“This song is currently unavailable on Instagram” notice is encountered by many users when they want to add music to Stories and Reels. If you have also experienced this, this article will enlighten you with a complete tutorial on how to fix the “This song is currently unavailable” error on Instagram.

Fix error message song unavailable on Instagram

Are you frustrated because you can’t add music to your Instagram Stories, Reels, 

instead, you get a “This song is currently unavailable” notice?

Many have experienced the same and it is quite troublesome.

Some can play Instagram music but it’s suddenly unavailable when moving to the editing section.

That’s too bad because adding music to your Reels and Stories can help grab the viewers’ attention.

Also, many Reels went viral because they used trending songs on Instagram.


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If the music is unavailable, it will affect your Instagram Reels performance, especially in reach.

So, solving the problem is essential,

especially when you are a content creator or running a business account.

Here is the complete guide on understanding why Instagram displays “The song is currently unavailable” and how to fix the issue.

Let’s dive in.


  1. Change your region where Instagram music is available or use a VPN
  2. Check your internet connection
  3. Update your Instagram
  4. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram
  5. Wait for Instagram to fix the error for a few days
  6. Use a Video App to edit your Instagram Reels, Stories

What is this song is currently unavailable error message on Instagram videos?

It occurs when you want to add music to your Instagram videos, but it can not be played.

Instagram will display a message “This song is currently unavailable” to notify the users that they can’t use the music.

This song is currently unavailable on Instagram Reels video. Error Message
Error Message, no more songs available on my Instagram Reels

When this happened, the music you add to your videos will be muted, or simply can not be played.

This happens to many users on Instagram for so many reasons.

Quoting from Instagram, this message most likely happens because there is an error occurred on its end.

Find out more about why you can’t use some songs on your Instagram videos.

Why does Instagram show this song is currently unavailable on your reels?

When you want to add music to your Instagram Stories, Reels and you find the message “This song is currently unavailable”,

It is most likely because of a bug.

Instagram says it happens on its end, whether Instagram has been down, or there are bugs to clean.

This can also happen if you are using an Instagram business account and it overlaps with copyright infringement.

In some cases, it can be because the song you are trying to add is not available in your location.

To avoid this, just use a proxy like this one and get all Songs and musics from the US and all over the world.


High-speed Safe VPN

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This is due to licensing issues where Instagram only provides Instagram music for some regions.

Some songs may work in some countries, but some regions do not support Instagram music at all.

Also, what caused your error message is when Instagram music works partially.

This condition often occurs to Reel users.

Instagram music is already available in your country but you still can’t use the desired song.

It means that some songs are removed by Instagram because of copyright infringements.

Music Access Change on Instagram for professional accounts and businesses.
Music Access Message on Instagram for Businesses

The condition can be anything and you just have to make sure: what music is Instagram music supported by your country?

Why should you fix “This song is currently unavailable” when using Instagram Reels and Stories?

Adding music to your Reels or Stories is important.


There are a lot of benefits you can gain by adding music to your Reels and Stories.

Music is always entertaining, especially when you have to drive engagement to your content.

Giving your Reels music can add more value to your content.

You can grab people’s attention and get your Reels seen by a wider audience.

Many Reels went viral because the songs used were trending songs.

While with Stories, can connect deeper with your followers with Instagram music.

Music is a universal language and it’s the best way to show your brand personality.

When your audience is deeply connected with you, you can easily make conversions with your Stories.

So, fixing the issue “This song is currently unavailable” on Instagram is very important.

Not only does it make your Stories & Reels less fun, but it also prevents you from gaining those benefits.

6 ways to solve the error message “This song is currently unavailable” on Instagram

If you worry about not being able to add music to your Reels, Stories,

I have compiled the best ways to solve this problem.

Here are the 6 ways you can do to fix “The song is currently unavailable” on Instagram.

1. Check your Internet connection

If you get the error message, don’t panic.

Maybe it’s only because your internet connection is unstable.

Here is how to fix it if your internet connection is laggy.

  1. Close your Instagram app.
  2. Turn off your WiFi or cellular data.
  3. Wait for a few moments or find a spot that has a high-speed connection.
  4. Turn your WiFi or cellular data back on.
  5. Open your Instagram and try adding music to your Reels or Stories.

2. Update your Instagram App

If your connection is not the problem, then you must try the other way.

The next thing you need to do is update your Instagram app to the latest version,

Especially when your Instagram app needs updating for “Bug fixes and performance improvements”,

It is to make your app experience better, including features that don’t work because of bugs.

