Instagram SEO is essential for brands and businesses to increase their Posts, Stories, and Reels discoverability and reach. In this article, we will give you 7 tips for Instagram Search Engine Optimization usage in 2023 to boost your content visibility and get new relevant followers.

Are you finding a way to get your content seen by more people on Instagram?

Creating good-quality content is not enough.

You need to utilize Instagram Search Engine Optimization.

What’s the point of making a good product when you don’t know how to promote it?

Instagram SEO is the perfect AI booster to increase your content discoverability,

Guide of Instagram SEO with tips and tricks

And help your Posts & Reels get more reach.

But, what is exactly Instagram Optimization?

And how to use it properly to maximize your content visibility?

I will explain in this article, the definition of Instagram SEO and the 7 techniques to optimize your account.

Let’s dive in.

TL;DR: How to improve your SEO results on Instagram in 2023?

  1. Include keywords on your Instagram profile name
  2. Describe your Instagram Post with keywords-optimized Captions
  3. Insert Relevant Hashtags for your Instagram Posts, Stories, & Reels
  4. Use Alt Text to Your Instagram Posts
  5. Set your Map location for easier Instagram geographical searches
  6. Avoid producing low-quality content on Instagram
  7. Be consistent in creating niche content on Instagram

What is Instagram SEO?

You might know about SEO on search engines like Google, but have you ever heard the one that applies on Instagram?

The rules are the same but Search Engine SEO is more complex.

Applying Instagram SEO means optimizing your Instagram profile & content to rank higher on search results and suggested content feeds.

from search results on Instagram Explore Page to suggested content Feeds.

It is a part of the Instagram algorithm that sets the overall rules on how content should rank.

Instagram SEO search results for “blue sofa” on Explore Page
When optimized properly, your content will appear in the top 3 easily 😍

When someone types certain keywords on the Instagram search bar, they will find results,

And you want your content to appear on the top searches.

This is where Instagram SEO becomes essential.

It helps push your content to be seen by more eyes.

When it is achieved, you can gain more benefits like reaching a more relevant audience and gaining new followers.

But to perform Instagram SEO for your content, it is more than just hashtags and usernames,

Let’s see what makes your content SEO-friendly on Instagram.

What factors determine Instagram SEO ranking?

If there is ranking, there are factors affecting the position.

To be at the top rank on Instagram Explore Page,

you must know the requirements to conquer Instagram Search Engine Optimization. 

In fact, Instagram has spilled how they rank content to appear in the top queries on its app.

Here are the Instagram SEO parameters you should follow.

Instagram post’s relevance to the search query

When you type a “blue sofa”,

of course, you want the results to be filled with blue sofa images or videos.

That’s why Instagram sets the results to be matched with the text typed.

So, make sure to optimize your Instagram account with relevant keywords.

On your username, profile name, bio, captions, hashtags, and many more.

Instagram discovery results for the keyword “self-growth coach” on the search box
Only the account with specific keywords appear on a specific search.

You also need to do some research on what keywords are usually typed by people looking for content similar to yours.

That way, you will know the keywords to use and finally bring your content to the searcher.

User’s preferences over the Instagram content

Not only “raw” searches, but Instagram also considers users’ preferences to suggest the content they are looking for.

This includes the hashtags and accounts followed and interacted with and the posts viewed.

Content from an account or hashtag the user interacts with appear higher on the search results.

Look at the difference in the “skincare” search on an account that actively follows creators with skincare content,

Then the one who isn’t.

The account that follows and interacts with beauty creators gets their following on the top searches.

Instagram SEO search results for “skincare” on an account that follows beauty creators
The beauty creators you are following are on top.

Frankly speaking, Instagram will recommend the most relevant content for its users,

Including suggestions from the account you have enjoyed the content so much on the app.

When you actively engage with a profile, Instagram will read the sign as the relevant content for you.

And this is the account that begins to find beauty content and influencers to engage.

When you are new to the topic, the relevancy rule becomes a no big deal.

Instagram SEO search results for “skincare” who doesn’t engage with any beauty influencers
The results are completely different when you don’t engage with the topic at all.

Instagram SEO works differently for each user.

Just make sure you always make niche content and have a targeted audience for it.

Instagram content’s popularity

Apparently, you also need a high amount of engagement for your content to reach more people.

Content that is already high in likes, comments, and shares, uses popular hashtags & locations,

And also has many followers for the account, will most likely rank higher.

Instagram SEO setting to show popular content on the Explore Page’s top searches.
Top positions are a guarantee for content with high engagement.

If you need a shortcut tip for your content to be popular,

Posting at the best time is the perfect way to achieve it.

You can get the most attention from your audience.

