Gregory Taslaud

Founder & Full Time Blogger at INSG.

Gregory Taslaud is the founder and main blogger here at INSG. He has been involved in Digital Marketing for over 20 years, specialising in SEO, content creation, marketing strategy, and eCommerce.

Started his career in 2001, working for several Retailers, Media & Advertising firms like Rakuten & Hi-Media. Launched and sold his Subscription based eCommerce business entirely built on Social Media and with Bloggers Reviews in France.

Since 2015, and with 100,000+ monthly readers INSG. is all about Influencer Marketing & Social Media Marketing trends and tools, Content Optimization and Automation based on his own experience with Brands.

Focus on writing quality Studies about the Creator Economy, frequently mentioned by professionals. You can see him talking and the future of the Influencer Industry.

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