How to download Instagram stories, step by step guide

Downloading Instagram Story and Highlights is the best way to keep someone’s IG Stories you like. You can store it for memories or make it as an inspiration to create Stories for your business. In this article, I will use Inflact to give you a guide on how to save any Instagram Story in Highlights to your device.

Want to keep that aesthetic Instagram Story of your friend?

Here is the thing: use an Instagram Story downloader.

It will help you save and store anyone’s IG Story on any Highlights on your device.

Especially when Instagram Story disappears after 24 hours,

The downloader lets you have a second copy of your friend’s IG Story.

Say goodbye to the low-quality Instagram Story screenshot.

You will get the best quality Insta Stories instead, like the original poster.

Keeping your memorable moments with your loved ones is possible with the best Instagram Story saver in hand.

To give you a clear tutorial, here is a step-by-step guide on

How to download any Instagram story highlights in 2023 and save them for your own.

Let’s go.


Use Inflact to save any Stories on Instagram Highlights for free with the best quality images & videos.

How to save Instagram Story Highlights to your camera Roll? iPhone & Android in 4 steps

Here is how to download Instagram Story Highlights to your phone:

To start the tutorial, prepare your smartphone.

The web-based browser we’re gonna use: Inflact is available on both iPhone and Android.

It is FREE and very easy to use.

You can also use any browser you like, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, or anything.

Now, let’s start with the first step.

Find the Instagram account with the Highlight Stories

Since Story Highlights are only available on the user’s profile, you must know the username.

Discover the account and open each Highlight menu to find the Story you want to download.

Or just pay attention on the Highlights cover that represents the Story’s content.

Keep both the account and the Story, then proceed to the next step.

The Instagram Story Highlights of an account’s profile page
A Story Highlight can be filled with lots of Stories, find the one you desire.

Copy the profile URL link or the Instagram username

Go to the three dots icon on the top right of the Instagram profile page.

Tap on the “Copy Profile URL” option and keep the link for the downloader.

The Instagram Profile URL option on Settings
Copy and keep the link for the downloader.

Pro tip: you can simply remember the username

Or copy & paste it to the input box on Inflact later.

Paste the Instagram profile link in the input box

Now, open Inflact and find a box to write the profile username or URL.

It’s in the middle of the page, and easy to find.

Now paste the URL or write the username and tap “Download Stories”.

The Instagram Story Downloader input box to write the profile username
Copy & paste the username or use the profile URL.

Choose any Instagram Story in the Highlights and tap Download

The Stories in the Highlight will be displayed one by one to you.

Scroll down all the Stories till you find the desired one.

Once you found it, tap “Download” and voila! The Story is on your device!

The Stories on a user’s Highlight provided by an Instagram Story Downloader
Go through the Stories and pick the one you want to download.

How to Download Instagram Highlights through Stories Archive 

What about self-downloading your Story that you forget to put in Highlights?

It’s possible 😉.

Just turn the ‘Archive Story” setting on then all your stories will be automatically saved on Instagram.

You won’t lose the Story, plus it can be downloaded to your devices just as easily.

Here are the steps.

Set up ‘Archive’ on your Instagram Story

First off, go to your profile, open the hamburger menu icon, and choose Settings.

Then tap “Privacy” and choose “Story”.

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily turn on the “Save to camera roll” option.

But if you are an Android user, you can only set up “Save story to archive”

And proceed to the next step.

The setup to save Instagram Stories to camera roll automatically
iPhone users can set up Story saving easily.

Open the Instagram Stories Archive gallery & choose the one to download

The second step is made specifically for Android users who must download the Stories manually.

Once you have turned on the Archive setting, now it’s time to do the selection.

First, go to your Stories Archive.

Hamburger menu → Archive → Stories archive.

Choose any Story you want to save and open it.

The Instagram Stories archive on a user to retrieve
Pick any Story freely, from the newest to the oldest ones~

Find the “More” option in the Instagram Story to save the photo or video

On the opened Story, find the three dots icon on the right bottom of your screen.

And tap “Save photo” or “Save video”.

Voila! Your Stories are saved to your device.

An Instagram Story saving option on the archive album
Just one click away from downloading your Stories to your device.

What is Instagram Story Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are the Stories you want to display on your profile in a curated album or themed moments.

Basically, they are the Instagram stories you pin on your profile permanently.

An Instagram Story on a user’s highlight
The Story highlight shows how long it has been published

A story in a Highlight will be visible even after 24 hours, and it doesn’t have a limit by Instagram, unlike Stories. 

For businesses, that need to show new visitors important information through Stories,

You can simply put them on specific Highlights.

More than 500 million people use Stories and Instagram increases the time limit from 15 to 60 seconds.

But, how to create Story Highlights on Instagram?

Easy peasy.

Just go to your profile and find the feature “Story highlights” and the “+” button above your Post Feed.

Select the Stories you want to compile, name the highlights,

Change the cover if you prefer, and lastly click “Add” and your Story Highlights are live on your profile.

Click here if you need help editing or deleting your Instagram Story Highlights.

Note to remember: turn on the Archive setting first before you can create a Story Highlight.

My recommendation on what tools to use to save Instagram Story Highlights in 2023

The immersive size of an Instagram story makes it easier for any user to keep the content by screenshotting.

However, you will also get a quality of a “screenshot” instead.

But with the right tool, you can easily download the best quality Stories ever.

Pro tip: choose the tool wisely.

I have tried several tools and I know that Inflact is still the best in the field.

It’s FREE and easy to use.

It lets you save any Stories of your friend, lovers, family, other business competitors, anyone.

Don’t worry about having your identity leaked, Inflact completely protects you 100%.

Or if you doubt the security, you can use Instagram VPN or Proxies to download anonymously.

Inflact is indeed the best Instagram Story downloader for anyone.

That’s it for today’s guide, is this helpful for you?

Do you have another great tool to help save Instagram Stories? Share with us 🙂

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Any Questions about Saving Instagram Story Highlights?

Is it legal to save IG Stories highlights?

It’s not forbidden to download Instagram content. The Stories, Feeds, and Reels are made for the public to see so it’s fair to save them, including Highlights. Just make sure you don’t use the saved content for bad purposes or other illegal matters.

Why can’t I save story highlights on Instagram?

You don’t turn on the Archive setting yet. Before you can download any Instagram Stories, you must enable your setting to automatically save all Stories after 24 hours live. If the setup is not turned on, you won’t add any Stories to your Instagram highlights.

How do you add highlights to stories without posting them?

It’s impossible to create “only” highlights. The Stories must be posted or spend 24 hours live first before they can be added to a highlight. Highlights are intended to display Instagram Stories longer than 24 hours, so when they are not published then they can’t be in the highlight.

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