Knowing how to stalk on Instagram using an online viewer is important as you can’t view IG private accounts or your account will be visible when seeing Stories. You need a private viewer for Instagram to spy on the profile without the user’s knowledge. In this article, I will guide you on how to stalk someone’s Instagram using a web viewer from Inflact that enables you to do so.


3 steps to spy on an Instagram account anonymously:

  1. Find the Instagram account you want to stalk
  2. Copy & paste the Instagram username on the viewer or profile URL link
  3. Click search & view the Instagram profile freely

Are you curious about your ex’s Insta Story update, when you already deactivated your IG account?

No worries, the Instagram stalkers are ready to help you spy on your ex’ activity on the visual app.

FYI, I’m not a professional stalker or any kind of weirdo.


Writing this article because I received hundreds of emails on how to do it.

So it must be popular and on-demand 🙃

Anyway, This is the best tool to help you keep updated on what everyone’s doing on Instagram

Even Without having an Instagram account and no login.

Instagram private viewers are also perfect to view accounts that blocked you.

And your identity will be fully hidden, all anonymously.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to stalk someone on Instagram using Inflact’s web viewer,

Let’s go.

Stalk Instagram accounts

How to stalk on Instagram using a web viewer?

Using an Instagram stalker tool is easier than ever.

Especially if you use Inflact.

It’s FREE, very easy to use, & completely anonymous.

No need to log in, no account is needed,

All you have to do is just insert the profile username you want to stalk, and voila!

All the IG activity is there.

Let’s see how to do it, in case any of you still don’t know.

Find the Instagram account you want to stalk

First off, prepare the account you want to lurk for.

This ex-girlfriend, this new colleague, this stupid neighbour…

You name it.

Open the profile, copy the Instagram username, and save it for later (to be on the input box on Inflact).

If your IG account is already deleted, make sure you remember the username.

Otherwise, you can’t proceed to the next step.

The Instagram profile username that needs to be stalked
Simply copy the profile username and save it for the next step~

Copy & paste the Instagram username or profile URL link

Next thing, just open the Inflact website on the “Instagram viewer” feature.

And then insert the username you have prepared in the search box.

Remember, the feature only allows usernames, not profile URL links.

Now, let’s try copying the username from an Indonesian fashion influencer, Yoland Handoko.

An Instagram web viewer as a third-party platform to help with the stalking
Type the username and go! You’ll see the whole feed of the profile 🙂

Click search & view the Instagram profile freely

If you have added the username, tap ‘Search’ and wait for the web to load.

When done, you can see the profile’s whole feed.

If you want to see more, just click on “Next Page”.

The profile’s feed pages generated by the Instagram stalker
Click on the next page to see more of the content~

You can also see the photos more closely.

Just click on the picture you want to see close up, and voila!

The captions are there too!

The profile close-up content generated by the Instagram stalker
You can even see the people they mention 🙂

What is stalking on Instagram?

Stalking on Instagram means visiting or viewing someone’s IG profile without them knowing.

The activity can be done easily on someone’s profile as Instagram never counts the visitor publicly.

However, the thing is different in Stories as IG makes it visible for any user viewing someone’s Story.

With an Instagram stalker, you won’t be in the order of the Story viewers.

And stalking is also impossible if you want to peak at accounts that block you.

If that’s the case, there are alternatives you can do to keep spying on some profiles.

These are what we recommend.

3 ways to stalk on Instagram anonymously

Looking for a safe way to view Instagram profiles?

These are 3 options you can do to spy on someone’s IG profile without them knowing.

  1. Create a Finsta or an Instagram fake account
  2. Use your friend’s Instagram account
  3. Use an Instagram private viewer to stalk Insta profiles

Here are options if you want to lurk someone’s IG profile with your identity hidden.

1. Create an Instagram fake account

Using your Finsta or fake Instagram account is one way to protect your real identity.

