Instagram bots are known to grow your account automatically, from gaining more followers & likes to auto-comment on posts. They are helpful, but when you use them wrong, they might get you banned and ruin your overall business. This article will guide you to understand deeply about Instagram automation and whether should you use an IG robot for your account in 2023.

Should you use an Instagram Bot?

Have you ever installed a bot for your Instagram account

But unsure about using it or not?

Here, let me help you clarify some things:

Instagram bots might be dangerous, but they are still helpful if you use them wisely.

Growing an Instagram account is not as easy as it seems.

You still need a “boost” to help you appear as one of the significant profiles on the app.

That’s why another notable thing you should know:

Pick the best Instagram automation tools to help you grow, not sink.

Before that, you might be wondering what is exactly an Insta robot.

How does it work and is it really safe for your business?

Here is the guide to understanding Instagram bots.

I promise you a deep Instagram automation explanation that helps you reconsider

Whether to use them or not for your business in 2023.

Let’s dive in.

TL;DR: Should you Use an Instagram in 2023?

  1. Only Use Instagram automation if it’s a good & optimized tool and know what you are doing & aware of the risks.
  2. Do not use an Instagram bot if you don’t want to ruin your brand’s reputation, just hire a community manager or a good social media agency to grow your business

⚠️ Disclaimer: Automate at your own risk. Use automation tools wisely and carefully.
Do not compromise your Brands for just a number of followers.

What are Instagram bots?

You just type “Instagram bots” or something related to Google and you just landed here.

If you really have no idea what is a Bot. Here we go.

Instagram bots are services that allow a company or individuals to acquire followers onto their Instagram profile without a human present.

There is any number of ways to use Instagram automation. Here is the list:

  • Instagram Automation to boost followers and automate follow/unfollow.
  • Instagram Robots to generate mass interactions using filtered hashtags by leaving likes and comments automatically.
  • Instagram automation to send notifications
  • IG bot to view Instagram Stories
  • IG bots to automate DM replies
  • Instagram bots to accomplish repetitive tasks like scheduling & publishing content.

They are specifically programmed to boost your Instagram presence by automating replicated tasks without doing anything.

Well, not necessarily “doing” nothing.

Let me be clear. You still have to create interesting and not boring content for your account and followers to work properly.

Then, how do Insta robots actually work?

The IG bots will target some accounts related to your niche and interact with them.

That way, the Insta bots will open an opportunity to get your account more reach & engagement.

And most importantly, more followers.

Expanding a wider audience is the ultimate goal of people using AI-bots for their Instagram accounts.

But, is that really it?

No, there is more. Here I explain to you.

Why do Instagram users use bots?

If you ask me the legit, real reason behind Instagram users installing a droid,

The answer is:

To get more followers and likes. Quickly and easily, without doing the long-term job.

For another reason, let’s go through the list.

Instagram has 1.440 billion users, it’s very hard to be popular

Instagram users growth 2020-2025 worldwide
More people coming to the visual social network in the future 📷

Do you know that Instagram has active users of 1.440 billion people as of July 2023?

Let’s be honest, guys. It’s a lot of people and we are in 2023.

It was way easier to pop up with pictures in 2015 and grab a lot of attention.

But this era is over.

Everyone is on Instagram now, selling their products & services, and posting paid endorsements.

While you want to be among the influential people on the app,

You are struggling to catch up as you only have a few followers in hand.

It’s difficult to grow a new Instagram account without a “boost”

We know that it’s hard to be well-known on Instagram.

People need a “boost”, especially when they are new to the game.

Take the example of this Singaporean girl who tries to be an influencer in a month.

She had to spend $100 to get attention (well, not exactly legit attention).

When you are an Instagram starter, there are tons of tasks to get your account visible.

Imagine you comment under a brand’s post to grab their attention,

But then they click your account and you only have 1-digit followers.

The efforts you made to engage with lots of brands’ posts are gone in seconds.

That’s why it’s important to look “legit” before gaining people’s attention on Instagram.

ChatBots and Automation Help Instagram users obtain efficient assistance or information

ChatBots are robots yes. And they are legit.

Most of them are also Meta Partners, so it’s safe.

