If you are looking for a Social Media blog focused on Instagram Marketing, TikTok and Influencer Marketing to publish a guest blog post in 2022.

Then you are surely on the right page 😉

Welcome. Please read carefully.

Now, to avoid wasting your time, here are some guidelines you will need to follow if you want to write for us on this blog.

What are the guidelines for writing a guest article on this marketing blog?

  1. Your article deals with a topic around social media networks, Influencer Marketing on Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat. Facebook..
  2. You offer a real quality article, written correctly, which offers real added value to our readers (curious and passionate professionals of all industries)
  3. You are not in “auto promo” mode and do not want to include affiliate links.
  4. You will of course be entitled to one CTA (dofollow link) within the article
  5. If can write about: Influence marketing, creation of photo or video content, sharing discoveries around the algorithm, a customer case, a tool that can help others in their account management Instagram, from their Community Management on TikTok, Tools …

Content Requirements:

  • 100% Original Content – Not self-promotion oriented
  • Natural and conversational tone (As is already the case on the blog)
  • 1000 words Minimum (You can write more if you wish)
  • Hierarchical content (H1 – H2 – lists…)
  • 3‒4 images maximum / only one outgoing link (yours) on a non-optimized anchor
  • Links to your sources: Provide sources if you provide figures

If you think you can meet the criteria set out to submit guest blog post then let’s talk about it now and contact me through this form.

Note: If your request concerns anything other than guest blogging. Like Business partnerships, sponsored articles, affiliate programs, advertising, community management for your company or your brand… Please use this form instead.

What is a guest post? And how do you write a blog post on social media?

If you are new to the practice of “guest blogging” here is how you should write a guest article.

One of the most telling articles on the topic.

Which sums up the practice pretty well up and down.

So I open the possibility, for you, who is seeking to publish your knowledge on others’ blogs.

To come and publish an article on this blog dedicated to Marketing on Instagram and TikTok.

How to write a guest post? It’s not difficult. At all. You simply just need to write quality content.

Blog content that people genuinely will read.

Your blog article should uphold the basic standards of writing a guest post.

Nobody wants to read a poor-quality post full of errors and lack of data, images or examples to support your article.

Some information on this blog and the nice people behind it:

  • INSG. It’s a blog (and a business) created in 2015.
  • Dealing with Marketing on Instagram and Tik Tok in all its forms, but also management and automation tools, Instagram influencer marketing, tops and ranking of influencer profiles …
  • 2 languages ​​available: French and English
  • Who offers support services for professionals, business, enterprises on Instagram.
  • Mostly long articles (guides and tutorials) or tops on influencers / Marketing tools / techniques
  • Mostly organic traffic, a well-placed blog appreciated by its readers
  • If you want to know more about me, learn more here.

I am always very interested in learning something about a subject that fascinates me and which may also be of interest to as many people as possible.

This is why you can submit guest blog post on this Instagram Marketing blog and together we can offer quality content around this same theme to readers with professional profiles.

Interested in doing business and developing their skills on Instagram.

So if your activity/idea for an article fits our editorial line then don’t hesitate to send one.

See you soon 👋🏼