The Influencer Advertising market in Malaysia is projected to grow by 10.79% (2024-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$ 102.30 million in 2028.

Influencer marketing in Malaysia is going to be a more prominent marketing channel for brands & business. This year, more Malaysian online buyers trust influencers to solve their problems and expand their product knowledge, & they are also appointed as the affirmation to purchase a product or service.


8 most important influencer marketing trends and data for 🇲🇾

  • Influencer Advertising market in Malaysia is projected to grow by 10.79%
  • Instagram remains the most prominent platform for influencer marketing in Malaysia
  • 75% of Malaysian online customers rely on influencers to look for solutions & product knowledge
  • 34% of Malaysian digital buyers consider suggestions from influencers before buying a product
  • Malaysian online consumers relate the most with micro & nano influencers.
  • Nano-influencers are the most vital influencer tier with the highest engagement rate
  • Micro-influencers are the influencer tier with the most fraud
  • Brands must prepare at least RM2.000 or $454 to feature their product on a Malaysian YouTuber’s video

This article will reveal all the important insights & trends of the state of influencer marketing in Malaysia to run well-informed campaigns in Malaya in 2024.

Do you know that Malaysian social media users can’t get off their habits of watching videos online?

Best types of influencer content by category in Malaysia
Fashion, Beauty, entertainment and food to be a followed influencers

In fact, Malaysian exceeds the global average of social media video watch time by 55%.

More interesting statistics of social media users in Malaysia: internet penetration is at 89% of the total population.

In the eyes of marketers, this is a great insight to start selling your product or expanding your business in Malaya.

We get a huge number of internet users PLUS how hooked they are on social media.

Moreover, influencers are growing insane in Malaysia, making influencer marketing a promising marketing channel to run.

Why so?

Here is another big insight:

75% of Malaysian consumers rely on influencers for solving their problems & expand their product knowledge.

Those are spoilers of the best insights & statistics we will provide here covering the state of influencer marketing in Malaysia in 2024.

Let’s see each insight deeper.

Influencer Marketing in Malaysia - all Insights and data

What is influencer marketing in Malaysia?

Influencer marketing in Malaysia is social media marketing involving brand endorsements and product placements from Malaya’s influencers, content creators, or key opinion leaders (KOL).

The chosen figure will then promote the product or service from a brand on their social media posts as sponsored content.

This type of marketing strategy is very popular these days, including in Malaysia.

Since the marketing channel is proven to bring more ROI for businesses,

It will be the best strategy to reach the 30 million social media users in Malaysia.

The number is equivalent to 91% of the total population in Malaysia.

The best thing is, Malaysian social media users are hooked: they spend 3 hours online scrolling their social media.

It’s true that Malaysia is among the most addicted countries in the world.

Malaysia ranks sixth with the most addicted internet users worldwide.

Malaysian internet users spend 9 hours and 4 minutes daily roaming around the internet.

The target audience in Malaysia is very potential to reach,

This is literally the best chance for brands to market their products here through influencers.

Let’s see the influencer marketing insights and statistics to fuel your campaigns in Malaysia.

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Where is Malaysia? (if you don’t know)

Have you heard of Petronas Twin Towers? Or Kota Kinabalu?

Exactly, those two are Malaysia’s popular buildings & travel destinations.

More than that, Malaysia is a country with rich local cuisine, diverse landscapes, & lots of historical structures.

You must not miss Nasi Lemak, Nas Kerabu, and Kuih Angkoo when visiting Malaysia 🤤

Malaysia also has diverse ethnicities, there are Chinese, Indian, Malay which is the dominant group of all, and more.

Malaysia Boleh.

If you are familiar with Singlish, then you must know Manglish.

It’s basically the Malaysian Singlish version, or Malaysian English,

Where it is used informally and mixed with its national language: Bahasa Melayu.


Reply to @frantasticorn Still ok kah my Manglish? 🤣🇲🇾 #malaysian #uk #manglish #accent #sabahan #kadazan #codeswitch #scotland

♬ original sound – Kurtious

In 2022, Malaysia has recorded the highest growth of economy followed by Vietnam, The Philippines, and Indonesia.

Influencer marketing is one of the sectors contributing to Malaysia’s growth economy.

More and more brands are increasing their budget spend for influencer marketing.