If you run a business, there is a high possibility of your account receiving lots of product questions.

Instagram chatbot reply to FAQs on Direct Messages
No more long wait, FAQs are answered in a second ⚡

“Is this dress available?” “Do you have this has but in blue?” “Can you ship to California?” etc.

You would rather work on your content strategy than reply to those repetitive questions in one day, aren’t you?

That’s why people use chatbots to answer FAQs and common questions like that.

You can save time and work on another important matter to grow your account.

Instagram chatbots help businesses satisfy customer preferences

Using Instagram bots is not just for the sake of the account owner.

In fact, consumers love it too.

So, it’s a win-win situation for you and your customers.

62% of consumers prefer answers from IG customer service bots to human agents says this study

You don’t want to wait for the social media manager for 10 minutes over a simple “Can I pay with PayPal?” don’t you?

It’s a very easy question and it can be automated through Instagram Automation.

Your consumers will get the answer quickly and you just increase their shopping satisfaction.

Which countries have the most users on Instagram in 2023? Are they using bots?

In case you want to know,

India, the USA, Brazil, and Indonesia are the countries with the most Instagram users in the world.

Here is the detail of the countries with the highest number of Instagram users in 2023:

  • India has 263.8 million active users on Instagram 
  • The USA is in second place with 153.6 million Instagram users
  • Brazil is the third country with 119.6 million users on Instagram
  • Indonesia is in fourth place with 97.6 million Instagram users

FYI, they are also at the top list of countries with the most number of bots followers.

According to a study in 2019, fake followers are almost equal to the number of real Instagram users.

Respectively, the bot followers in each country will be like this:

  • The USA: The country has 60 million real Instagram users, 22 million bot followers, & 27 million mass followers. 
  • Brazil: The country has 39 million real Instagram users, 13 million bot followers, & 14 million mass followers. 
  • India: The country has 38 million real Instagram users and 13 million bot & mass followers. 
  • Indonesia: The country has 31 million real Instagram users, 14 million bot followers, & 11 million mass followers.

As a comparison, take a look at the image below.

The number of fake followers is also high in countries like Turkey, Japan, and The UK.

Comparison of legit social media users, bot accounts, and mass followers in the world
The number of fake followers almost doubles the number of real users.

Upon this, an estimated $744 million is lost due to influencer fraud.

This because such influencers only stuff fake & bought followers into their account,

not necessarily make real effort to grow organically.

That’s a huge loss for brands and businesses.

If you happen to work with a content creator, make sure to check their audience authenticity.

When not, just prepare for the worst: losing money.

How many bot accounts are there on Instagram and other social media?

In 2023, Facebook is still the winner for having the most users in the platform.

YouTube comes second place, WhatsApp third, and then we have Instagram.

Most popular social media platforms by users in 2022
Caption: All Meta products are dominating the top 4~

Surprisingly, one in 10 Instagram users is a bot account.

With that being said, there are 95 million bots on Instagram, approximately.

While on Facebook, the number has tripled to 270 million accounts or 13 percent of the total users.

On Twitter, the number decreases as the app has voiced its big account deletion,

Resulting in 29-48 million fake profiles.

While the number seems to be not that huge (compared to Instagram and Facebook),

But researchers claim the content generated by robots could raise to 21%-29% of Twitter content in the USA.

Here is the complete list of bot populations in each social network.

  • Instagram: There is a total of 95 million bot accounts on the platform or 10% of the total users.
  • Facebook: A whopping 270 million bot accounts are everywhere on the biggest social platform or 13% of the total profiles.
  • Twitter: Only 29-48 million bot accounts are detected on the app, which makes up 5% of the total users.

Should you use Instagram Bots? Is it safe for your business growth?

Using Instagram automation is a common secret among new Instagram users or those who want to grow their accounts.

Take a look at how IG Bots providers run their “click farms” business to boost Instagram users’ likes, followers, etc.

In a way, they are very useful if you are entitled to the condition.

Don’t get me wrong. If you are not doing things properly,

It can damage your Brand, compromise your account, get you banned by Instagram, and worst, kill your business.

Once it ruins your brand’s reputation, a Bad Buzz is waiting for you.

