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11 Reasons to use Instagram for your business in 2022. Why using Instagram for your Brand?

Here is a list of 11 reasons why your brand should be on Instagram in 2022 – if it doesn’t have an Instagram business page yet.

Instagram is increasingly important especially to drive business sales online on social media.

Instagram isn’t just to post fun pictures and videos

It’s the best way to market your brand in the digital age.

Keep your products selling and your business afloat

Grow your business from a small business to a million dollar business.

With proper content creation and account management on Instagram

Your business will reap many benefits including business growth, sales boost and more.

Why should businesses be on Instagram?

Why Instagram?How Instagram helps your business
Keep up with the worldEveryone’s on Instagram. Why aren’t you?
Instagram Shop Feature Instagram has a shop function which helps your brand get more sales.
Competitor AnalysisCompetitor analysis – find out what they’re doing on Instagram
Customer ServiceManage your customers not just offline, but on Instagram too
It’s BasicEvery consumer expects a business to be on Instagram too
Get more customersGrow your consumer base on Instagram
Brand GrowthInstagram posts generate more sales, helping your brand grow
Reputation ManagementBuild a good reputation online
Work with InfluencersInfluencers on Instagram help to boost your brand sales
Go ViralInstagram is the no.1 place to go viral and famous.

If you’re still hesitant on using Instagram for your business, we’ve listed 11 reasons why your brand should be on Instagram business.

1. Customers expect brands to use Instagram

Be it your competitors, customers or future clients.

They’re all on Instagram.

You need to keep up with social media and establish your presence on social media.

Being on social media is considered a basic expectation

On the contrary, not being on Instagram might make your brand appear old-fashioned.

There are so many new opportunities for brand growth if you open an Instagram page, so why not?

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2. Increase Sales with Instagram Shop

Instagram allows businesses to add a product tag to their posts.

This allows users to tap on a photo and shop directly the products featured in the post.

When users click on the product, the “shop” function in Instagram appears – and then there’s a call-to-action button to your website.

Not only does this help buyers shop the exact product in the Instagram posts directly,

It also helps your business generate sales and website clicks just by simply sharing a post on Instagram.

What a neat way to convert Instagram followers to customers!

3. Keep Up-To-Date with the latest trends

With Instagram, trends in fashion are evolving rapidly.

Memes blow up overnight and the next week, you see other brands releasing new designs based on the latest memes and trends.

If you’re not on Instagram, your brand will either completely miss out on the memes and trends – or find out about it a week too late.

Be ahead of the competition by spotting trends and acting on it quickly before others do.

Which brings us to the next point.

4. Keep up with Competitors

Competitor analysis shouldn’t just be done on their website or news.

You can conduct competitor analysis based on their Instagram management strategy.

If your competition is on Instagram and your brand isn’t

Chances are is that you’ve lost to your competitor already in terms of reach to the younger audiences.

After all, Instagram marketing is getting even more relevant and important during a pandemic, where sales have gone online.

Find out what your competitors are doing on Instagram – their hashtag strategy, how they promote their products

And adjust your Instagram strategy to make your brand’s strategy better than the competition!

5. Customer Service on Instagram business

Customers love to upload reviews on brands’ products on their Instagram Stories or posts.

Whenever a customer posts a positive review or simply an Instagram story with a picture of your brand products

Simply resharing the customers’ Stories would make them super happy.

It’s a way to improve customer retention – customers love being noticed by brands on Instagram.

On the other hand, if a customer has queries or issues with products

They’ll find it much more convenient to contact your brand through Instagram – Direct Messages or even by commenting on your posts.

It’s a much faster option for customers – instead of searching for your brand’s customer service contact information through the website

It’s quicker to simply send a Direct Message on Instagram.

6. It’s the basic expectation for businesses

Come on now, customers expect all brands to be on Instagram.

Keep up with the times – there isn’t any brand that isn’t on Instagram.

Food, fashion, services, anything under the sun.

Maybe they exist but they’re not doing as well as their competition that are on Instagram.

Even if your target consumer isn’t from a younger age demographic

It’s important to be on Instagram – it shows that your brand is up-to-date with technology.

7. Expand your customer base

Even if your target consumer isn’t on Instagram

Their children, relatives and friends might be.

Let’s say you’re selling a service or product catering to a specific target consumer.

Others who are outside of your target may come across your brand and recommend it to people in your target niche who need your product or service.

Word-of-mouth can help your brand gain more customers through referrals from friends and family.

8. Grow your brand with Instagram business

There are many brands that succeed simply by operating on Instagram.

Yes, brands can go famous and become million-dollar companies just by having an Instagram business account.

Take Hi-Smile for example.

Their excellent Instagram marketing and community management is what made them so successful now.

Even if your brand doesn’t become a million-dollar success overnight

You’ll surely see a growth in customers quickly, as long as your Instagram marketing strategy and community management is done right.

9. Manage your Brand Reputation Online

When there’s buzz about your brand online, be it positive or negative

It’s important to manage it well.

You can also build a reputation on Instagram if you weren’t able to establish on effectively through your website.

If your brand supports a social cause, post about it on Instagram and show your support to these social causes using trending hashtags.

Your brand will be easily known as a brand who stands up for these social causes simply because you posted about it on Instagram.

Since press news are on Instagram as well, it’s a good opportunity for news publications to tag your brand’s Instagram page whenever an article is written about your brand.

This will drive traffic to your brand’s Instagram page

Therefore helping your brand grow in followers and customers!

10. Work with influencers for Instagram business

What’s trending? Content made by influencers.

Believe it or not, a single collaboration with an Instagram influencer can drastically increase your brand’s sales.

Influencers are incredibly powerful in getting their community to support a brand simply by posting a review of a brand’s products.

Yes, influencers are indeed influential.

11. Go viral and famous on Instagram business

If your brand isn’t well-known yet, Instagram is a huge opportunity for your brand to go viral and famous.

Reels, IGTV and video content often go viral easily.

You don’t always need a huge following to go viral.

As long as the content your brand puts out are unique.

Be it an Instagram dance challenge, a witty video or just something that’s different.

Your brand stands a chance at going viral on Instagram.

That means more customers, brand awareness and growth.


After learning about these benefits of an Instagram page for businesses

i’m sure you’d be appealed to start your own Instagram page for your brand or business.

It’s not that easy to succeed on Instagram, though.

You’ll need to learn how to create a perfect Instagram content strategy

And manage your Instagram page well

With proper content creation and management on Instagram

Your brand will surely do well and grow on Instagram.

Business growth, not only offline but online as well!

We wish you all the best in your Instagram business journey.

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