Outsourcing Instagram marketing can make you feel anxious, and worried. But, as you would guess, doing so, can change many things around your business. Here’s an end-to-end simplified guide to outsourcing Instagram marketing.

Instagram is one of the most effective social media tools of the decade.

From building strong brand awareness to gaining engagement with customers, Instagram is at the forefront.

With more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, businesses with a strong online presence make the right mark!

If you are a business owner trying to prove your products relevant and right for your customers’ requirements, Instagram marketing is for you!

But if you have been doing all the business hustle yourself,

And starting to feel that there’s too much on your plate recently, you must consider Outsourcing Instagram marketing.

It will help you streamline the process.

Furthermore, it will also help you make decisions quickly, efficiently, and in a pocket-friendly way!

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Why should you outsource your Instagram marketing in 2023?

Have you been looking for potential benefits of outsourcing social media marketing?

Here are some pin-pointed advantages of doing it, proving why it’s almost time you do it too:

1. Outsourcing Instagram marketing will saves your time

Outsourcing saves your business time.

It allows you to focus your efforts on more important things such as growing your company and increasing profits.

2. Outsourcing Instagram marketing brings more creativity

Outsourcing tasks like photo editing and banner designing that require creativity and attention can be a good option.

This can help bring in new ideas and creative solutions for projects.

3. Outsourcing Instagram marketing introduces you to social media experts

You may not be familiar with Instagram marketing.

Social media experts can help you in using these platforms effectively,

Like leveraging Reels or working with influencers.

They can also provide valuable insights into what works best for your business.

4. Outsourcing Instagram marketing enhances social media content

When an expert handles your social media, the content will be better and the overall engagement will improve.

5. Hiring an outsourced Instagram marketing team pulls off consistent work

Consistency is key to Instagram marketing.

Even if you start out great, it is impossible to maintain traction because you have so many other business tasks to complete.

It’s always better to hire someone who will be consistent in their approach. 

What are the main Challenges of outsourcing your Instagram Marketing?

It’s always a good idea to know the other side of every coin.

Outsourcing Instagram is a huge decision to make.

And by knowing its common pitfalls, you can only keep your social channel in safer hands.

Here are a few challenges you must consider before outsourcing:

  1. Not finding the right service providers: To get outsourcing right, it is crucial to choose the right fit. There are many companies that offer Instagram services. Choosing the right service provider can be overwhelming.
  2. Not finding like-minded content creators: Sometimes, you’ll find great agencies but their approach won’t match yours.
  3. Lack of communication: Collaboration requires communication, which is a key component of outsourcing. The lack of communication and lack of knowledge about the progress of outsourced teams can be a challenge.
  4. Poor quality of content: If you’re outsourcing, you need to ensure that the content created is high quality. Otherwise, it could affect your brand image.
  5. Inconsistency: Even if promised at the beginning, outsourced teams may fail to deliver consistent work, which makes working with them difficult.
  6. Too much effort from your end: Oftentimes, you put more effort into the project than the outsourced team, making them ineffective.
  7. Low ROI: All or some of the above-mentioned challenges can result in a low ROI and failure of your outsourced project.

6 Ways to Outsource Instagram Marketing in 2023

By having the right control over your business, here’s how you can do outsourcing in the very right way:

1. Be aware of your goals before outsourcing Instagram marketing and what you wish to achieve

Clearer goals lead to brighter success.

Making your social media agency understand your marketing goals is necessary.

Give them a clear picture of what you wish to accomplish and what you define as ‘growth’.

Offer your service provider a list of goals, tangible and intangible targets, and expected deliverables.

By communicating it, achieving project objectives becomes easier.

It is a matter of fact that, your Instagram can be high performing, only if you can transmit your very own business approach to the people you are hiring.

2. Pra-outsourcing: document your Instagram marketing strategy

Your social media manager must also know your marketing strategy thoroughly.

Instagram’s marketing strategy considers several factors.

Namely, the target audience, target keywords, hashtags, schedule time, and so on.

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The social media marketing agency must know its scope of work, your style of work, brand regulations, work process, ad frequency, and timeline.

By giving a clear idea of these factors, content creation and Instagram management can become stress-free, and productive.

