Top 20 best influencers in Singapore – The 2021 definitive list

Best influencers in Singapore in 2021, the definitive guide

Here are the latest influencers in Singapore – our guide to Top 20 Instagram Influencers in Singapore.

Instagram Influencers are an important part of every social media marketing strategy as it brings many benefits to brands on Instagram.

Influencers in Singapore are the key to targeting a Singaporean audience of younger demographic.

Not only do they give your brand more exposure through product sponsorships, they also benefit brands’ Instagram page performance.

Influencer sponsorships = More leads = Sales increase = Brand growth.

There are plenty of Influencers, nano-influencers and micro-influencers in Singapore with difference niches and audience demographics.

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Food and more.

If your brand is looking for the best influencers in Singapore for your Instagram marketing strategy.

We bring you this complete list of the best, popular influencers across various niches ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who are the top influencers in Singapore?

NameInstagram UsernameFollowers
Mae Tan@marxmae126k
Isabel Tan@prettyfrowns250k
Christabelle Chua@bellywellyjelly260k
Rachel Lim@ms_rach115k
Velda Tan@belluspuera159k
Jamie Pang@jamiepang147k
Andee Chua@andeecys140k
Joseph Schooling@josephschooling165k
Rathi Menon@rathi_menon66.3k
Benjamin Kheng@benjaminkheng226k
Taufik Batisah@taufikbatisah345k
Tabitha Nauser@tabithanauser77.7k
Nathan Hartono@nathanhartono122k
Yung Raja@yungraja90.3k
Daniel Ang@danielfooddiary263k
Leslie Tay@ieatishootipost148k
Brad Lau@ladyironchef592k
Seth Lui@sethluicious128k
Joe Yang@mightyfoodie43.5k

Fashion and beauty Influencers in Singapore

Fashion and beauty influencers in Singapore have a great prominence and true influence amongst Singaporeans.

They’re public figures with trendy content – they set the fashion and beauty trends in Singapore.

These are the influencers to look out for if you’re a fashion or beauty-related business.

Lifestyle and luxury brands work well with these Singaporean influencers too ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is the latest, up-to-date list of Singaporean fashion and beauty influencers in Singapore as of 2021.

1. Mae Tan – Singaporean Fashionista, Influencer

Mae Tan is a Singaporean fashion influencer.

Super sense of style, always uniquely hers.

She’s a true fashion trendsetter in Singapore.

It’s no wonder that major fashion brands in Singapore love working with Mae Tan.

Mae Tan is a high quality influencer with a relatively low market price for Instagram sponsorships.

With excellent account activity and high content diversity,

She is active on Instagram with regular postings, and her posts are highly unique.

It’s looking good for fashion brands that are experimental with quirky designs!

Another fashion influencer to look out for is Isabel Tan.

2. Isabel Tan – Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer from Singapore

Isabel Tan is a Singaporean fashion influencer currently based in New York City, USA.

Due to her geographical location, her audience is based in both Singapore and USA.

If your brand is looking to target an international audience, Isabel Tan is a great influencer to look out for.

Isabel Tan has a high influencer score with excellent hashtag quality and account activity.

This means her Instagram profile is well-managed with regular posts and optimized hashtags.

It’s no wonder that her sponsored posts reap good results – with quality hashtags, her posts get maximum reach which will give your brand the most traffic.

However, due to high saturation of sponsored posts, it might be challenging to catch an influencer partnership with Isabel Tan.

Next up on our list of beauty influencers is Christabelle Chua, famously known as bellywellyjelly.

3. Christabelle Chua – Singaporean Beauty Influencer

Christabelle Chua is a Singaporean influencer, with a niche in beauty and fashion.

She can be seen posting sponsorships mainly with beauty and makeup brands.

Since Christabelle Chua has been an influencer for many years, she has developed a strong audience and loyal follower base.

As she’s such a popular influencer to work with, her sponsored posts have a high saturation rate๐Ÿ™ƒ

Christabelle Chua has many sponsored posts with various beauty brands already – It’ll be challenging to win a partnership with this popular Singaporean influencer.

