Korean photography influencers are who you need to not only hone your photography skills but also grow your business in Korea.

Because Korean photography content creators will help you get better at getting familiar with cameras and photography gear.

And you’ll find many of these content creators as the Influencer Marketing Industry in Korea is keep growing

List of the best Influencers photographers in Korea

They will also help you to become an expert in taking photos and editing them.

And that’s what makes a Korean photographer and photography influencer different.

While both might have the same passion in the field, photography influencers share their work and knowledge with the public through social media.

They also inspire people by making use of their platforms to share the beautiful pictures they took.

I mean, who doesn’t love this idea?

Getting free inspiration and answers to your camerawork-related questions just by scrolling through your phone?

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Top 10 Photography Instagram Influencers in Korea in 2023

  1. Hans Photo – @hansfoto
  2. JongJu – @mightyworks_
  3. Yoon Jong-Woon – @yoon_the_road
  4. Taeyeong Eom – @taeyeong_foto
  5. Mae Choi – @mate_postit
  6. Ordinary Dogs Studio – @ordinarydogs_studio
  7. Chunok Photo Studio – @choon.ok
  8. Cho Hyeon-Soo – @sooo_film
  9. Yong Ju-Noh – @yong_ju_noh
  10. Boreum – @boreumss

If you are a business owner planning to grow in South Korea, photography influencers are also who you need.

Especially if your brand is meant for camerawork lovers in the country.

Because Korean photography influencers will help you introduce your products to their audiences.

Here are the 10 best Korean photography influencers on Instagram in 2023.

1. Hans – Established Travel Photographer & Influencer in Korea

Hans is a travel photography influencer in South Korea who is famous for the breathtaking photos he took.

He shows the world that Korea is not only about tall buildings and busy streets, but also home to many beautiful sceneries you can’t find anywhere else.

Fields of flowers, changing leaves, magical forests, cherry blossoms, and vast waters – they are all ready to welcome you on Han’s Instagram.

Also being a travel influencer on the side, Hans never forgets to attach the location at which he took his photos.

So, if you find yourself thinking, “I wanna go there,” you can just read Hans’ captions.

Following Hans is a must if you love both traveling and camerawork.

Working with Hans is also a must if you plan to reach his audience immediately.

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2. JongJu – South Korea’s Talented Portrait Photography Influencer

Next on the list, we have JongJu, a portrait photographer from Korea whose photos are always magazine-cover-worthy.

JongJu loves playing around with lighting and the surroundings.

His muses are mostly girls and JongJu never fails to portray their beauty through his lens.

Whether it is taken in a studio or outdoors, JongJu’s work always comes out mesmerizing.

Upon looking at his portfolio, we can understand why JongJu is the ultimate inspiration for aspiring portrait photographers in Korea.

Want to reach them? Connect with JongJu now and leverage his influence to grow your brand in the country.

3. Yoon Jong-Woon – Adventurous Travel & Photography Content Creator in South Korea

Yoon Jong-Woon is another travel influencer we have.

He loves traveling, even his username is “yoon_the_road” which represents how he is always on a trip.

Along the way, he makes sure to capture the beautiful views he saw and shares them on social media.

Yoon steps up his game by also using a drone so he can show his followers how captivating the views are from above.

The many colors of city life and nature he snapped make his feed looks pleasing to the eye.

Just like Hans, Yoon also provides information on places he visited in his posts.

Perfect if you want to travel to Korea and spend your time sightseeing there.

Yoon is also the perfect pick if you plan to target Korea’s traveling & photography lovers.

4. Mae Choi – Insightful Portrait Photography Influencer in South Korea

Do you need a photography influencer to teach you about all the technical stuff about cameras?

Follow Mae Choi now.

On YouTube, Mae breaks down all-things camera and gear, as well as camera & lens reviews & recommendations.

For example, he discusses why you should still use manual lenses, what camera to use, how to understand lighting, and which gear is worth buying.

This information is surely valuable for those who just started pursuing photography.

On his Instagram account, Mae mainly uploads photoshoot results which always look amazing.

Mae Choi is your choice to reach all the portrait photography lovers in Korea.

5. Taeyeong Eom – Experienced Photography Influencer in South Korea

Teyeong Eom is another influencer you must follow to get information about DSLR, mirrorless cameras, camerawork equipment, and Lightroom editing tutorials.

