The best way to use Instagram Reels is definitely by joining the video trends in the app as “riding the wave” is helpful to gain mass exposure from a wider audience. Looking into how essential it is to create viral-worthy Reels, this article will show you the best examples and trending video templates for your Reels in 2022.

Instagram Reels trending video ideas

Here are the latest trends for Instagram Reels in 2022 – Our guide to Top 10 Instagram Reels Ideas.

Instagram Reels are a trending feature on Instagram that brings high traffic and new visitors to your brand’s page on Instagram.

IG Reels offers FREE organic reach. This means many opportunities to be featured, and seen by many potentials future clients.

More exposure for more sales/leads.

There is plenty of ideas and examples to get inspiration on how to create Instagram Reels for your business.

If your brand has yet to incorporate Instagram Reels into your social media marketing strategy.

I am here to help you start your Instagram Reels content creation journey 😉


  • Get to know me: Introduce your brand to your audience with Instagram Reels
  • A day in the life of your brand using Instagram Reels
  • Use Instagram Reels for the making process of products
  • Show off your brand’s Best-selling Products on Instagram Reels
  • Story-telling time. Instagram Reels is perfect to share a short story
  • FAQ: Answering Common Questions using IG Reels
  • How-To Instructional Instagram Reels videos to convert more customers
  • Before and After – The best IG Reels short videos format
  • Tips! Share your knowledge and secrets on Instagram Reels
  • Employee Try-Ons. Many opportunities on Instagram Reels
  • Participate in Trending Challenges on Instagram Reels
  • Share your brand values on Reels to connect more with your followers
  • Don’t forget to use the Instagram filters for your Reels
  • Invite influencers to your Instagram Reels for a collaboration
  • Create a new product teaser for your followers using Reels

What are Instagram Reels and Why You Should Use Them for your business?

Instagram Reels are trending worldwide, it’s the new hit thing that everyone’s obsessed with on Instagram.

Lucky you, I wrote a definitive guide about Instagram Reels for businesses 🙃.

It’s basically Instagram’s version of TikTok – short videos with effects and music.

It is very obvious that Instagram is inviting TikTok into a competition.

But those two are actually proven to work differently for businesses and content creators.

Reels are said better for brands, while TikTok is a good use for influencers. 

Truth is, Reels are very beneficial to growing your business and overall online presence on Instagram.

Instagram Reels bring in high traffic and viewership from new audiences.

If your brand uses Instagram Reels well by creating trendy content,

You’ll see an increase in followers very soon.

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Top Viral-Worthy Ideas for Instagram Reels in 2023

There are millions of Reel videos already uploaded on Instagram.

Contrary to what you’d think – with Reels, it’s a good idea to do what everyone else is doing.

No, not exactly the same thing but – If there’s a trending type of Reel video that the major influencers on Instagram are doing, it’s best to hop on the trend too 😉

Here are 10 Reels ideas that will give your brand exposure, more traffic, and gain more followers.

1. Get to know me: Introduce your brand to your audience with Instagram Reels

Introducing your business properly to your audience is important

Especially when you are new to the industry.

People will understand more about you, what you are doing on Instagram,

Your brand values, what you offer to your followers, etc.

Share everything your audience needs to know to help them know deeply about your brand,

Not just a mere “local fashion brand” or “another instant food” impression.

2. A day in the life of your brand using Instagram Reels

Give people a tour around your office!

Show off your wonderful office – let them see your awesome work culture and employees.

You don’t need to spill any company secrets – Just give people a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the office of your brand.

That’s what people are curious about!

Everyone loves exclusive insider content – and this is a sure way to promote your company’s great working culture.

Who knows? Not only will your brand gain new followers – you might suddenly receive more job applications

3. Use Instagram Reels for the making process of products

Another interesting idea that will definitely catch the eyes of users on Instagram?

A making video.

You don’t need to film a full documentary of the entire process of making a product by your brand.

Simply show short snippets of the preparation stage, the making stage, and the finished product.