To start our Malaysian influencer marketing journey, let’s see the global prediction budget spend by brands.

Brands are predicted to spend $32.5 billion on Influencer Marketing in 2024 

The global predictions are saying brands will take more effort in influencer marketing.

Starting in 2024, brands are estimated to spend a whopping $32.5 billion on influencer marketing.

The number is increased by 18% more than last year.

In 2021 alone, the number of companies offering services in influencer marketing jumped by 30% in a year. 

This indicates that influencer marketing has gained an important position in brand marketing.

It’s 2024 and the growth is expected to reach over 30 billion dollars, indicating how huge it is.

And if your brand is still insisting on classic advertising channels, you are very far behind.

Start leveraging influencer marketing ASAP to flourish your business.

And if you want to penetrate the Malaysian market, these insights are for you.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns in Malaysia

The use of social messenger & social media is massive in Malaysia.

WhatsApp is the winner of all, followed by Facebook, and Instagram.

Here are the most-used social media & messengers in Malaysia:

  • WhatsApp is the most-used messenger by 93% of Malaysian social media users.
  • Facebook is the second most-used social media by 88% of Malaysians.
  • Instagram is the third most-used social media by 79% of Malaysians.
  • Telegram is the fourth most-used messenger by 66% of Malaysian social media users.

Clearly, the top 3 most-used social media in Malaysia are all Meta products.

Wait until you see the fifth position.

Yup, it’s Facebook Messenger 🙂

Meta products are basically dominating Malaysia.

Here is the full list of every social media used by Malaysian users in 2024.

List of the most used social media platforms in Malaysia by percentage of usage
Meta is leading drastically in Malaysia

However, the popularity ranks are different in terms of influencer marketing.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing.

Brands & marketers prefer Instagram to run their influencer marketing campaigns.

Following Instagram, Facebook becomes the second most popular social network for influencer marketing in Malaysia.

The preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing in Malaysia
Instagram is super powerful for Malaysian Influencers

The statistics indicate that Instagram is an important platform for influencer marketing in Malaysia,

Both for brands and also influencers.

Malaysian influencers are also growing rapidly on Instagram.

In the future, TikTok might be the strongest Instagram rival to running influencer marketing.

In 2021, TikTok is the most downloaded app in Malaysia.

Now seeing the most-used social media chart, TikTok is nearing the gap with Facebook Messenger, making it rank sixth.

TikTok influencers are already crowding the app in Malaysia.

While Instagram still remains the popular app for influencer marketing, brands in Malaysia can also be ready for the TikTok rush in the future.

75% of Malaysia Online Consumers rely on influencers to find problem solutions & expand product knowledge

Now we’re coming to interesting statistics from Malaysian online consumers.

The first indication we can see in this section,

That 75% of Malaysian consumers rely on influencers,

Whenever they are having a problem or want to know more about products in a specific niche.

Exactly, they go to influencers to search for solutions and expand their product knowledge.

Reasons Malaysian social media users watch or access influencer content
Only ¼ of Malaysian consumers never watched an influencer tutorial video

All these stats conclude that Malaysian online consumers put a heavy trust in influencers.

It’s because word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective strategy to reach Southeast Asian consumers.

They prefer honest reviews of a product before actually buying it.

Influencers are not just promoting the brand’s product, but also giving their own experiences using it.

That’s why they love influencers that much.

Read through online consumer insights & other influencer marketing statistics in SEA.

34% of Malaysian consumers consider recommendations from influencers before making a purchase

Not only finding solutions & expanding product knowledge,

Malaysian online buyers are considering suggestions from influencers before buying a product or service, 34% of them to be exact.

Even if the product choice is not coming from influencers’ suggestions,

30% of Malaysian digital customers are going to an influencer account to reaffirm their shopping choices.

This is just how powerful influencers are in front of Malaysian buyers.

When asked how Malaysian influencers build this powerful consumer’s trust,

The answer to this is absolute: you have to stay relevant & keep interacting with your audience.

When not, you’re done.

Content Strategies from Malaysian influencers to stand out from their peers
Stay relevant and interact with your followers

There are a lot of influencers already in Malaysia, but winning the competition is a whole new thing.

When they can create a genuine relationship with their audiences, trust me,

Those influencers’ emails will be packed with brand sponsorship requests.

