Adding two filters on your Instagram Reels is possible. if you know how, well I will explain. An effect on your content can boost its visual appeal to your viewers, and potentially help increase your Instagram engagement. This is the guide to using two filters on Instagram Reels simultaneously in 2023, dedicated for you.

How to use two Instagram filter at the same time? A step by step guide

Are you looking for a way to use more than one Instagram filter at once?

Here is how to add two filters at a time for your Instagram Reels and Stories.

I will also give you the tutorial to insert multiple filters on Instagram.

The Instagram preset effects are a great way to beautify and sprinkle your content with a creative touch.

It is also a cost-free yet helpful strategy to elevate your engagement.

Especially when the filters are made originally by you.

It can invite more traffic and followers as people engage with the filter on their content.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the guide.

And level up your filter game!


  • Open Instagram and make sure it’s updated to the latest version
  • Go to the Reels menu to create a new Instagram content
  • Pick an effect before recording your Instagram Reel
  • Start recording your Instagram Reel
  • Add your second filter by tapping the 3-star icon beside the Instagram sticker
  • Preview your Reel before uploading

What is an Instagram Filter?

Instagram filters are an in-app feature from Instagram that allows you to apply pre-set edits or effects to your content with just one click.

The feature lets you adorn your Reels, touch up your appearance, and play with them.

An example of a beauty filter used by an Instagram user on Reels
The filter name will be displayed.

The first Instagram filter was launched in 2011 with very simple editing.

Such as resolution settings, border options, and classic effects like Sephia or Black and White.

But now it has evolved, to the point where you can use a complete edit with a highlighted tone/vibe only with a single tap.

You can have a Japan-inspired filter, beautify your face with auto-makeup, ’80s color film,

The options are unlimited.

Filter options on the Instagram Reels filter menu
Select and try seeing the effects in real-time.

There are also augmented reality (AR) effects that provide you with face filters and show your followers an animated version of you.

You can also create your own filter and share it with your followers and other users.

The custom effect is very beneficial for businesses to collect new followers and traffic.

Looking for the perfect filter you want?

Just go through the magnifying glass icon and type the keyword.

Or simply check the default tab “3-star icon”, “Aesthetics”, and “Special Effects”,

It usually appears differently for some users.

You will also find “Trending”, “Reels”, and “Appearance” on your effect dashboard.

If you scroll down the Reels page and accidentally find a very good filter, save it immediately.

It will appear on your saved effects and you won’t bother searching for it the other day.

Why do you need filters on Instagram Reels?

With the filters & effects, you can enhance your content’s visual quality to a better version.

Simply when you took the image with poor lighting, you can use Instagram filters to solve the problem.

However, it is more than that. It can help you decorate your Instagram content beautifully

And make it more engaging for your followers.

It is a great way to encourage legit interaction between a brand and its audience.

Understand Instagram filters and how they can help grow your brand on Instagram.

Moreover, you can gain lots of benefits when you create the filter by yourself.

When a filter is shared on Instagram Stories & Reels, everyone can see it, use it, and engage with it.

That way, you increase the possibility of gaining more followers and traffic to your website.

Such a huge benefit for a little thing, right?

Now let’s see the most used effects by Instagram users nowadays.

What are the 10 most popular Instagram filters?

Since there are so many Instagram filters out here,

you can be confused when choosing it for your Reels.

For now, save your worry, because I have listed the 10 most favorite Instagram effects across the platform.

1. Butterfly Pinky’s

If you love your face to look flawless and have a hint of aesthetic vibe, try this one.

You will have an auto-pretty face with butterflies on your right and left. And snow glitters.

2. The Little Mermaid

If love watching Disney Princess, this filter is the one for you.

You will find your own version of Ariel and hear her words!

3. BW Vibe

You wanna go mysterious? Use this effect and it works so fine.

A classic black and white preset with an alternative music background are a perfect combo to go cryptic.

Picking an Instagram Filter black and white render for an Instagram Reel video
The Weeknd always deliver

4. Snow White

Want to try another princess filter?

This Snow White effect will transform your eyes into a princess’ eyes, wear you her headband, and have a charming smile.

5. Bubblegum

Use this filter if you don’t want to highlight your face in your Reel!

