Instagram Scrapers are very helpful to get the industry’s latest insights and get followers’ data and emails on Instagram, basically an essential tool to elevate your marketing strategy. In this article I have tested and ranked the 4 best Instagram Scrapers available in 2024 and selects the top 3 picks for you.


PhantomBuster logo


Scrape all the available data from Instagram profiles, posts, followers, Auto liker & Comments. Fast.



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Scrape Instagram public data: Followers, emails, photos, comments, name, account, avatar… Everything.


Need a tool to extract some important information on Instagram?

Here is the kicker: use a scraper.

Scraping Instagram Data is the best thing to set up targeted campaigns on the visual app.

You can peep into data users like email or phone numbers to generate targeted leads.

Want more sophisticated data?

Import some competitors’ data and market trends to see the industry’s current situation.

It helps you to be aware of what strategies you must run on Instagram.

And target the audience accurately & precisely.

If you’re here for that, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 4 Instagram Scrapers in 2024

To help you extract key data from the photo-sharing platform.

Let’s go.

The 4 Best Instagram Scrapers in 2024 👇🏼

  1. PhantomBuster
  2. Bright Data
  3. ScraperAPI
  4. ScrapingDog

Today, plenty of scrapers are available in the market.

But to select the most reliable ones, you need expert recommendations for the best choices.

These are the best web harvesting software for your Instagram account in 2024.

Now, let’s get to know each one of them.

1. PhantomBuster – Best Instagram Scraper

Best Web Harvesting for Instagram lead generation (Free-$59)


Best Instagram Scraper for marketing

If you need a powerful tool to collect data for your Instagram marketing strategy, this tool is worth trying. It lets you manage the list of potential customers from lead generation, automate sales, & measure campaign results. The plan is also affordable for individual use.

PhantomBuster might be the one you’re looking for

If you need a powerful tool to collect leads on Instagram & manage the list of potential customers.

Instagram scraper data importing
Easy data extracting from any social network to your list.

Not only on Instagram, but PhantomBuster also works for other major social platforms

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

This is an all-in-one tool to harvest & automate your Instagram account.

PhantomBuster is straightforward and focuses on data-collecting services.

The automation can help you to get auto-like, comment, and follow,

While web scraping can generate more potential & quality audiences into your account.

No need to build from scratch, you can directly use the no-code scraping tool.

Instagram scraper code-free for everyone
PhantomBuster is applicable to anyone, not only to programmers.

Key Features:

  • Scrape Instagram automatically
  • Extract hashtags, profile URL, username, etc. from your Instagram followers.
  • Instagram Auto-follow, like, and comment
  • Extracted data provided in Excel or Google Sheets.


PhantomBuster pricing plan is the one you’re looking for.

It’s affordable and provides Free Trial for those who want to test the features.

Check the price list below.

  1. Free Trial: 2 hours execution time, 5 slots
  2. Starter $59/month: 20 hours/month, 5 slots
  3. Pro $139/month: 80 hours/month, 15 slots, priority support
  4. Team $399/month: 300 hours/month, 50 slots, priority support, dedicated expert

If you prefer a tool that focuses solely on scraping services,

PhantomBuster is a must on your list.

2. Bright Data – Scrape All Instagram public data

The Easiest Instagram Scraper to use available for everyone in 2024 (Free-$5)


Easiest Instagram Scraper so far

High-quality results, flexible payment options, and affordable pricing are what describe this software. Literally, this is the simplest option ever for a business on Instagram to extract the required data.

I have never been happier with a scraper before until I know Bright Data.

How can’t I? With only $5, you can import up to 1000 page loads.

That’s very affordable to scrape public data the Instagram.

Use this exclusive promo code INSG25 to get an immediate 7-day free trial + a free $25 coupon upon depositing $25.

Bright Data is the largest web data platform that provides any data treatment.

Like a proxy provider, SERP API converter, data collector, and more.

Instagram scraping data function to scrape all public data
Take every data you need safely with Bright Data.

The data collection is fast, the structuring is customizable & seamless, and no code is needed.

Bright Data supports data extraction from Instagram through web platforms. 

The data later will be provided in Microsoft Excel.

You can harvest a good number of Instagram profiles, posts, and hashtags.

Bright Data provides powerful tools for any business size.

If you need zero infrastructure and need to scrape Instagram data at scale,

Bright Data is the easiest choice ever.

