The Influencer marketing landscape in The Philippines is still at the early stages, but marketers predict this year to be the pivotal stage of the industry. From the most important trends, and best influencers & their rates, to the best ways to start running influencer campaigns in the Pearl of the Orient country, this article will reveal all the key insights about the Content Creators market in the Philippines.


  1. Global brands will spend $32.5 billion for influencer marketing in 2023
  2. Philippines are the second-most active country in social media in 2023
  3. Instagram remains the most prominent platform for influencer marketing in The Philippines
  4. 51% of Filipino internet users follow influencers on social media
  5. 70% of Filipino online consumers have purchased a product by an influencer recommendation
  6. Fashion & Beauty is the most popular influencer content in The Philippines

Are you planning to penetrate the influencer marketing industry in The Philippines?

Don’t come recklessly but be prepared with a handful of trends in the influencer marketing market in the country.

The Philippines is indeed a prolific country for digital marketing, but the influencer marketing market is still small.

Let’s see why.

study of the influencer marketing landscape in the Philippines

The country is literally the second most active user on social media in the world in 2023.

Filipino online buyers have also put trust in influencers,

70% of them even have purchased a product from their endorsements.

There are also more & more influencers crowding Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms in The Philippines.

Even if the market is still small, the market ecosystem is already well established.

It’s time for brands to “shine” and gain the most benefits for their businesses.

Here are the key insights & statistics on the state of influencer marketing in The Philippines in 2023.

Let’s dive in.

What is influencer marketing in The Philippines?

Influencer marketing in The Philippines is social media marketing involving brand endorsements and product placements from The Pearl of The Orient’s influencers, content creators, or key opinion leaders (KOL).

The chosen figure will then promote the product or service from the brand on their social media posts as sponsored content.

The influencer marketing industry in The Philippines is relatively young.

There are only a few brands in The Philippines that have been leveraging this type of marketing channel.

There are also a lot of undervalued Filipino influencers, unmatching the growth of the creators there.

However, there are predictions that 2023 is a vital year of the growth of the industry.

With more companies offering services in influencer marketing, the market will expand like crazy

Read here to look into the influencer marketing landscape from the perspective of the practitioners.

If you are planning to expand your business in the Philippines,

Make sure you take advantage of the best insights and trends that we are going to spill in this article.

Stay tuned.

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Where are the Philippines? (if you don’t know)

The Philippines are one of the Southeast Asian archipelagic countries with around 7.460 islands across the country.

You can imagine how many beautiful beaches out there 😉

The country is located at the east of the Pacific Ocean and it is named by the King Philip II of Spain

With Manila as the capital city of the country, also called the “Pearl of The Orient”.

You can find a plethora of delicious local dishes & street food markets in Manila, like Adobo or Lechon.

Filipino speak Tagalog and English, yeah that thing you hear when a Filipino starts speaking non-English between the sentences.

Early 2022, Philippines has generated a strong GDP growth momentum.

By 2037, the Philippines is predicted to reach the highest economic ranking at 27th worldwide.

Influencer marketing is also catching up with the other sectors of the Filipino economy.

To see how the Filipino industry grows, let’s take a deeper look at the key trends in 2023.

Brands are predicted to spend $32.5 billion on Influencer Marketing in 2023 

The global interest in influencer marketing is getting heavier.

In this year, 2023, brands are estimated to spend a whopping $32.5 billion on influencer marketing.

The number is increased by 18% more than last year.

In 2021 alone, the number of influencer marketing companies jumped by 30% in a year.

The global trend is positive, and so does in The Philippines.

Even if the market is still small, the demand from Filipino digital consumers can’t be ignored.

And if you want to penetrate the Filipino market, these insights are for you.

The Philippines are the most active country on the internet, second-most in social media in 2023

Let’s start with the achievement of the country.

Philippines’ internet users spend 10 hours and 23 minutes per day on the internet via any device.

With the stat, the country is named the most addicted country on the internet worldwide.

Not only that, but the Pearl of The Orient country is also the second-most active country on social media.

82% of people of the total social media users in The Philippines spend 4 hours and 1 minute scrolling their Instagram & many other platforms.

Main reasons why people in the Philippines are using social media
Family, friends but also Content is on top in the 🇵🇭

The country is only behind Nigeria which spends 48 minutes more on social media.

