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Top 20 Instagram Marketing Coaches in 2022 – Best Instagram Expert for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

An Instagram coach is an expert whose advice are a great help for professionals and businesses who are new to Instagram

There’s many of them on Instagram, dedicated to providing advice, tips and tricks about using Instagram

What are Instagram coaches?

Gurus on Instagram who provide their expert advice on marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and Instagram marketing.

There are thousands of these Instagram coaches around the world, claiming to be experts

Too many Instagram coaches who provide their expert advice

It may be confusing on which coach to follow for Instagram advice

However once you find the right Instagram coaches

They’ll provide advice that helps your business grow more followers, earn more sales

And you’ll see results from better Instagram performance and engagement.

So now you may be wondering,

Who are the top 20 Instagram Marketing Coaches in 2022?

Steven Mellor@thestevenmellor149k
Vanessa Lau@vanessalau.co176k
Dain Walker@dainwalker286k
Dave Talas@davetalas169k
Alex Tooby@alextooby61.9k
Chris Do@thechrisdo609k
Dan Thomas@imdanthomas48.2k
Danny Allen@dannyallenpage53.5k
Nicole Wong@heynicolewong307k
Daniela Queiroz@imdanielaqueiroz40.9k
Sun Yi@sun.yi62.7k
Mo Ismail @moismai 11.3k
Christos Nikas@thechristosnikas130k
Frazer Brookes@frazerbrookesonline119k

We’ve listed out the top 20 Instagram coaches and marketing gurus on Instagram for you.

They have the best advice and experience, and are highly informational and useful for beginners.

Steven Mellor – Marketing and Branding Instagram Coach

Steven Mellor is a marketing and branding expert

He writes about how to create engaging content on Instagram

and how to build your own personal brand

As an Instagram coach, he has his own Instagram crash course

He provides expert insights on how he gained 140k followers organically in one year.

He’s an inspiration for many entrepreneurs and Instagram newbies

If you’re looking for content ideas or running out of Instagram Reels video ideas

Check out his carousel posts for inspiration :)

Vanessa Lau

Vanessa is an Instagram coach, creator

She specialises in helping entrepreneurs gain clients for their Instagram coaching business

Vanessa is also the founder of the Boss Gram Academy, helping fellow Instagram coaches

As a 7-figure creator with 400k subscribers on YouTube

She’s an inspiration to many entrepreneurs and Instagram coaches

Dain Walker – Brand Strategist Instagram Coach

A branding expert, Dain Walker provides advice for branding and marketing strategies

He’s also a founder of Rivyl, an Instagram agency

Dain Walker has a podcast and Instagram growth course

Whether you need advice on personal branding or business branding

Dain Walker’s Instagram is a great place for you to learn about branding and marketing

Who knows, he might have the answers to the questions you’ve been looking for ;)

Dave Talas – Instagram coach for Marketing Strategies

Dave Talas is an Instagram coach focusing on helping content creators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders grow and monetize their audience on Instagram

With a free Instagram course, paid courses and coaching

And it’s great how he has multiple options for entrepreneurs with different demands

Diverse content on Instagram teaching the basics and answering common questions

He’s the go-to guy for newbies on Instagram

Alex Tooby – Instagram Coach specialised in Strategy, Education

Alex Tooby is an educator on Instagram specialising on Instagram strategies

She teaches the basics on content creation and Instagram features

Helping businesses, brands and entrepreneurs gain the most out of Instagram

So if you’re looking for a solution to improve your Instagram page traffic, authority, sales and growth

Alex Tooby might have the answers to the questions that you need!

Chris Do – Instagram coach for Entrepreneurs

Chris Do is a versatile Instagram coach who provides advice for entrepreneurs across various industries

Not limited to marketing advice, Chris Do also talks about branding, design, content creation and client management.

He’s truly helpful for entrepreneurs as he covers the full range of skills needed to run your business.

So it’s no wonder that he’s so successful with masterclasses and events

If you’re an entrepreneur who needs help with your business,

Check out Chris Do’s Instagram advice ;)

Up next is an Instagram marketing expert

Dan Thomas – Instagram Marketing Expert

An expert of Instagram marketing, Dan gives advice on all aspects of Instagram

Be it content creation, Instagram ideas, growing your Instagram account

Dan’s the Instagram coach you should look out for if you’re struggling to create content on Instagram

Because of his advice on how to create the best captions, growth formulas, and content ideas

You’ll surely want to check out his page for ideas on content creation.

Moving forward is Danny Allen-Page, an Instagram coach with excellent advice for businesses.

Danny Allen-Page: Business advice, Instagram

Danny Allen-Page is an Instagram coach specialised in monetization for social media

Not limited to Instagram, he also provides useful advice on social media in general, including Facebook

As his advice are pretty generalised for businesses, entrepreneurs and social media as a whole

It’s great for professionals across various niches as his advice literally applies to everyone.

What are you waiting for, check out his Instagram – you might get inspiration.

Up next is Nicole Wong, look out for her Instagram page if you’re an influencer ;)

Nicole Wong – TikTok and Instagram Coach for Influencers, Coaches

Nicole Wong is an Instagram coach who specialises in helping influencers and coaches

From growing your Instagram and TikTok account to monetization

Nicole Wong is the one to check out for all things related to TikTok and Instagram for influencers and coaches

She also provides free Instagram tips, which have been super useful for budding influencers.

