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11 Best Instagram scheduler in 2023 – Reviews Tools and Apps to Plan your Posts

Choosing the right Instagram scheduler is essential if you want to plan, organize, and optimize all your Instagram posts, stories, and Reels. Schedule your content on Instagram in 2023 is a wise choice for work efficiency and account growth. Here, I have ranked the 10 best Instagram schedulers and summed up my top 3 picks for you to consider.


Plan Everything

Plan and Automate your entire Instagram Account. Best Option for 2023

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More than Planning

Collaboration with many parties, such as freelancers and startups



For Brands

For Medium to Big Content Strategic Team who wants to plan easily.


Are you still posting your Instagram content manually?

Well, it’s 2023 and I think you should move on from the traditional method to the advanced one:

Content scheduling. It will help you to save a lot of time.

And money.

With content scheduling, you can automate your posts and use helpful features to maximize your content performance.

“But there are a lot of tools and apps for content scheduling these days, which one should I choose?”

Worry no more, that’s exactly why this article is here.

I have summed up the 10 best Instagram schedulers to plan your posts.

Keep reading to find your best suit!

Let’s go.

Listing of the best Instagram scheduler

What are the best Instagram Schedulers in 2023?

Here are my top picks for the best Instagram Post Scheduler Tools and platforms:

  1. Inflact
  2. SocialPilot
  3. SproutSocial
  4. Sked Social
  5. IconoSquare
  6. CoShedule
  7. TailWind
  8. SocialBee
  9. CrowdFire
  10. Later
  11. Meta Business Suite


Inflact for FREE and for professional accounts that need easy collaboration and strong analytical account performance.

Social Pilot if you need powerful scheduling tools for all types of content on Instagram and other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google Business Profile.

1. Inflact – The scheduler and best automation tool for Instagram

The best Instagram automation tool with customized prices. (Only $18/month for “posting” service, $3 add-on Hashtag Generator tool).


Best Instagram Scheduler for 2023

Inflact comes with very good automation features to accelerate your reach. Pay for only needed tools: customize the feature and the price.

Inflact has my heart for their advanced automation-post tools.

It’s easy to use and very helpful to boost engagement through its automation.

From scheduling content to generating hashtags, Inflact executes them fully automatically.

3 overall services for marketing automation and their scheduled posting are also worth trying.

Instagram automation scheduler for Instagram
Inflact is a Robust automation Tool. For real.

Inflact provides you a space to create various types of posts like photos, videos, carousels, and stories. After that, the automation post will do the job to publish your content.

You can do it immediately, schedule, or draft the post, maybe waiting for client’s approval.

Inflact also gives you a sneak peek of the scheduled feed to review the aesthetic.

You might find those features basic, but here is the best part.

They have great features to accelerate your reach.

Guessing a hashtag for certain post is lowkey a tiring job. But it won’t happen when you use Inflact because they have this favorite feature.

Hashtag Generator.

It is an AI-based searcher to help you choose the most relevant hashtag based on your photo, keyword, or link.

Inflact also has an auto-update caption feature for the post with good reach.

The scheduling work becomes very easy with Inflact as you won’t spend more time thinking about details-yet-important parts of the posts.

All you have to do is just schedule and link the provided materials. Done.

Schedule Instagram post fully automated
A lot of useful features to schedule and automate

Key Features:

  • Fully automation-post without reminders or post control. Posts will be directly published according to the appointed time.
  • Auto-updated description. You can automatically update captions by testing several hashtag combinations and setting a time range.
  • Instant preview to curate the aesthetics in a grid view before you post.
  • Instant posting by clicking the scheduled contents right away.
  • You can add a location and use it for multiple accounts.
  • A desktop-based tool compatible with every device and software.


For a 7-day trial, you can enjoy using all of Inflact’s modules for only $3.

If you want to use all the tools included and Automate your entire account to gain more followers and reach more people.

Just use their all-included pack (and customised it if needed).

pricing table of an automation tool to automate an Instagram account
You have the choice to configure your Automation

I know that seven days are too short.

And this is another great thing about Inflact: you can customize the price based on your needed features and cancel anytime.

