Here is our reliable list of the Top 10 Indonesian YouTubers who are worth watching and collaborating with.

This article contains top Indonesian video content creators who will help your brand skyrocket in sales and exposure.

Here’s why.

YouTube has been one of the biggest video-sharing site in Indonesia, reaching more than 100 million viewers every month.

All thanks to Nusantara content creators, their videos are the reason people keep using YouTube as their ultimate source of entertainment.

The Creator Economy is strong in Indonesia. Working with top video creators is key.

Top 10 YouTubers in Indonesia in 2024 👇🏼

  1. Jess No Limit
  2. Fadil Jaidi
  3. Tasyi Athasyia
  5. Nihongo Mantappu
  6. Incess Bolang
  7. Gita Savitri Devi
  8. christina immanuel
  9. risha atp
  10. Notesmangka

Get to know the top 10 Indonesian YouTubers in 2024.

Best Youtube Influencers in Indonesia

Because of them, Indonesians of all ages can always find what they need on video-sharing site.

This then led to the public’s dependence on YouTube – even the highest-income Indonesians have begun to consume more digital content, 

Causing already established TV personalities to also turn into content creators,

Just like this “Joe Rogan” Indonesian influencer who thrives even more after becoming a YouTuber. 

Now, it is clear that many people subscribe to Indonesian YouTubers and look forward to their content.

They have many loyal audiences and are indeed very influential.

Updates on their content or even everyday life are always awaited by their fans.

Meta, YouTube and TikTok all wants e-commerce licences in Indonesia.

Video content gold mine is now important in Indonesia.

On top of that, their online traffic is massive, which is very important for brands.

And that’s why we highly recommend you to work with them if you plan on growing your business in Indonesia.

Brand owners, let’s get into our carefully curated list of:

1. Jess No Limit – Indonesian YouTuber Whose Fame Has No Limit

Tobias Justin or “Jess No Limit” is a social media sensation.

Famous for his gaming and funny content, he continues to gain fame and has become one of the wealthiest Indonesian gaming YouTubers in the industry.

The former pro player and streamer is now married to another social media sensation, Sisca Kohl,

Making them both become more and more famous.

Collaborate with Tobias now and benefit from his influential online presence.

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2. Fadil Jaidi – The Entertaining Indonesian YouTuber

Fadil Muhammad Jaidi, known as Fadil Jaidi is an Indonesian internet celebrity, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former actor.

In 2016, he plunged into the content creation industry with his challenge and game-themed YouTube videos.

Fadill Jaidi gained popularity after he started documenting himself pulling funny pranks on his dad.

His content is effortlessly funny. He is definitely a YouTuber you watch if you need a good laugh.

This Indonesian YouTuber is also loved by many due to his kindness, and his genuine love toward his parents, despite all the pranks.

Many business owners, small and big, have come forward and testified how his influence has helped their brands gain more recognition.

Fadil should be on the top list if your brand is looking for an impactful Indonesian content creator to work with.

3. Tasyi Athasyia – The “Queen of Home-Cooking” Indonesian YouTuber

Talking about the most influential YouTubers in Indonesia is not complete without including Tasyi Athasyia.

Tasyi produces food battles, food reviews, and cooking videos. She basically is the Queen of food influencer in Indonesia.

In her food battle videos, she always reminds her viewers that she takes no part in preparing the foods, hence not knowing which is which.

Fans trust her because they know this Indonesian food YouTuber is always truthful about her commentaries.

And they buy foods and drinks she recommends straightaway.

People trust her testimonies that much.

There’s even researches done on the impact of her food battle content.

Because of this, many brands are competing to work with her and make her their brand ambassador.

She is a must-considered food YouTuber in Indonesia if you want to reach Indonesia’s food lovers community.

4. VINDES – Indonesia’s Established Duo and Famous YouTubers

VINDES is an abbreviation for Vincent and Desta, the established and well-known Indonesian duo hosts.

They have hosted many talk shows across Indonesia’s TV programs.

These celebrities are known for their humor.

They never fail to make both their guest stars and audience laugh.

Now, they have their own talk show on YouTube where they invite other famous Indonesian public figures.

