10 best ways to use Instagram Reels in 2021 to gain more Followers for your Brand – The definitive guide


Here are the latest trends for Reels – our guide to Top 10 Instagram Reels Ideas.

Instagram Reels are a trending feature on Instagram that brings high traffic and new visitors to your brand’s page on Instagram.

IG Reels offers FREE organic reach. Means many opportunities to be featured, seen by many potentials future clients.

More exposure for more sales / leads.

There is plenty of ideas and examples to get inspiration on how to create an Instagram Reels for your business.

If your brand has yet to incorporate Instagram Reels into your social media marketing strategy.

I am here to help you start your Instagram Reels content creation journey 😉

What is Instagram Reels and Why You Should Use It for your business?

Instagram Reels are trending worldwide, it’s the new hit thing that everyone’s obsessed with on Instagram.

Lucky you, I wrote a definitive guide about Instagram Reels for businesses 🙃

It’s basically Instagram’s version of TikTok – short videos with effects and music.

Instagram Reels bring in high traffic and viewership from new audiences.

If your brand uses Instagram Reels well by creating trendy and viral-worthy content,

You’ll see an increase in followers very soon.

What Reels ideas will help my brand gain more exposure and traffic on Instagram?

There are millions of Reel videos already uploaded on Instagram.

Contrary to what you’d think – with Reels, it’s a good idea to do what everyone else are doing.

No, not exactly the same thing but- If there’s a trending type of Reel video that the major influencers on Instagram are doing, it’s best to hop on the trend too ;)

Here are 10 Reels ideas that will give your brand exposure, traffic and gain more followers.

1. A day in the life of your brand using Instagram Reels

Give people a tour around your office! Show off your wonderful office – let them see your awesome work culture and employees.

You don’t need to spill any company secrets – Just give people a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the office of your brand.

That’s what people are curious about! Everyone loves exclusive insider content – and this is a sure way to promote your company’s great working culture.

Who knows? Not only will your brand gain new followers – you might suddenly receive more job applications ;)

2. Use Instagram Reels for the making process of products

Another interesting idea that will definitely catch the eyes of users on Instagram? Making videos.

You don’t need to film a full documentary of the entire process of making a product by your brand.

Simply show short snippets of the preparation stage, making stage, and the finished product.

This might seem simple – but it’s definitely gonna bring more followers ;)

Users on Instagram LOVE authenticity – showing that your brand is transparent about creating the brand products will leave a good impression on anyone :)

3. Show off your brand’s Best-selling Products on Instagram Reels

Especially for brands that are new, it’s an excellent way to promote your products on Instagram.

People who have never seen or heard of your brand and its products will get an introduction to your brand’s products.

This not only helps your brand promote its products – it also helps to drive sales!

It’s also a form of product recommendation for people who are new to your brand but are not sure of which products they should try out :)

4. Story-telling time. Instagram Reels is perfect to share a short story

Tell an interesting story about a funny incident that recently happened in the workplace.

Be it a product test fail, or a funny mishap-

Users on Instagram love funny content!

It’s a great idea to show your audience authentic stories that are exclusive to your brand.

After all, experiences like these aren’t common, right?

5. FAQ: Answering Common Questions using IG Reels

It’s a great idea to post a Reels video explaining common questions that customers have regarding your brand’s products or services.

Reels like these are a great way to showcase your brand’s authenticity,

It leaves a good impression that your business is responsive AND helpful!

Most of the time, consumers are too lazy to find FAQs on your brand website – Instagram Reels is the easy, and memorable solution!

6. How-To Instructional Instagram Reels videos to convert more customers

Showing demonstrations on how to use your products, or navigate your website is a great way to explain things for a customer that’s new and confused.

Similar to an FAQ, demonstrations are extremely helpful, showing how your products and services are simple and uncomplicated!

Sometimes, things that are quite easy and obvious might not be the same for others.

It’s also great for those who need help understanding your brands’ products and services.

With Reels like these, your brand’s will have greater credibility and gain trust from your customers :)

7. Before and After – The best IG Reels short videos format

With various features such as transitions and effects on Instagram Reels, it’s a great idea to do Before vs After transformation Reels!

These types of content often go viral on Instagram Reels.

it’s simple- just take a video of the before and after results of using a product or service!

Or you could take a before-after Reels video of

I think you’d want to try it too ;)

8. Tips! Share your knowledge and secrets on Instagram Reels

Let your customers know cool tips when use your products or services!

These may be helpful to customers who don’t already know it yet :)

Demonstrating product hacks or useful tips are a great way to let your customers know more about your products.

Showing useful tips is also a great way to attract new customers to purchase your products!

9. Employee Try-Ons. Many opportunities on Instagram Reels

If your employees are down to film try-on content for Reels, that’ll be amazing!

Otherwise, you could hire models to test the products or services.

Trying and testing products or services by employees are a great way to showcase your products authentically to your audience!

Try-Ons show your audience how your products REALLY look in-real-life.

It’s authentic content that all buyers are looking for.

Helping your audience make their purchase decision.

And it brings great views and new customers!

10. Participate in Trending Challenges on Instagram Reels

Yes, your brand too can do trending challenges on Instagram Reels!

Be creative and incorporate these challenges with your brands’ products

Invite your employees to participate in these challenges, show your audience how your brand has a family-like working culture.

Riding with the trends also increases the chances of your brands’ Reels going viral!

Trending challenges on Reels tend to generate high views and reach.

It’s definitely the best ways to promote your brand – through a trending Reels challenge :)


These Reels ideas are fresh, relevant and help to grow your brand’s followers on Instagram.

If your business still hasn’t hopped on the trend of creating Reels, what are you waiting for?

Once your brand starts using Reels, we’re sure you’ll be extremely satisfied with the results

More engagement, reach, views and profile visitors

That’s how Reels can grow your brand!

It’s a bit of effort, but you’ll definitely see the results as long as you do it right.

Make sure that your Reels are posted at the best timing on Instagram for maximum reach and exposure.

I wish you all the best on your Instagram Reels journey 😉

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