This might seem simple – but it’s definitely gonna bring more followers 😉

Users on Instagram LOVE authenticity – showing that your brand is transparent about creating the brand products will leave a good impression on anyone

4. Show off your brand’s Best-selling Products on Instagram Reels

Especially for brands that are new, it’s an excellent way to promote your products on Instagram.

People who have never seen or heard of your brand and its products will get an introduction to your brand products.

This not only helps your brand promote its products – but it also helps to drive sales!

It’s also a form of product recommendation for people who are new to your brand but are not sure of which products they should try out

5. Story-telling time. Instagram Reels is perfect to share a short story

Tell an interesting story about a funny incident that recently happened in the workplace.

Be it a product test fail, or a funny mishap-

Users on Instagram love funny content!

It’s a great idea to show your audience authentic stories that are exclusive to your brand.

Or a warm story of your journey growing your account to date, reminiscing years of hard work.

After all, experiences like these aren’t common, right?

6. FAQ: Answering Common Questions using IG Reels

It’s a great idea to post a Reels video explaining common questions that customers have regarding your brand’s products or services.

Reels like these are a great way to showcase your brand’s authenticity,

It leaves a good impression that your business is responsive AND helpful!

Most of the time, consumers are too lazy to find FAQs on your brand website – Instagram Reels is the easy, and memorable solution!

7. How-To Instructional Instagram Reels videos to convert more customers

Showing demonstrations on how to use your products, or navigate your website is a great way to explain things to a customer that’s new and confused.

Similar to an FAQ, demonstrations are extremely helpful, showing how your products and services are simple and uncomplicated!

Sometimes, things that are quite easy and obvious might not be the same for others.

It’s also great for those who need help understanding your brand’s products and services.

With Reels like these, your brands will have greater credibility and gain trust from your customers

8. Before and After – The best IG Reels short videos format

With various features such as transitions and effects on Instagram Reels, it’s a great idea to do Before vs After transformation Reels!

These types of content often go viral on Instagram Reels.

it’s simple- just take a video of the before and after results of using a product or service!

Or you could take a before-after Reels video of your product making.

I think you’d want to try it too.

9. Tips! Share your knowledge and secrets on Instagram Reels

Let your customers know cool tips when using your products or services!

These may be helpful to customers who don’t already know it yet 🙂

Demonstrating product hacks or useful tips is a great way to let your customers know more about your products.

Showing useful tips is also a great way to attract new customers to purchase your products!

10. Employee Try-Ons. Many opportunities on Instagram Reels

If your employees are down to film try-on content for Reels, that’ll be amazing!

Otherwise, you could hire models to test the products or services.

Trying and testing products or services by employees is a great way to showcase your products authentically to your audience!

Try-Ons show your audience how your products REALLY look in real life.

It’s authentic content that all buyers are looking for.

Helping your audience make their purchase decision.

And it brings great views and new customers!

11. Participate in Trending Challenges on Instagram Reels

Yes, your brand too can do trending challenges on Instagram Reels!

Be creative and incorporate these challenges with your brand’s products

Invite your employees to participate in these challenges, and show your audience how your brand has a family-like working culture.

Riding with the trends also increases the chances of your brand’s Reels going viral!

This is the best chance to create viral-worthy content.

Trending challenges on Reels tend to generate high views and reach.

It’s definitely the best way to promote your brand – through a trending Reels challenge

12. Share your brand values on Reels to connect more with your followers

Tell the world how passionate your brand is about your certain value.

A strong value creates a strong brand image.

Is it about supporting sustainable fashion? Or to help reduce climate change?

Whatever it is, share it with your customers.

Showing what your brand believes is like inviting your customers to trust more about your product.

Especially when it resonates with their value.
That way, you will not just gain benefits for your business but also inspire others with your message.

13. Don’t forget to use the Instagram filters/stickers for your Reels

Always leverage Instagram’s features, including filters.

Especially when the filters are trending and used by many users all over the world.

It’s time to ride the wave and show people your product.

Don’t get too serious, sometimes you can be loose and produce fun Reels.

Even just a simple & entertaining video can make your Reel popular, as long as you join the trend.

14. Invite influencers to your Instagram Reels for a collaboration

Involving influencers in your campaign always works.