Moving on to the next influencer on our list – She’s Rachel Lim, an influencer and businesswoman.

4. Rachel Lim – Fashion Influencer, Businesswoman

A Singaporean fashion influencer and businesswoman, Rachel Lim is the founder of Love Bonito, a popular Singapore-based women’s fashion brand.

With her successful fashion brand, she has 100k followers on her personal Instagram account and 300k followers on her clothing brand’s Instagram page.

A true fashion influencer, she posts regular OOTD – outfit of the day – pictures featuring clothes from her own brand.

She also does sponsored posts with a wide variety of clients – ranging from shopping mall developers to skincare brands.

It’s astounding how versatile her content is. It’s no wonder she has a high content diversity score!

Since Rachel Lim is a mother, it’ll be a great opportunity for family-friendly and baby care brands to work with this Singaporean influencer.

5. Velda Tan – Businesswoman, Fashion Influencer Singapore

Velda Tan is a Singaporean influencer-entrepreneur.

Founder of two fashion brands, Our Second Nature and Collate the Label

She’s a successful influencer and entrepreneur.

Overall, she’s a high quality influencer.

We recommend working with her if your brand is focused on non-clothing related luxuries.

Working with businesses and brands offering local vacation packages, beauty and spa, food and fashion accessories would definitely appeal to Velda Tan.

If your brand is part of that niche – Go for it ;)

Fitness Influencers in Singapore

Another category of influencers are fitness influencers.

These are typically influencers who are fitness junkies and are fitness inspirations to Singaporeans.

Regularly posting selfies in the gym, sharing their workout tips and #fitspo

There are many fitness Influencers in Singapore – Here’s the top-quality Singaporean influencers you’d want to work with.

1. Jamie Pang – Female Fitness Influencer in Singapore

Jamie Pang is a Singaporean female fitness influencer.

With beautiful and inspiring posts showing off her perfectly toned figure, she’s a true influencer and #fitspo for many Singaporean ladies.

A great influencer with a loyal, loving community!

Her videos achieve 20k views on average, with an average of 6k likes per post.

She commonly does partnerships with skincare brands that complement her fitness lifestyle.

With high content diversity, high engagement rate and account growth

Brands are eager to work with Jamie Pang due to the great results her sponsored posts bring.

This is an influencer that you’ll definitely want to work with if your brand wants to appeal to the fitness community!

2. Andee Chua – Singaporean Fitness Junkie, Model

Andee Chua is a Singaporean model and fitness influencer.

He’s a hot favourite influencer who’s always working with various brands and sponsorships.

Due to his high saturation of sponsored content, it’ll be a little challenging to form a partnership with.

But if your brand is confident in sponsoring products that are different from the competition and sure-loved by fitness lovers

Go for it ;)

3. Joseph Schooling – Olympic Athlete, Influencer

Joseph Schooling is a Singaporean olympic swimmer and Instagram influencer.

With a strong and loving community, his posts have a high engagement rate!

Joseph Schooling’s average video views are 24k with an average of 7k likes.

Being sponsored by the top luxury brands such as Tag Heuer and Hugo Boss

Joseph Schooling is super high in demand.

It wouldn’t be a problem if your brand is a high-end luxury brand.

But if you’re a smaller business, it’ll be tough getting a partnership with Joseph Schooling.

4. Riley – Fitness, Lifestyle Influencer based in Singapore

Riley is a Singapore-based influencer and a fitness junkie.

Truly an inspiration for women who are fitness lovers.

Riley has high quality and versatile sponsorships – she works with various of industries such as Fendi, Nandos, Foodpanda and Singapore Wake Park.

It’s clear to see that she loves fitness and sports.

And she loves partnerships with food as well.

If any of those relate to your brand, go for it!

Next up is another female fitness influencer, Rathi Menon.

5. Rathi Menon – Singapore Fitness Influencer

Rathi Menon is a Singaporean female fitness influencer.

She’s regularly posting selfies in the gym and sharing her workout routine.

With audiences from both Singapore and India, she’s a true international influencer.

it’s a great opportunity for international businesses looking to expand and appeal to a worldwide audience.