It defines a scandal caused by certain actions by a brand, an institution, a company, or a person that result in negative comments or reception.

Having a bad, ruined image is like getting a blood stain on your white shirt,

so be very careful using Instagram automation.

But, is it really safe?

It depends.

Some Instagram Bots are good and some are bad.

I am not here to say an absolute yes or no,

I am here you are here to tell you that there are Instagram automation services worth trying

And they do the job properly without getting your business in trouble.

What risks you will get when using bad or fake Instagram automation?

I have made it very clear that you will face risks if you use the wrong Instagram bots.

Just as simple as appearing on an influencer platform or any Instagram Audit System with fraud detection.
If you gag your account with bots, it will be detectable, easily.

An Instagram influencer account filled with bot accounts half of their total followers
Just never look back when you find an influencer like this. Huge skip❌

If you are aiming to be an influencer,

this is a danger for you as brands will not send you a partnership invitation.

A bad Instagram automation will also make your account appear to be spammy.

This might increase suspicion on the account you have auto-comment under their posts.

Actually, the most important thing to worry about is:

It can get your account on the Instagram ban radar.

An Instagram rules violation and ban warning from an account
No more warnings like this, only once. Very dangerous for your account 💣

Instagram will flag your account as spam and end up closing down the profile.

Even before you become popular…

So, it’s very important to choose wisely, which Instagram automation could bring you benefits

Rather than the ones that end up killing your business.

Benefits of using Instagram automation for your business?

IG automation is not entirely terrifying.

In fact, they are very useful to help grow your account.

When you are new to Instagram, they can help you get more followers in no time.

They will go through targeted profiles and put some likes & comments under their posts.

It is the most possible way to get a (free) follow from the account.

Also, don’t worry about interacting with the wrong account.

The Instagram automation will filter the people you are actually targeting.

The thing is, they target a bunch of people.

Imagine doing it all by yourself.

That’s why Instagram robots are also loved for being a time-saver.

Just sit back after publishing your content,

and the Instagram bot will help promote your account to get more followers.

In the end, the more audience you have, the more visible your brand is to the users.

It’s a very great brand exposure over there.

As I said, the benefits will shed a light if you use it properly.

What are the differences between fake robots and Instagram automation tools?

It’s important to note that fake bots are different from Instagram automation.

A good Instagram automation works based on AI databases to find your targeted profiles.

They provide real suggestions and insights for your account performance.

They will also give you relevant hashtags related to your niche.

Instagram automation tools work precisely, based on your needs and their inspection on the app.

While the fake Instagram bot works the other way around.

They don’t follow your target audience guidelines.

Fake droids just leave comments recklessly on random accounts and posts.

Since they target falsely and do not interact with community-oriented,

their engagements are weak and don’t give any positive results for your account.

Remember to use the right automation tool as Instagram won’t hesitate to take down spam accounts.

What are The Best Instagram Bots Available in 2023?

Here are the best Instagram bots for account automation in 2023.

How Instagram automation tools are usually used?

If you think Instagram automation is used only to boost followers,

You are wrong.

Here are how you can use Instagram droids to automate your account.

IG Bots are used for Instagram Follow/Unfollow

First and foremost, people use Instagram automation to follow accounts automatically.

Instagram bot follow and unfollow automation to targeted profiles
Promise to limit your daily follow/unfollow, never spam!

After getting a follow back from the accounts they are targeting,

The bot will immediately unfollow them.

You can set up the requirements on what kind of users you want to follow,

Like the language, hobbies, interests, location, etc.

Next thing, the Instagram AI-bot also helps your social interactions.

Automation is used for generating Auto-Likes & Comments

Once you setup a timer, how often should they interact with it,

And the requirements on what posts should they engage with,

Instagram bot auto-comment on a post
Remember to watch your daily comment boost to avoid Instagram ban!

The robots will work based on your specifications.

For example, you want the bot to leave a like and comment on 50 posts per hour on the posts with the hashtags #beautybloggers & #skincareroutine.

Instagram bots are used for Instagram post scheduling

Yes, you can schedule and auto-publish your content using automation.

