Influencer marketing Software is an essential tool for everyone who needs to find potential influencers online that resonate with their brands. They will also help to manage communication and drive sales. In this article, I have come up with the 3 best influencer marketing platforms and software, ranked them, and picked my favorite from the list for you.


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Do you know that per 1 dollar spent, you can earn $5,78 from using influencer marketing?

You heard it right.

The numbers don’t lie and influencer marketing is indeed a real deal nowadays.

And the best way to maximize your influencer marketing is by using influencer marketing software.

You won’t be busy anymore filtering who is the best influencer for your brand.

Rather, it lets you focus on strategic matters:

The success of the campaign.

In fact, it impacts well.

Around 60% of marketers agree that influencer posts outperform their branded content.

And many marketers will use influencer marketing in 2023.

If you’re wondering what is the best influencer marketing software in 2023, you’ve come to the right place.

I have sorted out the 2 best of best influencer marketing software.

Let’s jump right in.

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2 Best Influencer Marketing Software Services in 2023

Here are the leading influencer marketing software and solutions for your discovery & management tools in 2023.

  1. Inflact
  2. Impact


Inflact for 100% FREE influencer marketing Software

Try Impact for an all-in-one powerful analytics and manageable influencer marketing software.

1. InflactBest Influencer Marketing Software in 2023


100% Free Influencer Software

If you want to do a first Influencer research or make a list of Influencers and then contact them yourself. Then this is the best solution to test Influencer Marketing for FREE.

Inflact is the most complete and popular automation tool on the internet. Now also offers a completely free Influencer search.

It’s really powerful and totally free.

Simply sign up to their platform to take advantage of their influencer search results.

Search result for Content Creator Influencers based in France with less than 40,000 followers on Instagram
577 results of French Influencers with less than 40k followers that you can export for FREE

Find influencers by several criteria, based on:

  2. Posts
  3. Countries
  4. Gender
  5. Profile category: Entrepreneur, Digital Creator, Photographer…

You will be able to create lists of your favorite influencers, have their contact details, and download your data and results in CSV or XLS format.

In short, it is complete as I told you.

It’s the perfect tool for beginners and those who don’t have an Influencer Marketing budget yet or just for those who don’t need much to get started 😉

For those who want more than Influencer research but are looking for an Instagram Automation solution for their account.

So go for Inflact, you will opt for a powerful and more than complete solution to get your Instagram account off the ground.

I talk more about it here and there.

2. ImpactBest All-in One Influencer Marketing Platform

Best influencer marketing tool available in 2023 ($59/month)


Best Software to find Influencers

Your #1 tool to find influencers with powerful robust search filter. Over 8 million influencers are on the database. Powerful AI-based influencer audit & performance analytics. Comprehensive influencer campaign management features.

Impact is one of the largest influencer Marketing Software with advanced influencer search functions and analytics.

Literally, you can find the best influencer on Instagram, YouTube, and also the recently growing video app, TikTok for your brand

Among the 8 million influencers on its database from 168 countries, 54,000 cities, and 95 languages.

So, using a tool that can recommend the best creators on Social Media is crucial.

All you need to do is open the search tool, set the filters, and click “Search”.

The influencers that are relevant based on your search setting will show up

Even you can go very specific by entering the influencer’s engagement rate, tier, number of followers, or Impact score.

After clicking the “Search” button, you will find a lot of influencers with brief information about them,

Which are the number of followers, the nationality, and the Impact score.

If you are wondering, the Impact score is a unique assessment from the tool to wrap up all the influencer’s performance.

Pro tip: choose the one with a good “green” score from Impact.

After that, click the profile you are interested in and you will be directed to the influencer analytics review.

From engagement rate, and account growth, to how much you should pay to work with the influencer,

You will get the most comprehensive influencer review ever on Impact.

You can also use bot followers detection to avoid fraud from bogus influencers.

Once you are done with your influencer discovery process, you can save them to a list

And send them your email outreach.

Read this guide to write an influencer email outreach.

You can also collect all the influencers you are currently working with to track the campaign progress.

More management tools are also available on Impact,

Such as an influencer list, campaign tracking performance, and CRM management.

Check the Pro and Business versions if you deal with influencers on a Daily basis.

You will have more search credits and options available.

Curious about the premium plan but the price can’t match your budget?

If you are interested in Impact, book a call and talk with their teams immediately.

If you know exactly what you want and don’t need a demo, just come and talk to them on the chatbot and you’ll get access to the payment page directly.

The Impact team knows what is best for you when you communicate your needs to them.

One thing about Impact: they have customer service and they’re super friendly.

They will match the price that you can pay for the quality features you need.

Key Features:

  • Best Influencer Software with a lot of features
  • 8 million influencers from 168 countries, 54,000 cities, and 95 languages.
  • Influencer list, email outreach template, influencer DMs
  • Campaign tracking management
  • CRM management


There isn’t much of a difference between the pricing plans.