Now, as humor works really well on social media, VINDES are the ultimate gateway for your brands to reach the Indonesian audience.

5. Nihongo Mantappu – The Loved Mathematician and Indonesian YouTuber

Jerome Polin is the man behind the channel “Nihongo Mantappu”, one of the leading Indonesian YouTube channels with millennial and Gen-Z fans.

Jerome makes videos of him solving complex math problems that give us a headache just by looking at them.

Residing in Japan for education purposes, Jerome used to document his daily life as a student at Waseda University.

Oftentimes, this content creator invites his Japanese friends to be on his video, too.

He has collaborated with Kimono Mom, one of the most influential YouTubers in Japan, several times.

And fans go crazy over the crossover.

Now, he has graduated from university and continues to make entertaining content in his homeland.

If your brand plans to target Indonesian millennials and Gen-Z, Jerome’s influence will surely be a huge help.

6. Incess Bolang – The Independent Indonesian Mother and YouTuber

Nanda Gita, a.k.a Incess Bolang is an Indonesian-born YouTuber living in The Netherlands.

The mother of one is known for her cooking content and daily vlogs as a mom and housewife.

She can be seen cooking kilograms of food to sell, all while still taking care of her baby.

She truly is a wonder woman.

This Indonesian content creator wishes that she can inspire other moms and housewives to be independent and smart women.

Her inspiring sincerity and hard work earn Nanda her loyal followers.

If you are looking forward to working with an Indonesian mom YouTuber, Nanda should be the one.

7. Gita Savitri Devi – The Insightful Indonesian YouTuber

Gita Savitri Devi is a go-to YouTuber for people who want to learn about many things.

Gita is loved by many due to the vocality of her opinions in respectful and educational ways.

She has a series called “Beropini” where she shares her opinions on so many things,

Even the controversial ones, such as beauty privilege, gender inequality, and hijab.

You will feel like a different person with new valuable insights after watching her content.

Gita also creates vlogs, learning, and beauty content, which are as well-liked.

For brand owners, working with Gita Savitri will grant your brand sales growth due to the online traffic she gets.

8. christina immanuel – Indonesia’s Beauty YouTuber

Christina Immanuel is no stranger to Indonesian skincare junkies.

On her channel, you’ll see videos about beauty, skincare routines, lifestyle, vlogs, get ready with me, Q&A’s, etc.

Christina is known for her beauty and skincare tips.

She also tells her story as a former acne warrior and recommends products that work for her.

And her viewers take note of her success story in battling acne.

This beauty influencer of Nusantara is guaranteed to help your brand reach Indonesian makeup and skincare enthusiasts.

9. risha atp – Indonesia’s Comforting Vlogger and YouTuber

Here, we have Risha, an Indonesian content creator who produces daily vlogs, a day in my life videos, and traveling content.

Risha is known for her aesthetic content that is pleasing to the eye.

“Every frame of your video is art,” one of her fans commented.

Her distinguished editing style is definitely her specialty.

It makes her stand out from the rest.

And she is ready to make your brand stand out from the rest, too, with her online presence.

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10. Notesmangka – Indonesian YouTuber for Students

Notesmangka is who Indonesian students watch whenever they need study motivation and learning tips.

This Indonesian YouTuber even breaks down how to be the top student in the class.

Notesmangka reviews stationeries and studying apps, too.

On top of that, she films herself taking aesthetically pleasing notes.

She makes studying fun and enjoyable.

Her channel is home to all the lovers of studying and note-taking,

And to students who want to get studying tips.

Collaborate with notesmangka and get a hold of the Indonesian students through her influence.

Are you ready to work with the Top Indonesian YouTubers?

These YouTubers are passionate and amazing in their own ways.

And even though they have different niches, they share the same thing: a huge online presence among their audiences.

They have their own loyal followers who can’t wait to watch their next content and are ready to flood it with likes and comments.

Loyal fans are always eager to know what they have up their sleeves, too.

You just need to pick the influencer that best represents your company.

From there, you can only watch your brand gain more and more popularity. 

Good luck with your influencer campaign in Nusantara! We wish you nothing but the best.

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