Here is how to write an influencer email if your brand wants to stand out and get a response.

Malaysian consumers relate the most with micro & nano Influencers

Now, we’re getting into the main point of Malaysian digital buyers’ insights.

That 5 in 10 Malaysian online customers relate the most with micro & nano influencers.

This is because the audience of micro & nano influencers is most likely friends, family, or related acquaintances.

Their audience scoop is narrow and that’s what makes the bond so strong.

Another notable stats, 3 in 10 Malaysian consumers want the influencer to connect with them on a personal level.

Now it’s a demand, not just a hack to stand out from the crowd.

Online buying behaviours from Malaysian people
Malaysian buyers prefers to buy relevant products form influencers

Also, Malaysian influencers need to pay attention to their content creation in 2024.

Since 33% of Malaysian digital consumers prefer watching reviews, vlogs, & unboxing video content from influencers,

They need to focus more on video content.

Short-form video content like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are predicted to be one of the most popular social media trends in 2024.

Jump on Reels if you haven’t started yet, and here are Reels ideas to get you inspired.

Fashion & Beauty are the most popular niche for Malaysian Influencers

There are a lot of niches in Malaysia’s influencer marketing landscape. 

But Fashion & Beauty is the most prominent niche for influencers across social media platforms.

Here are the top 3 most popular influencer content in Malaysia:

  • Fashion & Beauty,
  • Arts & Entertainment,
  • Food & Beverages,

The top 3 content types are always in front, making it a common influencer niche.

Games & Gadgets are usually in the top five like in Indonesia or Japan,

But the content type lands in the seventh position in Malaysia.

Take a look at the full chart of the most popular influencer content in Malaysia here.

Best types of influencer content by category in Malaysia
Malaysian Beauty Influencers boleh

The three least popular topics are automotive, news, and finance.

To wrap up, there will be various Fashion & Beauty influencers in Malaysia,

While for more “serious” topics like News & Finance,

Malaysian rely on more trusted and reliable figures with strong knowledge of the field.

Micro-influencers are dominating the Malaysian influencer marketing industry

Now, we’re reaching the influencers section.

If you wonder who are the most popular influencers by tier in Malaysia, we have the answer.

Truth is, micro-influencers are the most crowded influencer tier in Malaysia in 2024 with 52% of the total influencers..

Look at the graphic.

Percentage of influencers in Malaysia by following count tier
From 5000 to 20000 followers you are good to go

The second dominant group of influencers in Malaysia is mid-tier influencers with 31% of the total influencer tiers.

Here is the full list of distribution of Malaysian influencers by tiers:

  • Micro-influencers are the most dominant influencer by tiers in Malaysia
  • Mid-tier influencers are the second most dominant by tiers in Malaysia
  • Nano-influencers place third in Malaysian influencer distribution.
  • Macro-influencers rank fourth in Malaysian influencer distribution.
  • Mega-influencers rank fifth or the least dominant influencer by tiers in Malaysia.

Even if micro-influencers are dominating the country,

Nano influencers are still the most important influencer tier in Malaysia.

Read on and let’s find out why 😉

Nano-influencers are the influencer tier with the highest engagement rate in Malaysia

Fun fact: nano-influencers are the most-demanded influencers by brands in Southeast Asia.

The same goes for Malaysia.

Nano-influencers have the best engagement rate compared to other tiers, that’s why.

The average engagement rate by Instagram influencers tiers in Malaysia
Nano influencers are the best assets for your Brand in Malaysia

Malaysian nano-influencers are generating a 4.7% of engagement rate on average,

While others only generate 1.6% at max.

That’s a very very huge gap, to be honest.

No wonder they are hunted by brands to run their influencer campaigns.

Here is the list of the average engagement rate of influencers by tiers in Malaysia, from the highest to the smallest:

  • Nano-influencers generate a 4.79% of engagement rate on average
  • Micro-influencers have an average engagement rate of 1.62%
  • Mega-influencers generate a 1.3% of engagement rate on average
  • Mid-tier influencers have an average of engagement rate of 1.24%
  • Macro-influencers generate only 1.16% of engagement rate

The number of the engagement rate shows how many & how often people connect with influencers.

The engagement rate represents the trust & closeness of the audience toward the content creator.

