The virtual influencer market, currently valued at $4.6 billion, is forecasted to see a 26% increase by the year 2025, as reported by Territory Influence.

Southeast Asia is now catching up in the virtual influencer scene besides generating a thriving influencer marketing landscape.

The number of virtual influencers in Southeast Asia is also rising.

South-East Asia Virtual Influencers in 2024 ⬇️

  1. Thalasya – @thalasya_
  2. Maya – @mayaaa.gram
  3. Rae –
  4. E.M.O.I – @e.m.oi
  5. Ava Gram –
  6. Rozy – @rozy.gram
  7. Melodee – @melodee_v2
  8. Imma – @imma.gram
  9. Hogonheil – @hogonheil
  10. Ailynn – @ai_ailynn

The Lil Miquela effect is real.

More graphic, computer-generated and AI characters are crowding the Indochina scene.

For brands & businesses, collaborate with virtual influencers on Instagram & Tiktok ASAP.

Brands in Asia love to work with Influencers and virtual content creators

Working with the best AI and robot creators helps target wider potential consumers beyond your current audience.

Accelerated brand growth is a guarantee when you work with highly-engaged Southeast Asian virtual influencers.

Wider promotion of products or services from the top digital influencers in Southeast Asia

Equals getting discovered by audiences with aligned interests.

Plus, brands can compensate much lower rate cards for collaborating with virtual influencers.

Here is the up-to-date, versatile list of best of the best virtual creators in Southeast Asia in 2023 with a wide audience demographic.

Let’s dive go.

This is the well-curated list of the 10 best Southeast Asian cyber influencers in 2023.

All Virtual Influencers in South East Asia

The list of cyber creators in Southeast Asia might not be as diverse as the global list.

But they are still very worthy of your brand.

Let’s get to know each Southeast Asian computer-generated influencer in 2023 in the top 10 list.

🇮🇩 Thalasya – International Lifestyle Cyber-Creator from Indonesia

Thalasya, the first Indonesian computer character,

has made her way to a recording studio in Florida, USA.

She loves traveling, yeah. Her Instagram is full of her exploration of the world.

Thalasya has managed to compete with human influencers from Indonesia.

To fuel her expensive hobby, Thalasya has endorsed hotels, restaurants, and even health pills.

Thalasya also built a clothing store with a friend, Zeline, called Yipiiiii.

She is developed by Magnavem Studio and first appears on Instagram in October 2018.

To reach the Indonesian general audiences, try working with Thalasya.

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Maya – The Southeast Asian Model & Virtual Ambassador

Maya, the acclaimed Southeast Asian virtual creator 

She has grown to over 7k followers on Instagram after a month.

If you look closely at the first posts on Maya’s Instagram.

You can see the process of “creating” the whole of her.

While most robot creators try to make it as realistic as ever, Maya chooses to show her true virtual personality.

The best thing is: Maya has been chosen as the brand ambassador of PUMA.

If your brand wants to work with a character that is true to herself, Maya is worth considering.

🇨🇳 Rae – China’s Fast-Growing Instagram virtual Influencer

Styled by one of the biggest Asia hairstylists Kim Robinson,

Rae is the first Chinese virtual character that grows rapidly on Instagram & TikTok.

On TikTok, she has generated over 350,000 followers.

Rae is the embodiment of Asia’s changing beauty & fashion industry that utilizes technology for its future innovations.

Rae has done Yoga, art nails, played online games, and also endorsed plenty of products & services.

If you want to enter China’s market, Rae is very worthy to work with.

🇻🇳 E.M.O.I – International Virtual Instagram Creator from Vietnam’s Southeast Asia

The virtual influencer scene has reached Vietnam,

Where E.M, created by Ogilvy T&A and Colory studio, is joining the bandwagon.

Apparently, virtual influencers are already a thing in Southeast Asia.

Among the rapid growth of Vietnam influencers,

E.M manages to compete as the first cyber creator & model from Vietnam.

A fashion collection called “Back To The Future is her first appearance as a public figure.

FYI, her username comes from an expression in Vietnam, “Em ơi,” which means “Hey, sweetie!”

E.M’s elegant fashion & aesthetic sense is the best asset to grow her online presence on Instagram.

Add her to your list, and leverage both virtual & nano influence from an influencer.