Let me show you quickly:

The most affordable Instagram post planner available
Make your own Pricing by selecting what you need to Automate

  • $18/month: all “posting” features
  • $21/month: all posting features + hashtag generator
  • $43/month: all posting features + hashtag generator + stories saver + downloader

Overall, if you need great automation tools for Instagram scheduling but you have a tight budget, Inflact is the best choice.

This is the Best Tool Available for Everyone in 2023 to Schedule all your posts on Instagram (Free for 1 brand – $15/month for multiple Brands).

2. SocialPilot – The best scheduler for Instagram

The Best scheduler for Instagram available for everyone in 2023 (FREE-$25/month)


Best Instagram scheduler ever

A robust scheduling accompanied by powerful marketing automation features is where you can expect highly of this tool. The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes your experience worth every penny.

SocialPilot has been labeled as a one-stop solution for marketing needs.

It helps you schedule your Instagram post, Reels, and Stories.

Also manage & analyze your social media marketing activities, very useful to increase your social media efficiency and reach.

Trust me, you can not miss the analytics & reports from SocialPilot.

The data is very detailed and easy to read.

You will understand your weekly account performance in seconds.

SocialPilot is actually built for startups, bloggers, or other small businesses that need a helpful project management tool.

You can manage your social inbox, by monitoring your comments, likes, direct messages,

Only in one chatroom.

The collaborative spirit is seen in SocialPilot’s collaboration tool,

Which lets you set the roles and responsibilities easier for everyone in the team.

Basically, SocialPilot is a compact tool for your Instagram management & enhancement.

Key Features:

  • Publishing & scheduling, bulk post up to 500 posts in one upload
  • Comprehensive account analytics & reports with easy-to-understand graphic
  • Social media management, e.g. social inbox, replies & comments under one roof
  • Collaboration tool to work easily with your entire team set clear workflow and responsibilities 


SocialPilot is the dream tool you need and it offers a 14-day trial to try out its excellent features!

However, for me is very worth trying as its premium plan matches the quality it offers.

Here is the full price list.

  1. Professional $25/month: 10 social profiles, 1 user
  2. Small Team $42/month: 20 social profiles, 3 users
  3. Studio $85/month: 30 social profiles, 6 users
  4. Agency $106/month: 50 social profiles, 9 users

For creators, startups, and small businesses,

this is the time to take advantage of such a powerful scheduling tool for your Instagram automation.

3. Sprout Social

The best Instagram scheduler to boost engagements. (Free – $89 per user/month)


Strong analytical tools

Sprout Social is a very good choice for a marketing team to conduct long-term content strategies. Everything is integrated: from tools to collaboration.

Sprout Social is a real deal for professional accounts.

It is a great integrated social media management for greater tasks and heavy performance.

best Instagram scheduler for enterprises

Two words for Sprout Social’s advantages: integration and collaboration.

For integration, these 3 features represent it best. First, it’s an asset library.

This library is like one-stop content for all of your social media accounts, including photos, images, and videos.

Organize all your content to plan your Instagram Posts
All you Instagram planned visually

After building the asset library, you only need to press the button once.

Literally just one click and it will appear on all of your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Plan and schedule your posts on all social platforms in one click.
All platforms are available

The second one is the integrated calendar.

Sprout Social has a wider visual calendar where you can organize the scheduled posts across profiles to monitor long-term campaigns.

Plan your Instagram posts for a week and have a visual preview of you feed
👀 See your posts, when and where

It gives you options of “optimal time” to optimize reach to audience.

The best time to post Instagram. Do you know?

When is the optimal time to plan your post on Instagram?
Optimal time to post on Instagram? Yes you got it 😊

The last one is called Smart Inbox. It can show you messages from all the social media accounts.

Choose the messages you think are important, Smart Inbox will help you filter and show them to you.

On top of that, Sprout Social lets your project stay on one platform.

This will appear in features like message approval workflows where Sprout Social generates a review workflow to simplify the collaboration.

You can comment and give approval directly on finished content. Sprout Social also separates business messages based on the existing workflow so additional details will be arranged neatly.

Let your team working and reviewing the Instagram posts for your clients

Sprout Social indeed has powerful tools for social business and they clearly target bigger organizations for those benefits.

