This is the latest, comprehensive and complete list of the best online Instagram courses for businesses in 2024.

Instagram courses are on the rise, gaining popularity amongst entrepreneurs and businesses on Instagram


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Due to Instagram being increasingly important for brands and businesses to stay relevant

Many are embarking on their Instagram journey and need help and guidance

Top 6 Instagram Free Online Courses in 2024

Here are the best Instagram online courses so far in 2024 that you can use for learning.

  1. Instagram Engagement Secrets by Skillshare
  2. Instagram Marketing Free Course by Udemy
  3. Instagram for Business by Facebook Blueprint
  4. Instagram Unlocked by Neil Patel
  5. How to Gain 500k+ Followers in 5 Months by Foundr
  6. Instagram Marketing Strategy Course by Hubspot Academy

To ensure that you’re on the right track and getting the most results out of Instagram marketing

Instagram courses offered by professionals and coaches in the industry are helpful and informative to many

List of the best Instagram Marketing courses

What are Instagram courses?

If you’re thinking, what even are Instagram courses in the first place?

Instagram courses are basically programs -or guides- to help professionals on Instagram from the basics to advanced features.

Instagram courses cover tens of thousands of different topics

Aimed at helping businesses and professionals with their Instagram strategy

While most of them are specifically for Instagram, other courses can be general topics as well relating to business and finance.

Why should I get an Instagram course?

Instagram courses are highly important for businesses

You need to know if you’re on the right track for your Instagram business strategy

If your Instagram page performance is slowing down or you’re not seeing results

You’ll need to find solutions to quickly solve your Instagram performance issues

With Instagram courses, you can find new strategies to fix slow performance and account growth

It’s really helpful for overcoming common Instagram growth and performance-related concerns

Instagram features are also rapidly changing, with new features being added regularly

It’s good to check Instagram courses so you’ll keep up-to-date with the latest trends and features that Instagram has to offer.

The Benefits of Instagram courses for your business

Instagram courses can really help your Instagram page enjoy many benefits.

If you’re struggling with any of these common issues, Instagram courses can provide you with solutions:

  • Slow account growth
  • Low Instagram Reels / IGTV views
  • Content creation ideas
  • Instagram strategy
  • Slow account performance
  • Dropping engagement
  • Losing clients on Instagram
  • Failing to gain new clients

All these concerns aren’t unfamiliar. You’re not the only one going through it.

Many users on Instagram – be it professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and even brands

They all struggle at one point in their Instagram journey

Even if your Instagram strategy was working well and your page was enjoying a good performance streak

Sudden changes in the algorithm may affect your page performance – this is depressing indeed.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest features on Instagram and learn expert tips and tricks to help your Instagram page

We highly recommend signing up for an Instagram course.

Here are the different varieties of Instagram courses available:

Types of Instagram courses available for companies

Not all courses are the same

They come in a different format

Some are online text-only guidebooks, and others offer video calls and seminars with experts.

We’ll explain the different types of Instagram courses available for you 🙂

Instagram courses in PDF E-books

These are basically online guidebooks developed by Instagram coaches

They can be free or paid

There are different topics – Some are comprehensive guides covering the basics

While some e-books can be about specific topics – like how to use design software for Instagram content creation

Others are pretty general and comprehensive for beginners 🙂

You can check out the synopsis of the e-books to see if the topics covered are what you’re looking for!

Instagram courses direct-teaching during IG Live

Instagram Live courses are typically held by Instagram coaches and gurus.

What’s awesome is that they’re free – Anyone can join and learn new Instagram tips

You can also ask questions on Instagram Live and have them answered by the professionals

These Instagram live courses could be general masterclasses or have specific topics.

Instagram courses in Podcasts

Podcasts are another common format used by Instagram coaches

These podcasts are usually held on Spotify

You’ll be able to listen to sharings and talks by Instagram coaches while they share their Instagram growth journey

It’s great for listening on the go, and highly convenient 🙂

Instagram courses with several coaching sessions

Most Instagram coaches offer coaching sessions

These could be 1 to 1 coaching sessions via video call

Or done together with your whole marketing team

It depends on the organizer of the coaching sessions 🙂

These coaching sessions are incredibly useful and they come in different durations

Some calls could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour long.

Instagram coaching sessions can be both paid and free, which is great if you’re not willing to invest money into it

Instagram courses in masterclass & seminars

Masterclass seminars are basically wide-scale seminars and conferences for a mass audience

They either have really specific themes or generalized seminars

It depends on the organizer in charge

They’re great because it’s always in-depth and highly informational

Mostly held online, these masterclass seminars could be either free or paid!

What to look out for when getting an Instagram course?

Now that you’re on the search for an Instagram course

It’s important that you know what to look out for when choosing an Instagram course

Make sure you’re paying your money’s worth and not falling prey to scams.

There are scammers who pretend to be experts on Instagram when they’re not

Here are the things you must look out for in an Instagram course:

Who’s hosting the Instagram course?

There are various types of Instagram courses

Sometimes it’s held by professional organizations – like Facebook.