Instagram automation to schedule posts, Reels, Stories
Easy content scheduling + publishing with an Instagram bot~

It can help save time and let you work on other important tasks.

Like optimizing your Instagram marketing strategy.

Automation helps you run Instagram hashtag discovery

Struggling to find the best hashtags for your Reels, Stories, and Feed Posts?

Worry no more, you can use Instagram automation to solve the problem.

It will generate hashtags that are not visible on your radar.

And suggest relevant and popular hashtags for your content.

And again, it saves time, rather than just typing hashtags manually, right?

Come read this to find the best hashtag generator tools in 2023 for your Instagram account.

Automation helps answer FAQs from customers on Instagram direct messages

Tired of replying to customer messages one by one?

Why not use an Instagram bot?

Instagram chatbot answering FAQs on direct messages
Answer FAQs in a second with an Instagram chatbot~

Yup, they are extremely helpful to answer any repetitive questions from your customers.

Looking for a suggestion? Check out these best chatbots to automate your DMs.

Robots help Reply Automatically to Instagram Mentions

Do you want to boost your customer satisfaction?

Use Instagram automation and reply to every single account mentioning your brand in their Stories.

Instagram chatbot answering FAQs on direct messages
Answer FAQs in a second with an Instagram chatbot~

You can say thank you, give them discounts, offer special rewards, etc.

Just set up automation and let it makes your customers loyal to your brand!

How to use an Instagram AI-bot to automate your account wisely?

Even if you have chosen the best Instagram automation tools that will fit your needs

It’s still important to emphasize using it wisely.

For the sake of not getting banned by Instagram, this is very crucial to share.

Now let’s go through the tips one by one.

Aim for steady, rather than explosive growth on your Instagram account

No one dares to inflate their followers into a big number in one day,

Unless they are ready to die on Instagram.

No, never do that, especially when you are using a tool that is not 100% approved by Instagram.

To keep your account safe, plan a steady account growth.

Limit the number of new followers and engagements.

Never set a 500 followers spike on the first day on Instagram, that’s a big no-no.

It’s very detectable on influencer platform audits.

An Instagram influencer account with a surge of followers in a short amount of time
Skip to an influencer with a sudden followers spike!

After that, gradually increase the number, and make it vary each day.

For example, try to set a small number on the first day, like 25.

Then increase 5 or 10 gaps for a week. Make a number variation, ups, and downs.

That way, you are completely safe from Instagram’s ban radar.

Avoid setting up your Instagram automation to produce spam comments

Today, people are more aware of bots commenting on their posts.

Especially, when they use hidden words to avoid spam comments.

So, it’s very important not to leave an impression on a spam account. Never.

Otherwise, your comments will not appear on their posts.

If you are lucky to bypass the spam setting, make sure to put a comment considerably.

Don’t overuse Instagram Bots

Yes, an Instagram droid is your go-to automation.

As it makes certain Instagram activities easy for you, but don’t make it too easy.

Excessive automation will make your account easily detectable as bots by Instagram.

It can lead to Instagram shadowban.

Or worst, Instagram will take down your account forever.

Use the Instagram bot as a “helper”, not a “solution” to boost your account growth.

Continue creating content to balance the use of Instagram automation

It’s fair to use Instagram automation, but you also have to balance it with your authentic strategy.

Keep producing content is one of the things you should do here.

Content is the key to engagement.

It’s an unsaid rule to gain organic growth on the app.

Imagine the robot is pushing people to visit your profile, but then there is very little content in it.

You can guess what their impression of the account is.

It will be a different story if you stuck up your account with lots of good quality content.

Use an Instagram bot together with an Instagram proxy: A perfect combo to keep your account safe

Do you want an extra safer tip for your Instagram automation?

Here is the kicker: use it along with an Instagram proxy.

It’s a perfect combination if you want to stay using automation and keep your account secure.

Proxies will reduce the possibility of your account getting blocked while doing activities at scale. 

Some Insta Bots like Inflact (VPN) & FollowAdder are providing a safe and good Proxy.

Instagram automation bundle package with free Instagram VPN
Save money and use Free VPN along with your automation!

Same as the Bots, never trust shitty and fake services.

