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Top 10 Influencers in Vietnam in 2023 🇻🇳 The Ultimate List of KOLs for Brands and Businesses

The highly engaged influencer’s account is the perfect channel to reach Vietnamese online consumers on social media.

More than 60% of Vietnamese have interacted with an influencer

And 45% have left a comment on the influencer’s posts.

With influencer marketing, you will gain higher brand exposure and reach a wider audience.

Best Influencers and content creators in Vietnam

Then getting highly potential customers and sales increase are possible goals with this funnel.

However, it is very crucial to choose the right influencer that can drive the best results for your brand.

Here is the up-to-date list of the top 10 influencers in Vietnam in 2023,

For brands and businesses who need quality influencers to grow their business in the country.

From beauty and lifestyle influencers, travelers, and photographers, to food content creators,

This list consists of diverse content creators with various followers’ sizes and niches.

Let’s go.

Top 10 Influencers in Vietnam in 2023 ⬇️

  1. Thach Trang – @thach_trangg
  2. Tran Thai Linh – @tranthailinh
  3. Linh Truong – @themakeaholics
  4. Trung – @trungtinu
  5. Den Vau – @den.vau
  6. Mai Loves Beauty – @mailovesbeauty
  7. Em Shu – @nganshuu
  8. Rulu – @ruluchen95
  9. ViruSs – @ssuriv
  10. Minh La G-Rin – @irl.yolo

The top influencers in Vietnam may vary for some people.

But I have selected the top Vietnamese influencers in their niches with a dedicated follower base.

Here are the best influencers of Vietnam in 2023 in their field.

Fitness, food, and gaming influencers are well-curated in this top list.

The influencer marketing industry in Vietnam is thriving, brands must take advantage of the moment.

And the best way is to work with the right influencers.

Let’s get to know the top 10 Vietnamese influencers in 2023.

Thach Trang – Vietnamese “living-abroad” Lifestyle Influencer

Here is the first figure on the list, Thach Trang,

A Taiwanese student who lives in Germany, and a content creator sharing her interesting journey in a foreign country.

Basically, her Instagram personality is showing her tasting German foods, struggles of living abroad, and more.

Thach has maintained a strong character as one of those aesthetic Pinterest girls.

Trust me, that makes her posts overcrowded with likes & comments.

For lifestyle and skincare brands, take advantage of her powerful influence ASAP!


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Tran Thai Linh – Fitness, Lifestyle Influencer & Cat Lover in Vietnam

Looking for a wellness influencer in Vietnam who still has a soft spot for a cat?

It is Tran Thai Linh.

His Instagram page is full of Tran posing his long-time hard work of working out and going to the gym.

Aside from loving his body and his cat, Tran also loves hopping in a cafe and reading books.

He was once featured as one of the top influencers in the country.

Tran has also worked with many brands, from cat food, and shorts, to smartphones.

Even casual clothing brands can push in as he often shares daily casual outfits on his page.

Tran is a great example of an influencer with a niche but is also open to any brand.

Linh Truong – Vietnam-based Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

It’s not an influencer list if you don’t include any beauty influencers in the country.

Here is Linh Truong, one of the biggest & influential beauty influencers in Vietnam.

She has built a convincing position in the beauty industry.

Making beauty & fashion brands flock to her page.

From local handbags to Hermes lipstick, Linh is open to anybody who wants to work with her.

Even when she established Des Fleurs, a floral dress and women’s wearing clothing brand.

For brands who target beauty & fashion enthusiasts in Vietnam, Linh is a must-add list!

Trung – Vietnamese Micro Lifestyle Influencer

Trung is the type of that mediocre, goofy Instagram guy

Who shares his precious moments with friends and random, candid portraits of him on the street.

But that’s what makes his page grows original and gain an authentic bond with his audience.

Brands need this kind of influencer to work with.

From Uniqlo to Samsung, they see Trung’s potential page and they have proven the influence.

With only 13k followers, Trung’s posts are always crowded with likes and comments.

A sign that only legit influencers have, not artificial ones.

Here is a guide to spotting any fake influencers to prevent your brand from influencer fraud.

For brands who look for a rising micro-influencer, Trung is the best influencer to start.

Den Vau – Vietnam-based Musician & Entertainment Influencer

Who doesn’t know Den Vau?