It’s just the number of lists, influencer audits, and searches that makes a difference.

Note that this pricing is not absolute, you can still book a demo and talk to Impact’s team to customize your price.

Here is the price list for the monthly offer with Search details.

Coming to this article is a waste of time if you don’t try out this impressive tool.

The best Software database, best customer service, and real knowledge of influencer marketing are what define Impact.

They are the reason why Impact is our favourite Influencer Tool so far.

What is an Influencer marketing Software?

Influencer marketing software is a solution program to help brands find influencers online for their influencer marketing campaigns.

They provide online discovery of big influencer databases using relevant algorithms from AI.

You can find Instagram fashion influencers, and content creators for personal growth from TikTok, or YouTube gamers.

Basically, it’s an end-to-end service to help you connect with influencers that match your brand image.

You can log in anytime and find potential influencers.

Many influencer marketing platforms can also assist you to communicate deals, and monitoring campaigns.

Some of them are also equipped with competitor and market analysis.

And why influencer marketing?

It spreads brand awareness easily.

The ‘influence’ of the influencer will gain the most out of your target audience.

And it’s very profitable.

Studies say that influencer marketing is 11x way more effective on the ROI than banner ads.

Especially when micro-influencers are very affordable and flexible, it makes influencer marketing brings massive benefits to small businesses.

If you still have no idea to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

What are The Key Trends of Influencer Marketing in 2023?

Many predict that 2023 is the year for stronger influencer marketing.

And to ride this wave—a successful influencer marketing campaign—, you have to understand the market trends.

Watch and learn these key trends of influencer marketing in 2023:

Influencers become the center part of marketing campaigns

Brands are projected to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing in 2023.

As influencer marketing brings the biggest pie of ROI, they are now paying full attention to it.

As a response to this emerging trend, brands will look forward to building partnerships with them.

They want the deals to run smoothly so they will see influencers as partners, not contractors.

On the other hand, many social media platforms welcome them with more creator-friendly tools.

Currently, Instagram is building a native affiliate tool for creators to earn fees once they direct to another platform.

Last year, Instagram has developed the “Add Yours” sticker, very good for brand partnerships for creators.

Now, TikTok has been partnering with Shopify to build social commerce solutions “TikTok Shopping”.

TikTok is now taking the spotlight for influencer

TikTok is very addictive. It gains a massive shift where in 2022, only 9% of marketers use TikTok, but then it increases to more than half using this platform.

Now, you can see TikTok’s content being reposted and reuploaded everywhere.

Creators were not considering this app to be this influential at the beginning.

But this time, influencers are crowding TikTok with various engaging content.

And now, more and more clients are shifting their Instagram partnerships to TikTok partnerships.

We will witness LinkedIn influencers in the future

Today, you witness many inspirational posts on LinkedIn and they label it as ‘sharing’ for professional needs.

But, many growing brands have taken advantage of this, making their own employees ‘share’ influential posts.

Many businesses also use LinkedIn-sponsored content to stay credible.

LinkedIn sensed this and in 2021, it launched “Creator Mode” as a response to these emerging influencer trends.

It is beneficial for businesses to gain more reach and build a professional community within the platform.

Why Should You Choose an Influencer software or Marketplace For Your Campaigns?

You need a more powerful tool for your influencer marketing than an old-school Excel spreadsheet.

There are millions of influencers in the world and thousands that resonate with your brand.

Can you imagine you working for a day ‘just’ to sort them out?

It’s a waste of time.

You need advanced software to find the best performance and the one that meets your budget.

Also, you need to check on the influencer’s authenticity.

“Are the followers and likes real?”

All of those will no longer be problems if you use an influencer marketing platform.

It erases the manual selection of working with relevant influencers for future projects.

Plus, it gives you more detailed analytics you can’t reach out to.

What’s more about influencer marketing platforms?

They bring more useful features like auto-messaging and campaign management.

Trust me, your work will be so much easier when you see the benefits of those two.

You can send hundreds of influencer email outreach and track KPIs in no time.

In the end, an influencer marketing platform can help: save time and avoid fraudsters.

And it presents more accurate analytics and helps you handle influencer marketing campaigns in a more manageable way.

What are The Benefits of Working with Influencer Marketing Software tools?

As I mentioned the glimpse of it before, there are tons of benefits to using an influencer marketing platform.

Here are the lists:

Help find authentic influencers in no time

Looking for the right influencer can be time-consuming. If you do it manually, it can take all day.

Not to mention you have to check for its originality.

With influencer marketing platforms, forget about those kinds of things.

You can easily search for influencers that meet your criteria in seconds. Plus, they are REAL. Some are also equipped with fraud detection.

See? Discovering suitable influencers can be easy peasy.

Advanced analytics to review account performance

I think this is the most special thing about influencer marketing software. They give you stats you can’t provide on your own.

Well, maybe you can search for simple stats like engagement rate online.