The highest the number is, the higher your brand will be talked about.

But nano-influencers have small followers, you need to collaborate with more than 1 influencer in hand.

I promise you can easily create a brand buzz from these small “circles”.

These study cases of brands running past influencer campaigns will show you how powerful nano-influencers are

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Examples of Brands that are doing great influencer marketing campaigns in Malaysia: A case study

To see how big influencer marketing in Malaysia is,

We have prepared some examples of brands in Malaysia that are doing a good job with their campaigns.

Here are some examples of Malaysian brands acing their influencer campaigns in 2024.

1. Jollibee collaborates with micro-influencers to create a brand buzz in Malaysia


Jollibee punya pasal, kitorang naik LRT dari Gombak sampai Sunway Pyramid tau! @Jollibee #Jollibee #JollibeeMalaysia

♬ Coconut Mall (From “Mario Kart Wii”) – Arcade Player

The Filipino fast-food brand, Jollibee is struggling to enter the Malaysian food market and target Gen Z & Millenials.

There are already famous fast-food stalls and they are competing with only a single store in West Malaysia.

Jollibee then runs its campaigns & collaborates with well-established foodie influencers in Malaysia to boost brand awareness.

Turns out, micro-influencers are the most relatable creator for their target audience.

They also boost engagement & spark word-of-mouth influence among Gen Z & Millennials.

In a total of 122 influencers collaborating in the campaign, Jollibee generates a 12.34% engagement rate on their social media accounts.

2. Matrix Concepts Holdings partnered with top influencers to increase brand relevance

Matrix Concepts Holdings is a property developer in Malaysia, where buyers will be committed to buying the product for long-term purposes.

The company needs to spark brand relevance and partnering with influencers is the best way they think at the moment.

Matrix then collabs with various influencers in Malaysia and creates Raya Dance Challenge welcoming Eid Al-Fitr.

It’s the attempt to mark Matrix as a brand that embraces new trends but not leaving the traditional norms.

Matrix also produces mega video advert where it features top celebrities & figures in Malaysia, also with the same theme as the dance challenge.

3. Mead Johnson Nutrition runs campaigns with influencers to rebrand their product

Provital Immuna Plus, one of Mead Johnson Nutrition’s products, is actually nutritious milk for adults,

But it is often not associated with one.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, food & beverages containing immunity-boosting ingredients are the most-searched products.

The company later works with various Key Opinion Leaders,

From immunity ambassadors, and healthcare professionals, to micro and nano-influencers to run the campaign.

The wide & diverse influencer campaign was successful in driving health immune awareness

And also generated over 20 million in reach and sales value increase by more than 200%.

The best Influencers in Malaysia in 2024 you can work with

To run a successful influencer marketing isn’t complete if you don’t choose the best influencer to work with.

Here are the top 10 influencers in Malaysia you can collaborate with for your campaign.

1. Hael Husaini – Music & Celebrity Influencer based in Malaysia

Hael Husaini is a well-known musician, composer, and songwriter, and also one of the best male influencers in Malaysia

Thanks to his popularity, he has gathered a large follower base, both on Instagram and offline.

Aside from music, Hael is also known for his love for luxury brands like Gucci, Channel, and Yves Saint Laurent, you name it.

2. Tasnim Shah – Malaysia-based Hijabi Fashion Influencer

Tasnim Shah is a famous Malaysian hijabi fashionista on Instagram that constantly looks flawless and elegant in her daily hijabi OOTD,

Making the hijabi community inspired every time she posts a new outfit on Instagram.

Her posts are overflowing with likes and comments, indicating a loyal follower base.

She is indeed one of the best young female influencers in Malaysia.

3. Karen Kho – The Best Fitness & Mom Influencer in Malaysia

Karen is a high-quality Chinese fitness influencer in Malaysia to work with.

She is a certified fitness instructor who posts many brand promotions.

She also manages to make them look appealing to her audience.

4. Shahida Supian – Female Singer & Content Creator in Malaya

Shahida Supian is one of the Malaysian Muslim influencers who upload song covers on YouTube.

With her soothing and angelic voice, Shahida is well-known on the platform.

On Instagram, however, she mainly shows her life as a mom sharing motherhood moments, cake recipes & tutorials.

