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The Ultimate List of the Best Beauty Singapore Influencers in 2023 🇸🇬 Girls Edition

These best Singaporean influencer girls’ version is going to be a great help for brands & business who want to penetrate Lion City’s tight market.

Someone sitting in a country like Singapore can influence an Instagram user sitting on the other end of the world at the click of a button.

With insanely attractive faces, an elegant style, and the know-how of using their experience to influence others, female influencers in Singapore are becoming the rising stars of influencer marketing on Instagram.

These women have not only succeeded in garnering an online fan-following but have in fact promoted their own image as important assets to the world of business marketing.

When businesses send new products to be reviewed by these Instagram stars, they are effectively reaching out to an entirely new band of audience which is bound to get curious about their product when they read a good review.

singapore influencers girls

This simple and convenient form of marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective business promotion strategies today, which is exactly why you need these beautiful Singaporean women to take your business to new heights.

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of social media marketing, looking at the following statistics on the extent of social media use will blow your mind.

Here are the top female Singaporean influencer, any women, girls, and other creative figures in 2023.

Singapore Social Media Users – Statistics

number users social media in singapore

Based on the usage of social media platforms by active users in Singapore, 4.8 million people actively used social media in 2018.

This makes up 83% of the entire population of Singapore, which is definitely a substantial chunk of the population when you’re looking to boost your audience outreach.

What’s more is that 75% of the total population are active mobile social users, which is 4.3 million people who can view and access your business online with the click of a button.

Singaporean Micro-influencers are on the rise in South East Asia.

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Singapore Instagram Usage Analysis

user profiles instagram for Singapore

A study has also found that out of the 4.8 million Singaporeans who use social media, 2.2 million actively use Instagram, out of which 55% are female Instagram users and the other 45% are males.

This goes to show that Instagram marketing is a technique that reaches both genders of your audience in almost similar proportions, which leaves no need for the extra effort to reach a particular set of people by employing special, and often more costly, marketing strategies.

With 38% of the population actively using Instagram, your business can find a considerable fanbase simply by existing on this platform.

This is a huge aid for businesses that rely on reaching the maximum clientele instead of focusing on a particular set of audiences.

Singapore’s Most Active Social Media Platforms

social media ranking in singapore

In the ranking of the most popularly used social media platforms in Singapore, Instagram ranks at fourth in a combined list of social network platforms and messenger/chat platforms.

In an exclusive list of social networks, Instagram has bagged the third position in the most popularly used platforms in Singapore, following YouTube and Facebook.

While YouTube and Facebook are both platforms that have been in existence since over a decade, Instagram has only 8 years to show the remarkable levels of popularity that it has attained.

This goes to show how the platform has risen and solidified its potential to grow even more in terms of social media usage in the years to come.

State of influencer Marketing in Singapore 🔥 Fake and influence fraud

fake influencers in Singapore, fraud percentage

A study about the Influencer Marketing industry in Singapore.

Fraud is high.

The vast majority of influencers have tried some flawed methods for Instagram growth at least once. influencers who have over 5K followers understand that their numbers correlate with their earnings, thus they intentionally inflate their metrics.

Top 15 Female Instagram Influencers in Singapore

Here is a list of some of the most popular Singaporean Instagram personalities who sit at the top of the social media influencer marketing game in Singapore.

  1. Sherly Devonne Ng
  2. Aurelia Hathaway
  3. Elaine Rui Min
  4. Mongchin Yeoh
  5. Michelle
  7. Josephine Yap
  8. Novita Lam
  9. Chloe Choong
  10. Jasmine
  11. EUNICE
  12. Andrea Chong
  13. Willabelle Ong
  15. YOYO-CAO

1. Sherly Devonne Ng 黄艺萱 The Singapore-based singer, actress, and host


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2. Aurelia Hathaway – Singaporean Instagram influencer and model

3. Elaine Rui Min – Vlogger and Instagram marketer from SG

4. Mongchin Yeoh – Vlogger, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer from Singapore

5. Michelle – Singaporean Instagramer, Influencer, makeup enthusiast, and dog mom

6. SOH PEI SHI 苏培诗 – Makeup and food blogger, Youtuber, and Instagram SG influencer

7. Josephine Yap 🐶 – Singaporean Youtuber, Instagramer, and social media influencer

8. Novita Lam – Travel blogger and influencer from Singapore

9. Chloe Choong – Singapore-based Instagram influencer

10. Jasmine 🐱 – Singapore-based Instagram influencer

11. EUNICE ANNABEL LIM – Influencer and model from Singapore

12. Andrea Chong – Singapore-based makeup, skincare, and fashion blogger

13. Willabelle Ong – Singaporean photographer and traveller

14. CHRISTABEL – Youtuber, content writer, and SG Instagram influencer

15. YOYO CAO – Singaporean Instagram influencer and owner of Exhibitstore

Start working with the Singapore female influencers on the list!

Looking at the way social media has risen as a solid platform for business marketing, it is always good to explore new and young personalities who can promote your products and services to a unique kind of audience.

With so many new female faces shooting to fame on Instagram, one can gain a lot of exposure from the experience and following that Instagram influencers, especially those in the cosmopolitan of Singapore, bring to the table.

A brand that can manage to stay well-connected with its audience is bound to be profitable, which is why it helps to build a social media influencer campaign.

If you’re looking to grow your business, we can help expand your social media audience in very little time so that you can make your mark amongst the top businesses in Singapore and across the globe.

Did you find your favorite Singaporean Instagram influencer in this list of social media queens? Or were you surprised to find some names on the list here?

Let us know if you’ve ever thought about reaching out to a social media influencer to promote your brand name.

Let’s see how you can grow your business in Singapore with the help of these beautiful personalities!

Continue to read if you want to learn more about Influencers in Singapore

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