An example of a fake Instagram account following stat for stalking
It’s allowed to create a themed account to look more convincing 🙂

Just create a random username & use blurry or unclear photos as the profile picture,

And when your account is visible on the account’s Story viewers, for example,

You won’t be worried to get caught.

Try to follow if the account is private, just make sure your account is interesting or even weird enough to be accepted.

When you get a follow back, browse the profile freely.

2. Use your friend’s Instagram account

If you are too lazy to create a new account, try borrowing your friend’s account.

However, this will do for a one-time job only.

You won’t use your friend’s account continuously for stalking, do you?

If you do, the account you stalk will start suspecting your friend’s account.

Things will get worse if they know you are close to the stalker profile.

So, only do this once or you will get caught in the act.

3. Use a third-party app or web browser to view IG profiles

The last & most recommended alternative is using an Instagram online stalker.

The search box to input Instagram username to stalk & generate results
Once it’s done, just click search and see what’s coming~

It’s the most secure & efficient option so far.

You can spy on any Instagram profile with no login and without an account.

That way, you can view the profiles who blocked you & the Stories without fear of getting caught.

No friend’s IG account & no fake accounts are needed.

All for FREE & anonymously.

What are the benefits of using a private viewer for Instagram?

There are at least 3 benefits you can gain from using an Instagram stalker.

First, it lets you stalk users who blocked you.

No worries about your identity, the IG private viewer doesn’t need you to log in or have an account to start with the spying.

In other words, it allows you to stalk accounts with full anonymity.

Are you tired of being on social media?

But do you still want to know updates from important people and brands you follow?

Delete your profile without hesitation and view accounts freely through an Instagram stalker.

What is the best & free app to view IG profiles anonymously?

Inflact, indeed.

You can view any Instagram profile anonymously and for FREE, it’s very easy to use,

And also has a lot of ‘anonym’ features to help you with the lurking.

“Can I see Stories with Inflact while my identity is fully hidden?”

Of course, you can.

Just go to the IG Anonymous Story Viewer feature by Inflact if you only want to see the Story.

Inflact also has a great feature to find any Instagram user in advance with its robust filters,

And an Instagram profile analyzer.

Take advantage of every feature while they are still in zero charges.

My Final recommendation on what to use to view profiles secretly on Instagram in 2024

Stalking someone on Instagram can be done easily.

If the account is still between your followers and it’s open to the public.

Otherwise, the case will be different, including when you deactivated your IG account.

It’s 2024 and asking for help from an Instagram stalker isn’t wrong at all.

Pro tip: choose your tool wisely.

The truth about Insta-stalking is there are tools risking your privacy.

While Inflact, the one I think is the best,

Is FREE, easy to use, and also protects your personal information.

No login and account is needed to generate the whole feed of the profile.

Just type the username and you are free to view any content you are curious about.

And it’s all completely anonymous.

Inflact is indeed the best & most affordable tool to lurk anyone on Instagram without them knowing.

Is this guide helpful? Do you have other great tools to help with Instagram stalking?

Be kind. Share with us.

Stalking on Instagram? Answering your Questions 👇🏼

Is it legal to stalk someone on Instagram?

As long as it doesn’t bring any harm to the account, then it’s fair to do so. Use the information you get for personal matters only, no commercial use. Also, it’s better to keep the infos to yourself and don’t share it with others.

Can I get caught when viewing someone’s Instagram account?

No. There is no way to know if anyone is stalking you on Instagram, both officially or artificially. Instagram itself doesn’t provide a visitor count or view for its users. So, in a way, you can freely spy on an Instagram account without using any help, except when seeing the Stories or when the account blocks you.

Can I also stalk Instagram stories with the Instagram stalker?

If the platform provides the service, then yes you can. However, some providers might offer different features and it’s possible to rent a profile viewer only. If you want to go full spy mode, it’s better to look thoroughly at the IG stalker before using the service, especially when it requires payment beforehand.

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