If you want to use Sprout Social, you have to be ready to be charged $89/month for standard use.

The price includes strong marketing analysis where it accommodates trends and social talks for better content strategy. You can also compare your social profile performance to competitors.

Key Features:

  • Integrated scheduler for all social profiles with optimal send times to generate engagement.
  • Asset library to store and manage all contents in one place.
  • Visualized calendar to plan and organize content strategy and social media campaigns. It can also be shared with teams to maintain collaborative work.
  • Content suggestions to get engaging content for inspiration needs.
  • Campaign planner to create a strategy and measure its effectiveness.
  • Message approval workflows to review and give approval towards contents.
  • Media integrations, you can add images or videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Canva


Sprout Social might be more costly than its competitors, but they give you a 30-day FREE trial to see if the features they offer are worth the price.

If you are keen to use Sprout Social’s premium features, here is the price list:

  1. Standard $89 per user/month: 5 social Profiles, perfect for startups
  2. Professional $149 per user/month: 10 Social profiles + Advanced Reports
  3. Advanced $249 per user/month: Everything + Chatbot Automation Tools

Last but not least, Sprout Social has strong features to boost engagements. If you demand more than just an Instagram scheduler, Sprout Social is the answer.

4. Sked Social – The original Instagram Scheduler

The best collaborative Instagram scheduler with user-friendly interface. (Free- $25 /month, unlimited users for “Essentials” plan above)


Collaborative, Easy operation

It’s not easy being a user-friendly interface while being a compact tool. But Sked Social is here to serve: unlimited users to discuss business matters and easy-navigation auto-posting tools.

Another visually pleasant Instagram scheduler for brands, e-commerce, and agency is here.

As Sked Social said, “Instagram is our focus, not our feature”.

Instagram focus social media scheduler
Straight to the point. Instagram Focus.

Sked Social makes content scheduling much more fun with its drag-and-drop feature. Many have been satisfied by the easy-to-use user interface.

The feed planner helps you schedule content visually, later posted automatically.

Feed planner for Instagram
Plan your feed visually for weeks

Sked Social also has a link-in-bio tool to direct followers wherever you want.

Not only Instagram, the automation post also works for other social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, just as easily.

With its auto-post feature, you can plan content for weeks with just a few hours of work.

There are Pros and Cons of using Scheduling for Instagram.

Sked Social promises you won’t get any notifications on Saturday.

You need Instagram analysis?

Don’t worry! Sked Social has advanced analytics where you can find the best time to post and compare your account performance to competitors.

And you absolutely don’t wanna miss this one.

Find the best day to plan your post on Instagram based on your insights.
How your Instagram Posts performed?

Sked Social allows you to collaborate with UNLIMITED users.

With those benefits, you can work together with teams or freelancers on multiple accounts. Also, internal or external approval will be easily executed. You can also work from any device, from desktop to mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Instagram story scheduling & auto-posting, the first app that can schedule Stories, rather than just offering Push Notifications.
  • Auto-post across platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn.
  • Link in bio, hashtags, product, person, location tagging to gain more engagements.
  • Visual Instagram planner and social media calendar to plan and organize your content neatly.
  • Advanced Instagram analytics to get more accurate insights.
  • Unlimited free users, no need to charge more to sign up another user.


Sked Social has 3 main plans for premium users, but they offer you a 7-day trial for all packages.

This will be very beneficial as you can try and see what’s the best package for you.

  1. Fundamentals $25/month: 1 user; 1 Instagram account; auto-posting; visual planner; analytics
  2. Essentials $75/month: Unlimited users; 3 Instagram accounts; everything in Fundamentals; competitor tracking; content library
  3. Professional $135/month: Unlimited users; 5 Instagram accounts; 10 other social profiles; everything in Fundamentals and Essentials; approval workflows

Finally, if you are more comfortable working with a visual tool and need as many collaborations as possible, then I recommend you to try Sked Social as your daily scheduler.

5. IconoSquare – The analytics and Instagram scheduler

And now we move on to one of the most-packed social media management tools: Iconosquare.


