VPN and Proxy are not the same and they work differently on Instagram. Both are commonly used to hide users’ personal information and online activity while using automation or to change the location when accessing Instagram in blocked countries. If you are confused, here is an explanation of the difference between both Instagram Private Networks and Getaway Servers.


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Are you wondering what exactly makes VPN and Proxy different?

When it comes to privacy, both are always the top choices for Instagram users.

Both Virtual Private Networks and Forward Proxies protect users’ information and everything they do on Instagram,

Including when they want to use automation, use multiple accounts,

Or travel in a country where Instagram is banned.

But how do the two work? What kind of protection do a VPN and a Proxy provide?

What’s safer to use for Instagram automation?

Here is a piece of complete information to answer all your questions

About the difference between an Instagram VPN and a Proxy.

Let’s dive in.


A VPN is a tunnel server that secures users’ online activity through a protected private server
While a Proxy is a getaway hub that forwards the connection request

What is Instagram VPN and how does it work?

A VPN or virtual private network acts as a tunnel to reroute your internet connection to a safe server

And display the server’s IP address rather than your real IP.

How does a VPN work?

An illustration of how a VPN work protecting Instagram users’ information
See the protected layer from a VPN for your Instagram account.

Your IP address is from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and it tracks all your online activity.

A private network will encrypt your personal data and hide your IP address from your ISP

And redirect your internet traffic through the private server’s connection. 

With the best Instagram VPN, you can change your virtual location, bypassing geo-blocked web pages.

Installing a virtual private network can actually help your business grow on Instagram.

Check out why you need a VPN for your business.

What is Instagram Proxy and how does it work?

A proxy acts as a getaway server that receives the connection request, instead of the destination website or page.

Same as private networks. Proxies will resend the request using its IP identity, not the user’s.

How does a forward proxy work?

When you want to connect to a website using a proxy, your computer will send requests to the proxy server rather.

The getaway server proceeds with the requests and sends back a response to your computer.

The illustration of how a proxy server work securing Instagram users’ online activity
The forward channel from proxies makes users browse the internet safely

Since proxy works are entitled to a network,

Then Instagram proxy means an intermediary server that is designed specifically for the visual app.

If that’s the case, then the best Instagram proxies are mobile getaway servers.

They actually work best if you use them along with an Instagram bot.

It secures your account from suspicious activities generated by the bot you are using.

They both work perfectly together to boost your Instagram account an exceptional growth securely.

Rotating Proxies are one the best option for Social Media Management.

For example managing multiple Instagram accounts efficiently and anonymously is better with this kind of Proxy.

Choose wisely.

Not only for Instagram and Social Media, there are also a bunch of VPN services dedicated to streaming on the market. 

Just check this list out.

What makes an Instagram Proxy and VPN different?

A VPN and a proxy are services that both hide your IP address by relocating your traffic through a remote server.

However, a proxy can only be used with a single app or service,

While a VPN secures every traffic on your apps, websites, and other services and also encrypts the data for extra security and privacy.

That can be said, there is one similarity between a proxy web with a private network:

They both are in charge of your identity protection.

They hide the real IP address of a user, then display the IP from the network of the server.

However, a proxy server works specifically for one connection.

It means, if you only set up a forward proxy for Instagram, then it won’t work if you open Twitter.

Simply, it works only at an application level, not thoroughly.

Proxies also don’t encrypt your online activities.

Take a look at this infographic.

An infographic of VPN and proxies differences
See what makes the two different for your Instagram needs.

While VPNs will hide your original IP address AND encrypt your overall traffic data.

In other ways, a VPN redirects all your activities both through a website and a background app.

Here are all the differences between a private network and a getaway server.

  • Proxy servers function as a gateway by hiding your IP address; VPNs act as a tunnel that directs your connection to a safe point.
  • VPNs encrypt your web traffic while proxy servers don’t.
  • Proxies are more vulnerable to security abuse since they don’t encrypt the traffic as virtual private networks.

To sum up, a proxy website only protects your IP address, not your overall traffic.

Meanwhile, a private network enhances the protection of your internet activity thoroughly.

So, which one is better for Instagram, VPN or proxy?


There is no exact answer to this, as choosing either service depends on your needs.

If you prefer speed and server availability, then use a proxy.

As proxies work specifically on a single request, getaway servers often have faster connection speed.

But if you need to make sure you are completely secure and don’t mind spending more budget,

Then Virtual Private Networks might be the best choice.

The thing is: decide what you need.

Bypassing Instagram geo-restrictions might be enough with proxies,

But if you also need protection when you use automation or multiple Instagram accounts,

VPNs are your go-to pick.

Also, remember to avoid free services.

We are strongly against this as it doesn’t benefit you at all but rather brings bad things to your business.

Like personal data breaches, leaked security, slow connection, and more.

Don’t risk your business over temporary convenience.

Did you find this helpful? Do you understand now what’s the difference between VPNs and Proxies?

Note: Contact us here & contribute your thoughts if you think we miss something to talk about.

Should I use a proxy or VPN for Instagram?

Based on your Instagram needs. If you only need protection for hiding your IP address, then using a Proxy is enough. But if you need beyond securing your IP, then installing a VPN is the best option so far, for Instagram automation, login to Instagram multiple accounts, and more.

Can I use Instagram VPN and proxy together?

It’s better to choose one. Actually, private networks and getaway servers can be used together but you need to take some time to configure them. When used simultaneously, forward proxies might slow down your connection speed as VPNs work by encrypting your traffic data. Instead of adding hindering connection layer, it’s better to use one.

Is it safe to use a free VPN or proxy for Instagram?

No, never use any free Virtual Private Networks or intermediary servers. They bring more harm than good to your Instagram account. Free servers or tunnels won’t make your connection completely anonymous and you risk your personal information.

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