5. Josephine Yap – Fashionable Female Influencer from Malaysia

Josephine Yap is one of the famous travel, lifestyle, and influencers in Malaysia.

Her content used to be about food covering various Malaysian delicacies recommended by her fans.

Now, Josephine mainly posts about makeup product recommendations, workout pictures, and OOTD content.

 6. Master Ramen – Established Malaysian streamer & gaming influencer

Firdaus Hashim, a.k.a Master Ramen on Instagram, is a gaming video creator in Malaysia.

He owns the Malaysian PUBG team, Bapak Ah Sports, and is also the brand ambassador of Gank, a video game culture & lifestyle brand.

On Instagram, Firdaus loves sharing his tournament documentation, special moments with his loved ones, and lots of brand sponsorships.

7. Nana Al Haleq – Inspiring Malaysian Fitness Content Creator

Nana Al Haleq is a Malaysian fitness content creator who doesn’t only inspire you to build muscles but also to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nana uploads healthy food recipes, skincare recommendations, as well as workout routines you can follow at home.

For Nana, a healthier mind and emotional growth are as important as having flawless skin and a toned body.

8. Nabil Aqil – Malaya’s Famous Actor & Male Influencer

Nabil Aqil is a Malaysian influencer and actor who plays several Malaysian dramas, like Ku Punya Hati.

His fans are always crowding his Instagram posts with likes and comments from his fans.

Increased brand awareness and sales are promised if you work with him.

9. Hungry Foodie KL – Kuala Lumpur-Based Food Reviewer

Hungry Foodie KL’s account is dedicated to delicious foods you can find in Kuala Lumpur.

Beautifully shot content with the included price, restaurant name, a small review on the captions, and engaging captions

People trust this account for their ultimate KL food references.

10. Cik Peoh – The Funny Beauty Influencer of Malaya


KAMU NANYAK?! RAWRRR 🤪 PASAI APA CUTE SANGAT LIPMATE BARU @Maaez Beauty HQ ni ! RAWRRR GERAM CIK PEOH! . #fyp #foryou #maaezlipmatte #maaezcosmetics #matteliquidlipstick #Hello2023 #BeautyHacks #tiktokmalaysia #lipmateviral #lipswatches

♬ Dj Kamu Nanya Fyp Bass Beton – Boris Sitepu

Cik Peoh is a beauty influencer based in Malaya who has a unique online personality.

With her amazing makeup skills, people watch her to be better at elevating their looks.

The mom of two is also pretty much creative and inspiring with her out-of-the-ordinary makeup look.

Influencer Rate Cards, Cost, & Earnings in Malaysia in 2024

The cost of collaborating with influencers in Malaysia is almost the same in every country.

If you are collaborating with a YouTuber, then you must prepare at least RM 2,000 or $454 for a single cooking video.

Look at the table for the complete rate card.

YouTuber Malaysia rate card cost per video
Malaysian entertainment niche is 💰

The entertainment industry cost the most if you want your product to be featured in one of the Malaysian YouTubers’ videos.

The cost is almost 20x more than the other niches.

Here is the complete list of the influencer rate card in YouTube Malaysia:

  • A Prank/Funny/Entertainment video on YouTube influencers will cost you RM 80,000 or $18.100
  • A product feature on a Beauty YouTuber’s video costs RM 5,000 or $1.135
  • An endorsement on a Gaming & Tech YouTuber costs RM 3.000 or $680
  • A product placement on a single Cooking YouTuber video will cost RM 2,000 or $454

Are you wondering how much they earn?

Since the rate is usually based on the influencer’s follower size,

Smaller influencers might earn less than bigger influencers.

Here are the total earnings of Malaysian influencers by tier in a month.

Total earnings of Malaysian influencers in a month
Depends on what campaigns you will pick

Don’t get me wrong, mega influencers seem like having the highest income,

But if we see at the earning per year, turns out, mid-tier influencers are the one who earns the most.

Since mega-influencers cost a lot, not many brands want to spend their entire marketing budget to pay them.

Then there are mid-tier influencers who, compared to mega, cost more “friendly” with the company wallet.

So, it’s possible that mid-tier influencers accept more campaigns than mega-influencers.

How much make an influencer per year in Malaysia?
Good money depends on your niche in 🇲🇾

Nano & micro-influencers might be getting the same or more offers like mid-tiers,

But since they cost low, the number can’t match the mid-tiers.

