Want to grow your business in Indonesia? Try working with the sensational, first-ever virtual influencer in the country.

Indonesians are not familiar with virtual influencers. So when Laverda Salsabila was introduced to the public, everyone went crazy.

She is not alone, virtual influencers have already spread across Southeast Asia, even worldwide.

She rose to fame and gained many followers in an instant.

The good thing is, you don’t just follow Laverda Salsabila out of curiosity and then forget about her.

Virtual Influencer in Indonesia

Her personality is entertaining and unique so you will stick around to see more of her.

Laverda, mainly called Caca by her followers, is created to be a dangdut singer from Ngawi, a small town on Java island, Indonesia.

So despite her being the epitome of advanced technology, she represents the true Javanese descent within her.

And this means that you can see her posing in front of street vendors, riding bajaj, eating local foods, and shopping at the traditional market.

Caca’s captions are never not funny. She mixes both Indonesian and Javanese in them and her delivery is 10/10.

Both her strikingly funny posts and captions leave everyone no choice but to interact.

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With her presence, Caca is now trusted to promote the products of several brands in Nusantara.

Foods, beverages, eating spots, and events – they all get more recognized once Caca poses with them.

Besides brands, Caca can also be seen collaborating with prominent celebrities in Indonesia.

She is worth all the hype and will surely generate more and more in the future.

Ready to work with the first virtual influencer in Indonesia?

The rise of virtual influencers is no joke, including Caca’s online presence.

As a virtual influencer in Indonesia, Caca’s comment sections are always filled with people complimenting her looks, reacting to her funny captions,

Or even asking whether she is a real person or not.

So be sure to leverage her influence and introduce your products to a wider audience.

Besides, working with an Indonesian virtual influencer will also show your potential customer that your brand is open to innovations and has unique marketing approaches.

And that is a plus for your brand image.

All in all, Laverda Caca truly is your ticket to successful influencer marketing in Nusantara.

We have come to the end of the article.

Let’s keep it short so I won’t bore you and make you fall asleep like this. 😁

That’s it for now.

I’ll see you at the next one!

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