It can also reduce a huge chunk of your effort in Instagram management.

3. Establish a unique brand image & voice before submitting your Instagram marketing campaign to the outsourced team

Your audience knows and loves you for some unique factors.

Every Instagram marketing campaign must emit what your brand is known for.

But, for it to happen, you must establish your unique brand voice, and brand image. Why? 

Because it represents the purpose of your brand.

By achieving it, the social media management agency can drive all efforts in the right direction. 

Having a consistent brand image and brand voice can pump out maximum online success through your Instagram marketing.

4. List the tasks from the Instagram marketing strategy you need to outsource

Instagram marketing is a project in itself.

You must know the strategic areas of work you wish to keep to yourself and the areas you need to outsource.

Start by making a list of activities that are easy to handle and can be handled easily by an external team or a freelancer.

You may still choose to build the editorial calendar and content by yourself. And outsource the following activities:

  • Photography: Instagram is a visual platform. If you want to build your brand, you need to create beautiful photos for Instagram. Professional Instagram photographers can help you achieve this. They know how to capture great images that look natural and real. Professional photographers also understand the importance of lighting and composition.
  • Video Editing: Your videos should be edited well before they are posted on Instagram. A professional editor will make sure that every aspect of your video is perfect. From editing to sound mixing, they can take care of everything.
  • Content Writing: Content writing is another important part of Instagram marketing. When you have a good content writer who understands your brand, you can get more followers and likes.
  • Scheduling posts: This task requires a lot of planning. You must plan when you post each day, week, month, etc. Hiring a professional scheduler can save you from doing this manually.
  • Hire an expert for Running ads on Instagram: Instagram Ad campaign professionals know which type of ads works best for your business. They also know how to use the features of Instagram effectively.
  • Follower engagement activities (quizzes, polls, questions) outsourcing: These activities require a lot of research. For example, if you’re running a quiz, you’ll need to find the right questions. You can outsource the research tasks for this kind of engagement activity.
  • Communicating with clients (DMs and comments): It is very important for businesses to respond to our customers’ messages on social media. By doing this, they will know how much they are valued. If you do not have the time to do this on your own, you can outsource it.
  • Analysis of results: Have someone regularly analyze your Instagram marketing campaign’s results. As a result, you can calculate the ROI and change the strategy if necessary.

These activities can be less challenging for the outsourced team. But it can save lots of time for you and your entire team.

5. Choose an Instagram marketing outsourcing agency or freelancer

Choosing the right set of people to take up your Instagram marketing is important.

It is directly related to your online track record and hence can be sensitive.

Here are a few factors to consider while choosing social media professionals to handle your Instagram account:

  • Experience and Expertise: Deep dive into their work. Get to know their style of work, years of experience, and areas of expertise.
  • Portfolio and Social Proof: Trust not the words but the proofs. Thoroughly examine their work portfolio, website, and social media channels. Look out for the authenticity of their past work. Go ahead only if, everything about them impresses you.
  • Client Testimonials: Testimonials from clients are a great piece of proof for you. Analyzing their testimonials can tell you a lot about, what path you are about to take.
  • Responsiveness: Check how prompt, efficient, and positive they are at work. You can do it by assigning them some tasks as sample work.
  • Budget: Choosing the best services that you can afford is a wise choice to make. It is a good idea to welcome multiple proposals and also to negotiate if needed. 

6. Review the finished Instagram marketing campaign done by the outsourced team

Perfection is a result of continual improvement.

And improvement in work from your outsourced team can come only through your feedback.

Keeping track of the campaign goals, targets, and deadlines of marketing efforts can be beneficial.

It can sharpen your future social media performance.

Also, by doing so, your outsourced team doesn’t feel alien at work.

Make sure you review varied factors of work from time to time and do not create a review pattern. 

Start outsourcing a dedicated team to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign

Outsourcing is an essential aspect of business, yet it is also challenging due to the huge number of service providers.

You need to find the right outsourcing company for your needs and budget.

And so, it needs to be done with a clear vision.

Communicating your vision, goals, and targets to the newly found team is necessary.

And above all, choosing a team that is a good brand fit, and is experienced is advantageous in a long run!

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