Data-driven Instagram scheduler

Instagram scheduler with strong analytical tools: from “best time to post”, “posting habits”, to competitor’s account performance. The best choice to increase account growth.

It offers content management and publishing, multi-profile management, strong analytics, social listening, and approval spaces.

First things first, Iconosquare enables you to schedule content in a calendar view such as carousel posts and stories throughout the weeks.

Social Media analytics for Instagram Scheduler
If you like Data, go all In.

You can store images or photos with Dropbox or OneDrive in advance.

But don’t forget to categorize them so you can find specific photos later.

Before you post, Iconosquare will give recommendations of stored captions and most used hashtags.

After that, preview the scheduled posts in an actual Instagram grid view. You can also monitor your competitor’s engagement rate.

“So, Iconosquare’s feature is just like any other app?” Well, I’m not done yet.

I believe this one is going to pique your interest. That Iconosquare promises to help your content scheduling equipped with data-driven insights.

Meaning, it gives you advanced analytics.

You can see Instagram insights in such visual metrics to help decide when to post your content in a graphic view.

It includes Best Time, Posting Habits, etc.

But this feature is only available on the selected plans, starting from $59/month.

If you are interested in using these tools, don’t be sad. You can start your 30-day FREE trial!

Another great thing: there are 5 free tools to use.

Instagram bio link tool, random comment picker, twinsta–turns tweets into Instagram posts–, social media calendar, and content analysis for Instagram and Facebook.

Key Features:

  • Advanced analytics, from “best time to post” to “posting habits”.
  • Multi-profile management from one dashboard allows you to add as many brands and companies as possible.
  • Powerful scheduling tools: geolocation, user tagging, first comment scheduler, Instagram feed preview
  • Post approval and feedback on scheduled posts.
  • Insightful industry benchmarks, you can monitor competitors’ performance such as engagement rate, follower growth, reach, and more from this feature.


Try Iconosquare for FREE on a 30-day trial.

If you are interested in checking out Iconosquare’s premium feature, here is the price list:

  1. Pro $49/month (best for small businesses):3 social profiles; 2 users; 1 competitor per profile; analytics; industry benchmark; scheduler
  2. Advanced $79/month (best for marketing teams): 5 social profiles; unlimited users; 5 competitors per profile; everything in Pro; post approval & collaboration
  3. Custom (best for agencies): 10+ social profiles & competitor profiles; unlimited users; everything in Advanced; customer success program

Iconosquare is indeed another great analytical tool. If you are a data-driven person, then this one is worth trying.

6. CoSchedule


Best Project Monitoring

Say goodbye to scattered projects and welcome CoSchedule to be your best friend to monitor your progress. Automation tools allow you to recycle content without your followers noticing.

CoSchedule has been labeled as a one-stop solution for marketing needs.

It offers a marketing calendar, marketing suite, headline studio, and actionable marketing institute.

Instagram Marketing Calendar to plan and schedule your Post for an entire year

Each tool gives a distinct service for your marketing needs. But the highlight of this article is content scheduling so we will focus on the marketing calendar tool.

Although it’s known among big brands, the marketing calendar is actually built for startups, bloggers, or other small businesses that need a helpful project management tool.

Each project will be shown in a “progress box”, with the person in charge and the work progress in percentage. It’s like a live dashboard of the current projects.

The collaborative spirit is also seen in their content scheduling feature within the blog post template.

CoSchedule lets you plan posts and share them with the team. The progress will be shown in the “progress box” as explained before.

CoSchedule also provides Social Templates where you can reuse the used content before.

And this is what makes CoSchedule so special: ReQueue.

It’s a post-automation tool to promote your best content to all of your social profiles. Isn’t it a great curation over there?

Key Features:

  • Integrated tools for social campaigns e.g. scheduling and analytics
  • Work-in-progress projects are shown in a box with percentages.
  • Share and discuss projects with higher-ups to monitor the progress.
  • Reusable task templates.
  • ReQueue, a great curation tool to promote your best content and automate recurring promotions.
  • Bulk social upload and unlimited social messages.


This is the best thing of all, CoSchedule just announced that they will not charge users for the marketing calendar tool.

You read it right, it’s all FREE for a lifetime use!

