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Top 10 Travel Influencers in Malaysia in 2023 – The Definitive List

Here are the best Malaysian travel influencers in 2023 who are perfect for your influencer marketing in Malaya and more.

Inside or outside the country, to serene nature or busy city life, Malaysians generally love to travel, and mostly to catch up with families & friends.

But with millions of tourist destinations in the world, it can be a little confusing to decide where to go next.

And that’s when travel content creators in Malaya are followed.

Travel influencers provide posts for the public regarding locations, transportation, and accommodations you need for your next trip.

Consequently, their uploads are never not awaited by plenty, especially by travel junkies in Malaysia.

Doesn’t matter if they are young or old.

In addition, due to their insightful content, travel influencers in Malaya have generated big followings.

Their presence is no joke and whatever they say or do has the power to influence their dedicated followers.

And this is a golden opportunity for brands wanting to reach all the travel junkies as well as the general public in Malaysia.

Top 10 Travel Influencers in Malaysia

  1. Nazirul Hakim – @iamnazirul
  2. Atasha Ahmad – @tachichosz
  3. Fikri Zamri – @fikri_zamri
  4. Rita Nassiri – @ritanassiri
  5. Aereon Wong – @aereonwong
  6. Vivian Dominique – @littlemisshappyfeet
  7. C Kology
  8. Pojie – @pojiegraphy
  9. Kiki – @dearkiki
  10. Yahya Ajid – @yahya_ajid

Should your brand get promoted by them, it will be more and more acknowledged by their audience.

This will lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales in an instant.

Let’s get to know the most promising adventure content creators in Malaysia in this article.

Here are the 10 best travel influencers in Malaysia in 2023.

1. Nazirul Hakim – Famous Countryside Travel Influencer in Malaysia

First, we have Nazirul Hakim, a male content creator from Malaysia who posts about his adventures on social media.

His content revolves around traveling, the food he ate when he travels, and his lifestyle as a full-time wanderer,

With a focus on the slow-paced countryside life.

He will show you how it feels to travel far from the buzzing city, to a village in Malaya.

When you follow him, you can expect countless shots of intricate foods, riverboats, open kitchens, small shops, and turquoise sea.

Due to his unique content, Nazirul is one of the most followed travel influencers in Malaysia.

Make sure to leverage Nazirul’s influence and get your brand recognized in the country ASAP.

2. Atasha Ahmad – Elegant Travel Influencer in Malaysia

Next, we have Atasha Ahmad, a travel influencer from Malaya who presents travel content along with fashion and food posts.

Everything she posts about locations in Malaysia and many other countries is pleasing to the eye.

On top of that, Atasha also does hotel and airline reviews, which are needed by those planning to travel either across Malaysia or the globe.

Follow Atasha now if you are in need of place recommendations,

As well as thorough transportation and accommodation reviews for your next adventure.

For brand owners, Atasha has a significant online presence in Malaysia, therefore working with her is a must.

3. Fikri Zamri – Malaya’s Loved Travel Content Creator

Fikri Zamri is a social media personality from Malaysia.

He utilizes YouTube and Instagram to showcase the breathtaking sceneries he saw in the country.

He shares many shots of worth-visiting busy streets and clear blue ocean in Langkawi, Sarawak, Pangkor, and more.

Fikri’s account is perfect for those wanting to explore Malaya, hence his big following.

He sometimes even has a Q&A session to connect with his curious fans and it’s always crowded with interactions.

With his significance on social media, Fikri is your golden gate to reach many wanderers in Malaysia.

4. Rita Nassiri – Carefree Malaysian Travel Influencer

Rita Nassiri enjoys island living, that’s for sure.

She loves soaking in the sunlight, tanning, and enjoying the sound of the crashing waves.

Rita loves the beach so much that it’s usually her main destination when traveling to other countries.

However, this doesn’t mean she stops going on adventures when the summer ends.

Because you can occasionally see her playing with snow in her thick and layered coats, too.

The female influencer just knows how to have a good time, despite the location or the weather.

Rita’s popularity on Instagram is established, so be sure to collaborate with her to reach more travel enthusiasts from Malaysia.

