The best Instagram Marketing guides will answer all your questions & confusion about how to start a business, build a brand, grow followers & basically set a successful marketing strategy to make money on the visual app. I have ranked & reviewed the 10 best Instagram marketing books available in 2023, carefully selected for your 2023’s IG growth strategy plan.

Are you lost in your Instagram journey? Need help growing your followers?

We got you covered, here is the list of best IG Marketing Books to read

Best Instagram Marketing books to read

And help you set a successful strategy for monetizing your business on social media.

From gaining followers, attracting clients, and increasing sales, to building your social media persona brand

These recommendation books cover all the marketing strategies you need to grow your business on Instagram.

You just need to choose from the guides on the list, which focus you want to learn on Instagram Marketing.

Is it follower-building, learning the influencer marketing’s insights,

Or overall Instagram marketing since you are a beginner?

Some prefers to listen Instagram Marketing Podcast or read Instagram Marketing blog studies

Let’s get started with the books.


  1. The Age of Influence by Neal Schaffer
  2. Instagram Power by Jason Miles
  3. One Million Followers by Brendan Kane
  4. Instagram for Business for Dummies Jenn Herman et. al.
  5. Influencer, Building your Persona Brand by Brittany Hennessy
  6. Instagram Marketing Blueprint by Brandon’s Business Guides
  7. Instagram Marketing Playbook by C.J Daniels
  8. Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvrey
  9. Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy by Robb Taroni
  10. Instagram Marketing Secrets by Harrison H. Phillips

10 Must-Read Instagram Marketing Books

These are the best Instagram Marketing books you must not miss, fuel your knowledge, and inspire your IG growth strategy.

Actually, you can still learn from IG marketing courses, but books are a more comprehensive learning method.

The e-book market size is huge and these coaches take advantage of it by sharing their expertise with others.

We provide and review the best social media marketing books you have ever explored on Amazon.

With proven strategies from experts and social media practitioners.

All the books are available in e-book, audiobook, and paperback.

Here is a list of the must-read Instagram Marketing guides in 2023.

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1. The Age of Influence: Best guide for Influencer Marketing on Instagram

The Age of Influence cover, the latest influencer marketing book on Instagram
Best book to plan your brand’s long-term influencer marketing campaign~

This book by Neal Schaffer is definitely your go-to guide when it comes to mastering influencer marketing.

The Age of Influence gets a 4.6 stars rating on Amazon, proving its relevance and expertise in influencer marketing.

Neal will help you set a highly-effective & sustainable influencer marketing plan for your business.

Trust me, once you close the book, you won’t need another one to level up your business by leveraging influencers.

Get Neal’s The Age of Influence on Amazon and master influencer marketing.

2. Instagram Power: Best IG Marketing Book to build your Brand from scratch

Instagram Power cover, one of the best IG marketing books
Best book for building your social media brand~

This 4.5-star book from Jason Miles is going to be worth every penny spent.

Fully titled Instagram Power: Build your Brand and Reach your Customers with Visual Influence,

Miles unlocks the step-by-step process to build a brand that gets noticed by many people.

Miles will also teach you how to monetize your business by leveraging IG features like Ads, Stories, Reels, and more.

Need tools recommendations to polish your IG photos & videos?

No worries, Miles has all the things you need on producing quality content on Instagram.

Interested in this book? Get Instagram Power on Amazon.

3. One Million Followers: Best marketing book to build IG followers in 30 days

One Million Followers cover, an Insta marketing book to gain followers quickly
Best book to gain massive followers in a short time~

Anyone starting on Instagram will always face the same struggle: growing followers.

With this book by Brendan Kane, you will get the best hack to gain followers only in 30 days.

Kane shares no-bullshit, practical strategies you can use to accelerate follower growth.

This book also provides real insights from interviews with celebrities, influencers, and marketing experts.

Try to follow the steps and see if it gives a significant boost to your IG followers 🙂

Try this 4.4-star book by checking this link to get One Million Followers.

4. Instagram for Business for Dummies: Best Marketing handbook for starters

Instagram for Dummies cover, an Insta marketing guide for beginnners
Best book to introduce Instagram business for starters

Do you want to start a successful business on Instagram, but don’t know how?

No worries, this 4.4-star book by Jenn Herman and friends got your back.

Jenn in his book explains in detail all the things you need for your Instagram Marketing

In a straightforward & practical way, literally like teaching dummies who don’t know anything about the topic.

From the littlest things like setting up a business account and learning analytics to promoting your products, crafting captions, and more.

Grab yours on Amazon and make money on Instagram ASAP.

5. Influencer, Building your Persona Brand: Marketing Manual for Creators to Start their businesses on Instagram

Influencer, Build Brand cover, a marketing book to become influencers on Instagram
Best guiding book to start becoming an influencer on IG.

Do you want to be an influencer, but have no idea to start?

This 4.6-star guide by Brittany Hennessy is the perfect helper for you.

It will help you build your brand personality, get famous, and start making money with your popularity.

On social media, especially on Instagram, being popular is not enough.

You need to build an audience and keep them engaged with your page.

This book will teach you exactly how to do that.

Grab one of the books on Amazon before it runs out.

6. Instagram Marketing Blueprint: Best Book to learn real growth insights

Instagram Marketing Blueprint cover, a guide to master IG business
Best practical guide to monetize Instagram accounts.

This 4.4-star book by Brandon’s Business Guides is what real insights are.

You will learn how to gain relevant followers, turn them into followers, and get profits.

And other strategical steps to promote your business and make money on Instagram.