7. TailWind


Best-Personalized Contents

If you want to be creative and original, Tailwind will be the right one. With its colorful dashboard, you can create the most unique content that represents you best.

If you are a blogger or solopreneur, Tailwind is absolutely the best choice.

It can be your helpful marketing team. At least that’s what Tailwind claims.

Tailwind helps you to create, schedule, and optimize content on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Screenshot of a post planned for an Instagram Post.

With “create”, you can produce high-quality content without having a skill or a degree in graphic design.

Tailwind will help beautify your photos and images.

You just have to choose which design best represents your brand. You can also customize the design based on your brand guidelines.

With “schedule”, the finished contents will be posted automatically. And you don’t have to upload files because your work is already there, thanks to “create” tool.

Best time to post? Of course Tailwind doesn’t wanna miss this popular feature. But Tailwind doesn’t wanna look basic.

They create SmartSchedule to post scheduled content at the best time with the most engagement rate.

Generally, the best times to post on Instagram are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 11 AM and Tuesday at 2 PM.

That is why choosing the best time is very crucial because that way, your content will reach most of your audience.

With Tailwind, you don’t need to worry about prime time anymore. Just focus on creating great content and scheduling, that’s it.

It all looks great but don’t miss out “optimize” tool. Tailwind will get you the most popular and relevant hashtag.

You can also connect with their biggest content creator community to get new fresh ideas and share inspirations.

Key Features:

  • Photo to designs and automatically personalized designs. These features will allow you to create a certain design from an unedited photo and make it a template to use later.
  • Automated publishing where you can post all types of content on Instagram and Pinterest in one single click.
  • Streamlined workflow, a central hub where you can “create” and “schedule” posts on one platform.
  • Content calendar, organize all social content in one view.
  • SmartSchedule, the highlight feature of Tailwind where it picks a time with the most responsive so your post will gain good engagement.
  • Powerful hashtag finder, where it can mix and match the most popular and relevant hashtag for your post.
  • Shoppable feed. You can drive traffic from Instagram to your shop link that updates automatically.


You can enjoy all these great tools with a forever-free use.

But, if the price is limited, so does the features. Here, enjoy Tailwind premium features at the best price:

  1. Pro $9.9/month: 1 social profile; 100 posts/month; 200 posts designs
  2. Advanced $19.9/month: 2 social profile; 1000 posts/month; unlimited posts designs
  3. Max $39.9/month: 3 social profile; unlimited posts/month; unlimited posts designs

Overall, Tailwind has great features at a very affordable price.

If you are running a small business that needs a little touch on social media’s appearances and traffic, I highly recommend using Tailwind.

8. SocialBee

Now we come back to an easy and versatile content scheduler for various types of businesses: SocialBee.


Another great automation tool

If you are busy handling business, SocialBee will give the best automation tools: from content scheduling to content recycling.

Starting from $19/month, you can use it for many social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Google Business Profile.

With SocialBee, you can schedule content in a calendar view, preview it in real-time, and have them posted automatically.

Schedule Instagram post using Canva Design
Use Canva directly with SocialBee

Not just a typical post-automation, SocialBee enables you to post the latest content once you connect your RSS feed to your account.

Another great automation feature, you can label “evergreen” to certain content and SocialBee will automatically repost them.

No need to worry about content recycling. SocialBee already has the solution.

You can add variations word by word so the followers won’t notice it’s the same content you post two weeks ago.

If the content is possibly out-of-date someday, you better use the feature to label it as expired.

This add-variations tool is really important. Study shows that despite auto-posting increasing flexibility, but you need to be “present” to get a good engagement.

Even though it’s recycled content, at least you still have time to modify it into something more relevant before really posting it.

SocialBee also has been integrated with Canva dan Xara so you can edit the contents directly on the dashboard.

You can watch the account growth from the provided social media analytics and click to re-use the most engaging post.

The last thing, you can also use content approval to make the collaboration easier.