🇸🇬 Ava Gram – Singaporean Computer Graphic Influencer in Southeast Asia

Created unintentionally, Ava is now gaining more popularity, becoming one of the best influencers in Singapore.

Ava was previously a final project for the fashion media and industry

By 27-year-old Reyme Husaini, a senior at Lasalle College of Arts,

Even if Ava has limited movements, 

The 22-year-old virtual influencer has signed a collaboration with BHG Singapore, a retail company, to launch new in-house labels.

If you want to create a special project with a unique figure, add Ava to your list.

🇰🇷 Rozy – Korean First-ever Virtual Influencer

Here is another hyper-realistic robot creator, originating from South Korea.

Claimed as the first virtual influencer from Korea, Rozy has generated over 140k followers,

Posting daily lifestyle on her Instagram, and working with lots of brand endorsements.

Literally living like an actual human being.

Recently, Rozy has been featured in a commercial video dancing come moves,

To appeal to younger consumers.

Add this Korean beauty influencer (virtual version) to your list to reach the Korean general people.

🇲🇾 Melodee – Malaysia’s Southeast Asia’s first Virtual Influencer

Now we come back to Southeast Asia again.

Melodee, also the first cyber creator from Malaysia,

Has gained 5k more followers on Instagram to share her interest in lifestyle & fashion.

Among the growing human Malaysian influencers

Melodee’s posts have managed to always be crowded with likes & comments.

Indicating that Malaysian are welcoming her existence just fine.

🇯🇵 Imma – The First Japanese Virtual Model & Influencer

If you think Miquela’s resemblance is just incomparable, wait until you see Imma.

She is the first virtual model & cyber influencer from Japan.

While Miquela’s look is phenomenal with her bangs & freckles,

Imma pulls off iconic pink hair in a bob cut, and also full bangs.

And just look at her! You just can’t tell if she’s a robot or a pure human.

While others don’t often address their “robotness”,

Imma shows a persona of questioning her own existence with the hashtag #ithinkimcgi.

Already worked with big brands like Valentino, Amazon, Calvin Klein, Porsche Japan, Dior, Puma, and Nike,

Imma is an important virtual figure in Japan you should try working with.

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🇰🇷 Hogonheil – The first Korean virtual family Influencers

You need another virtual figure to promote your product?

Try working with Hogonheil, the first Korean (maybe worldwide) that brands themselves as a family.

The virtual family is composed of three siblings:

Ho and Gon are twin brothers, while Heil is their older sister.

The Hogonheil family loves to share about lifestyle, family, and adventure content.

They also promote social awareness of environmental issues.

🇹🇭 Ailyn – Thailand Growing Cyber Creator in Southeast Asia

Ailyn is one of the rising virtual influencers in Thailand.

Her character is described as a bold, smart, modern, mysterious, yet confident girl.

Ailyn’s Instagram account is already in blue tick, her feed is full of high-quality content,

And her posts are mostly brand endorsements.

Such a nice way to show her audience that the girl has actually made it.

If you want to reach the general public of Thailand, Ailyn would be best to work with.

FYI: Thais follow virtual influencers regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Our Advice for Brands in 2023: Start working with the best virtual influencers in Southeast Asia

From this article, we can see that Southeast Asia is more than ready to develop the industry of virtual influencers.

Even Southeast Asian people have set a standard of how a virtual influencer should look like.

Some agencies or parties even try to trigger the virtual influencers’ growth by creating one fictional character.

The results?

More & more graphic characters are growing an online presence on Instagram.

Some of them have become big brands’ ambassadors.

For brands & companies: start partnering with Thalasya, Maya, Melodee, Ailyn,

And other relevant virtual influencers in 2023 to accelerate your future brand growth.

Virtual influencers are safer to work with than human content creators because they are more controllable.

Basically, they will follow the Brands guidelines and not create any Drama. And for companies, it’s super important. Especially right now.

These highly engaged robot influencers also have a dedicated audience

And are also trusted by big brands to endorse & promote their products.

Collaborate with the ones that match your brand image & voice.

Try some of these influencer tools if you have any difficulty finding any virtual creators on Instagram & TikTok.

Do you have another Southeast Asian virtual influencer that is worth working with?

Comment down below 😉

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