Here is the full list of Malaysian influencers’ earning per year in 2024.

  • Mid-tier influencers in Malaysia earn between RM17.2 million to RM172.8 million
  • Micro-influencers in Malaysia earn between RM24.6 million to RM124.8 million
  • Macro-influencers in Malaysia earn between RM16.8 million to RM84 million
  • Nano-influencers in Malaysia earn between RM10.8 million to RM54 million
  • Mega-influencers in Malaysia earn between RM9 million to RM24 million

Influencer fraud in Malaysia: Micro-influencers have the most number of fake followers

Don’t get me wrong, influencer fraud has always been a thing.

It must be discussed whenever & wherever we can since brands are losing their money over fake influencers.

Malaysia is one of the countries with a quite number of influencer frauds.

This chart shows that every influencer by tier has been involved in fraud.

Percentage of Malaysian influencers involved in fraud
Fraud is part of the game in 🇲🇾

Turns out, Malaysian micro-influencers are the influencer tier that is involved in fraud the most.

And nano influencers are the least influencer with fraud.

In conclusion, every influencer tier in Malaysia has done fraudulence.

The difference is, every tier has a different involvement number.

This is the full list of the number of influencers in Malaysia involved in fraud:

  • Micro-influencers rank first as the most Malaysian influencer with fraud at 66%
  • Mid-tier influencers rank second as the most influencer in Malaysia with fraud at 58%
  • Macro & mega influencers are the third Malaysian influencer with the most fraud at 57%
  • Nano-influencers are the least influencer with fraud in Malaysia at 44.5%

What kind of fraud do they actually do?

Are we talking about fake followers?

Read on to get the answer.

Common Methods of Influencer Fraud in Malaysia

The thing is, it’s not easy to become an influencer.

There are many influencers who succeed starting from scratch, but some are giving up before succeeding.

As it’s difficult to start an influence, some influencers start to do some “cheating”.

They inflate their account growth & also how they obtain followers.

To check whether the account has fake followers or not, try to see the account’s growth.

If there is a sudden surge of followers, then that is a big red flag.

influencers account in Malaysia with a strange account growth
Suspicious influencers using shady techniques in 🇲🇾

These are the fraudulent strategies that are usually done by influencers in Malaysia.

1. Follow/Unfollow method by Influencer malaysia who does fraud

The first popular method is follow/unfollow. What is it?

Influencers will mass follow some random accounts expecting a follow-back.

After getting the follow-back, the influencers then unfollow them.

The thing is, this method is not approved by Instagram,

that’s why it’s considered an unethical strategy to grow your Instagram followers.

Now, let’s see the next trick move.

2. Malaysian influencers who do fraud buy likes or comments

Yes, there are still influencers who buy likes or comments to inflate their engagement rate.

And the culprit who uses this trick often is Malaysian mega-influencers.

Nano-influencers are the least perpetrators of this buying likes & comments trick (we’ll see).

The number of influencers who are buying likes & comments in Malaysia in 2023
Buying for growing. Not good for you Brands.

No worries, I will give you “precautions” to check the inauthentic comments in an influencer’s post, here we go:

  • Consist of only emojis or words like: wow, cool, fantastic, etc.
  • The words are simple and sometimes, irrelevant.
  • Containing a mention of another account only, no further comment.

3. Malaysian influencer fraudsters use Engagement Pods

If you first listen to this term, here is the explanation.

Engagement pods is a method where a group of influencers in a room chat hype each other’s social media posts by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Basically, these influencers are grouping to support each other’s growth.

Well, it’s sad because the influencer tier that uses this trick the most is nano-influencers.

Pods usage on social media by influencers in Malaysia
Pods are using massively in malaysia

To sum up, every influencer tier in Malaysia has been involved in influencer fraud.

However, the mid-tier influencers are the safest so far in Malaysia.

But you also must be careful with mid-tier influencers as they rank second in the influencer chart with growth anomalies after micros.

The thing is: always do a thorough check on every influencer you’re planning to work with.

Make sure they have authentic account growth & real followers.

Unless you want to lose money. In vain.

How to start an influencer marketing campaign in Malaysia?

