Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and admired those seemingly impossible images that break the usual and traditional square format?

They appear taller: (it’s a 10:17 aspect ratio) and more eye-catching (look at the example below), definitely grabbing attention. Want to know their secret? Well, it’s quite easy. But hurry up.

All kind of Instagram image size, including the latest Extra Large Photo Post - 10:17 Aspect Ratio
  1. Create an image with dimensions: 1280 x 2176 (it’s 10:17 aspect ratio)
  2. Open Meta Business Suite
  3. Upload your image using Add a picture
  4. Publish it button. 
  5. Even if it’s greyed out, continue to press.
  6. Wait for a while and it’s published.

Here’s a clever workaround, but before we dive in, there’s a catch: you’ll need an Instagram Business Account.

Don’t have one? Setting it up is free and unlocks some handy features.

When it’s done let’s move on:

how to create Instagram 10:17 post?

Ready? Let’s get started:

  1. Prepare your image: It can be anything from a stunning photo to an AI-generated masterpiece. Just make sure its height doesn’t exceed 1920 pixels. This is crucial for our little trick to work.
  2. The “buggy” part: This method relies on a quirk in the Meta Business Manager (which manages your Instagram Business Account). So, log in and head to the “Create Post” section.
  3. Upload your image: Choose your masterpiece and keep an eye on the “Publish” button. Even if it’s greyed out, don’t lose hope!
  4. Clickity-click, fast fingers: Click the “Publish” button repeatedly and quickly. There’s a brief window where it becomes active for a split second. Be ninja-fast and click it when it happens!
  5. Finalize and post: You’ll be whisked to a window to add details and publish your post. Boom! Your “long” image is out there, defying the usual format.

All the existing Instagram images format in 2024

including the latest one

FeatureFormatAspect RatioRecommended Size (px)Max Size (px)File FormatsNotes
Single Image PostsSquare1:11080 x 10802048 x 2048JPG, PNG, BMP (non-animated GIF)Best for portraiture, close-ups, product shots
Landscape1.91:11080 x 5662048 x 1080JPG, PNG, BMP (non-animated GIF)Ideal for panoramic shots, landscapes, group photos
Portrait4:51080 x 13502048 x 1350JPG, PNG, BMP (non-animated GIF)Great for storytelling, infographics, showcasing products in use
CarouselMixed (Square, Landscape, Portrait)N/AN/A2048 x 1080 (each image)JPG, PNGUp to 10 images or videos can be combined
StoriesVertical09:161080 x 19201080 x 1920JPG, PNG, MP4 (video)Disappear after 24 hours
ReelsVertical09:161080 x 19201080 x 1920MP4Up to 90 seconds long
Profile PictureCircleN/A320 x 3202048 x 2048JPG, PNGMinimum size displayed is 110 x 110 pixels
Cover PhotoLandscape1.91:11080 x 5662048 x 1080JPG, PNGCropped to a square in profile grid
Extra Large ImagePortrait10:171280 x 2176N/AJPG, PNGBEST OVERALL

Voila, your extra large image is now online on Instagram.

So, is this something you’d try on your Instagram?

Let me know in the comments!

I hope this organized and informative explanation helps you unleash your creativity on Instagram.

  • This is a workaround, and Instagram might fix the “bug” in the future. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  • Remember, exceeding the 1920-pixel height limit won’t work.
  • This method doesn’t affect video length limits.

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