And when it generates high engagement,

the optimization you put on your content will help boost the top Instagram suggestions,

Resulting in more reach and increased discovery

Why should you use Instagram Search Engine Optimization for your account?

To date, Instagram has 1.440 billion active users in the world and still counting.

Everyone is on Instagram pushing their own agenda, 

E.g. becoming influencers, selling products, expanding their business market, etc.

Instagram SEO is common knowledge and everyone uses it to fulfill their goal.

When you don’t optimize to enhance your content visibility, your content will flop.

If you are behind in the competition, you will easily lose the chance to win.

Most importantly, 83% of Instagram users utilize the app to search for products and services.

Instagram users’ most frequent activities on the app
Take advantage of the 83% or lose the game.

Plus, Instagram (and TikTok) is claimed as the new search engine for Gen Z.

There are so many people on Instagram wanting to discover new things

And you can’t miss the chance to showcase your content to them.

Instagram Optimization is the strongest bridge to bring your content to more audiences.

It shows your content to your Instagram Explore Page AND suggested Feed Posts.

The feed suggestion is based on the posts from the accounts you follow and similar posts you like or save.

Basically, applying a strong Instagram SEO strategy is like pushing your content to be seen everywhere on the visual app.

So, the answer is simple.

Use Instagram Optimization if you want to grow and stay relevant on the app.

Or die. (I mean your Account not you 😉)

7 Instagram SEO Tips to Increase Discoverability in 2023

There are many ways to be found on Instagram: on the Explore Page, Instagram search bar, or even suggested posts on Feeds.

Here is the kicker: optimize thoroughly with Instagram SEO.

On your profile name, captions, hashtags, and many more,

So you can be found in every way possible.

Here is how to do it.

Make your Instagram profile searchable with keywords

Your Instagram profile name is not just about your introduction.

It is also the best way to be discovered.

If you already established a well-known brand name, you can go with it.

If there’s room to include your niche keywords in it, don’t hesitate to add them.

Take a look at this example.

I typed “vegan food” and those two accounts appear on the search results.

Instagram user suggestions on search results under the keywords “vegan food”
Whether it’s on your username or profile name, keywords always matter.

There is no exact rule for optimizing your profile.

It can be your username, your profile name, or even your Bio.

You can describe your skills and offers, or explain what the audience can expect from your account using keywords in your bio.

Here are the best Instagram bio ideas to make a keyword-oriented bio.

Important note: don’t forget to put a link in bio for your Instagram if you want to monetize your IG account and generate more traffic & sales.

Describe your Instagram Post with keywords-optimized Captions

Adding keywords to your captions is a must.

If you never optimize your captions, it’s time to upgrade your Instagram copywriting.

When you can mix and match the keywords and write them harmoniously,

Trust me, it will increase your content visibility like crazy.

I typed “Instagram SEO tips” on the app and this is the result.

Instagram Explore Page post suggestions on search results under the keywords “Instagram SEO tips”
Adding the keywords to both your captions and video/image text is 🔥

Now let’s see what makes these results appear on your queries.

Let’s choose the first post on the left after the three Reels on top.

An Instagram Post using the keywords “Instagram SEO tips” on its captions
Stop doubting keywords, start using them to boost your content visibility 📈

Yes, it indeed uses the keywords I just typed.

With “only” 220 likes, the post can go up to first place (after Reels).

The SEO strategy will definitely boost your Instagram post to get more likes, as it deserves.

Insert Relevant Hashtags for your Instagram Posts, Stories, & Reels

Never forget the hashtags!

Previously, you can only search on Instagram using only usernames and hashtags.

Now, you can type everything and get the results you want.

But that doesn’t mean hashtags are useless today.

Hashtags still help users to find relevant content for them, as the keywords do.

I typed “workout routine” on the Instagram search bar and this Reel comes in second place (the middle).

An Instagram Reel post using the hashtag “Workout Routine”.
Hashtags are your big content reach booster!

The thing is: always use relevant hashtags.

Don’t put irrelevant or overly generic hashtags, rather mix well-known and specific ones.

That way your content is balanced with popular exposure + niche visibility.

Not sure what hashtags to use?

Here are the best hashtag generator tools you can use for your content optimization.

Use Alt Text to Your Instagram Posts

Alt Text is one of the key contributing factors to an article’s ranking on Google Searches,

And it also works that way for Instagram.

Instagram uses object recognition technology,

So describing your posts clearly with Alt Text will definitely help them be more visible.

To write the Alt Text, search for “Advanced Settings” on the last page before publishing a post.

Instagram Advanced Settings position in the final post editing page
The Advanced Settings is at the bottom of the overall menu.

After that, scroll down until you see “Write Alt Text” and click on it.

Then, describe clearly what the images are talking about, as specifically as possible.