Use templates and customize your own Instagram scraper
You have templates ready to use to Scrape Instagram Data

Key Features:

  • Fast data collection & personalized data structuring
  • JSON, CSV, HTML, and Microsoft Excel file report
  • Full access to BrightData’s JavaScript development environment
  • Adapting code to match the website page structure


Bright Data also offers individual plans if you have high volumes.

But you can try their pay-as-you-go plan for only $5 and give a try.

Here is the full price list:

  1. $5: 1000 page loads
  2. $500/month: full access to JavaScript development, proxy & website unlocker, fast data collection
  3. $450/month (annual plan): full access to JavaScript development, proxy & website unlocker, and fast data collection

If you still doubt this tool, you can try their 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL + $25 OFF by using our exclusive promo code INSG25

And see if it exceeds your expectations.

3. ScraperAPI – Super Fast Instagram Scraper

High-speed Instagram Scraper (Free-$49)


Instagram scraper with great speed connection

This software might be the one you’re looking for if you are in need of scraping Instagram data quickly. The high-speed connection supports the rendering, plus the rotating proxies available help you speed up the process.

Do you need an alternative to block the bot detection and extract Instagram data safely?

Scraper API might be the best answer for you.

You can use the best rotating proxies for you to roam around Instagram and extract any data.

Instagram scraper with large proxy pool
Connect to any and extract data quickly.

Trust me, it won’t take a long time for you to do so.

It also enables JavaScript rendering to ease any website extraction.

All these supporting features make the scraping process as easier as ever.

It’s easy to use and supports batch downloading of posts.

So, you can quickly collect all of the latest posts from multiple accounts in one go.

Instagram scraper with JavaScript rendering
No complex parameter, your custom JS snippet even can be done by Scraper API.

Also compatible with the latest version of Chrome.

This software is definitely your go-to choice if you need fast data harvesting, securely.

Key Features:

  • Rotating and premium proxies
  • JavaScript rendering 
  • Reports in a txt file


Premium plan is quite affordable, especially for Startups.

  1. Free Trial: 1000 API calls
  2. Freelance $49/month: 100k API credits, 1 concurrent request
  3. Startup $99/month: 1000k API credits, 10 concurrent requests
  4. Business $249/month: 2500k API credits, 40 concurrent requests
  5. Enterprise $999+/month: 12500k API credits, 200 concurrent requests

This tool offers a reasonable price for its features.

Try it out now, if not test on the Free Trial of 1000 API calls.

4. ScrapingDogWeb Scraping API

Efficiently extract valuable data from the web ($30)

This tool focus on the inefficient process of managing browsers and proxies so that you can focus on collecting data from any website without getting blocked.

Along with the general web scraping API, this scraper also provides dedicated Linkedin Scraping API, Google Search API and we can also help you prepare a dedicated script for collecting data from any website.

Now let me explain in detail what you can do with Instagram Scraping tools.

Let’s dig in.

What is Instagram Scraping?

Instagram scraping means gathering or downloading public information like profile name, number of followers, comments, photos, content, and more data available on the visual app.

While the tool, Instagram scraper, allows you to scrape or download data from a user’s profile page, hashtag page, or any place on Instagram.

Extracting data using an automation tool is actually not-so-obeying the Instagram Term of Use.

The photo-sharing platform has enhanced its technology to develop anti-bot

Detecting crawlers, scrapers, and other automated bots accessing the app.

However, many users still extract data anyway.

Admit it or not, scraping is beneficial to set an accurate Instagram marketing strategy.

While it seems not really legal on Instagram’s side,

Web scraping is actually allowed in the US.

Important note: always use a proxy when doing the harvesting process.

It will prevent your IP to be banned by Instagram and bypass the anti-bot system.

Installing an Instagram VPN can also be a choice, but it’s safer using proxies, to be honest.

I explain all the differences in this article if you want to learn more about VPNs or Proxies for Instagram.

How does Instagram Scraping Work?

The tool or program you have created will run the data extraction based on your command or keywords.

Whether you want to compile data through hashtags, comments, or collect data from users, etc.

The process of harvesting Instagram followers using a self-made scraping program code
If you make your own data collector, the look will be like this.

For example, you insert a command to gather emails from users that has <2000 followers.

The software then extracts the data and saves it in a CSV or Excel file, depending on the tool.

There are many ways to scrape Instagram data: by making a scratch program on Phyton

Or using an Instagram Scraper.

Follow this guide to understand how to extract data from Instagram using Python.

Doing the latter is more efficient if you are not that passionate IT guy.