5. Aereon Wong – Travel Enthusiast & Influencer from Malaysia

If you are the kind of person who prefers roaming around the city and being blown away by the blinding lights, 

Then you need to follow Aereon Wong.

Aereon will show you how pretty the skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur and other cities look during the day and night.

He also documents distinctive exteriors if you love visiting them and need inspiration on where to go next.

Aeron’s content is loved by many people in Malaysia,

If you utilize his influence to promote your brand, I’m sure accelerated growth will come your way in no time!

6. Vivian Dominique – Dedicated Malaysian Doctor, Traveler, and Content Creator

Vivian Dominique is a Malaysian doctor who shares her love for traveling through Instagram.

She mainly travels to enjoy nature.

On her platform, you will see many pictures of beautiful beaches, fields of flowers, bamboo forests, and other spots she visited.

Besides that, Vivi is also followed for staycation information and how you can get discounts for your holiday.

Vivian has a tight-knit community of travel enthusiasts in Malaysia.

And you should definitely work with Vivian if your brand plan to reach her dedicated audience.

7. C Kology – Insightful Travel Digital Creator in Malaysia

C Kology is the kind of travel influencer you need if you prefer long, fun videos instead of stunning pictures.

Because C Kology is mainly active on YouTube, uploading long clips 

That discuss the top foods, famous spots, fine dining places, and the history of many places in Malaysia & the world.

His content is as insightful as it is entertaining.

Everything C Kology uploads is really useful for tourists from Malaysia or abroad.

So make sure to consider his thorough suggestions when planning your next trip.

And don’t forget to also consider working with C Kology should you want your brand to thrive in Malaysia.

8. Pojie – Travel Blogger & Photography Influencer from Malaysia

If you are one of Pojie’s followers, you won’t ever have to worry about not getting enough doses of nature photography.

The thing is, Pojie loves both adventure and photography and his Instagram feed portrays just that.

His passion for both explains all the gorgeous pictures and reels he uploads. 

Posts about beaches, mountains, lakes, and grasslands full of horses are among the evidence of the places he visited.

He even has from above drone videos of the most stunning sceneries in Malaysia and other countries.

Follow him now and find yourself motivated to go outside and see how beautiful the earth is.

And be sure to work with him too if you want to target all the Malaysian explorers.

9. Kiki – Penang-Based Travel Influencer – Micro Content Creator in Malaysia 

The Penang-based travel influencer Kiki has a feed full of majestic shots of places she went to.

You will see photos of her against many cityscapes, greeneries, and glorious buildings.

Which are guaranteed to make you want to book a plane ticket to go there right away.

Kiki has traveled across and outside of Malaysia.

And each time, she never forgets to share a glimpse of her experience with her loyal followers.

If you plan to grow your business in Malaya, I highly suggest you work with her and get a hold of her audience now.

10. Yahya Ajid – Rising Nano Travel Influencer in Malaysia

The earth is full of miracles waiting to be unraveled for the Malaysian nature lover Yahya Ajid. 

So he explores it all by hiking, swimming, climbing mountains, snorkeling at the beach, and many more.

Yahya makes use of his Instagram to share his experience with his loyal audience.

And they love to see it all and be a part of his never-ending journey.

Yahya’s following might be small compared to others but his fans are just as loyal.

They are always ready to show their love for Yahya’s content through likes and comments.

Should you work with Yahya, you will be one step closer to getting your brand known by his dedicated followers.

Ready to work with Malaysian travel influencers?

As stated previously, Malaysian content creators will greatly help your brand reach a wider audience in Malaya.

They also have loyal fans who will take these content creators’ advice and suggestions into account.

So I highly recommend you work with them and leverage their online presence to improve your reputation in the country.

One more thing:

To succeed in your influencer marketing in Malaysia, it is important to choose the right influencer for your brand.

Which is none other than that who can represent your business appropriately and help you reach your target audience.

So do consider their niche before you connect with a Malaysian travel influencer.

That’s it for now, I wish you all the best in your influencer marketing journey. 😊

Continue to read if you want to work with other Malaysian influencers

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