Instagram Alt Text position in the advanced settings
Write the Alt Text with a very clear description.

If you have already posted the content and forgot to add the Alt Text, you can simply edit it directly on the post.

Pick on a post, go to the three dots on the top left of your post, and choose “Edit”.

The edit button in the Instagram published post setting.
The fastest way to fix your published post is the edit button~

After that, Instagram will display an editing dashboard like the image below.

Click on the “Edit Alt Text” and it’s time to write your description.

The Instagram Alt Text position on the already published post
Add/edit Alt Text and send your post to Instagram Explore Page🔍

Set your Map location for easier Instagram geographical searches

Don’t get me wrong, setting up your location also benefits your business.


Instagram has built searchable maps to discover local businesses.

Like Google Maps, you only need to type the city name and drag it around the map to search for nearby places.

Just go on Instagram Search Box, click the Maps icon on the right side, and there you go.

The maps icon position on the Instagram search bar
Finding a nearby burger restaurant is a no-brainer today 🍔

This is a perfect way to maintain a business presence on the app.

And also the best way to grow the local audience for your business.

To set up or creating a custom location on Instagram, it’s quite simple.

But it’s on Facebook that you have to make it happens.

  1. Sign in on the Facebook mobile app 
  2. Enable Location Services 
  3. Tap “Check In” from within the post status box  
  4. Type in your business name and add your location 
  5. Choose a category
  6. Select a physical geolocation
  7. Add any additional details and tap “Create”
  8. Claim your location

The IG system maps work with Apple and not Google.

It’s similar to Google Business Profile (ex: Google My Business)But instead of finding reviews for Google Guides, you will find Instagram Users’ posts. Top And Recent.

Still a good way to drive more traffic in stores and promote your business on Instagram.

Search results of nearby restaurants on the new Instagram Maps feature
Finding a nearby burger restaurant is a no-brainer today 🍔

Avoid producing low-quality content on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t suggest low-quality content for its users.

So, it’s very important to produce good quality ones.

Never make content that violates Instagram Community Guidelines,

Or else, your content will be stuck and not be promoted.

Also, don’t create inappropriate or sensitive content.

E.g. no clickbait, no exaggerating & misleading claims, and copied content.

When you have quality, SEO-optimized content,

Instagram has no choice but to promote your already good posts to more audiences.

Be consistent in creating niche content on Instagram

Last but not least, always be consistent with your work.

In this context, continue using the best SEO practices for Instagram,

And evaluate what can be improved.

Trust me, you can stuff Instagram Explore Page when you master the SEO tricks.

By maintaining your SEO strategy, you will gain continuous benefits for your business.

Not only more reach but performing Instagram SEO can help you grow a relevant audience that is genuinely interested in your content.

Our advice to use Instagram Optimization in 2023

Quality is a must but optimization is almost forgotten. So take advantage of it.

Trust me, it will help you a lot with your reach and visibility.

If not, just be ready to flop.

Your content will only have a stagnant number of engagements.

Giving very little impact on your business.

Instagram SEO is the go-to content booster for it to be seen by more people and more audiences.

When done properly, your content will definitely contribute tons of benefits to your business.

High content performance = business is good.

Plus, everyone on Instagram is optimizing. If you don’t join the game, you can’t compete.

And growing your Instagram account seems like just a dream.

Now, position yourself and set your mindset as that blogger guy who wants to make it at the top searches on Google.

Always optimize your content and balance by continuing to create good quality content.

It’s going to be a top-notch strategy to grow your Instagram account.

Read here to understand deeply every IG marketing strategy on Instagram marketing courses.

That’s it for today.

So, did you get good insights after reading this? Or do you have another pro tip for utilizing Instagram SEO?

Comment down below and share the information with others!

Note: Contact us here and contribute your thoughts about this topic and if you think we miss something to talk about.

Your questions about Instagram SEO, use the comments to ask more

How do you get a top rank on Instagram?

Perform Instagram Search Engine Optimization on your post, master the Instagram Algorithm, and don’t forget to keep producing good quality & engaging content. Also, pay attention to other notable Instagram tips, like publishing your content at the best time and maximizing the Reels usage.

Why my Instagram posts don’t reach my followers?

Many factors. It can be because you have violated the Instagram Community Guidelines so your content is being hidden. It can also lack content optimization. Or else, you just simply make low-quality content. Make sure to create good quality content first and master Instagram tips to get your posts more reach and visibility.

Is Instagram SEO part of the Instagram Algorithm?

Yes. The Instagram algorithm is the general programming that becomes the root of Instagram SEO ranking. Instagram’s algorithm takes any information on the app to determine the ranking of a keyword search result on the Explore Page. If you understand the algorithm, you will most likely master Instagram SEO.

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