“Is that the only thing I can gain from installing an Instagram Scraper?”

No, there is a lot more. Check this out.

4 Reasons to Use an Instagram Scraper

An Instagram scraper indeed can help your data harvesting easier,

Plus protect your not-so-legal action from the visual app’s block list.

Once you gain the data, turn the numbers into helpful insights.

And now you can use many tools, including ChatGPT to Automate your scraping.

And not only for Instagram.

But let’s go back to our main priority here.

Here are more benefits of having an Instagram Scraper for your screen scraping.

1. Instagram Scraper helps streamline lead generation

If you run a business on Instagram, one of your goals must be lead generation.

Instagram scraper can shorten the process by gathering the information in a one-time collection.

By targeting the audience, you can reach out to them and convince them to be potential customers.

2. Update what’s your competitor doing with an Instagram Scraper

Screen scraping can help you update with market trends, yes.

Collect data from your competitors,

See what they are doing and learn what you can bring to the table.

Use the information to update your services for your customers.

Trust me, it will lift your business like crazy.

3. Instagram Scraper can be used to backup data for a site migration

By collecting important information,

You actually do a double job by backing up your data if anything happens in the future.

Especially if there are some changes,

backup data is very helpful to prevent any data loss.

4. A Scraper is the best to develop your Instagram marketing strategy

This is the ultimate benefit of an Instagram scraper.

The thing you can do with the software like select quality audience leads,

Analyze users’ comments under a specific post, 

Or even download followers’ information that you could engage with,

Can actually help you to create a more accurate marketing strategy on Instagram.

Important data like how people see your brand, how people react to competitors’ new product teasers, and more

Can help you decide on what kind of campaign you should run and what kind of users you should attract.

Can I scrape Instagram data with Python on Github?

As long as you can operate Phyton and make the program from scratch, then you’re free to go.

Take note that you should do it on a web application since it is the one that can be replicated.

Instagram’s web application version is developed using JavaScript,

Then you must render it and use headless browsers.

There is more than 300+ public repositories matching “Instagram Scraper” On Github

Choose wisely as Instagram has been making it harder and harder to scrape data in 2024.

Scrapers are often raising the InstagramLoginRedirectError either immediately or after just a few scrapes.

The thing is, you must understand fully how it works.

If you are a beginner at data extraction, I recommend using the already-made Instagram Scraper tools.

For efficiency and security.

Don’t risk your account a banning. Never.

Can I use Proxies instead to scrape Instagram data?

You can.

How does a proxy work between you and internet
💻 Proxy in the middle

But some proxy providers might not work well for data scraping.

Some can proceed with web harvesting but it might not bring all the data you need.

Even proxies can be detectable on Instagram, no matter how good the quality is.

To bypass the anti-bot system, it’s better to use software that focuses on scraping services.

My best advice: use the best, scraping-focused tools

That also provides good rotating proxies to power up the security.

My Advice: Use an Instagram Scraper to level up your Instagram marketing strategy in 2024

Scraping data might be questionable, but it’s very important for your growth strategy on Instagram.

It helps collect targeted quality information to define or answer a problem question.

Both from your own issue and the industry’s situation to check the market condition.

To run the process, an Instagram scraper is highly recommended if you can’t encode it on Github.

That’s okay, plus your job will be a lot easier, quicker, and safer.

This article just highlights the best parts of each software.

I suggest you do more research about the tool before actually using it.

You also need to make sure the features match your needs and your budget.

My ultimate tip: use the Free-Trial or pay-as-you-go option (for residential proxies only) to start

Check if the claims are not just claims and if it’s actually helpful for you.

But for me, the best tool possible for everyone: PhantomBuster.

It’s easy to use, compact, has a flexible payment option and is ultra-secure.

So give a try and you will get what you want from Instagram Data and way more.

A perfect combination to harvest data safely on Instagram.

Do you want us to review another tool? Let us know in the comments section.

Note: Contact us here and contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Is Instagram Scraping Legal?

From Instagram’s point of view, no. Instagram has set a rule not to use any automation on the app. When you do data scraping, it’s the same as violating Instagram’s Terms of Use. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the US court has actually decided that web scraping is legal.

How do you scrape followers’ data on Instagram?

Pick the method you want to run: installing an Instagram scraper or making a scraping program on your own. Once you decide, then set your goal, what kind of data you want to extract. After that, type the command or keyword on the software you are using, set the limit, and let it perform. Now you sit back and wait for the data to be delivered in CSV or Excel format.

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