Why do Filipinos spend a very long time on both the internet and social media?

Most of them want to be connected to their friends & relatives.

Others want to find content to watch or enjoy, others want to be updated with news & what’s trending.

The rest just want to fill their spare time, look for things to buy, watch live streams, and more.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns in The Philippines

Facebook is the winning social media everywhere, I guess.

Even in The Philippines.

Since the launch was earlier than most apps, Facebook has fathered the most users in The Philippines.

Here are the top 3 most-used social media platforms in the Philippines in 2023:

  • Facebook ranks first as the most popular social media in The Philippines
  • Facebook Messenger ranks second as the most-used social messenger in The Philippines
  • Instagram places third rank as the social media platform with the most Filipino users

As expected, Meta products are (again) dominating the social media landscape in the Pearl of The Orient.

Take a look at the chart below to see the full list of the most-used social media in The Philippines.

The list of the most-used social media platform by users in The Philippines in 2023
Meta is leading all the way around 🔥

However, in terms of influencer marketing campaigns, Instagram is still the most popular platform.

Facebook comes second, and YouTube places third.

Here are the top 3 lists of preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing campaigns in the Philippines in 2023:

  • Instagram is used by 49% of Filipino marketers to run influencer campaigns
  • Facebook is used by 31% of marketers to run influencer campaigns in The Philippines
  • YouTube is used by 15% of Filipino marketers to run influencer campaigns
  • The rest prefer Twitter to run their influencer campaigns

Look at the complete list of the preferred platforms for influencer marketing in The Philippines.

Those numbers state that Instagram is an important platform in the influencer marketing landscape of the Philippines.

We will also see TikTok growth as there are already 44 million Filipino users using the app in 2023.

And if you see at the popular social media chart, TikTok is right below Instagram.

In fact, 98% of Filipinos prefer watching video content on the internet,

So focusing on TikTok videos will also be the best influencer campaign strategy in 2023 for Filipino brands.

The preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing in The Philippines
Instagram is dominating influencer marketing platform in The Philippines with the gap

More than half of Filipino internet users follow influencers on social media

In 2022, there is a 19% increase in influencer growth in the Philippines with a loyal follower base.

And the users are actively following influencers.

In 2023, there is 51% of Filipino online consumers who follow influencers on social media.

More importantly, the Philippines has the highest proportion of internet users following influencers.

This indicates that the market is there, even if not as large as other countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia or Singapore.

There is still a chance for brands to leverage influencers to promote their products.

In fact, the chance is promising.


Filipino is one of the SEA countries that trust word-of-mouth more than those promises in traditional ads.

Since influencers are sharing their reviews & experiences using the brand’s product,

The promotion from influencers will have a higher chance to convince Filipino digital customers compared to ads.

Let’s see the statistics 😉

70% of Filipino online consumers have purchased a product by an influencer’s recommendation

If Filipino follow influencers, there must be a reason.

One of the popular reasons is that they search for product recommendations.

In fact, 70% of Filipino digital buyers have bought a product or service based on suggestions from influencers.

The percentage of Filipinos who have already purchased a product based on an influencer’s recommendation
This means one-third of Filipino consider influencers as the buying decision decider

This number indicates that Filipino online consumers put a heavy trust in influencers.

This is because word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing strategy so far to grab the hearts of Southeast Asians.

They prefer honest reviews & real experience using the product before actually buying it.

Read the complete Southeast Asian online consumer insights in influencer marketing statistics in SEA.

Fashion & Beauty are the most popular niche for Filipino Influencers

Are you wondering, what is the most popular influencer content among those creators in the Philippines?

We have the answer: it’s Fashion & Beauty.

Almost being number one in every Southeast Asia country,

Fashion & Beauty turns out to be the most popular niche content in this country too.

Here is the top 3 influencer content in the Philippines:

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Food & Beverages

The top 3 will always be those 3, the most popular content in the content creation industry.

However, Filipino also has a strong contender in the fourth position,

Travel topic which gains the same portion as Food & Beverages.

Look at the graph to see the full chart of the most popular influencer content niche in the Philippines.

