel.

But whatever he posts, Syafiq’s videos are always awaited by his dedicated subscribers.

You must work with Syafiq to reach all the gaming enthusiasts in Malaysia.

3. Penjahat Soldier – Loved Gaming YouTuber in Malaysia

Penjahat Soldier is a gamer who is super famous on Malaysian Facebook.

He live-streams his gameplays there but also makes use of YouTube to share his best and funniest gaming moments.

Which are a lot, actually, since he is naturally entertaining.

On his YouTube channel, Penjahat Soldier also uploads Ome TV content, vlogs, and mukbang videos.

He is a YouTuber you go to when you want to relax and have a good laugh.

And also a gaming influencer you must go to when you want to reach the gaming community in Malaysia.

4. Biu Biu – Dedicated PUBG Player & Gaming YouTuber

PUBG is no stranger to the gaming community in Malaysia. In fact, it is well known and loved by Malaysians of all ages.

And Biu Biu here is a Malaysian gaming influencer who exclusively plays PUBG until now.

His love for this game is unbeatable.

On his YouTube account, Biu Biu showcases complete PUBG gameplay, his best gaming moments, and his best PUBG tricks.

When you think of Biu Biu, you think of PUBG. The two are inseparable.

I think it’s clear that Biu Biu is the ultimate influencer you need if you want to target the PUBG community in Malaya.

5. Drah_Eyra – Malaysia’s Cute Roblox Gaming YouTuber

In the mood for light gaming content? Drah Eyra is your answer.

Drah Eyra is a Malaysian gaming content creator who mostly plays Roblox and PUBG.

The thing about Drah is that she creates made-up dramas while playing games.

And they’re always fun to watch.

Her content and narration are suitable for kids and teenagers in Malaya.

Therefore, it is understandable that she is well-known among the younger audience in the country.

If you think Drah’s audience is who you want to target, you should definitely work with her ASAP.

6. OOHAMICHAN – Funny Malaysian Gaming Influencer

Oohami is the face behind Malaysia’s gaming YouTube channel OOHAMICHAN.

He got famous on the platform because of his GTA 5 content but now you can see that he added more variety to the channel.

From horror games like Resident Evil, Phasmobhobia, Dreadout, and The Mortuary Assistant,

And fun games like GTA 5, Nintendo sports games, and Hide and Seek, Oohami plays them all.

Oohami is also the type of gamer you can’t stop watching because he’s hilarious.

He is always ready to make your day, just like he does many of his fans.

So when I tell you he has many loyal followers, I’m not joking. He really is loved by Malaysian gamers.

I highly recommend you work with Oohami to reach the gaming community in Malaya in no time.

7. LuNaCy – Chinese-Speaking Malaysian Gaming YouTuber

LuNaCy is a Malaysian gaming content creator who makes content for Chinese-speaking audiences.

He plays adrenaline-spiking games like The Quarry, Granny, Eyes, and Resident Evil.

He also uploads vlogs and fun videos with other YouTubers, which are as well-loved as his usual content.

As someone who does not speak Chinese, I can’t understand what his fans are saying in the comment sections.

However, I can tell that fans genuinely enjoy his content because of how many laughing emojis there are.

He is a true entertainer as many have testified.

Need a good laugh or good exposure for your brand in Malaysia? Check out LuNaCy’s page now!

8. Akif Iskandar – Malaysia’s Roblox Player & Gaming YouTuber

Akif Iskandar is a gamer in Malaysia known for his Roblox content.

His content revolves around the Roblox dramas he comes up with.

He always gets creative with them.

Utilizing different settings and characters in the game, all of Akif’s stories are out of the box.

No wonder his content is always awaited by his audiences who mainly consist of Malaysia’s younger generation.

Leverage Akif’s influence and get your brand recognized by many Malaysian Roblox fans now.

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9. Ronin Gaming Malaysia – Malaya’s Genshin Impact Gaming YouTuber

Ronin Gaming Malaysia is the perfect channel for all the Genshin Impact players in Malaysia.

By subscribing to him, not only will you find gameplay content but also various how-tos and gaming guides.

Ronin acknowledges that Genshin Impact requires strategies to play.

So, here he is, showing people the easy ways to win a mission, avoid mistakes, and know their way around the game as a beginner. 

Helpful, right?

As a Genshin Impact player, following Ronin is a must.

And if you plan to target Malaysian gamers, working with Ronin is also a must. 😉

10. fazyFiq – Rising Gaming YouTuber in Malaysia

The Malaysian gaming YouTuber fazyFiq is known for his Genshin Impact, OSU!, Tower of Fantasy, and COD gameplay.

He breaks down many techniques he uses to play the mentioned games, so many benefit from his gaming insights.

FazyFiq is a rising YouTuber in Malaya.

However, his fans said that they have been watching him since day one and are still around to support him.

The loyalty of his subscribers is not to be doubted.

He should totally be on your top list of Malaysia’s gaming influencers to work with.

Ready to work with Malaysian Gaming YouTubers?

If you are not doing it by yourself, then just hire a good Influencer Marketing Agency.

The list of Malaysian gaming YouTubers I provided is reliable.

All influencers on that list have dedicated audiences who always look forward to their videos.

Fans genuinely enjoy watching them as they are all amazing and entertaining.

This is good news for brands that want to penetrate the gaming market in Malaya.

Because, now, you know who you need to help with your mission.

Just note that you need to pick one whose niche represents your brand.

Good thing all the gaming influencers in this article vary in niches, right? 😉

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Gaming Influencers and Creators in South East Asia

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