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Top 10 Male Influencers Singapore in 2023 – The latest list of the most famous Singaporean guys

Engaging male influencers in Singapore for paid partnerships is a great opportunity for brands to target the local audience.

A sponsorship with a top male influencer in Singapore could set your start-up brand on accelerated brand growth, considering Singapore’s tightly-knit population.

Think about how much more sales and consumers your brand will gain simply because a top influencer posted a picture promoting your brand.

Just like how female influencers in Singapore target their own niche, male influencers in Singapore have a different niche.

male singapore influencers top

Of course, all influencers have different audiences.

This is why we bring you this complete, up-to-date list of top male influencers in Singapore that are versatile and have a wide audience demographic.

Top 10 Male Influencers in Singapore in 2023

  1. Benjamin Kheng – @benjaminkheng
  2. Jian Hao Tan – @thejianhaotan
  3. Desmond Tan – @thedesmondtan
  4. Daniel Ang – @iamdanielang
  5. Jason Chee – @thejasonchee
  6. Seth Lui – @sethluicious
  7. Taufik Batisah – @taufikbatisah
  8. Brad Lau – @ladyironchef
  9. Leslie Tay – @ieatishootipost
  10. Andie Chen – @andiechen

1. Benjamin Kheng – Singaporean Musician, Actor, and Influencer

Benjamin Kheng is a Singaporean influencer and musician, with 200k followers.

He is part of the Singaporean band The Sam Willows, which is hugely successful in Singapore.

He is an ideal influencer for many brands as he is versatile, with great content diversity.

He is active on Instagram, Tiktok, AND YouTube!

Subscribe to his YouTube channel on his Instagram bio!


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With very high influencer scores on both Instagram and TikTok, his engagement rate is high and has a high growth rate as well.

If you work with him, your brand will definitely benefit from the quality audience who are highly interactive.

2. Jian Hao Tan – Famous Singapore-based Youtuber, Influencer

Jian Hao Tan is a Singaporean Youtuber turned Instagram Influencer.

With 4 million subscribers on Youtube, he’s the most famous Singaporean youtuber, and has become a household name.

With a loyal following that never stops growing, Jian Hao Tan’s fame and influence is strong.

A powerful influencer with high performance rates and engagement with his followers, he’s a stellar influencer.

Next up is Desmond Tan, a Singaporean actor-turned-influencer.

3. Desmond Tan – The Lion City well-loved Actor, Influencer

Desmond Tan is a Singaporean top actor and influencer.

Due to his highly successful acting career, he’s a well-known actor amongst Singaporeans.

He brought his fame online to Instagram as well and has a loyal fanbase on Instagram!

With 200k followers on Instagram, his Instagram page is excellently managed with high quality posts.

Desmond Tan is definitely a celebrity influencer your brand should work with ;)

Next up is Daniel Ang, a Singaporean actor and influencer.

4. Daniel Ang – Rising Instagram Influencer in Singapore

Daniel Ang is an Instagram influencer and all-rounded artiste.

From acting, singing and performing, he’s gained a fan base on Instagram with 40k followers.

This rising influencer is also highly versatile with sponsorships – from tech to personal services and food and more.

Daniel Ang is definitely a rising influencer you’d want to add to your list.

Next up is Jason Chee, a fitness influencer in Singapore.

5. Jason Chee – Singapore-based male Influencer, Fitness Inspiration

Jason Chee is a Singaporean fitness influencer and personal trainer.

As an athlete, youtuber and fitness trainer, he has gained a loyal community of fitness enthusiats.

At 40k followers, he’s a true #fitspo for many Singaporeans.

His Instagram feed is filled with photos of his muscular physique and photos at the gym.

Lifestyle brands, try reaching out to sponsor him some gymwear or casual outfits.

Jason Chee is serious about taking good care of his body, so healthy food enterprises and personal care services should give it a shot to work with this influencer.

Speaking about food, up next is a Singaporean food blogger, Seth Lui.

6. Seth Lui – Food Blogger, Influencer from Singapore

Seth Lui is a famous food blogger and reviewer in Singapore.

Trusted by Singaporeans to produce quality reviews various cuisines in Singapore

He’s a reputable and famous influencer for foodies.

As an influencer, he’s an ideal food blogger due to his reputation and influence among food lovers in Singapore.

Next up is Taufik Batisah, a famous Singaporean musician and influencer.

7. Taufik Batisah – Singaporean Musician, Entrepreneur, Influencer

Taufik Batisah is a famous top local musician who’s also influential on Instagram.

From his highly successful music career, Taufik Batisah has became a household name amongst Singaporeans.

His fame continues to thrive online as well, as he easily turned into an influencer on Instagram with 300k followers and counting.

As a husband, restaurant owner and property advisor – Taufik Batisah is indeed talented with versatile skills.

Which brand wouldn’t want to work with him?

Up next is Brad Lao, a foodie influencer in Singapore.

8. Brad Lao – Singapore-based Food Blogger, Influencer

Brad Lao, also known as the founder of the famous food blog Ladyironchef is a famous influencer in Singapore for his endless food reviews.

All restaurants and eateries in Singapore? He’s tried and reviewed them

Brad Lao is the go-to person for every Singaporean who’s looking for new food to try!

He’s a famous and reputable food blogger and is the top influencer to partner with for food businesses.

Next up is another food blogger – Dr. Leslie Tay.

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9. Leslie Tay – The Lion City Food Reviewer, Influencer

Dr Leslie Tay, also known famously for his food reviews on @ieatishootipost is a Singaporean food reviewer-turned-influencer.

A well-known food blogger in Singapore with thousands of food reviews across various cuisines.

Singaporeans love eating, which is why his Instagram page is every Singaporean’s go-to place to find new eateries to dine at.

If your business is new to the F&B industry, a sponsorship with Dr Leslie Tay would boost your social presence and gain more sales.

It’s because Singaporeans are constantly looking for new and underrated restaurants, Dr Leslie Tay does not limit sponsorships to major food chains.

This is a great opportunity for new start-up food establishments or F&B businesses with a lack of social presence.

10. Andie Chen – Singaporean Actor, Host, and Influencer

Andie Chen is a Singaporean actor, host and vlogger.

With his fame on television throughout his career, he has also established an online community and is an Instagram influencer, too!

Andie Chen’s Instagram feed is full of pictures and content with his family.

If your brand is looking to target families, or parents with kids – Andie Chen is the perfect influencer you’re looking for!

Note how he has partnerships with Hansaplast, Giant Singapore, and even Cetaphil.

His partnerships are versatile – any brands that support his parenting journey and lifestyle are a yes for him.

Family-friendly brands, make sure to keep Andie Chen on your list of Instagram influencers ;)

Final Thought on Male Influencers in Singapore in 2023?

And that’s it!

Now, your brand would be up-to-date with the latest top male influencers in Singapore.

Always remember, it’s important to consider niche and audience when choosing an influencer to work with.

All these top influencers are outstanding in their own ways, you should find the influencer who best represents your brand

And of course, the best influencer for your business is one that best achieves your brand’s marketing goals.

Now, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to start your influencer marketing on Instagram if your brand has yet to do it.

Continue to read if you want more insights about Influencer Marketing Industry in Singapore

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