The most popular Influencer content chart in the Philippines
The top 3 most popular content will remain the same, even in the Philippines

The top 3 bottoms are also like usual: automotive, finance, and news.

It’s pretty normal for the three to have the least fans as those are more credible-segregated topics.

Especially for finance, it’s better to be careful to put your trust in influencers as there have been a lot of scams & scandals.

Here are trusted Filipino finfluencers to follow in 2023.

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The Best Filipino Influencers in 2023 to work with

To complete this report, you will need the best influencer recommendation in various niches,

Especially the ones in the top 3 popular content in the Philippines.

Here are the 10 best Filipino influencers to collaborate with in 2023.

1. Donnalyn — Multi-Talented YouTube Influencer in The Philippines

Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome is an established actress, singer, and YouTuber in The Philippines.

She is a multi-talented content creator who produces a range of content,

From makeup tutorials, parodies, reality shows, and vlogs, to song covers.

2. Geraldine Rivera – Filipino Lifestyle & beauty content creator

Geraldine Rivera is one of the famous Filipino beauty influencers.

She reviews products and recommends affordable makeup to buy, making everyone loves & follow her account.

Geraldine also uploads makeup tutorials with the perfect look.

3. Sam Concepcion – Filipino Musician & influencer

Here is Sam Concepcion, one of the loved musicians, actors, and top Filipino influencers.

He was formerly known as the winner of a survival singing contest, Little Big Star Season 1 in 2006.

His long career has helped him gather loyal followers on Instagram and still growing.

4. Pauline Diego – Aspiring Fashion Content Creator in The Philippines


the way this fits me better than the zara one 😛 #fypシ #shopeefinds

♬ original sound – ci

The Philippines-based influencer, Pauline Diego, has been consistently creating fashion content & give ideas for her viewers.

She presents them with outfit ideas for many different occasions and where to get them.

Her style is very suitable for teenagers and young adults who like simple yet cute outfits.

5. JP Anglo – Filipino chef & famous food influencer

JP Anglo is a well-known chef and food reviewer & influencer in the Philippines.

He likes sharing the dishes he made with his followers, hopping on cafes to try their food, & share how it tastes on Instagram.

6. Denisse Sy – The Philippines-Based Trusted Fashion & Beauty Influencer


obsessed w the glittery eyes?!? inspired by @Erika ‘s eye makeup 😫 #fyp #makeup #koreanmakeup

♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

Denisse Sy is a Filipino fashion & beauty TikTok influencer who presents outfit inspiration, makeup tutorials, and skincare and body care tips.

She always serves thorough reviews and explanations.

7. Cong TV – Funny Filipino Influencer & YouTuber

Cong TV, is a Filipino YouTuber, comedian, musician, vlogger, and online streamer.

He is known for his comedy skits and parodies on the platform,

Which is well-loved by the public not only because they are super funny but also relatable

8. Liz Uy – Philippines-based entrepreneur & biggest fashion influencer

Liz Uy is famous for showing off her edgy and glamorous look, an iconic fashion influencer indeed.

Her consistent look and her influence in the fashion world have made her

One of the biggest Filipino fashion influencers.

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9. Gloco – Filipino gaming influencer & streamer

Here is a rising Filipino streamer & gamer who posts a lot of brand deals on Instagram.

Gloco now loves to share his fishing moments.

10. Jeff Ong – Male fashion influencer from the Philippines

Looking for a Filipino fashion influencer but the male version? Get to know Jeff Ong.

Mixed with the hype beast streetwear, Jeff always manages to look chill.

His minimalistic style doesn’t look boring at all!

Influencer Rates: How much does an influencer cost in the Philippines in 2023?

As usual, including in the Philippines,

How much an influencer cost depends on the follower size, and also the engagement rate.

Here is the list of Filipino influencer rates in 2023:

  • Mega-influencers in the Philippines can cost up to ₱150,000 or $2690 per post
  • Filipino Macro-influencers can cost up to ₱80,000 or $1430 per post
  • Micro-influencers in the Philippines can cost up to ₱40,000 or $700 per post
  • Filipino Nano-influencers can cost up to ₱5,000 or $89 per post

It’s only the influencer’s earnings for a brand partnership.

Some platforms provide a compensation fee whenever an influencer’s content hits a certain number of views, like TikTok, YouTube, and more.