Key Features:

  • Social media scheduling and content calendar to plan and schedule your content across many platforms e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.
  • Design with Canva in SocialBee. You don’t need to open a new Canva tab, you can directly create and edit content with the Canva editor inside SocialBee.
  • Content recycling. This is the favorite feature of SocialBee where you can reuse your old content and SocialBee will let you customize and add variations so that your followers won’t notice that it’s already been posted before.
  • Social media analytics to track your account performance from its engagement rate, comments, likes, impressions, and many more.
  • Improve team collaboration with content approval to give feedback and approval.


You can try out SocialBee with a 14-day FREE trial for every plan.

Next, you have to pay more to enjoy their features. Take a look at the price list:

  1. Bootstrap $19/month: 5 social accounts; average saved time 8 hrs/week
  2. Accelerate $39/month: 10 social accounts; average saved time 10 hrs/week
  3. Bootstrap $79/month: 25 social accounts; average saved time 16 hrs/week

SocialBee is another great automation tool for an Instagram scheduler. With its special features, (connecting RSS feeds and content recycling) I think it’s good for social media presence since you can save time by using those features.

9. CrowdFire


Powerful content integration

Crowdfire has a neat interface and it automatically customizes content captions for each social media. Very affordable for such features.

Here we go, another app specialized in content scheduling: Crowdfire.

With Crowdfire, you can schedule bulk posts in advance, pick the “best time” to post, and have them published automatically.

It applies to Instagram (including posts and stories), Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Most social media management tools have the feature to post one single content to all social profiles. But not with Crowdfire.

Once you click “share”, Crowdfire will automatically customize content for each social profile.

So, from now on, forget about making different captions, Crowdfire is here to help.

Not only social media content, but you can also post your blogs, sites, and online shops, using Crowdfire.

All in just one platform.

You can also add your own RSS feeds and use Google Chrome extension to share preference articles.

You can use all of these features for FREE (but for limited use only)! Yes, no charge at all.

You can also try social listening and competitor analysis with a higher subscription plan.

Key Features:

  • Article and image curation to discover relevant content based on your interest. Crowdfire will automatically search for the most relevant content to your audience so you can share them on your profile and get a good engagement.
  • Publish your blogs and sites. Whenever you have updates from your blogs, sites, or online shops, you can create a quick post and share them on your social profile.
  • Pre-schedule all of your content in advance with the best time chosen by you.
  • Content customization. Crowdfire will automatically edit certain content based on types of social profiles.


Crowdfire is designed for everyone, so you can choose your comfortable price, from FREE to VIP plan.

Unfortunately, you can’t post videos, multiple images, and connect RSS feed with the free plan. Take a look at the packages to enjoy more premium features:

  1. Free plan: 3 accounts, 10 scheduled posts/account
  2. PLUS plan $7.48/month: 5 accounts, 100 scheduled posts/account
  3. PREMIUM plan $37.48/month: 10 accounts, 100 scheduled posts/account

Overall, Crowdfire is the best suit if you rely on income from sites and blogs. It is also a great tool to integrate content from sites and blogs to social profiles.

10. Later – The most trusted Instagram Scheduler

Another tool to schedule and auto publish your Instagram post visually (Free-$18/month)


The Most Simple Scheduler

If you’re looking for the most outstanding Instagram scheduler, Later is the only right choice. Very easy to use: it has a compelling visual and user-friendly interface. Plan your posts in a fun way with super-powerful scheduling tools.

Here we go, another app specialized in content scheduling: Later.

Who doesn’t know this tool?

With Later, you can schedule bulk posts in advance, pick the “best time” to post and have them published automatically.

It applies to Instagram (including posts, Stories, and Reels), Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Most social media management tools have the feature to post one single content to all social profiles.

But not with Later.

Once you click “share”, Crowdfire will automatically customize content for each social profile.

No idea for this weekend’s post? Later has the solution.

Try out the user-generated content and show how you value your audience.

You can also build your Instagram link in bio directly with Later.

And the analytics can help you track your account performance in a week, months, etc.

Key Features:

  • Schedule & auto-publish Instagram Reels, Stories, & posts.
  • Best time to post suggestions
  • Find and share user-generated content
  • Powerful link in bio tool
  • Instagram profile analytics


Later offers you a 14-day FREE TRIAL if you still doubt its features.

But knowing its popularity, I think you can start directly on its premium subscription, which is not that expensive.