You can create a video with a moving background of sparkling shapes and colors.

6. Golden Shine

Bling-bling stars with a perfect, top-notch makeup filter, give you a one-night diva aura like Beyonce.

Usage of the golden shine instagram filter on an Instagram Reel
Wanna look like B.?

7. Soft Real Freckles

Have you imagined yourself having freckles on your face?

Wonder no more, try on this filter ASAP to watch your face with soft freckles in it.

8. Bluesky

Do you want to take a picture of the sky but it’s too cloudy for your Instagram aesthetic?

This effect will be your perfect savior. Put this on and please your audience’s eyes.

9. Heart Crown

This filter is all over the place.

A heart crown with a smooth face enhancement is perfect for selfies, your cute moment with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and many more.

10. Bear Cap

You wanna go beyond cute?

Wear this Bear Cap filter, use it for your Reels & Stories, and spread cuteness!

The most popular filters are always changing.

The number of Instagram users using the faux fondation filter in an Instagram Reels
The number shows the filter’s popularity.

This is only the list for the time being and new effects are coming.

Pro tip: always check the “Trending” tab and see how many people use the effect.

It’s better to use a “known” filter so you can engage with what’s happening on Instagram right now.

Riding the wave never fails.

Can I use two filters on Instagram Reels at the same time?

YES, absolutely.

Everyone can double filter or effect their Instagram Reels.

Just make sure the effects are not similar so that it will turn out it has 2 different filters.

Also, save the photo filter beforehand so you can apply it easily.

Take some notes that it needs a trick:

Apply the effect before and after the Reel recording.

Then, the second filter will be placed right above the first filter.

If not, you can’t proceed with more than one filter for the content.

Want to use multiple filters instead? Sure. You can do that.

However, adding 2 filters is different from inserting multiple effects.

Check out the difference by carefully following the guides below.

6 Steps to add two filters on Instagram Reels at once

Now you have come to the main discussion of the article.

Adding two effects is not that hard, just as simple as adding your usual filters on Reels.

Here is how to use two Instagram filters simultaneously on your Reels.

  1. Open the latest Instagram app
  2. Go to the Reels Menu and create the video
  3. Pick an effect before recording your Instagram Reel
  4. Start recording your Instagram Reel
  5. Add your second filter
  6. Preview your Reel before uploading

Let’s go see each step.

Open the Instagram app on your phone

Firstly, of course, you must hop on Instagram to start everything.

Just make sure you have the latest version of Instagram,

So you can access any effect you want to use.

Go to the Reels menu and create the video

You can choose the two options to go to the Reels section on Instagram.

Find a “+” button beside the love icon for Notifications and choose Reel.

Or you can easily scroll down Reels in the bottom middle with a slate icon.

If you pick the latter, find a camera icon on the top right of your screen and start making your Reel.

Choose an effect before recording the Reels

This is an important step.

If you want a double filter, you must add an effect first before recording the video for your Reels.

Find a 3-star icon at the right line of your screen. The 3rd order. Tap on it.

The filter effect button on a Instagram Reel while creating a video

After that, select which filter you want to use as the first layer.

Don’t forget to make a concept so that the filters are not overlapping.

Instead, when they are combined, they can help transform your Reel into better-filtered content.

For example, for the first layer, use beauty filters like Bluesky to enhance the overall video vibe.

Next, you can put another layer like Bear Cap or fun 3D effects to give more highlighted effects.

Start recording your Instagram Reel

It’s time to make your Reel!

After picking the effect, you will automatically record your video with the first filter you have chosen.

I use a bare-faced Ariana Grande with Golden Shine as the first layer.

First Instagram filter chosen with the preview option

Start holding the button and record based on what kind of video you have planned.

Run out of Reels ideas? Check this out and no more lame concept!

When done, tap preview to edit your Reel.

Add your second filter and enhance your Instagram Reels

Now it’s time to perfect your Reel.

After giving a flashy swap, let’s give Lisa’s lip piercing effect as the second layer.

Look at the result. A tomboy vibe but still shiny~

how to Apply a second filter on an Instagram Reel

When done, tap “Next” to proceed with your Reel.

The editing section in your recorded Reel is a space for you to add other adjustments.

