Instagram Mass DM or Bulk messaging to your followers is the easiest way to send the exact same message to many people using Instagram Direct Messages. For brands & businesses, mass messaging can result in increased engagement & loyalty, awareness about your new offers, and sales. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to send mass DM on Instagram at once to your followers.

There is 2 great tools on the market for Instagram DM Automation and Mass MessagingManychat & Inflact

Have you ever imagined spending a shorter time sending one message to your followers?

No more wondering, you can do it with a bulk message sender.

Say goodbye to the tiring one-by-one message delivery.

  1. Open the Instagram bulk messenger dashboard
  2. List all the followers you want as receivers of the mass message
  3. Write your message & customize some words
  4. Send your broadcast

Instagram Direct Messages is the best place to build trust with your audience.

Instagram DM Lists are like email blasts for your Instagram inbox (but with higher open rates)

Basically you can Send newsletters, daily challenges, last-minute offers and more and it’s super easy to schedule and send.

When communicating well on DM,

You raise the possibility of getting or maintaining loyal customers for your business.

From informing your news releases to responding to any customer inquiries,

Your followers need an answer.

Don’t let any chance slide and make your customer love your service assistant.

Here is the guide to delivering bulk messaging to many users on Instagram DM.

This guide uses one of the best Instagram bots to do the task, Inflact.

Safety and protection from Instagram spam detection are a guarantee when using this automation tool.

Let’s dive in.

4 Easy steps to send Mass DM on Instagram

The best way to send a broadcast message at once is

Through the help of a bulk message sender.

Here are the 4 steps to bulk messaging on Instagram DM:

  1. Open the Instagram mass messenger
  2. List all the followers you want to send a DM with
  3. Write your message
  4. Send your DM broadcast

In this guide, I will use Inflact as the best mass messenger so far.

It provides Bulk Messaging options, a service that automatically sends one message to several followers.

Bulk messaging service from a mass messenger tool
To 10 or 10.000 followers, it doesn’t matter. Inflact will send it all safely.

The automation tool is safe and easy to use, keeping you away from Instagram’s anti-bot radar.

Let’s go through the steps.

Open the Instagram bulk messenger dashboard

First of all, make sure you’re signed up on Inflact before using the services.

Then, open your dashboard.

From there, open the “Direct” tab and select Bulk Messaging.

List all the followers you want as the receivers of the mass message

Before broadcasting the message, list every user you want to send the message with.

To make the list, add labels for each follower.

For example, you have a group of users to whom you want to send new product releases.

Or the one that you want to remind about your discounts on some products, and more.

This group will be the target receiver of your broadcast message.

Follower labeling for bulk messaging
Add any label you want and send different messages to each.

Write your bulk message & customize some words

Now it’s time to write your message.

You can add your template greeting and call-to-action and fill in the blank parts.

Important note: pick your target receivers before writing the message.

For example, choosing all the active threads/labels like this.

Mass DM messaging composing on a bulk message sender
Write as engaging as ever so the followers won’t see it as spam.

Send your broadcast message

Once you have made all needed for the message,

Tap the “Activate” or “Send” button to broadcast the message simultaneously.

Now, your message is ready to be in your followers’ DM.

Can I send a mass message directly on Instagram?

Unfortunately, no.

Instagram does not have a feature for mass messaging or forwarding DM’s.

But as I’m here to help, consider using a reliable Instagram messaging tool like Inflact to make the Mass DM possible.

However, sending a bulk message on Instagram directly will be done manually and take longer.

As the visual app doesn’t provide any tool to send many messages at once.

In fact, Instagram doesn’t support sending bulk messages as it is considered spam.

If you want to stick to Instagram’s Rules, the option is two:

Send the message manually one by one to your target followers.

Or create a group and broadcast the message once.

My advice: avoid the second option as creating a group without the user’s consent is unethical.

Users will also see it as a spam message, rather than informational or helpful.

If you are on their side, you will react the same way, right?

What is mass messaging on Instagram?

Mass or Bulk messaging is a method of sending the same message to multiple users on Instagram at the same time.