Here is the price list.

  1. Starter $18/month: 30 posts per profile, 3 months of analytics access
  2. Growth $40/month: 150 posts per profile, full analytics access
  3. Advanced $80/month: unlimited posts, full analytics access

So, are you interested in trying out the visual scheduler by Later?

11. Meta Business Suite


Forever-Free Instagram scheduler

If you run a business on Instagram or Facebook, Meta Business Suite will be very helpful to increase sales. Also, it’s free and you don’t need to spare budget for marketing needs anymore.

This one is a must-have tool for those who use Meta products as their main business platform.

Be it online shops, small businesses, solopreneurs, or even brands.

You can create, schedule posts, and collect social inboxes from Instagram and Facebook.

You can read, reply, and set an automatic response to incoming comments and messages.

You can also analyze trends and insights to understand more about your audience.

All in just one place.

Meta Business Suite to schedule Instagram and Facebook Posts for Free

This tool also allows you to advertise your content so you can spread brand awareness.

Not just a mere content scheduler, Meta Business Suite has a feature to show your prioritized tasks on the feed.

Of course Meta knows what its customers want and understand how diverse they are.

So, Meta provides a personalized plan for each business.

It will help you set your own marketing strategy through Meta tips, resources, and features.

This tool actually works simply. But you can get legit and actual insights and trends directly from Meta data. Accurate data will have a good effect on your business marketing strategy.

Key Features:

  • Instagram and Facebook scheduling without switching accounts.
  • Social inbox where you can send and reply to Instagram and Facebook messages in one place. You can also set an auto-response.
  • Account performance. You can see real insights and trends from the direct source, Meta.
  • Set a prioritized task to monitor unread messages and comments right under your feed.
  • Create ads by promoting your content.


The most special thing about Meta Business Suite is it’s completely FREE!

You only need a Facebook Page to start. 

For me, Meta Business Suite is the most effective tool so far. First, you get direct insights from Meta itself. It’s gonna be great to enhance sales (if you run a business on Facebook). Once again, it’s all FREE.

If you use Meta Business Suite, you got nothing to lose.

What is the best FREE Instagram Tool to schedule and plan your posts in 2023?

Actually, there is a lot.

In this list only, you can find 11 of them. And in reality, there are more than just 10 existing tools right now.

The goal of this article is to provide you with alternatives for small businesses.

So, these are my best choices.

And if you ask me the best tool on this list: it’s always Inflact

Inflact has powerful tools for scheduling and it makes content planning very easy and fun work.

It’s also pretty economical for its features.

It supports all social media, e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, etc.

And what else? Analytics? Content approval? Visual calendar?

It’s all there.

Plus, it has a very user-friendly interface. Its media storage is charming and it’s easy to navigate.

And have you heard about their FREE plan? Yes, you can have 15 posts/month for free.

With the provided features and its affordable price, Inflact is indeed the best suit for small businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Planning your Posts On Instagram ? and Why Do You Need One?

Trust me, there is a bunch of benefits to scheduling your Instagram posts.

Especially if you are a busy business owner or entrepreneur.

While handling all those business projects, you still need to manage the presence of your social media.

This is why having the right Instagram scheduler is very important.

Scheduling your Instagram posts will be:

An effective time-saver

For an entrepreneur like you, time is precious.

Your schedule is packed, your call is tight, and you don’t have any time left ‘just’ to create and post content. Let alone generate the concept.

This is the reason why you should have an Instagram scheduler. You can plan, organize, and schedule posts in advance.

You can set a specific time in a day creating and scheduling content, then take care of other things that are equally important.

You can literally “set it and forget it” without worrying about your Instagram account being inactive.

After all, you can easily handle other business matters while your Instagram posts still running.

Also, you deserve a calm weekend after dealing with work for a week, right? Yes, schedule content for the weekend and enjoy full rest.

Helpful to reach your audience better

Today, many tools are already equipped with the “best time” feature to reach when your audience is the most crowded.

Even if you don’t actually post it, it seems like you ‘know’ when your audience is waiting for your content.

And when you present them with new content at the right time, they most likely engage with it.

So, this is very good for engagement.