You can ask them to create a Reel and then feature it on your brand’s business profile.

Be it a product usage, review, or an inspiring collaboration like what Beyond Meat does in the above Reel.

That’s the easiest way to gather more audience from another Instagram account with an established follower base.

Imagine a double kill to reach a wider audience. That’s insane.

15. Create a new product teaser for your followers using Reels

People love teasers!

Why not use Reels to make them excited about your brand-new product?

Create a catchy and engaging video teaser, and make them curious!

Don’t forget to add some viral elements to make it more popular.

This is the best way to promote your products,

without actually paying thousands of dollars to pay influencers or TV advertising.

Leverage Instagram Reels Remix for greater brand exposure

Instagram always tries to make its users stay and enjoy the app.

Now you can use the “Remix” for Instagram Reels, a feature to attach another user’s Reel to your video.

Similar to TikTok’s duet, the Remix feature will display both videos in half, split-screen view.

A remixed Reel will be shown side to side and played at the same time.

You can take advantage of this feature with a reaction, or response, or just modify things on your own.

This feature can help boost your views & reach,

especially when you are dancing, singing, or simply reacting to a viral Reel.

People use Remix to do singing challenges, virtual dance-offs, and many more.

The thing is: be creative when making your Reels remix.

Now let me show you the best Remix examples for your Reels.

5 Instagram Reels Remix Ideas

Wonder what kind of Remix you can create on Reels?

There are a lot of things you can do with Remix. No limitations to creativity.

But if you are stuck and need inspiration, here I have prepared the 5 most exciting Reels Remix ideas for you.

Let’s go.

1. Trying their hacks/Parody Remix Reels

The first fun idea to make your Remix is to try what they are doing in the video.

Just as simple as melting your chocolate in boiled water.

Like what the hack accounts want you to do.

This kind of Reel will push you to prove a point and people love facts!

Also, their already popular video will give you a platform to rush in their audience.

You can also mimic their moves in a parody to give a humorous vibe.

Funny Reaction Remix Reels

Making a funny Reel always works.

Aside from having decent humor, you only need to act freely to make it funny.

Or simply respond with a simple yet hilarious act like what Khaby did in the video.

Trust me, this type of Reel will go popular in no time.

3. Singing Duets Remix Reels

Do you love singing?

Perfect. Try remixing a Reel that invites a duet.

Sing with them together, show off your skills, and gain more views.

Don’t worry about not singing better than the original Reel.

Your goal is to ride their fame and be famous for yourself.

That way, you don’t even have to sing beautifully, rather give off your false pitch and sing off-tune.

People love funny, weird things after all.

4. Dancing Together Remix Reels

If you got some moves, show them off to your followers.

This is about how you can match the timing, match their choreography, or even do it better.

But that’s not the exact rule.

You can move and dance whatever you want, like that lady memorizing her childhood joy.

The key to successful remix Reels: choose a popular Reel and remix it creatively.

The best recipe to boost your reach.

5. Get creative with Remixing Reels to send a message to your followers

Remixing a Reel can also be your way to spread a certain message to your audience.

Look at what Julie did in the above Reel.

She attached a viral video on her Reel, best describing what she wants to tell her followers.

A message that relates to both her niche and her audience base.

And it gains over 800k views and still counting.

This is just an example of how you get creative when remixing your Reels.

Create your signature Remix Reels to share your own message.

Use an attention-grabbing Hook for your Instagram Reels to attract viewers

Adding subtitles or captions to your Reels is one of the best ways to gain more reach.

But you can’t just add them randomly. You need to use catchy hooks!

A hook is the first sentence showing up in your Reel.

For example: “3 Tips to Get Up Early in The Morning”, “How to Use Reels for Your Business”, and many more.

You have exactly 3 seconds for viewers not to look away from your video

And using the best hook is a great help to solve this issue.

A hook is your foundation to catch people’s attention, to keep watching your Reel.

Especially if you want to post a long Reel video.

This is a must if you don’t want people to skip your videos.

Try these hook examples and modify them for your needs.

5 Best Hook Ideas for your Instagram Reels

Looking for a hook idea to make your Reels unskippable?

