There are many ways to share Instagram Reels, from reposting them on your Stories to sharing them with friends who are not on Instagram yet. In this article, I will give you a complete guide on how to share your Instagram Reels on any kind of platform in 2023 to get more views.

Instagram Reels are made to be spread.

It’s very fair to repost your content to show people your creativity.

And to make your Instagram account grows.

A case study says that creating only Instagram Reels continuously for 6 months could increase 75% follower growth.

Now, there is no excuse not to utilize this amazing feature from Instagram in 2023.

How to share Instagram Reels?

Today, many are actively giving Instagram Reels ideas so it’s not a big deal to start creating Reels.

But promoting them is another thing.

Well, you can sit down and let your Reel gets an ‘organic engagement’ through the Instagram algorithm.

But why not give a little more effort to get your Reel more exposure? Like reposting them on your Story or your TikTok account.

You deserve recognition for your hard work! 😉

Through this article, you will know how to share your Instagram Reels with a few simple steps.

In many ways and on any platform.

Let’s jump in.


  1. Choose the desired Instagram Reel to share.
  2. Find a paper plane icon to share the Reel on the Instagram feature such as Stories and direct message.
  3. Find three dots in the right bottom corner to share the Reel outside of Instagram apps or copy the Reel link.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short vertical videos that loop up to 60 seconds long.

It is first launched by Instagram in August 2020. It allows Instagram users to add music and edit videos before posting them. You can also create multiple clips, add captions, text on videos, stickers, and many more.

It’s basically a TikTok copycat—well everyone has said so.

The algorithm is almost the same as TikTok: you will see trending and popular Reels around the world, instead of watching the content from accounts you follow.

It will display content based on the people you follow, what type of content you interact with, and your locations.

However, there is still one distinction Instagram Reels will appear almost everywhere on Instagram: your Feed, Explore, and Reels tab.

If you notice a ‘featured’ Reel, it means that it is selected by Instagram to be original content they hope can inspire other users. If your Reel is featured on Instagram, you will receive a notification.

Here are Reel’s ideas to get more views and go viral.

Despite being accused of TikTok imitation, now many have taken Instagram Reels into account. Creators share Reels ideas, while more software companies offer better video editing tools for Instagram Reels

How to share Instagram Reels in 7 Ways

Creating a consistent Instagram Reel is very important for your account growth.

Reposting and promoting it as well.

But, also make sure you create the best Reel before sharing it.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using Instagram Reels comprehensively.

Now, let’s go through the steps to share and promote your Reels in 2023.

Here are the 7 different ways to share Instagram Reels, to your Stories, to Direct Messages, on WhatsApp, TikTok, and more.

How to share an Instagram Reel to your Story

Now, we move on to how to share an Instagram Reel to your Story.

1. Open Instagram and find the clapperboard icon or Reels tab.

The Reels button in the middle menu of Instagram
Go to the Reels button.

2. Scroll and choose the desired Reel to repost. Then, tap on the paper plane (share) icon.

The share button on Instagram Reels
Tap the paper plane icon to share your Reels.

3. A pop-up menu will appear, choose ‘Add reel to your story’.

The "Add Reel to your Story" button to share Reels on the user's own Insta Stories
Just click it and you will be directed to your Story.

4. The reel will show up on your Story canvas. You can modify the Reel by adding captions, and stickers, mentioning people, asking questions, etc. When done, tap ‘Your story’ to your entire followers or ‘Close Friends’ if you only want to share it with your close friends.

The upload button to share Reels whether to every followers of the user or only close friends
Choose to whom you want to show the Reels.

How to share an Instagram Reel in a direct message

  1. Scroll on your Reels tab and find the Reel to share.
  2. Tap on the share or paper plane icon in the right corner.
  3. Once it displays a pop-up menu, select the account you want to share the Reel with. If the username doesn’t appear on the recent profiles you talk with, type the username on the search bar. Click the profile.
The search bar option to look for the user you want to send the Reels with
Type the name and click the profile.

4. After tapping on the profile, the ‘send’ menu will turn blue. Type any reaction regarding the Reel such as “You should watch this!” etc. Then, tap ‘send’.

The comment about the Reels before sending them to the IG user's friend
Don’t forget to give a little comment~

How to share an Instagram Reel with someone who is not on the Instagram App yet?

Do you want to share the Reel you find interesting with your friends but they are on social media detox?

Don’t worry! You still can share Instagram Reels outside of its app.

For example: share them on your friends’ WhatsApp!

Here’s how to do it.

Share Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

  1. Open the desired Reel.
  2. Select the three dots under the paper plane icon.
The three dots icon to access more settings to share the Reels
There is more than just sharing things on the paper plane icon…

3. There will be a pop-up menu like this. Tap on the WhatsApp icon to search the contact or select the displayed recent contacts.

The WhatsApp option to share the Instagram Reels
Share to your friends on WhatsApp!

4. Add your reaction and tap send.

The added response to the Reels before sharing them to friends
Never forget the comment~

Share or Repost your Instagram Reels on TikTok

As a creator, creating versatile content is very helpful.

It will save you time. And at the same time, you will get more engagement from many platforms.

But, some platforms like Instagram Reels and Tiktok won’t let you save your edited content on your devices.

If you are the people I am talking about, then these steps to share your Instagram Reels on TikTik will be very useful for you.

Check it out!

  1. First of all, download your Reel using Inflact. Open on your browser.
  2. Go to the Reel you want to share on TikTok. Then, copy the Reel link.
  3. Paste the link and click ‘Download Reels’.
The copied Reels link on an online downloader
When it’s already pasted, click Download.