On his YouTube channel. Tae breaks down things to do after purchasing a camera, Lightroom tips you can’t miss, how to take better portraits, how to set up the iPhone 11 pro camera,

As well as how to pose, how to read lighting, and reasons why you need to buy a certain lens type.

Super complete, right?

Want to know how experienced he is? Try checking out his Instagram and scroll through.

Then, you’ll know why people listen to his advice and stick around to see his content.

For brand owners, Taeyeong is your ticket to growing in Korea and getting a hold of camerawork enthusiasts in the country.

6. Ordinary Dogs Studio – Dog Photographer & Content Creator in South Korea

Woof woof!

That’s probably the sound you’ll hear if you visit Ordinary Dogs Studio.

The studio specializes in taking cute and majestic dog pictures.

With their creativity, the team is ready to turn your dogs into models.

If you want to keep memories of your dogs through a professional photo shoot, come into this studio and see for yourself!

I promise you’ll love how everything turns out and end up recommending their service to fellow dog owners.

Ordinary Dogs Studio has quite a big following on Instagram which mainly consists of dog lovers.

Target them through the studio’s influence ASAP and watch your brand get recognized by many dog people in Korea.

7. Chunok Photo Studio – Korea’s Creative Product Photographer & Influencer

As a brand owner, taking good photos of your products is never an option, it’s a must.

That’s why you hire product photographers, Chunok being one.

His expertise in the field allows him to come up with never-seen-before concepts that will catch the eyes of your potential customers.

Chunok doesn’t just take photos. You can see his creativity comes to play in each of his pictures.

In his FAQ highlight, Chunok explains that he doesn’t work with a stylist or a retoucher. What?! He does that all by himself?

With his talents, no wonder he is trusted by many companies, including candle, cosmetic, food, and snack brands (and many more).

Chunok is also trusted by many as an inspiration for product photoshoots.

The Instagram influencer can totally be your gate to target many product photography learners in Korea.

8. Cho Hyeon-Soo – Korea’s Inspiring Couple Photography Influencer

Cho Heyon-Soo is the photographer who experts in capturing romantic moments of couples.

You can see raw and candid pictures of many pairs dancing, laughing, and overall just being in love.

Many couples in Korea have trusted Hyeon-Soo to freeze their meaningful moments in photographs, including weddings, engagements, and proposals.

And Hyeon-Soo always serves the best for them. Capturing two people being lovestruck with each other is Hyeon-Soo’s specialty after all.

Wanna reach the romantic couple photography lovers in Korea? I highly recommend you work with Hyeon-Soo now!

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9. Yong Ju-Noh – Multi-Talented Photography Influencer in Korea

Yong Ju-Noh is a photographer who used to take photos of freedivers in Korea.

Now, he began to take more photos of objects and landscapes around him.

His skill range also allows him to capture family and wedding photos for many Korean citizens.

One thing that I think describes him the most is multi-talented.

Whatever the type of photography is, Ju-Noh’s pictures always turn out good and professional.

Not only has he succeeded in documenting heartwarming moments but he also has inspired his followers when it comes to photography.

Yong Ju-Noh is your gate to reach many aspiring photographers in Korea.

10. Boreum – Rising Photography Influencer from South Korea

Boreum is a rising nano camerawork influencer in Korea.

He utilizes YouTube to share professional hacks and tips to take better photos.

There, Boreum chats about color composition, and how to edit your photos using either Lightroom or Photoshop.

Boreum also shows you how to make your photos look more professional and Instagram-worthy through editing.

Fans love Boreum because he explains everything so simply and clearly. 

Just watch his videos on YouTube and you’ll know what I mean.

Boreum’s content is needed by many photo-editing enthusiasts in Korea.

And if you think they are who you want to target, then consider working with Boreum ASAP.

Ready to work with Korean photography influencers?

You must be.

Because of the content and helpful information they provide, many photography enthusiasts in Korea follow their advice.

Once they endorse your brand, their audiences will be familiar with it, hence increasing your brand awareness in no time. 

They truly are your gate to reach many camerawork lovers in the country.

What a promising opportunity!

One thing to always remember, though.

Choose the influencer whose niche will portray your brand the best and whose audience you want to reach.

I believe that this is not a complicated task for you. 😉

Once you take this step, then your brand is ready to thrive in Korea through influencer marketing.

Want to work with other Korean influencers?

Check out our articles covering South Korean influencers here:

With our reliable lists, whoever you end up working with will immensely help your brand in many ways.

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