Rathi Menon’s content on Instagram has high content diversity and low sponsored saturation rate

This makes it less competitive for brands and businesses who want to do partnerships with her.

She loves food, as much as she loves fitness!

Lifestyle brands, food and fitness – Rathi Menon is an Influencer you should add to your list!

Moving on to our next niche: Singaporean artiste influencers.

Singaporean Artiste Influencers

Artiste influencers are simply successful artists and musicians who have are Instagram famous and highly influential.

They’re household names that every Singaporean of all ages commonly know.

Due to their fame and recognition from being a local artiste, they’ve developed a fanbase online on Instagram, too.

Here are some Singaporean artists – turned influencers that you should look out for.

1. Benjamin Kheng – Singaporean Musician, Influencer

Benjamin Kheng is an artist-turned influencer from the Singaporean band The Sam Willows.

With 200k followers, he’s a popular influencer despite originally being a famous musician in Singapore.

Benjamin Kheng has a loyal follower base and community

Excellent engagement rates, 9k average likes and 80k average video views

His sponsorship saturation rate is low as well.

It won’t be too challenging to form a partnership with Benjamin Kheng!

Next up is another famous Singaporean artist and influencer, Taufik Batisah.

2. Taufik Batisah – Famous Musician, Property Agent, Businessman

Taufik Batisah is a 40-year-old influencer, entrepreneur and musician.

Famous for his music, he has expanded to launching his own food brand – Chix Hot Chicken.

He also has his own property team.

Talk about an all-rounded influencer.

He definitely knows what’s best to grow his fame.

Taufik Batisah has a high saturation rate, it won’t be easy to work with him.

He’s passionate about his personal businesses

Your brand will have to appeal to his lifestyle, he’s a hardworking businessman.

It’s worth trying to reach out to him for partnerships though, as his audience demographics are diverse.

He’s popular across the country, even in the surrounding regions. Young or old, everyone likes him.

It’ll be amazing exposure to work with Taufik Batisah.

3. Tabitha Nauser – Singaporean Celebrity, Musician

Tabitha Nauser is a Singaporean influencer and musician.

With 70k followers and an average of 15k video views and 3k likes, Tabitha Nauser has a loyal fanbase and Instagram community.

Although Tabitha Nauser is based in Singapore, her audience is international, mainly in Singapore, UK and US!

Tabitha Nauser has high content diversity – her content is always unique and fresh.

It’s a great and strong account to work with if you’re looking for an influencer with diverse content and a worldwide audience.

Next up is another well-loved musician in Singapore, Nathan Hartono.

Nathan Hartono – Famous Singaporean Singer

Nathan Hartono is a highly famous musician in Singapore. He’s a true celebrity with a great following on Instagram!

With 100k followers and an average video views of 11k, Nathan Hartono is an appealing influencer for brands with a bigger budget to produce video content as partnerships.

5. Yung Raja – Singaporean Rapper, Influencer

Yung Raja is a Singaporean rapper who recently went viral and rose to fame. Now, his account has grown to 90k followers with a high engagement rate and excellent account activity.

Due to his strong follower base and loving community, he’s one of Singapore’s top musician-influencers.

His recent partnership with luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton shows how he’s a rising influencer to look out for.

Food Influencers

As Singaporeans, we all love food.

We’re always on the search for new spots to eat in Singapore

If you’re a cafe, restaurant, or any business that deals with food

Here are the influencers to look out for food partnerships ;)

1. Daniel Ang – Singaporean Food Blogger, Influencer

Daniel Ang is a Singaporean food blogger, who originally started writing food reviews on his blog.

He has expanded to posting restaurant and food reviews on Instagram as well.

While his blog had already enjoyed big success, his Instagram page was a big hit among the younger generations as well.

His content on Instagram is 99% food, though-

It’ll be impossible to try and score a non-food related partnership with Daniel Ang.

2. Leslie Tay – Singaporean Food Reviewer, Influencer

Leslie Tay, founder of Instagram food blog ieatishootipost is another famous food blogger in Singapore!