It can also boost your account performance. You will get good impressions and interactions over here and there.

Also, you can use analytical reports from the tools to understand more about your audience.

When you deeply know your audience, it’s like having a free pass for account growth.

Show your consistency and productivity

A key reason for a successful social media account is consistency.

That is another benefit you can get from having an Instagram scheduler: you can show your audience consistency.

Imagine you’ve done scheduling your content throughout the week. Then, you move on to other necessary stuff.

When your audience is actively checking its social media, you will still appear on its timeline.

You are “present” without actually being present while you are handling the brand deals for your next content.

In the end, your audience will see your keep-appearing content as a sign of productivity.

Drive more traffic to your sites

This is the most-selling reason for using an Instagram scheduler.

Businesses use Instagram marketing none other than directing the audience to their sites, either to drive traffic or increase sales.

Remember: consistency is the key.

The more you’re consistent, the more people engage with your content.

Sooner or later, they will become curious about your account.

You have to be more creative with your content and schedule as many as possible to make your audience curious about the product.

It can be Stories or Feeds with your shop link, or adding call-to-action in the captions.

You can also create Reels to make them engage with your content.

How Do I Choose from the Best Instagram Schedulers?

There is 1 advice I want to give you:

“Try to think about your needs, set your goals, and consider the price”.

The basic rule of buying new things is always to match your needs.

“Do I need a visual planner?”

If you need a visual planner, what are you going to do about it? Set the goal.

A visual planner is needed when you care about the aesthetics of your Feed.

Also, it’s to show your brand image consistency.

“Is it necessary to have approval workflows for my team?”

If you don’t collaborate on one platform, would it become a problem for your team? Set the goal.

Having a post-approval feature is important for a big team. It won’t make you jump from one place to another ‘just’ to approve one content.

And the last thing is the price.

Many tools almost have common features. Go back to your budget and see how much you can afford one tool that meets your needs and goals.

There are many affordable tools with excellent basic features, such as Inflact SocialPilot, Sked Social

You can also use Meta Business Suite for a forever-free plan.

Such considerations will lead you to your best choice of tool.

It’s because you need the feature and it will bring benefits to your account.

Why choose the expensive one when the needed features are available on the cheaper tool?

We’re finally here!

It’s a wrap for my top 11 best Instagram schedulers so far in 2023.

In this list, there are various apps for various needs and I have shared the best ones for professionals, solopreneurs, and also for small businesses.

So, have you found your favorite yet?

Whatever your choice is, please remember that this article just highlights the best parts of each tool.

If you are interested in one tool, try to dig deeper into its features before actually using it.

Also, it is also very important to decide whether you should pay for such features or not.

Try the best solution: Free-Trial. Check if the app is the right one for you.

In the end, it’s yours to choose.

But for me, Inflact will always be the winner in this field. It’s easy to use and very affordable.

I think you can agree with me that those things always be on top of our minds to buy a new thing.

So, that’s it.

Happy scheduling 😉

Is there a Free way to Schedule Instagram posts?

Absolutely. However, free use always comes with a limited period and features. Meta Business Suite can help you organize posts from Instagram and Facebook with a forever and totally FREE plan.

Is it possible to schedule Instagram Reels?

Yes. Open Instagram and click on the Reels tab. Then, create your videos and complete adding effects, captions, hashtags, etc. After that, click “Next” button. Here, you will find 2 buttons: “Save draft” and “Share”. Click “Save draft” to post your Reels for the desired time. If you use tools, you can directly pick a time to post and you will get Push Notifications before the posting time.

How to schedule Instagram Stories?

Prepare and open the Instagram scheduler that you have installed on your phone. Find a button to create your Story and add captions, special effects, etc. Once you’re done, find an arrow button beside “Publish Story”. Pick the desired time then you’ve done scheduling your Story.

Can you preview your Instagram Grid and Feed?

Definitely. But, you can only do this with the help of Instagram scheduler apps that have a preview feature.
Once you have it, open it, create your post, and schedule 3-9 posts. After that, click “Manage” to preview the saved posts.
If you have already prepared the post, then directly drag-and-drop the content into the grid (only for apps that provide grid view). You can directly preview the contents without clicking anything.

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