He is a well-known rapper and song producer in Vietnam.

His ability to make music pleasing to everyone’s ears, makes every song he produces becomes a hit.

Den even has his own documentary on Netflix.

His popularity also leads the way to collaboration with countless big brands.

Den loves sharing sneak peeks of his music shows, and portraits of his latest travels.

He also does some modeling, often appearing in big magazines like ELLE.

Yes, his great and cool fashion sense also brought him to the studio full of lighting.

Den has built a great influence both offline and online with 1.5 million followers and overflowing engagement on every post.

If you need a big public figure in Vietnam to start your business expanding, Den is the perfect candidate.

Mai Loves Beauty – Healthy Cooking, Lifestyle Influencer from Vietnam

Mai is a versatile influencer who loves traveling, cooking healthy foods,

And living a happy, bright life with shiny skin & natural makeup.

On Instagram, she shares her precious time on a beach, when hopping in a cafe, and taking photos with her dog.

She is the definition of mindfulness and a peaceful lifestyle.

She supports vegan products and does healthy eating.

With growing followers and engagement, Mai has collaborated with many brands.

From vegan face mist to oat milk, brands that resonate with her value.

Mai is highly recommended for brands that promote positive vibes.

Em Shu – Vietnamese Female Lifestyle Influencer

When looking at Em’s page, you suddenly feel calm.

Em has established a minimalist & aesthetic persona on Instagram.

She succeeded, making brands queue to work with her.

Em is the embodiment of average teenager life,

The same vibe as Trung, only a female version of him.

She loves sharing her moments in a forest, a beach, a garden while reading, and many more.

Em also creates another account to share some aesthetic photos of some places in Vietnam.

An influencer account that doesn’t really have a niche like Em is very easy for a brand to push in.

Rulu – Established Food Influencer from Vietnam

This is it, your lovable, happy virus food influencer and cafe hopper from Vietnam:


I think 90% of her posts are always filled with Rulu’s smiles.

Rulu is your logbook of every dish and cuisine available in Vietnam.

From chicken soup, meat grills, coffee, and dim sum, to pasta, everything is on Rulu’s list.

Complete with her full review of the dish for readers to consider visiting the restaurant.

Her niche makes every business in the food industry swarm Rulu’s Instagram page.

Not only food & beverage products, but even beauty brand is also taking advantage of her influence.

Add Rulu to your list if not already 😉

ViruSs – Vietnamese Notorious Gaming Influencer & Streamer

Dang Tien Hoang a.k.a ViruSs is a member of “Four Streaming Princes”, the most famous streamer group & Youtuber in Vietnam.

Unlike many other gamers & streamers, ViruSs is loved for gentleness, maturity, and less swearing.

In 2018, he won the Top 1 PUBG prize in the Facebook Gaming Creator.

He was even nominated as the hottest streamer by The New York Times in the Asia region.

ViruSs once studies in Korea majoring in music and now is also a talented musician and a successful businessman.

Get in contact with him to reach the gaming community in Vietnam if you have enough budget for mega influencers.

Minh La G-Rin – Hanoi-based Travel & Photography Influencer

Minh La G-Rin is a professional photographer who loves traveling.

He visits places across Vietnam and takes beautiful images to display on his Instagram page.

When you look at Minh’s page, you just can’t look away.

It’s so majestic, and aesthetically pleasing, and makes you want to visit Vietnam ASAP.

With quality photos, everyone celebrates the place’s beauty with likes and comments.

If you ever feel sad or stuck because of work,

just go to Minh’s page and embrace the magnificence of Vietnam to get inspiration.

For brands who sell photography products, go get in touch with Minh for aesthetic branded content.

Ready to collaborate with these top influencers in Vietnam to expand your business?

For the list of the top 10 Vietnamese influencers in 2023.

Remember that these influencers are highly influential in their niches,

Having an overflowing engagement and loyal follower base.

Business growth is a guarantee when you work with these influencers.

Finding influencers is easy: keep in mind what your company needs.

From the brand image, value, and objectives.

And match them with the influencers’ quality & performance you want.

Pay attention to who might bring the highest results possible for your business.

So, what do you think about the list? Did you find your desired influencer?

Put a comment below and let us know what kind of influencer list we should write next.

Good luck on your influencer marketing journey 😊

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