4. Now, open your TikTok. Tap on the ‘+’ icon to create a new video.

The create button to make the new Reels video
The Reels button becomes “+” when the page is being displayed.

5. Choose the ‘Upload’ option and select the downloaded Reel video. Voila! Your Reel is shared on your TikTok account.

The upload video button to create a new Instagram Reel.
Upload or create new one, as long as you have the video.

Share a link of your Instagram Reels

  1. Open one of the Reels you want to share.
  2. Click the three dots in the right bottom corner.
  3. Then a bunch of pop-up menus will show up. Tap on the ‘Copy link’. Then you can share your Reel everywhere you want, to tweet, to a chatroom, etc.
The copy link button to share the Reel via links.
Click and you will have the link to your Reel.

Embed your Instagram Reels on a Website

If you run a website, it is also a great idea to promote your Reels on your website.

Since it’s on the website, then it’s better to embed the Reel than to attach the link.

It’s for visibility and instant clicking.

If you show the whole content, the readers will most likely watch the Reel because it is related to the context of the discussion on the article.

People will be curious about it.

So, follow these steps in order to embed your Reel correctly.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account on your desktop.
  2. Open the Reel you want to share.
The chosen Instagram Reel that wants to be shared via desktop.
Choose any Reel you desire.

3. Click the three dots in the right top corner. Choose ‘Embed’.

The embed button on Instagram desktop version to share Instagram Reels
Click the three dots on the top right and pick “Embed”.

4. The embed link will appear like this. Click ‘Copy Embed Code’. Then paste the embed code on your website.

The copy button of the embed option to share Instagram Reels
Copy & paste like always~

How to Share Other People’s Reels as an Instagram Story

  1. Find the Reel on the Explore Reel tab or choose from their Instagram profile → tap the Reels icon in the middle of the profile tabs. After that, open the Reel you want to add to your Story.
The Reels button on someone's IG profile
Find the Reel you want to share.

2. Tap on the paper plane icon.

The paper plane icon on Reels to share them on Instagram
Easy sharing through the paper plane icon~

3. Choose ‘Add reel to your story’.

4. Add captions, stickers, or anything you want to add. Then click ‘Your story’.

The upload button on Instagram Stories before sharing the Reels on the story
Choose the audience and voila! The Reel’s on your Story!

Why it’s important to share Instagram Reels?

The Instagram algorithm for Reels is indeed great.

It is very effective to reach an audience outside of your current followers.

In my own experiment, around 1300+ people can see your Reel after 2 hours of being posted, even if you have less than 20 followers.

But it will be stuck right there if you don’t promote it more.

In fact, the more the Reel is being replayed, the more it advances to more engagement and followers.

Replays help your Reel to be watched repeatedly.

It will not only grow the number of views but also grab more audiences to engage with your Reel.

You definitely need rewatches as much as possible if you want your account grows more significantly.

This is why Reels is very good for creators. It helps to gain more followers in no time, making your account worth more for brand deals.

Replays are also very effective for businesses. It helps you get more visitors.

More visitors → more product visibility → increased sales.

If you run a business on Instagram, here I give you the complete guide on how to use Instagram Reels for your business.

See for yourself how Reels can be very helpful for your business and let me know the results 🙂

Tips to get more views on your Instagram Reels

Sharing is important, indeed.

But knowing other tips will make your Reels more discoverable.

Let’s check out the best tips to increase views for your IG Reels.

Create a Reel that gives value to your audience

Most important thing: valuable content will make users engaged.

Otherwise, trash video Reels only deserve a skip.

Use a trending song or sound for your Instagram Reels

Trending or viral elements are the best reach booster for Reels.

If you miss this one, don’t blame me when your Reels don’t perform well.

Add captions or subtitles to your Reels

This is a must-rule if you want people to watch your Reels.

Most users have their Reels muted, so when your video has no subtitles in it,

Just get ready to flop 🙂

Include a catchy headline in the first 3 seconds of your Reel

Aside from having embedded captions, an attention-grabbing title is also important.

It’s the same thing with choosing which title intrigues you to click when you are searching on Google.

Don’t forget to also say the title out loud 🙂

Ready to start sharing your Instagram Reels to get more views?

How was it? Very easy right?

Now you can share your Reel on your Story, share on your WhatsApp friends, etc.

But most importantly, you know the reason why promoting your Reels is very important to grow your account: to get more replays and followers.

In the end, it’s for the sake of account growth.

So, is it necessary to share Reels in 2023?

You know the answer: it’s a very YES from me 🙂

There would never be harm in promoting your own Reels to your friends.

Otherwise, you could never feel the benefit of sharing your Reels if you don’t do it soon.

Go go go! Make your account more valuable start from now!

How do you share effectively on Instagram Reels?

Make sure to create an engaging and high-quality Reel that contains the right hashtag. Don’t forget to add call-to-action text, and fun audio, and engage with your audience by liking or replying to their comments. If you want to share your edited content from another platform like TikTok, make sure to erase the watermark before posting it, otherwise, Instagram will not promote your video.

How to share all kinds of videos on Instagram?

First, save or download the video you want to share on your gallery. Then, click the ‘+’ button on top of the app to make a new Story, Reel, or Post. Choose the video you want to share from your gallery. On Stories, you can simply repost your friend’s video to your Story. Also, don’t repost a video that has a TikTok watermark on Reels, otherwise, the shared Reel will be stuck and gain no engagement.

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