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The Most Sexy Girls / Influencers in Singapore to follow in 2021 🔥 Top List

As of 2021, there are many sexy girls, influencers in Singapore with a good following on Instagram.

We bring you this list of the top sexy, successful women in Singapore who are highly influential and smart in managing their partnerships on Instagram.

Working with many brands to sell products or services, these sexy influencers are business women with not only a sexy appearance, but a sexy brain ;)

Brands who work with these sexy girls in Singapore will see a growth in their Instagram page followers and sales.

They’re well-loved by their very loyal follower base and have good influencer quality scores.

Who are the most sexy influencers in Singapore?

NameInstagram UsernameNo. of followers
Jade Rasif@djjaderasif 423k
Rebecca Chen@rebeccachenxoxo627k
Novita Lam@novitalam278k
Jewel Goh@jewelgoh169k
Sophia Chong@sophiachong 122k
June Rosettes@junerosettes107k
Yuqing @b1gqing360k
Melissa Jane@melissajaneferosha36k
Donna@ponyyzz 30k
Suicide Baby@deadlysuicide16k
Miki@miki.c.sze 18.5k
Tricia Hwam@triciahwam37.2k
Michelle Tan@mirchelley161k
Nicole Choo@nicole.choo163k
Melissa @melissaaamomo27.4k
Asyiha Ams@asyihaams 28.3k

So if you’re a brand, looking for a sexy influencer to start your influencer marketing campaign

Or you’re just finding for the top sexy girls in Singapore

We’re here to bring you the top 20 sexy girl influencers in Singapore:

1. Jade Rasif – Celebrity DJ, Sexy Instagram Influencer in Singapore

Jade Rasif is a Singaporean radio DJ and influencer.

Her beauty is stunning and she knows it too ;)

Check out her many sexy posts on Instagram

She is a model with La Senza, a top lingerie brand in Singapore.

It’s no wonder that she’s a favourite influencer amongst lingerie and sexy clothing brands.

Next up on our list is Rebecca Chen, a mega sexy beauty and super influencer.

Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen is a super sexy, successful influencer.

Currently working with Supernova, a sexy worldwide fashion brand

She’s hot and well-loved not only in Singapore, but even in neighbouring countries too.

Her audience comes from Thailand, Indonesia and the US.

With excellent hashtag quality, account activity and content diversity

She’s extremely favourable to work with as she’s constantly active on Instagram posting fresh, unique content.

With average likes of 8k and video views of average 37k, working with Rebecca Chen would definitely give huge exposure to your brand.

Next up we have Novita Lam, a sexy and beautiful influencer.

Novita Lam

Novita Lam is a Singaporean influencer who is both sexy and fashionable.

With a strong follower base of 270k followers on Instagram, she’s loved by men and women alike.

Take a look at all her various outfit styles in her Instagram posts.

She’s truly a fashion inspiration for women in Singapore.

Novita Lam’s Instagram feed is truly unique – from food, to fashion, to livestyle

She knows how to bring her audience new and exciting content all the time.

Novita Lam is indeed a great influencer for brands to look out for.

Following up is Jewel Goh, a beautiful Instagram Influencer in Singapore.

Jewel Goh

Jewel Goh is a Singaporean influencer with a beautiful and sexy image.

An ideal influencer for international brands, her audience are mainly from Australia, China and Malaysia.

Her influencer scores are excellent as well, with high engagement rate and low sponsorship saturation rate.

This proves that she has a strong bond with her audience and her feed isn’t flooded with sponsorships.

Sophia Chong

Sophia Chong is a Chinese Influencer based in Singapore.

She’s sexy, beautiful, and successful.

On Instagram, her posts mainly feature her luxurious lifestyle and fashionable outfits.

With partnerships with Dyson and Burberry, she’s a hot influencer amongst luxury brands.

Next up is June Rosettes, a Singapore-based sexy influencer.

June Rosettes

June Rosettes is a Singaporean sexy influencer with an amazing Instagram presence.

With excellent account activity, saturation rate and content diversity

She works with a diverse range of brands on Instagram.

From aesthetic services, beauty brands and Daniel Wellington

June Rosettes is a versatile and high-performing Singaporean sexy influencer.

Yuqing – Sexy Influencer, Fashionista from Singapore

Yuqing is a sexy influencer based in Singapore who has been in the influencer game for years.

With her beautiful and sexy image, she’s highly popular and well-sought after amongst brands.

Fashion brands love sponsoring her because she models every item beautifully with her sexy figure.

Coming up next is Melissa Jane.

Melissa Jane – smart and sexy influencer

Melissa is a beautiful and sexy influencer on Instagram.

Her brain is sexy and profound – look at her captions copywriting.

With wholesome, down-to-earth captions that appeal to the emotions of her audience

Melissa is a genius at the influencer game.


Donna is a sexy influencer and successful businesswoman.

With a strong following of 30k followers, she’s established a loyal follower base who has supported her enterpreneurial journey.