Here are the 5 best Hook templates you can use for your Reels.

Pay attention to how these phrases can grab your audience’s attention.

And don’t forget to adjust to your needs.

“How to..” or “3 Steps to..” Hook to share tutorial video Reels

The best way to introduce your guide video is to give a title “How to..” to be precise.

Anything that represents the tutorial vibe like this one from Elise Darma.

Or you can go specific by mentioning how many steps should they do to finish the tutorial.

Like “3 Steps to..” or “5 Ways to..”.

The exact number always makes people interested.

They can instantly measure how long this video is or the steps needed.

“You need this..” Hook to make your followers curious about your Reels

For whatever you want to discuss, this type of hook will definitely draw people to watch your video.

It emphasizes the urgency for the viewers to stay and keep viewing.

Need a hook to sell your product? Try this hook!

Example: “You need this acne serum to cure every blemish on your face in 2 weeks”

A very effective way to stop people from scrolling.

Then you can proceed to explain the ingredients, the benefits, etc.

“5 Tips to..” Hook to share tips & hacks with Reels

People love tricks and hacks!

To make this type of content, you need to be straightforward.

Say what these tips are and list how many you would give them.

Do you want to create a Reel to tell the tips to maintain the skin barrier?

Say no with a random hook, list the 5 tips, include the skin barrier in there,

And make them your first sentence of the Reel.

Or simply compose what kind of tip you want to share, like the above “Quick Tip” Reel.

4. “Watch this if you want..” Hook to

Another attention-grabbing hook for your viewers.

This phrase “Watch this if you want..” simply snatches people’s attention.

Use this diligently whenever you create a long Reel.

No one will be patient enough for longer videos,

that’s why putting “stopping” words like this helps your Reels a lot.

Also, this type of idiom is applicable to any video.

You want to share tips? Recommendations? A long guide? This is free to use.

“My Top..” Hook to list your recommendations on Reels

Wanna share your recommendations?

Don’t be basic and use this hook: “My Top 3 Coffeeshops to Work From Cafe”

Or you can replace “Top” with your adjustment, like this guy on his Reel.

Or a simple “My 5 Best Comfort Food” if you are a food influencer.

This phrase will highlight how much you like the things and share them with your followers.

Looking into your relationship with your audience, they will like this type of content.

Use the best Instagram Reels Ideas for your Reels strategy to grow your brand in 2023

These Reels ideas are fresh, and relevant and help to grow your brand’s followers on Instagram.

If your business still hasn’t hopped on the trend of creating Reels, what are you waiting for?

Once your brand starts using Reels, we’re sure you’ll be extremely satisfied with the results

More engagement, reach, views, and profile visitors.

Don’t forget to promote & share your Instagram Reels to gain more views.

That’s how Reels can grow your brand!

It’s a bit of effort, but you’ll definitely see the results as long as you do it right.

Make sure that your Reels are posted at the best time on Instagram for maximum reach and exposure.

I wish you all the best on your Instagram Reels journey 😉

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How to find trending Reels?

1. Search on the Reels tab. Open it and scroll down to find the ones with Featured labels, they are selected by Instagram. 2. Search by hashtags. Watch a Reel that has similar content to yours and click on the hashtags used. Explore the ones that relate to your content. 3. Search by audio. Choose a Reel to watch and click on the audio. If many people use it, it’s your time to join the trend and reach more people.

How do you make a Reel go viral?

1. Don’t be general, focus on a specific niche or topic. 2. Include an attention-grabbing hook, don’t let the viewers slide easily on your video. 3. Always stick to Instagram Reels size and dimensions to display the best-quality videos. 4. Never post a video with TikTok watermarks, unless Instagram won’t promote your video. 5. Include subtitles or captions in your video. 6. Put your text in the center so that it’s noticeable in grid mode. 7. Attach a strong call to action and use viral filters/stickers.

What makes a Reel popular?

When you use viral elements in your videos, like trending music, filters, etc. Also, make sure to add “boost elements” to your Reels like using relevant and popular hashtags, publishing at the best posting time, using a catchy hook, putting some subtitles or captions within your video, and many more.

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