So, how much money can a Filipino influencer from being an influencer can’t be accurately calculated

As they also receive money from the platform.

However, from the rates for partnerships with brands, we can see how profitable it is to be an influencer in the Philippines.

How to start an influencer marketing campaign in the Philippines?

Starting your influencer marketing journey might be tricky.

But as long as you have the best “tools” & “performers” to start, I promise your campaign will perform as expected.

Here are the best ways to start your influencer campaign in the Philippines in 2023.

Choose one of the top Filipino influencer marketing platforms

It’s 2023 and I won’t recommend you to open the Instagram search box

And type hashtags for certain influencer categories.

Instead of wasting your precious time looking for the best influencers on Instagram on your own,

Let the technology helps you out: pick one of the top influencer marketing tools in the Philippines.

It saves you time. It can also help your campaigns be much more effective & manageable.

With their big database of influencers & robust filters, you can easily find the right match.

There is also a handful of helpful features like campaign management, CRM management, campaign analytics, and many more.

You can’t miss the bot followers detection,

It’s gonna be very worth it to help you audit the influencer before you work with them.

Check whether they have fake followers to avoid influencer fraud unless you want your money gone.

Besides, you can’t detect the bots when you do your own research.

Use the service of the best influencer marketing agency in The Philippines

If you are fine to spend more budget,

Don’t hesitate to use the best service from the best Filipino influencer marketing agency.

You just need to give them your brief and you will wait until they present the results.

Give them your plan & KPIs and they will run the campaign for you.

Yes, it cost more money to hire an agency, but they’re still worth your money because

They have real experience and even mastered handling campaigns in the ever-changing marketing industry for years.

An agency will also understand each influencer’s strength, which will be matched with your brand needs.

Lastly, they have a dedicated team with a super creative approach.

They know what works best to get the best results for your brand.

What is the best influencer marketing platform to find influencers in the  Philippines?

It’s Inflact.

We already tried and reviewed plenty of influencer marketing Tools & Software.

But Inflact remains an impressive tool to discover potential influencers in the Philippines.

You will get 20% OFF if you want to use their professional tool using the promo code INSG20

It is totally FREE and is very easy to use.

recherche influenceurs createurs gratuite

you can type any query you like, from keywords, and emails, to a set of filters,

this tool will show you the most relevant figures for your brand.

Plus, you can add them to your list (sign-up required) or download the search results easily to your device.

Finding influencers will never be difficult when you have Inflact in hand.

Remember to always examine before you pick the influencer you’re working with.

Check the content & audience quality, engagement rate, comments quality, account growth, and more.

Even if they match your brand at first sight, doesn’t mean their performance can fulfill what you’re targeting.

So, always audit the influencer.

My Take: Start working with influencers and Content Creators in the Philippines as soon as possible to grow your Brand on Social

Now you have all the top insights to run your influencer marketing in the Philippines in 2023.

This year is going to be the vital growth of the industry,

As more brands are investing in influencer marketing, and more followers crowding social media.

The huge social media users & how long Filipino spend on the internet are something brands should take advantage of.

Plus, the demand from Filipino online consumers has shifted: they want genuine reviews, not advertised content.

This indicates that brands need to jump on the bandwagon ASAP.

It’s not easy to start influencer marketing campaigns, especially when you are new to the market.

One way to run the best influencer marketing campaign is to use an influencer marketing agency.

You can save time & money and drive real results for your business.

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We know better than anyone who you should work with.

So, which insight really enlightened you? Do you think the insights are helpful for your business?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Your questions about the influencers landscape in the Philippines

Is influencer marketing still effective in The Philippines?

Of course. Moreover, 2023 is the vital growth of the influencer marketing industry in the Philippines. There are more demands from Filipino digital consumers & followers are rapidly growing on Filipino’s Instagram, TikTok, and anywhere. Leveraging influencers for brands’ marketing campaigns is honestly the best way to survive the competition as of now in the Philippines.

How much do Filipino influencers get paid?

Depends on the influencer’s engagement rate & follower size. Usually, they have certain rates for a single post or per campaign. In general, Filipino nano-influencers rates are ₱5,000. Generally, influencers in the Philippines earn an average of ₱31,750 or $570 per month.

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