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Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2023 – Ranked & Reviewed

The best Instagram analytics tools are vital to helping you generate in-depth data from your account performance. From diversity & frequency of content, account and follower growth, to average engagement rate, a powerful Instagram report tool will provide you with these key metrics. In this article, we have ranked and reviewed the 6 best analytics tools for Instagram in 2023.



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Do you know that you can generate more valuable data than Instagram insights?

Yes, you can do it with the best Instagram analytics tools.

The thing is, Instagram insights are not enough.

It only provides general data from your post and account performance

Such as the number of reaches, impressions, likes, comments, etc.

And to grow on Instagram, you need deeper & more helpful data

For strong and well-informed Instagram marketing strategies.

You need to know which content is performing well and which is loved by your audience.

Basically, you need comprehensive data to know what’s working and what’s not for your Instagram account.

Here are the top 6 Instagram analytics tools you can use,

The best ones to generate complete data for your IG marketing efforts in 2023.

Let’s go.


Use Iconosquare if you are a beginner and need a complete tool that provides easy-to-read reports

Or Brand24 for analytic reports that also provides the best time to post on Instagram.

Top 4 Instagram Analytics Tools

Here are the best report & analytics software for Instagram you can use in 2023:

  1. Iconosquare
  2. Analisa
  3. Brand 24
  4. SocialBlade

1. Iconosquare – The best Instagram Analytics Tool available in 2023

All-in-one Instagram Analytics App for Starters ($49/month)


The best IG analytics tool available for everyone

Top Instagram analytics tool with easy-to-read data visualization. Check from 100+ metrics. Make your own custom performance dashboard.

If you are a beginner and need a tool that won’t give you more confusion,

Iconosquare is the right tool for you.

This software is built for any social profile, from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You will get 100+ metrics you can use to examine your social media performance.

From fan growth to gained/lost fans, you can check any data.

The follower growth metrics by an Instagram analytics tool
Check your fan growth from time to time.

Even you can get the performance reports from your Stories.

Even if there are complex data, Iconosquare will not provide you with easy data visualization.

This tool is the definition of monitoring your Instagram performance at a glance.

You can also customize your own dashboard so you can see the only metrics that you want to monitor.

The custom metrics page from an Instagram analytics software
Pick the important metrics and check the insights from a shortcut.

Once it’s created, you will receive automatic reports straight to your inbox.

Iconosquare is also a powerful scheduler,

So it will be perfect to use the two features simultaneously.

The best thing is: you can export the data freely to PNG or CSV.

The chosen metrics that will be exported to PNG or CSV on an Instagram analytics tool
Pick the preferred format and the data will be on your PC.

Spend less time organizing your social media report for your weekly meeting,

Let Iconosquare do the job for you :)

Key Features:

  • Available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, & LinkedIn
  • Complete reports with 100+ metrics provided
  • Engagement insights
  • Community & audience analytics
  • Custom dashboard
  • Export to PNG and CSV


Iconosquare charges you based on how many social profiles you use.

All in-depth insights & analytics are available for all plans.

Here is the list.

  1. Pro $49/month: 3 social profiles
  2. Advanced $79/month: 5 social profiles
  3. Enterprise $139/month: 10 social profiles

There is also a 14-day Free Trial if you still doubt the features.

Go try Iconosquare and prove the benefits yourself.

2. Analisa – Instagram Analytics app for industry mapping

Instagram Analytics Tool with the best social insights (Free-$48/month)


AI-powered IG analytics tool

Best IG analytics tool to see social insights. Powered with AI for data automation. Content & influencer optimization in real time.

If you need beyond self-performance analytics tool, Analisa might be what you are looking for.

Of course, basic analytics are available,

Such as follower demographics & authenticity and campaign reporting.

The follower audit & analysis from an Instagram analytics tool
All follower data is also available.

But Analisa also provides supporting features to check your business surrounding:

Competitor analysis & historical data from your post.

Read the data for your industry mapping, that would be very beneficial.

The post historical data from an Instagram analytics tool
Set the date filter and get the range of data you need.

You can also draw data from the influencers you want to target.

From profiles, top posts, captions, and also posting time.

Once you get the data, you can export all the insights into PDF or CSV.

Key Features:

  • Available for Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
  • Profile & competitor analysis, follower demographics & authenticity, and historical data & analytics
  • Campaign reporting
  • Export to PDF or CSV


The Analisa pricing is really different from each other.

You need to select the one that really matches your needs. Look at the price list.

  1. Free: daily limits, recent posts
  2. Premium $48/month: Instagram only, recent posts
  3. Plus $104/month: Instagram & TikTok, 3000 hashtag requests
  4. Pro $167/month: Instagram & TikTok, 5000 hashtag requests

Try the Free plan if you want to test Analisa and proceed with the suitable package.