These professional courses are not the best, tbh 🙄

They’re usually held by a team of professionals – like graphic designers, creative directors, industry professionals

While these professional courses are the most expensive, you’ll have a sense of security knowing that the course is being hosted by professionals in the field

Otherwise, Instagram courses may be held by Instagram gurus and coaches themselves

Like, those Instagram coaches on Instagram who gives endless Instagram tips and marketing advice

This is where the danger comes, though

You’ll have to make sure that these Instagram coaches are indeed credible and have the expertise to provide courses and coaching sessions.

The credibility of the Instagram coach

It’s essential to check if Instagram coaches are credible

Check their prior experience via their LinkedIn or website

They should at least have working experience in the industry, or certifications to prove they’re skilled

If they’re sincere and knowledgeable, their Instagram feed should also be full of insightful and useful content

Not just empty quotes and shallow posts

If there’s no way to check the background experience of the Instagram coach providing the program

It’s best to avoid it 🙂

Program details of the IG online course

Before you even sign up for an Instagram course, you should check if the program actually covers what you’re looking for

Look at the glossary of program details, which will let you know the topics being covered in the course

Or you could contact them to know the course details

If the program has a free trial, go for it and see if it works for you!

It’s a waste of time and money to purchase a program that has no value for you

Consider Instagram courses’ learning formats

This is pretty important and often underlooked

Learning format varies between programs

  • Video call
  • Group video call
  • Hourly calls
  • Weekly sessions
  • 5-Day sessions
  • Monthly sessions
  • Text-only PDF guides

It really depends on the program, and you should choose the learning format that bests suits your needs

Not everyone enjoys the same learning style, so pick the program that has the most comfortable learning method and pace 🙂

Look into the IG courses’ payment methods

This is a definite way to know if it’s a scam or not

It’s best to contact the program manager first to learn more about payment details

If the payment methods are unclear

Or if the system seems sketchy or fake

It’s best to avoid it

Best Instagram courses for Marketing, Business in 2024

Finally, here’s the list of the best Instagram courses available for entrepreneurs and businesses 🙂

Facebook Blueprint – Instagram Courses with certificates

Facebook Blueprint is a course platform within Facebook

On Facebook Blueprint, you’ll be able to access various courses made by Facebook

They’re all text and online, you won’t have to watch any videos

It’s simply a whole library of learning programs for Instagram

You can even become a Facebook-certified marketing professional.

It’s legit, and useful for learning new Instagram skills with their highly informational courses.

Instagram Engagements Secrets 2024 – Skillshare

Skillshare professional course platform with expert Instagram course
Skillshare is an online course platform for businesses to learn new skills

If you haven’t heard of Skillshare, it’s basically an online course platform

Where experts from all professional industries host courses and masterclasses

This Instagram Engagements Secrets 2021 course is an up-to-date course that explains pretty in-depth on Instagram growth strategy

From the Instagram Algorithm to content creation and even trend forecasting

This course would be highly useful for beginners and it’s the most relevant in 2024

The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass – Udemy

Udemy is an online course provider for professionals and students

There’s a whole range of professional courses available with certifications

The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass is a course that covers basics to advanced Instagram marketing

It includes 5 articles, 10 downloadable PDFs, assignments and 8 hours on-demand video

At a price of $25, we think this is a pretty great course

If you’re an Instagram manager and are looking for a Instagram strategy that’s better and works than your current strategy

It’s good to check out the tips and ideas that will be shared during this course, to optimize your Instagram strategy.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to starting an Instagram strategy, you should definitely check this out 🙂

How to Gain 500k+ Followers in 5 months – Foundr

Foundr is a online course platform targeted for entrepreneurs and business owners

The courses available are typically business-related

So if you’re looking for courses that aren’t specific to Instagram marketing then Foundr will be a great platform for you

So, why are we specifically recommending this course?

Well, the “How to Go from 0 to 500k+ Followers in 12 Months” course is free.

Don’t underestimate the power of a free course

There’s many client testimonials proving how this course was indeed helpful for their business – it works

The information they share during the course is pretty straight forward too 🙂

It’s a great start for businesses who are looking for Instagram growth strategies without having to pay a cent !

Instagram Marketing Strategy Course – Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is an online training course provider for professionals, with certifications as well.

The Instagram Marketing Strategy Course is a free Instagram course

It covers how to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy that actually reaps results

This is pretty beginner level, and it’s aimed towards beginners who are new to Instagram marketing strategizing

It’s useful for beginners and businesses who want to see results from their Instagram management.

Neil Patel – Instagram Course from Famous Guru

If you’re a marketing professional, I’m sure you’ve heard of Neil Patel

He’s a digital marketing expert who also hosts free webinars on digital marketing for entrepreneurs and businesses

While the topics vary, it’s good to catch his webinars as they’re pretty informative and great for learning

Head over to his website and you’ll see a great variety of courses – in video format and PDF downloadable.