The list of mass messaging receivers on a bulk message sender
Just need one click to send all messages~

Aside from making your job easier, mass messaging helps maintain communication with your followers

And also, increases your customer service.

Instagram Direct Messages is the right place to be close to your followers.

Especially when the platform upgrades DM with more fun features like sharing Music, Polls, etc.

However, Instagram limits up to 5 message forwards you can send on DM.

Imagine you have lots of messages with the same question to respond to,

And you can only answer 5 of them.

This is why this method is very useful if you run a business with lots of existing customers,

Or a content creator that needs to send plenty of DMs in a day.

But since Instagram doesn’t support the method, can Instagram users actually use it?

Is sending a broadcast message at once safe for your account?

It will be safe if you use trusted and secure Instagram automation.

If not, your account will automatically be flagged for performing ‘spam’ behavior.

If you are one of the victims of Instagram spam messages, read this guide to filter, stop, & report.

In this case, picking the right mass messenger is crucial to proceed with the work.

As for Inflact, the automation supports the Spintax format of messages.

It means, your messages will be randomized.

When you write a single message, it will be edited in a way by Inflact for it to seem like you send different & unique messages.

This way, Instagram won’t block your actions.

If you still doubt the service, you can secure your account with a VPN or Proxy

When activating the automation on your Instagram account.

Check out the best Instagram VPN or Proxies from our picks, the safest for your automation.

Why is bulk messaging on Instagram important for your business?

While it looks “forbidden” to do,

Doing bulk messaging actually benefits businesses very much on the photo-sharing app.

And be sure that reply to Instagram Comments when you are a company it’s damn important.

Example of a reply to an Instagram Comment made by a brand.
Reply to comments it’s like DM. They are important.

Apart from helping with your job,

It also helps maintain customer loyalty by regularly telling the customers about your new products, promos, discounts, etc.

When many are interested in your offer, it possibly raises your sales.

It is also the way you engage with followers in a more intimate way,

Later improving the trust and loyalty of the customers.

There is always a benefit in the efficient work from automation.

For better business results, I suggest you try out mass messaging from now on.

Or spend 2 hours wasting your time on ‘mere’ message delivery,

While you can use it to plan your future marketing strategy.

Our Take: Start sending mass messages at once to accelerate your business on Instagram

Bulk messaging might be against Instagram Rules,

But it indeed brings so many benefits for brands & businesses.

It’s basically one of the best strategies to grow your business on Instagram.

It saves time and helps you increase sales.

A mass message can also maintain your customers’ trust & loyalty.

It’s 2024 and you should make use of it ASAP.

Just make sure you choose the right automation for the broadcast message.

In this case, Inflact is our only choice as it has a Spintax system

Where it customizes your message so it will be arranged & sent as a different & unique message.

That way, you are safe from Instagram spam detection,

And you can send any mass message anytime.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have other ways to beat the Instagram DM limit to send mass messages at once? Comment down below.

Note: Contact us here and contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

More Questions about Mass DM on Instagram?

Can I get banned from sending too many messages on Instagram DM?

No, it’s not that fatal issue. Instagram only allows 5 message forwards per day, if you get caught exceeding the limit, you will get a notice of Instagram limitation message. It will restrict you from sending more chats on DMs for a period of time. The best tip not to get caught: use automation to send messages beyond Instagram’s restrictions.

Why is my Instagram DM blocked?

If you get the notice “You’re temporarily blocked”, it means Instagram flags your account because of sending unwanted direct messages, exceeding the DM limit, or any other indication of spam activities. This mostly happens to users performing direct message automation. This is why it’s highly recommended to pick the best tool that doesn’t trigger the Instagram spam alert.

How do you bypass the DM limit on Instagram?

Use a safe & secure bulk message sender to send beyond Instagram DM limitations. If you want a more natural method, answer any chat you received on the day right away and save the rest of the messages to be replied to the next day. However, if you receive daily messages in a large number, it’s better to use an Instagram bot for mass messaging.

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