3. Brand 24 – Smart Instagram Analytics Tool & Monitoring

Instagram Analytics Tool for businesses of all sizes (Free-$59/month)


IG analytics tool for big companies

All stats for your Instagram marketing. From influencer audit, and sentiment analysis about your brand, to marketing analytics. Best social listening tool.

Founded in 2011, Brand24 is an old yet existing player in the industry.

The company’s beyond monitoring tool is the key of its success attracting big brands.

With Brand24, you can analyze the detailed sentiment and trends using keywords on social media

Like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

The curated list of social media authors from an Instagram analytics software
Easily gather people’s favorite authors on social media

Not only Instagram, you can generate any social listening for your blogs, videos, podcasts, forums, reviews, and more.

This will be a great tool for brands that want to look into their competitors.
Generate a positive, negative, or even a neutral sentiment for well-informed business decisions.

An example of a positive sentiment generated from an Instagram analytic tool
Brand24 will show the most dominant sentiment for you.

The reports are gathered in real time from over 25 million sources.

You can also get insights about what people are talking about your brand

And use it to execute the best customer services ever.

All the data can be exported to PDF, .xls files, and infographics with key statistics.

Key Features:

  • Data filtering to display the insights you want to see
  • Mentions feed
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Marketing analytics


Brand24 has various pricing for its users.

Almost the same with other tools, you can enjoy all the premium features

Except for some like keywords and mentions.

  1. Individual $49/month: 3 keywords, 2k mentions
  2. Team $149/month: 7 keywords, 5k mentions
  3. Pro $199/month: 12 keywords, 25k mentions
  4. Pro $399/month: 25 keywords, 100k mentions

If you are interested in Brand24, try the Free Trial first to check its worthiness.

4. SocialBlade – Instagram analytics tool for YouTubers

Instagram Analytics Tool for Streamers ($3.99/month)


Highly affordable IG analytics tool

Best IG analytics tool for creators. See your following & social media personality growth. Track campaign progress. Very affordable.

Social Blade is the next analytics tool on the list.

The tool is specially made for creators to see their account growth.

Social Blade support many social media platforms, from Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

And then TikTok, Trovo, StoryFire, Mixer, Dlive, and Dailymotion.

The key features from an Instagram analytics tool

Yes, Social Blade favorites streamers and video content creators over the other,

Like YouTubers, Twitch creators, or TikTokers. 

With Social Blade, you can watch your subscribers in real time, track any social media personality growth,

And estimate your competitor’s growth secretly.

The thing is: Social Blade hires experts to help draw important insights for your Instagram account.

Subscribe to Social Blade and let the team experts help optimize your Instagram.

Key Features:

  • Available for Youtube (primary), Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more
  • Scalability of Instagram account
  • Follower Analysis
  • Campaign Tracking


The best thing about Social Blade is that the tool is hella cheap.

You can start with $3.99 and you can enjoy the premium features. Here is the price list.

  1. Bronze $3.99/month: 1 YouTube monthly report card
  2. Silver $9.99/month: 10 YouTube monthly report card
  3. Gold $39.99/month: 50 YouTube monthly report card
  4. Platinum $99.99/month: 100 YouTube monthly report card

So, are you ready to spend a little penny to sign up and use Social Blade?

What is Instagram Analytics?

Have you ever accessed the in-app analytics on Instagram?

Performance of your IG Reels accounts reached in the last 30 days
The IG Reels are reaching 100% non-followers~

That’s what Instagram analytics is.

Basically, Instagram analytics are the tools that provide you with important metrics and data from your Instagram performance in a certain period of time.

Instagram analytics can provide a wide range of information,

From basic insights like how many people liked a post, to more specific details such as when a user’s followers are most active.

But, are they necessary? Let’s find out the answer.

Why should you use an Instagram Analytics tool to track your post performance?

With Instagram insights, you can gain a clear understanding of the performance of your IG posts.

That’s why it’s important to use an Instagram analytics tool.

The Instagram in-app analytics is actually helpful but it only provides basic insights.

If you want to explore more capabilities about the Instagram classic insights tools and how it works.

You read this in-depth complete guide or a more simple version here.

The summary of every metric performance of top IG Reel
Check the top Reel and metric insights.

Such as reach, impressions, audience demographics, and most active times.

For a well-informed Instagram marketing strategy, you need a software that can dive deep into the statistics.

There are various tools that offer more in-depth data, including tracking your competition or social listening tool.

These tools can provide a better understanding of your content’s overall performance.

This information allows you to focus on the most effective strategies for growing your presence on Instagram.