But, you need to know their audience quality.

Are they the same stats as your current target audience? If yes, then it’s good.

If not, how are you going to fix it?

Plus, you also have to know how much it costs to build a partnership with them.

Thus, you can save a lot of time as you can skip the process of contacting them one by one to know their audience demographics and rate card.

Just spend a little time filtering, analyzing, then contacting them. It’s a lot easier.

Partnerships can be monitored in one place

Working with influencers means you invest your money in the relationship.

That is why checking the progress regularly is very important.

And an influencer marketing platform will grant you that: influencer CRM.

Many software offers a one-size-fits-all platform to communicate with influencers.

From contacting them to managing the ongoing projects.

You can create lists of potential creators, then send offer deals in a bulk.

You can also monitor your projects anytime with one-glance and comprehensive KPI stats, from engagement rate to how much it can drive sales.

Measurable ROI with analytics tools from the influencer Software

When everything is organized, you can easily track and take notes of the results.

The same thing goes when you want to measure the ROI from organized campaigns on an influencer marketing platform.

It will inform you of valuable data; all you have to do is measure the success.

Whether it’s from clicks, promo codes, total reach, or any other stats you need. But it also depends on your goal.

If you need more exposure and to raise brand awareness, then engagement rate (likes, comments, shares, etc.) is very important.

But if you need to drive sales, metrics for promo codes, unique links, etc. are crucial.

But, whatever it is, influencer marketing platforms will always be there to present insights.

How to Pick the Best Influencer Software?

Ask yourself these 3 questions before choosing a platform:

How well does the influencer discovery feature?

This question will lead to the strength of the discovery feature.

Does it allow you to find unlimited influencers with various niches and sizes?

Does it have a filter tool to sort the relevant-only influencers?

Does it provide creators from across big social media platforms, e.g. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Also, does it offer a fraud detection tool?

These core questions are very important to conducting the creators’ searches.

And these are the very least an influencer discovery can do: large databases, filter & fraud tools, and a variety of platforms.

If there is one question unanswered then don’t bother trying the other software.

And if you need advanced software, try asking the last question: does it have a tool to find brand fans? Because working with people who genuinely love your brands will create a very good relationship.

Impact offers all these features within their Influencer marketing software.

That’s why they are my number one.

How well does the platform manage influencer CRM?

Ask these questions and see if your chosen platform could provide the bare minimum.

Can you make a list of every relevant search?

Does it provide you with chat templates and can it send messages in a bulk?

Can you track the campaign progress easily? Does it have adjustable workflows to create more campaigns?

Remember that an influencer CRM should be the central part of your communication and campaign management with the influencers.

Every campaign has different executions, so you need solid structure and flexibility to scale over time.

How strong is the analytics tool for the campaign measurement?

Measuring the goals differ for each campaign, whether it’s new to the market and needs visibility or an old player who needs greater sales.

Whatever the goal is, you have to make sure that the influencer marketing software you are using has accurate analytical tools.

Check the platform if it provides the metrics for engagement rate and driving sales.

Also, see if the platform can help you measure campaign performance. It’s very important to look at the campaign’s success.

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Let’s Recap: Key Takeaways about Influencer marketing Software

We’re done!

Now you already know what influencer marketing platforms are and how important they are for your influencer marketing campaigns.

If you really want results and use the most powerful and affordable influencer Marketing Software go all in for Impact

Before I say goodbye, let me highlight some important parts:

  • Influencer marketing has gained the spotlight of being the most affecting marketing campaign. It’s great for brand visibility and is the main cause of the biggest ROI in business.
  • Influencer marketing software is an excellent breakthrough as they help with: authentic influencers, accurate analytics, and a convenient campaign process, making influencer marketing more effective.
  • Influencer marketing platforms come with a bunch of helpful features: influencer discovery, influencer statistics, a one-for-all messaging platform, campaign management, and sometimes market analysis.

So what are you waiting for?

Start using an influencer marketing platform like Impact or a sophisticated influencer marketing campaign and get a promising ROI in return.

Do you have any questions before you start?

Put down all your doubts and let me clear them for you 👇🏼

Note: Contact us here and contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about Influencer Marketing Software.

What channels are most popular for influencer marketing?

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. In 2021, 93% of U.S. marketers choose Instagram as their #1 platform for their influencer marketing campaign. Also, don’t forget about the rising star, TikTok, for its addictive video and powerful algorithm being the sole inspiration behind Instagram’s Reels. Now, you can see many influencers and brands flocking to TikTok.

What is the most profitable social media platform for influencers?

TikTok. 52% of US marketers intend to invest most of their budgets in TikTok and they agree that TikTok has the highest ROI than YouTube and Twitter.

How do you manage influencer campaigns?

Think of working with influencers as partnerships. Then, manage the deal with 5 easy steps: communicate to set clear expectations; let them be creative; treat them professionally; offer fair payment, and regularly track KPIs.

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