How to update your Instagram app on iOs
Go Update your Instagram App is you have Music issues on Reels

Remember when Instagram says that the error message can be caused by bugs?

If that’s the case, then you need to refresh the Instagram app.

Here is the first technical tip you must do to fix the “The song is currently unavailable” on Instagram.

  1. Open your App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Search Instagram and check if your Instagram app needs updating.
  3. If so, tap update and wait until it’s fully downloaded.
  4. If your Instagram has been updated to the latest version, check the version history. Make sure your Instagram has its bugs fixed on the latest update.

3. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

If the previous tips don’t work and you still get the error message,

Try deleting and redownloading the Instagram app.

This tip will help you clear cache data to fix the app’s issues.

Check Instagram history version and clear the cache
Check your Instagram Version history

If you have an Android phone, you can clear cache data on Settings without uninstalling the app.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Applications
  3. Instagram
  4. Storage
  5. Clear cache.

4. Wait for Instagram to fix the error for a few days

You’re sure the song is available in your country,

you have done everything to solve the error message “The song is currently unavailable”,

but Instagram still doesn’t allow you to use your favorite song?

Well, I think there is not much to do other than waiting for Instagram to fix the issues on its end.

It’s the error from Instagram after all.

Some users admit they can use the song after 3 weeks from the “This song is currently unavailable” glitch.

Some also find that they can add the music to the Reels, Stories, after a few days.

Make sure to try the first 3 ways to solve the problem.

If they still don’t work, then you must wait for Instagram to fix the issue or try using another available song.

5. Change your region where Instagram music is available or use a VPN

If the song you want to add to your Reels or Stories is not available in your country,

you must do the alternatives:

Change your region or use a VPN.


Best VPN for Instagram

If you want to Automate Instagram and use a VPN to make your activity private and go below-the-radar.

Change the region language for Instagram
Language Region Settings on iOS

Here is how to change your region on your iPhone to access Instagram music.

  1. Open Settings and choose General.
  2. Find and tap the “Language and Region” menu.
  3. Find “Region” and change to the country where Instagram music is available.

6. Use a Video App to edit your Instagram videos: Reels and Stories

If changing your region still doesn’t allow you to access Instagram music,

then I suggest you try the very final tip that will 100% work:

Use a video app to create your Reels or Stories.

If the in-app feature from Instagram doesn’t work for you, try to edit the content manually.

You can edit and give music to your video in advance.

Just search for an online video tool available that can insert background music.

That way, you will automatically post your Stories or Reels without going through the editing section.

Just tap the button to create a Story or a Reel and post. Done.

Don’t bother worrying about the bugs anymore,

Also, whether the song is available in your country or not.

Fix the “The song is currently not available in your country” glitch to keep using Instagram music

Wrapping up, this is the complete guide on why there is an error message when adding music on Instagram

And how to fix the “The song is currently unavailable” glitch in 2023.

Did you experience the same thing? Did you find a way to solve it?

As I said before, adding music to your Reels and Stories is important.

It helps you grab the viewers’ attention, and later drive more engagement to your content.

Also, it helps boost your Reels to go viral.

And your Stories to bond a deeper relationship with your audience.

Even now Instagram music is available for feed posts.

With that being said, fixing the unavailable songs is also important so you can use Instagram music anytime.

Don’t forget to check the reason why you got the error message, is it because of bugs?

Or your country still doesn’t have access to Instagram music?

Try conducting the tips one by one to know the reason, from updating your Instagram app to using a VPN.

Do you have another useful hack to solve this Instagram music glitch?

If so, share your tip with us in the comment section and help other readers to find the best solution!

Why is Instagram music not available for some accounts in 2023?

There are 2 reasons why it happens. Some bugs prevent Instagram to work properly or simply Instagram music is not available in your country. If you get the glitch “The song is currently unavailable” because of bugs, try to check your internet connection, update the Instagram app, uninstall and reinstall the app, or just wait for Instagram to solve the issue. If the song is not available in your country, try changing the region or using a VPN.

In which region is Instagram music available?

The countries where Instagram music is available are The USA, The UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Canada, Germany, and the rest of the 90 countries. Other than those countries, Instagram music might not be available due to copyright issues.

How do I add music to Stories and Reels on Instagram 2023?

In your Stories: create a new Story, tap on the Stickers icon, choose “Music”, and pick the song you want to use. For Reels: open the Reel tab, tap on the Camera icon at the top right corner of the screen, and select the Musical Note icon to add the desired music. You can add the music before or after creating the Reel.

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