Doing your job alone is cost-friendly, but sometimes you need help to execute it successfully,

Including starting your influencer campaign in Malaysia.

Here are the best 2 options to run your infuencer marketing campaign in Malaysia for the first time.

Choose one of the top influencer marketing platforms in Malaysia

You don’t have to scroll & type in the Search Box on Instagram to find the right influencer.

You are more important than that.

Instead of wasting your precious time looking for the best influencers, you can use one of the top influencer marketing tools in Malaysia.

It saves you time, and money, and also can help your campaigns be much more effective & manageable.

With their big database of influencers & robust filters, you can easily find the right match.

You can also use anything you need, campaign management, CRM management, campaign analytics, and many more.

And you can’t miss the bot followers detection, it’s gonna be very worth it.

Better spend some penny for work worth 8 hours than sacrifice labor, right?

Use the service of the best influencer marketing agency in Malaysia

If you are not into self-research, there will be always third-party executors to help run your campaigns.

Yes, there are a bunch of influencer marketing agencies in Malaysia,

And you can choose one to help you out.

Save time? Of course, they might just need your campaign brief and that’s it.

But they might charge more than paying for a monthly subscription to an influencer marketing software.

But they’re still worth your money because:

  • They have mastered the ever-changing marketing industry for years.
  • They have the best experience and insights into the industry. 
  • They understand the influencer’s strengths, specialties, & preferences more than anyone.
  • They have a dedicated team with a super creative approach.

These strengths will lead to a calculation of what works best for your brand, from the influencer to the campaign ideas.

What is the best influencer tool to find influencers in Malaysia?

It’s Inflact.

We already tried and reviewed plenty of influencer marketing Tools & Software.

But Inflact remains an impressive tool to discover potential influencers in Malaysia.

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recherche influenceurs createurs gratuite

you can type any query you like, from keywords, and emails, to a set of filters,

this tool will show you the most relevant figures for your brand.

Plus, you can add them to your list (sign-up required) or download the search results easily to your device.

My Take: Where is the influencer marketing landscape in Malaysia going to be headed in 2024?

Every insight into the influencer marketing state in Indonesia in 2024 is already explained

And this is the time you take advantage of them.

The question is, where will influencer marketing be in Malaysia in the future?

The hype of influencer marketing in Malaysia will remain the same, or to be honest, it’s getting more prominent.

More brands have faith in influencer marketing by increasing their budgets and seeking better ways to achieve the best results.

The demand also comes from Malaysian digital consumers.

They rely so much on influencers for almost every purchase decision they make,

From expanding product knowledge to considering their product recommendations.

This is 2024 and if your brand is not on influencer marketing yet, you are way behind.

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Start leveraging influencers to wider market your product and get more business benefits.

Important notes: always double check & audit the influencer you want to collaborate with.

Fake influencers are everywhere, don’t fall for one.

If you are a first-timer and you doubt running one campaign, there is always an agency’s help.

We are one of the ones with open hands

Countless clients are handled, a bunch of influencers to work with, and a capable & experienced team,

We have it all 😉

Trust our experience and we will bring the best results & business benefits in return.

So, are you ready to rock the Malaysian influencer marketing industry with us?

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Answering Questions about Influencer Marketing in Malaysia 👇🏼

Does influencer marketing still work in Malaysia in 2024?

Of course. The 2024 trends of influencer marketing in Malaysia said so. The budget spent by brands will increase and more insights needed for them to run the perfect influencer campaign that brings results. If your brand or business is still not leveraging influencer marketing, you are completely out of competition as many Malaysian online consumers also rely on influencers in their purchase decisions.

How profitable is influencer marketing in Malaysia?

According to studies, influencer marketing is proven to bring 11x more ROI than banner ads. Let’s take an example from the case study of Provital Immuna Plus collaborating with influencers for a rebrand campaign. They work with various influencers in different tiers and get 20 million reach & 200% sales increase in return.

How much do influencers get paid and earn in Malaysia?

A single product featured on a YouTube cooking video will cost you at least RM 2,000. While the most expensive charge will be on Entertainment videos that cost you at least RM 18,000 for a single product placement. Influencers in Malaysia earn depending on their follower size. Nano-influencers can earn up to RM 54 million in a year, while mid-tier influencers earn the most with RM 178 million a year.

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