While these courses are pretty generic, it’s good for beginners but we won’t recommend it for those who are looking for the latest updates on Instagram

If you’re more into specific topics, it’s better to tune into his LIVE webinars instead – they’re more current and recent

Worst Courses for Instagram Marketing

Here’s a list of the worst courses for Instagram marketing

Simply, they don’t provide any value and are horribly priced

It’s best to avoid these courses, you’ll be better off using your budget on better courses

Scams, Fake Instagram course

There’s scam courses out there which don’t bring any value.

Imagine trusting a so-called professional and paying for a subscription and ended up being scammed

What’s worse, if you trust these scammers you might use the wrong Instagram strategies

It’s a huge waste of effort, time and money.

These are examples of Instagram scams made by influencers:

Caroline Calloway is an Instagram influencer who rose to fame from her autobiographical Instagram posts.

She hosted a creativity workshop for her fans that cost $165, apparently

However the workshop was totally underwhelming, a waste of time and the promised fan pack wasn’t completely prepared either

Many demanded refunds due to the lack of proper event planning and failure to deliver as promised.

It was also revealed that she used a ghostwriter for her autobiographical captions, which made her a total fraud as it was her cause of going famous.

It’s a great example that followers should not blindly support influencers’ advice if they don’t have any professional expertise in the field.

Always remember to check out the background of the instagram guru to find out if they’re actually legit.

Aggie Lal is a travel influencer with 800k followers and is a TV host and CEO.

In 2017, she created a 12-week social media “Master Class” programme for $500.

And her subscribers weren’t happy with it.

The program wasn’t as described and hundreds of people demanded for refunds.

It turns out that her program got canceled for her subscribers who paid for it

And the information she talked about in her masterclass program didn’t have any value.

Weak programs for Instagram marketing courses

These Instagram marketing courses are also to be avoided.

They don’t provide much useful information and they’re too generic and not specialised enough

Especially for established marketing teams that are looking for expert advice

Here are the characteristics of weak programs that should be avoided:

Generic, repeated content

You should check the glossary or list of contents of the Instagram course

If a marketing guru has many different Instagram courses

But all of them cover the same repeated content

It’s a red flag

Weak Instagram courses typically don’t offer anything unique or provide value

No money back guarantee

If a program is legit, they would be able to provide a money back guarantee.

Typically, well-established course sites would provide trial membership plans and paid plans with money-back guarantee

It’s a sign that they’re confident about their product satisfaction

If the program doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, it runs the risk of them running away with your money.. yikes!

How to avoid scams, fake, bad Instagram Course

Now that you’ve seen how fake Instagram coaches can scam many

Taking advantage of passionate entrepreneurs

We’ll let you know what to look out for so you won’t be a victim of scammers

Check out reviews of Instagram course

Just like how you would when purchasing literally anything

You should check out the reviews for these Instagram courses

Instagram courses also should have online reviews – these could be posted on Google, or on the website or Instagram Highlights section.

If there’s no testimonials or reviews – it’s a major red flag

You should be able to verify that the courses are legit and do help you find out the information you need.

Do a quick background check

Ever seen a sketchy Instagram page showing that they’re so-called experts

It’s best to do a quick google search and find out who they are and whether they have experience

Professional coaches should have their own website, LinkedIn profile

You can check for their past experience to see if they are indeed experts in the field.

If they don’t even have certificates or working experience in digital marketing

They shouldn’t even be claiming to be experts at all !

Use Influencer marketing analysis tools to analyse Instagram course

Analysis of Instagram coach Instagram account who provides courses
Analyse profiles of Instagram coaches to find legit Instagram courses

If you thought that influencer marketing analysis tools are only for influencer discovery

You should know that these tools provide audits and reports on influencers

So they’ll be able to generate reports on the Instagram profiles

With Instagram user reports, there’ll be information whether or not the Instagram coach has bought followers

It’s easy to spot Instagram gurus that are fake simply by checking their account performance.


So now you’ve seen how Instagram courses can be highly beneficial for your Instagram strategy

If you’re a beginner or a seasoned user of Instagram

You’ll be able to learn many new things from Instagram courses

They can even rescue a business that’s seemingly failing.

Before you give up, give it a go and sign up for an Instagram course.

You don’t always need to pay for Instagram courses

There’s free podcasts and 1 to 1 calls that can provide you with solutions without spending a hole in your budget

My recommendations – Top courses

We’ll recommend our favourite courses for you

These courses are the most legit, useful and beneficial for brands of all sizes~

The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass – Udemy

Since Udemy is an online course provider aiming to help professionals

Their coaches are legit – you won’t have to worry about fake Instagram gurus

Courses are also affordable compared to scam courses that may even cost up to hundreds of dollars per month.

This masterclass by Udemy is especially comprehensive which is great to get your information all in one package.

Instagram Marketing Strategy Course – Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy’s course is free, which is why we love it.

We recommend this course because it’s comprehensive

It consists of 6 lessons, 6 quizzes and 21 videos

The course is divided into 6 lessons, which is great because each course covers different key topics

Seriously, you get a lot of value and knowledge from this free course.

These aren’t all – websites like Hubspot, Udemy and Skillshare have many other courses easily available on their website

For entrepreneurs across various industries, these courses by certified experts are sure to benefit your business

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