Important Metrics to Track in Instagram Analytics Tool

Brands, marketers, business owners, and also creators need to understand

At least the key stats of their IG post performance.

That way, they can leverage the insights and use the data to optimize, improve their marketing strategies on Instagram.

However, there are a lot of Instagram metrics and stats to check,

So, which one is the most important parameter?

Here are the key metrics that you need to track with your Instagram analytics tool:

  • Follower growth 
  • Engagement 
  • Hashtag activity 
  • Competitor accounts 
  • Click-through rates

Follower growth shows that more and more people are getting interested in your account,

The higher the follower growth rate is, the better. It means, your account shows a healthy growth over time.

Be aware: Using Automation tools to boost your following can be easily spotted.

Scrapping Competitors Data is also doable to go deep in analytics.

While engagement shows the quality of your audience’s interactions on each Instagram post.

And hashtag activity displays how your hashtag usage on every IG post.

The content interaction performance by a top IG Reel
See also how engaged your audience with your Reel.

If you post Instagram ads, you also need to track the performance with CTR or click-through rate.

CTR means the number of times people click the Instagram ad per number of times the ad is shown.

Not only your own IG insights, you also need to analyze your competitors’ performance.

See how they produce their content and how they run their campaign strategies on Instagram. 

How can I see my Instagram analytics for free?

You can access your Instagram insights freely through the in-app analytics.

Since a long time, Instagram has provided its users with built-in analytics

To help them generate more successful content based on their audiences’ preferences.

The tool will be useful if you just start your Instagram influencer era.

To make a good content, you can scan Instagram insights and see the most-loved content
Or the time when your audience is the most active.

Instagram audience most active times analytics assessment
Gain more engagement when the timeline is crowded!

Use it to create content that is really your audience’s preference and post it when they are the most crowded.

That way, you can generate more engagement, more successful IG marketing campaigns,

And the growth of your business.

Here is how to check your Instagram analytics on the in-app insights section:

  1. Open your Instagram profile and go to the hamburger menu on the top right of your screen.
  2. Tap “Insights”.
  3. Right here, you can explore any data you want to use.
The in-app analytics “Insights” menu on Instagram settings
All basic insights will be available for you.

What is the best Instagram analytics app so far?

We’ve tried and reviewed several analytics tools and Iconosquare is so far our best choice.

The tool has all the advantages to grow and maximize your Instagram business.

Iconosquare provides beginner-friendly IG analytics software with more than 100 metrics to check.

From engagement to community & audience insights, the tool provides all the important stats.

No worries about complex data, Iconosquare will display an easy-to-read data visualization.

You can also customize your dashboard and monitor only the most important insights.

Once you have all the data, you can export it to PDF or CSV.

It’s also very affordable, starting from $49/month, you can access all premium features

And manage 3 social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Not sure of Iconosquare yet?

Try the 14-day Free Trial + 5% OFF to enjoy all the premium features with zero charges.

The comprehensive features and the affordable pricing makes Iconosquare our #1 tool.

It also provides 24/7 customer support and is ready to help you with your issues.

My Final Take: Use the best Instagram Analytics Tool that matches your needs

From here, we know that using analytics for your Instagram overall strategy is highly crucial.

It helps you evaluate your IG strategy, understand many important information,

And use it to improve the next marketing strategy.

However, to generate deeper insights, you need the best Instagram analytics tool to use.

And this article has provided your need: the best IG analytics tool recommendations.

If you ask me what is the most recommended one?

I definitely recommend Iconosquare.

The tool is very good for beginners and also provides all the features you need:

Robust Instagram analytics, easy-to-read data visualization, dashboard customization, and affordable pricing.

However, if you don’t have the budget to sign up for a tool,

Start with using the in-app Instagram analytics.

Go slow at first, and when your account gradually grows and make money,

You can optimize your IG marketing strategy with deeper information by a premium Instagram analytics tool. 

Or try the 14-day Free Trial from Iconosquare if you want to try premium features without paying.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have another excellent IG analytics tool for us to try?

Let us know in the comments section.

Your Questions about Stats, Data and Analytics on Instagram 👇🏼

Are Instagram analytics tools accurate?

Most Instagram analytics tools generate real-time statistics from the Instagram account connected to the tool, so the data will be most likely accurate. However, some tools might not be as accurate as others, it can be caused of the method of data gathering, not compatible with Instagram API, etc. The thing is, always double check whether the analytics tool is legit for Instagram.

What can you do with the insights provided by Instagram analytics tools?

Instagram insights from your post performance can help you understand many things, including what kind of content is preferred by your audience. Not only that, you can also draw more detailed insights, for example, knowing the best time to post after analyzing your audience’s most active times, or producing more women-friendly posts after knowing that most of your audience demographics are women.

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