If you’re a fashion brand, you wouldn’t get much luck trying to send her new outfits. Lifestyle, tech and beauty brands would fare much better when trying to build a partnership with this sexy influencer.

Vanessa – Versatile and sexy influencer

Vanessa is a Singapore-based influencer

Commonly posting sponsorships with various fashion, beauty brands.

She looks absolutely sexy modelling clothes from various fashion brands.

Anything she wears, she makes it look sexy.

It’s a dream for every fashion brand to work with this rising influencer who perfectly models all types of outfits.

Miki – Goddess-like Sexy Instagram Influencer

Miki is a Chinese influencer based in Singapore.

With a diverse range of content on her Instagram page

She does photoshoots with various themes including cosplays.

Her content is so unique and versatile that brands from various niches love working with her.

She’s definitely an influencer you’d want to add to your list of partnerships ;)


Jermane is a Singaporean local influencer.

She’s sexy, down-to-earth and fun.

Her beautiful body is truly an inspiration for women in Singapore

With sexy outfits and beautiful smile, she’s a perfect influencer for brands looking to sponsor suimsuit, lingerie and women-centric products.


Natalia is a Singaporean influencer and model.

Beautiful photos from her photoshoots as a fashion model and lifestyle posts fill up her Instagram feed.

She’s an influencer you’d want to work with if your brand needs a sophisticated and exotic beauty.

Dana – Boss Babe, Sexy Instagram Influencer in Singapore

Dana is the true definition of a #bossbabe

Sexy and successful influencer at 34 years old

She’s perfect at modelling and posing with her sponsored gifts.

With a hot body and sexy appearance, Dana is the perfect influencer for brands across various niches.

From food, to fashion, and lingerie – Dana can pull it off well.


Winting is a true Singaporean influencer who’s highly successful, gorgeous and sexy.

Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful lifestyle posts and selfies… well-incorporated with sponsored product placements.

Her posts are high-performing, which is why she’s such a popular influencer that brands love to work with.

Tricia Hwam

Tricia Hwam is a beautiful, sexy goddess from Singapore, currently based in Sydney.

Her beautiful Instagram feed is filled with her gorgeous selfies and lifestyle posts.

For brands with international audiences, Tricia Hwam is definitely an ideal influencer for you.

Michelle Tan

Michelle Tan is a beautiful, sexy influencer on Instagram with a passion for beauty, fitness and dance.

It’s clear to see that her Instagram page is full of beautiful images of her fit and sexy body.

As a fitness junkie, Michelle Tan is a #fitspo for many women in Singapore.

I’m sure Michelle would love to receive sponsorships that complement her fitness lifestyle.

Michelle loves pampering herself with massage and spa packages, facials and nails services and more.

Fitness businesses and aesthetic service providers, keep a lookout for this powerful influencer :)

Nicole Choo

Nicole Choo is a sexy, famous and controversial influencer in Singapore.

Come on now, who doesn’t know her?

From fashion to food, lifestyle, gadgets.

Brands from all industries love to work with this super popular influencer amongst Singaporeans.

Next up is Abby, a sexy fitness junkie and influencer from Singapore.

Abby – fitness junkie, sexy influencer

Abby is a sexy influencer based in Singapore who mainly posts lifestyle content.

She’s a fitness junkie who keeps her figure well-maintained and toned.

It’s a great opportunity for fitness apparel brands to reach out to her.

Send her a set of workout outfits, and your brand will accelerate in sales and growth when she uploads it on her Instagram page ;)


Melissa is a beautiful and sexy influencer on Instagram based in Singapore.

With high content diversity, Melissa works with a variety of brands from various niches.

Her posts are high-performing, making it rewarding for brands who form sponsored partnerships with her.

Last on the list is Asyiha Ams, a rising sexy influencer from Singapore.

Asyiha Ams – Sexy, rising influencer

Last on this list is Asyiha Ams.

Based in Singapore, this up-and-coming rising influencer is sexy and beautiful.

Her posts on Instagram feature her beautiful outfits and luxurious lifestyle.

She’s perfect for modelling and has great potential for fashion sponsorships

Brands looking for a fresh face to form an influencer partnership with, add Asyiha Ams to your list of Instagram influencers ;)


As you’ve seen from our comprehensive list of top sexy girls in Singapore

Singapore’s sexy influencers are incredibly successful in managing their Instagram pages with fresh and exciting content.

There are many top influencers in Singapore, and these 20 sexy beauties stand out from the crowd.

A great opportunity to work with these sexy influencers would provide many benefits to brands and businesses on Instagram.

More exposure, sales and business growth – exactly what your business needs

It’s how powerful these influencers are in convincing their followers to make a purchase.

I hope you’ve added these sexy influencers to your list of Instagram partnerships.

Who are the hottest influencers in Singapore

Jade Rasif

Rebecca Chen

Novita Lam

Jewel Goh

Nicole Choo



Sophia Chong

June Rosettes


How do I find hot influencers in Singapore?

Use Influencer marketing tools

Search influencer management agencies in Singapore

Look at the influencers engaged by famous brands in Singapore

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