Not only for business accounts, but the book is also applicable to influencers, creators,

Or even individuals who want to build their social media brand.

For everyone who wants to master Instagram Marketing, this book is for you.

7. Instagram Marketing Playbook: Best Guide to start a business and grow sales

Instagram Marketing Playbook cover, a guide to attract customers & followers
Best practical guide to gain followers & generate leads.

If you run a small business with a limited budget to grow on Instagram,

This 4.3-star book by C.J. Daniels is the perfect guide to read.

It covers all marketing efforts with minimum spending that work for small businesses.

From the simplest understanding of your audience, grow engagement & sales, to building a whole brand personality.

Grow your small business into a business that profits each month.

Grab yours on Amazon right now.

8. Instagram Secrets: Best Marketing handbook to grow following, traffic, & make profits

Instagram Secrets cover, an IG marketing book to drive traffic & followers
Best handbook that untangles all business hacks on Instagram.

Do you want to know how people make money on Instagram?

Wonder no more, this 4.3-star book by Jeremy McGilvrey is going to answer all your questions.

This book untangles all the marketing secrets on Instagram like easy recipes to follow.

Jeremy has only 2 goals in writing this book:

To help you gain followers quickly & turn them into dollars.

Curious about what should you do to your little followers?

Buy Jeremy’s book on Amazon and try it on your IG account.

9. The last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy

Last Instagram Marketing Book cover, a complete guide on IG Marketing
Like the name, it might be the last book you buy 🙂

As the title claims, this might be your first and last book to master Instagram marketing.

Robb Taroni & friends have written a manual to help beginners learn the best marketing and growth strategies on Instagram.

All the complete hacks & tricks are provided here to turn every opportunity into real results.

Is it really your last book to learn about IG marketing? Try and prove it yourself 🙂

Read The Last instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy, on PDF, on Kindle, or audiobook.

10. Instagram Marketing Secrets: Best Practical Guide for Influencers

Instagram Marketing Secrets cover, a guidebook for business starters & new influencers
Best book to gain followers & get noticed by people on Instagram.

Here is another handbook with practical strategies from Harrison H. Phillips.

From growing your personal brand, and creating daily content, to contacting influencers,

And more practical tactics like posting at the best time on Instagram.

Sometimes learning the little things can bring a lot of changes to your account.

Buy the book and see for yourself.

What are Instagram Marketing Books?

Books or guides are usually used to enlighten readers about the things they don’t know.

Same as the literal definition, Instagram Marketing books are guides or manuals

To teach readers about planning a successful marketing strategy on IG.

This includes how to promote their products, increase their followers, and basically grow their IG business.

But, is it necessary for brands & businesses to learn and buy this kind of book?

Can’t articles on Google help?

Let me explain to you.

Why should you read an Instagram Marketing Book before starting a business on IG?

Yes, absolutely.

Today, more and more people hop on Instagram to make money.

It’s hard to just rely on the sources on the surface: content on Instagram, and blog posts on Google, to master Instagram marketing.

You need some detailed, in-depth insights from experts in order to accelerate your business on Instagram.

Their expertise can help you speed up your business growth, based on the success and failures they have.

It’s okay to spend some money on things that matter, it is actually a lot better than sacrificing your time & energy.

Reading one of these books can also help stimulate your creativity by knowing the industry insights.

Remember that building an influence or growing your business on Instagram can’t be done in one night.

It needs a process and is impossible to achieve instantly.

By buying these books, you choose the organic growth hacks over instant, cheap tactics like buying followers.

My final recommendation on the best book to learn Instagram Marketing in 2023

The best Instagram Marketing handbooks are helpful for your business growth on the visual app.

Without them, you might only know shallow tricks to run your IG business.

2023 is already full of predictions & trends.

In this era, you can’t just randomly try out some strategies without knowing the consequences of your account.

Especially when Instagram is a lot more strict with bots.

Once you use bots incorrectly, your account can be suspended in advance.

This is when expert knowledge takes part.

Using IG bots is acceptable as long as it’s not overused and the usage is reasonable.

How exactly is not overused and reasonable usage? Find the answer in one of these books 🙂

It helps you understand Instagram Marketing as a whole,

Not piece by piece like those on your favorite Instagram growth coach page.

Learning from Instagram books will unlock hidden or exclusive information like this.

There are a lot of Instagram Marketing books in the market, but our recommendation here is the best ones so far in 2023.

My top pick is The Age of Influence by Neal Schaffer for the best guide to mastering influencer marketing

And Instagram Power by Jason Miles covers all marketing hacks to grow and monetize your IG business.

Just choose what kind of topic you need the most for your account.

Schaffer’s book will be perfect for brands to launch the most effective influencer marketing long-term plan.

While Miles’ is best for everyone who wants to start and make money on Instagram.

Any Books That
I Missed?

Submit a reading for review

Is this helpful for you? Do you want to add your Instagram marketing handbook to the list?

Let’s continue the conversation in the comment section.

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Answering Questions about IG Marketing Books

How to choose an Instagram Marketing book to read?

Choose which Instagram Marketing guide covers the topic you need and are excited about. If you want to grow your followers, you can select the one that highlights most of the follower-building in its discussion. Or pick the one that focuses on building your IG brand if you need help with branding your persona on the visual app.

Can you master Instagram marketing after reading a guide?

Mostly yes. The book’s intention is to help readers understand and implement successful IG marketing strategies, so it will be useless if you finish reading the book and still don’t get it. But theory is not enough, to really master Instagram marketing, you also need to apply the strategies & tricks so the knowledge is useful for your account.

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