Otherwise, you will put yourself in trouble, as fake proxies will not protect your account.
Just search the other ones if you want to pick your own proxy service.

Don’t know any of them? Read my guide about the best proxies for Instagram.

What are Instagram robots alternatives in 2023?

If you decide not to use any automation for your Instagram account,

Here are some alternatives to grow your Instagram profile strategically.

Hire a community manager (a good one, not on wish)

Having someone managing your Instagram account is a good idea.

It’s basically a human version of Instagram automation.

So they will do the interaction, replying, and overall maintenance job, but more human.

They can also provide on-demand solutions, in case anything goes wrong.

Just make sure you hire a good social media manager with proven experience & expertise,

So you don’t waste your money.

Find a good Social Media Marketing Agency – It exists yeah

An agency with excellent portfolios can also help you manage + grow your account.

With their years of knowledge and expertise in social media,

they are the perfect figure to bring accelerated growth to your account.

If it’s difficult to find one, let us do the job 🙂

We have been managing lots of clients with proven results.

Now it’s time for you to prove our work yourself.

Manage your Instagram Account by yourself – Yep it takes time, so by patient

This is the least alternative I can give you.

If you are disciplined enough to diligently like & comment on posts,

Or replying to business questions on DMs,

Then you are off to go.

Take some notes that growing your account on Instagram, without any help, takes time.

If you choose this method, you have to be patient and highly disciplined.

Go on TikTok, LinkedIn, or Snapchat or any other Social Media – Why not?

Well if see that you can grow on Instagram.

The good news: There are other Social Networks with way more potential, and way more differents.

There is more or less competition and please do not focus only on Instagram.

We see TikTok competing tightly with Instagram.


LISTEN UP & take notes here is my exact strategy to go viral consistently on TikTok in 2023. These tips are for EVERYONE, i don’t own these. No one does, now go grow! I’m rooting for you! #contentcreatortips #creatortips #tiktokstrategy #makemoneyonline2023 #tiktoktipsandtricks #tiktokgrowth

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

If you do not succeed on the visual app, you can start your journey on TikTok.

After gaining some recognition, you can hop on Instagram immediately.

Trust me, it works fine that way.

Our real advice on if you should use an Instagram Bot for your business account in 2023, should you really do it?

If you have a legit activity and you are here for the long term.

Automate wisely or die.

Be careful.

I’m not an Instagram guru or an IG coach who will tell you to be viral with one Instagram reel

By dancing and shaking your booty in front of your camera get 10k followers.

No, I’m not. 

But since 2015, and because I’m curious I used to test and try some of them to learn more about automation and algorithm.

If you are reading this article, you are wondering if you should use Instagram bots for your account.

I will say you can, if it’s done properly why not?

When you don’t use a bot, it’s going to be a lot of work and it can be time-consuming.

Automation is just a small part of the job. It’s not so automatic.

You still have to create content and reply to people (for real with a keyboard, you know)

The thing is: use automation and be human.

It’s here to help you with some tasks but it will never replace a Community Manager at an agency or even you, the CEO of the company.

Think twice and be careful. There are high risks and high gains.

Bet on the right horse.

Enjoy your Instagram Automation journey and drop me a line if you need help managing a page with proper automation.

Your Questions about Instagram Bots and Automation Marketing

Are bots legal on Instagram?

Instagram bots are legal if you use them wisely and do not violate Instagram Rules. In terms of legality, some Insta bots like follower boosts or auto-likes and comments are the ones that are not on Instagram’s side. While other automation like scheduling posts are fine to use because they do not particularly violate Instagram Policy.

What is the purpose of Instagram bots?

They help you gain followers in no time, using the tactic of liking and commenting on posts. They are the first in mind for new accounts on Instagram looking to grow their followers. IG bots also help in other ways to maintain the social interactions of an account, like replying to mentions on Stories, answering questions on Direct Messages, and many more.

Can you get banned on Instagram for using bots?

Yes, exactly. You can be permanently blocked from Instagram if it detects your account using Artificial Intelligence. It’s the risk you will take from using an unapproved tool by Instagram. However, you can still use it safely when you combine it with an Instagram proxy.

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