Foodies know his name well – his content is down-to-earth

Food reviews from various restaurants and eateries from all walks of life in Singapore.

If your brand is a new food business in Singapore

There’s a high chance in succeeding in getting a partnership with Leslie Tay!

Moving on is another famous food reviewer/blogger which you definitely have heard of.

3. Brad Lau – Singaporean Food Blogger

Brad Lau, founder of famous food blog ladyironchef is a true influencer with 500k followers on Instagram. Wow!

A go-to Instagram influencer for foodies on the hunt for good food in Singapore

Ladyironchef is a famous food blogger with diverse content.

Experimenting with various Instagram post formats such as photos, videos and IGTV

It’s a high quality and expensive influencer to work with.

If your food business has a high budget, go for it! :)

Next up, we’re introducing a famous food blogger, you should know his name well ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Seth Lui – Food Blogger, Influencer

Seth Lui is a famous name amongst foodies in Singapore.

Another food blogger who posts food reviews with various eateries around Singapore

Seth Lui mainly works with food-related services and brands.

Of course, he’s a food blogger with 99% of his Instagram page filled with food reviews!

Although his posts feature food reviews from Singaporean eateries, his followers are not only Singaporean.

He’s popular in Japan and Thailand, too!

It’s a great opportunity if your business sells food from various cultures internationally.

Seth Lui is a strong food influencer with an international and local audience.

Moving on to the final Singaporean food influencer on our list is Joe Yang, also known better as mightyfoodie.

5. Joe Yang – Singaporean Foodie

Joe Yang, also known by mightyfoodie on Instagram is a Singaporean food influencer.

Although he’s relatively new to the food blogging scene, Joe Yang is successful with 40k followers and growing.

Different from the other food influencers, though

Joe Yang or mightyfoodie also does food reviews on desserts and drinks!

This is an appealing influencer for food establishments who serve a wide variety of cuisines and dishes.


You’ve come to the end of our list of top influencers in Singapore.

From various niches, Singapore has many influencers despite being a small country.

The good thing is – Singaporean influencers not only have audiences from Singapore – their audiences are international too!

It’s important to find the right influencer with the right niche and audience.

The best influencer that can best represent your brand – they’re more likely to accept a partnership with your business.

Influencer marketing is extremely rewarding, especially in Singapore.

Social media trends and word-of-mouth spreads extremely quickly in a country with a small population.

Working with a top influencer will definitely help your business skyrocket.

With influencer marketing in Singapore, your enterprise will see positive growth in sales and online presence.

So I hope you’re not hesitating and, just go for it!

All the best in your pursuit of partnerships with Singaporean influencers!


Who are the top influencers in Singapore?

  1. Mae Tan
  2. Isabelle Tan
  3. Christabelle Chua
  4. Rachel Lim
  5. Velda Tan
  6. Jamie Pang
  7. Andee Chua
  8. Joseph Schooling
  9. Riley
  10. Rathi Menon
  11. Benjamin Kheng
  12. Taufik Batisah
  13. Tabitha Nauser
  14. Nathan Hartono
  15. Yung Raja
  16. Daniel Ang
  17. Leslie Tay
  18. Brad Lau
  19. Seth Lui
  20. Joe Yang

How To Find Influencers in Singapore

  1. Look at various major brands’ sponsored social media posts, especially TikTok and Instagram for the latest influencers
  2. Use social tools like Favikon, Upfluence, HypeAuditor to search for influencers in a specific demographic or category
  3. Check your social mentions: Influencers who are fans of your products or services have already posted their reviews on your business. Influencers who are interested in your brand are more likely to accept a parnership easily.

Are Influencers Paid and How Much Should I Pay Influencers?

There are different types of influencer partnerships.

  • Some are paid partnerships where businesses pay an influencer a sum of money according to the influencer’s rates – Paid
  • Sending a gift box and requesting for a free review – Free, business only needs to cover gift pack costs and delivery.

Your brand should pay influencers based on their rate.

However, if you feel that their rates are too high for a lower-quality audience and post, try searching for other influencers or micro-influencers who bring better results for a lesser cost.

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