For Instagram hacks, tips and tricks to go viral and succeed as an influencer

Make sure you keep up with Nicole Wong’s tips on Instagram!

Daniela Queiroz

Daniela Queiroz is an Instagram coach with advice for both beginners and marketing professionals

Look out for her Instagram growth tips and content ideas for every niche

Whether you’re an Instagram marketer who’s struggling to keep your client’s Instagram page growing

or a new business on Instagram

Daniela’s advice is super useful for users from all niche on Instagram

Moving on is Sun Yi, a famous Instagram coach with realistic advice

Sun Yi – No bullshit Instagram coach

Sun Yi is well-known even among the famous marketing coaches on Instagram

It’s for a good reason – because his advice is authentic, just tune in to his podcast and you’ll learn a ton

Hosting a podcast series and masterclasses, he’s well-appreciated amongst professionals for his expert advice

His perspective and advice are very authentic and hard-hitting

It’s great – no bullshit, and straight facts that every marketer needs to know.

Next we’ll talk about Mo Ismail, he’s specialised in video marketing.

Mo Ismail – Video marketing Instagram coach

Mo Ismail is a video marketing expert and Instagram coach

Whether or not your brand is focused on creative video content

He’ll be of great help if you need advice on Instagram Reels, IGTV and stories.

Because of his extensive knowledge, Mo Ismail is in demand for coaching advice and video services.

Christos Nikas – Instagram strategist, educator, speaker

As an educator, speaker and creator

Christos is a great Instagram coach for those looking to optimize their Instagram strategy

From Instagram content strategy to post design ideas

Christos provides advice for professionals who need help with their Instagram page

Especially businesses and brands, you’ll be able to improve your Instagram strategy if you take notes from his insightful advice

Shreya – Instagram coach for design tips

Once you’ve upgraded your Instagram posting strategy

and gained inspiration on future content ideas

It’s time to take your Instagram page to the next level

Beautify your Instagram feed

How? Learn from this design expert

Shreya provides valuable design tips

Looking for better fonts and design ideas to beautify your business’ Instagram posts

Shreya has the best design tips for Instagram content creators across different niches.

Frazer Brookes – Casual, Fun Instagram coach

Frazer Brookes is a breath of fresh air from the rest of the Instagram coaches on this list.

Take a look at his Instagram feed, you’ll feel a sense of joy radiating from your screen ;)

He’s a fun guy with witty advice

Need help with network marketing?

Good news for you, he’s the network marketing ninja

An international speaker and author of the #idareyoubook

Frazer Brookes is a fun Instagram coach you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Harry is an exceptional Instagram coach

Believe it or not, he’s helped experts from Forbes, Unicef and Cambridge

If that doesn’t say enough about his expertise

He’s well-trusted by experts and professionals

Looking for no-nonsense, top advice and a free online book on marketing advice?

Or looking for solutions to grow followers on Instagram business.

You’ll want to look through Harry’s Instagram feed to answer your questions about Instagram marketing


Harsh is a social media marketing Instagram coach

He provides 1 to 1 coaching

Or you could watch his Lives or podcast

Don’t forget to read his free e-book as well

He’s well-known by marketing experts and also has tons of reviews and testimonials from his clients

Don’t hesitate, check out his Instagram for marketing advice :)

Ethan – Social media, Instagram coach

Ethan is an Instagram coach

But that’s not all – he also uploads advice on other forms of social media

It’s great how he gives generalised advice too, that’s what makes his posts versatile

Professionals, businesses from various industries and niches

Look out for Ethan for valuable marketing advice :)

Ginny – Instagram coach, Online business expert

Online businesses, this one’s for you

If you’ve started your brand online or through social media

It’s a tricky journey indeed, with ups and downs especially with the algorithm right?

Ginny provides relatable, down-to-earth advice for businesses on Instagram

No matter how big or small your business is

Ginny has the best advice, don’t hesitate to look through her feed for help :)


Neha is an Instagram coach dedicated to helping fellow coaches monetize their posts on Instagram

She went from a full-time employee to being a coach on Instagram and now has 46k followers and growing.

For fellow Instagram coaches who has just started out on Instagram coaching

But can’t seem to gain much from it

Don’t give up, and seek the answers you need from Neha’s coaching advice :)

BONUS: Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram

As the head of Instagram

Adam Mosseri knows the ins and outs of what goes on on Instagram

He answers frequent questions that people have regarding Instagram

like for example the Instagram algorithm

It’s important to keep up to date with the latest development and features on Instagram

Adam Mosseri explains the new features and how it works.

This is especially useful for those who are new to Instagram and are unfamiliar with how Instagram works

What’s better advice than the head of Instagram himself, right?


Now, you know there’s sooo many coaches on Instagram

All of them provide different advice – not everyone’s the same

Catering to various niches and needs

We hope you found this list of top Instagram coaches useful

From e-books to podcasts and online seminars

These Instagram coaches are full of expert advice.

Whether you’re an Instagram coach looking for advice from fellow coaches

or a business on Instagram who needs help with your page performance

Don’t give up, these top Instagram coaches are here to help you

They’re always open to give their expert advice via their coaching sessions

We wish you all the best for your Instagram journey

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