Besides inserting another filter layer, you can also add stickers, music, text, and many more.

Preview your Reel before uploading

Always check everything before you post the Reel.

It’s important to make sure that the video has matched your plan.

If you feel like you need extra effects, don’t hesitate to add stickers or music to give a more creative touch.

When done, add captions & locations, tag your friends, and don’t forget to use hashtags!

There is a way to find the best hashtags for your Reels.

Now your Reel with double filter is ready!

How to put on multiple filters for your Instagram Reels?

Here is the tutorial to add many effects in one Reel in advance.

Bare with me, it’s a bit more complicated than the previous one.

But I promise you it’s clear and straightforward so it won’t make you confused.

Let’s go.

  1. Open Instagram and go to the Reel section.
  2. Same as the first guide, set up the first filter before recording.
  3. Start recording the first clip with the #1 filter. I put Troye Sivan there with a Black & White effect.
  4. After that, don’t touch the preview button yet. But go to the 3-star icon again to insert the #2 effect. For the second clip, I put Kylie Jenner with a Frog Hat filter.
  5. Do the same step as what you have done when adding the “Kylie clip” to add the #3 filter. This time I put Elon Musk with a Cute Pinkish effect.
  6. Repeat it to add filters as much as you want. When done, tap “Preview”. You can also add the final filter, texts, music, and more stickers in the preview section.
  7. Tap “Next” and wrap your video by adding captions, tags, hashtags, locations, etc.

Voila! Your Reel with a bunch of effects is ready to post!

It might look like it has many clips.

However, I use different subjects here (Troye, Kylie, Elon) to show you better distinctions.

Start to record your first Instagram Reel with the first filter

You can also record the same subject (e.g. only you talking) and just add different effects to your video.

Use the 3 star icon effect again to insert the second Instagram Reel filter

So, the clips will be compiled and become only 1 video.

Exemple of the usage of three filters on the same Instagram Reels

Selfie Dysmorphia: How Instagram filters distort the beauty on social media?

Using Instagram filters is all fun and games until the users are unaware of its side effect.

The Instagram effects can alter your perspective of beauty or body image.

They make you look pretty, cute, and flawless. But that’s not real, it’s just a filter.

But when people think they better use an effect before sending the picture of themselves to their crush for example,

They probably have suffered from Selfie Dysmorphia.

It’s a condition where social media has changed their beauty or body image. 

This is pretty serious as people can’t embrace themselves,

rather obsessed with showing the world about their imagined ideal of themselves using filters.

It’s very important to control how much you use Instagram filters.

Use it wisely and don’t overuse it.

Apply filters on your Instagram Reels to increase engagement

Here we are at the final section of adding two Instagram filters at the same time for your Reels.

Using more than one effect for your Instagram Reels is very possible.

Take some notes to prepare your double filter concept,

So the effects will perfectly complement each other.

It’s also important to note that filters can help you increase engagement, especially for businesses.

Plus, more traffic & followers if you create a personalized effect.

See the benefits when you create branded AR filters to promote your campaign.

But for creators and individuals, don’t let the Instagram effects define your beauty.

Use it wisely so you can still accept your true beauty.

How was the tutorial? Very easy, right?

Do you have another tip to add two or more effects to Instagram Reels?

Let us know in the comments section and show us your hidden trick .

Note: Contact us here and contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Answering Questions about Two Filters on Reels

Can you apply Instagram filters after recording Reels?

Absolutely. However, it won’t work to add a double-layer filter for your Reels. Inserting an effect after the Reel is recorded only gives your video one filter. To add 2 filters simultaneously, you must apply the first filter before you start making the Reel.

Is there an app for Instagram filters?

It’s a lot. You can find similar presets like the one you find on Instagram in many video tools today. However, some effects like AR or other 3D filters might not work if you edit your Reel with a video tool as it doesn’t integrate directly on Instagram.

Why can’t I use filters on Instagram?

You probably don’t update your Instagram app yet to the latest version. It can also be caused by the app’s cache or just a glitch from the server. There are 3 solutions: 1. Try restarting Instagram; 2. Check if you have used the app’s latest version; 3. Clear the cache for the Instagram app.

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