Here is our ultimate and updated list of Malaysia’s best TikTok influencers in 2024,

Who are the suitable picks for brands aiming to target the Malaysian market.

Why, you ask?

Because the video-sharing platform is really popular in the country.

Even if the chinese Social platform had some issues with the government recently.

Working with the best TikTokers in Malaysia would be the greatest marketing strategy for your Brand.

Top 10 TikTok Influencers in Malaysia in 2024

  1. Angel Lowee – @angelloweee
  2. Wincy Chua – @wincychua_
  3. Ikhwan Ariff – @ikhwantoney
  4. Hadrey Ali – @diva.h.a
  5. Syedot ASMR – @syedot_asmr
  6. Qisthena – @qstnaadi
  7. Nadhirah Zamani – @naddysushi_
  8. Puteri Rania – @puteriraniaa
  9. KucaiMarz – @kucaimarz
  10. Alvin Chong – @alvinchong123

Let’s get straight and meet the best TikTokers in Malaya.

As of 2024, TikTok ranks as the second most downloaded mobile app in the nation.

The growth is even expected to be more than 50% of users by 2026 as if the platform is not already widely used.

With the huge interest, Brands wnats to work with the best TikTok content creators to reach Malaysian audiences.

Malaysian politics and celebrities are taking advantage of it.

And that’s why we have curated the best and most influential TikTok influencers in Malaysia in 2024 just for you.

These are the best Malaysian influencers on TikTok in 2024.

All the best content creators accounts of Influencers in Malaysia

1. Angel Lowee – Malaysian Fitness TikTok Star

Angel Lowee mainly makes use of her TikTok to upload her workout and dancing videos.

With her body goals and cute face, Angel is fast to become one of the most famous influencers & YouTubers in Malaysia.

She also attracts her viewers due to her luxurious lifestyle.

And her traveling videos are among the most popular, too.

With her fans being of all ages and backgrounds,

Angel Lowee is the definite ticket for your brand to aim for the Malaysian market.

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2. Wincy Chua – Malaysia’s Established Beauty Influencer and TikToker

Wincy Chua is an established beauty influencer in Malaysia.

Her content revolves around her makeup and cosplay transformations.

She is so good at makeup and that’s why her looks are always flawless.

That, topped with her cute persona and her clean dance moves, has made her one of the most prominent TikTokers in the country.

Many brands have worked with her and she can be seen delivering the best, most engaging content for them.

And because of that, brand ads posted by her are never vacant of likes and comments.

If you are a brand owner, you must follow their steps and utilize her significance in the industry.

3. Ikhwan Ariff – Funniest Malaya’s TikToker

Who doesn’t love humor?

We believe a lot of people do and that’s the main reason why Ikhwan Ariff has massive followers on TikTok, making him one of the top influencers in Malaysia.

The young male content creator is loved for his relatable humor skits that cover the everyday lives of Malaysian young adults.

He is also effortlessly funny with his entertaining POVs and acting.

Should your brand work with him, increased brand sales and exposure gain will be just as effortless.

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4. Hadrey Ali – Malaysia’s Parody TikTok Content Creator

Another humorous Malaysian online personality we have on the list is Hadrey Ali.

He posts funny parodies, duets, and lip-sync videos.

Due to his entertaining nature, laughing emojis are forever crowding his comment sections.

His followers are often found tagging their friends in the comment sections, too.

They want their friends to laugh with them and for them, Hadrey’s silly videos are worth sharing. 

If you haven’t, consider working with Hadrey now to reach Malaya’s general audience and be guaranteed increased brand awareness.

5. Syedot ASMR – TikTok Influencer for Food Lovers in Malaysia

Here we have the CEO of ASMR Mukbang in Malaysia.

On his TikTok, Syedot ASMR posts the most mouth-watering mukbang videos.

The way he savors every bit of his food is guaranteed to make your stomach growl.

He is the best at making his viewers crave what he’s eating while his entertaining personality makes them crave more of his content. 

The combination of both surely gains him huge online traffic.

As one of the industry’s most-watched food influencers, Syedot ASMR should not be skipped if you want to reach Malaya’s food lovers community.

6. Qisthena – The Ultimate Hijabi Tiktok Content Creator in Malaya


terima kasih Ya Allah atas rezeki ini 🥹💓 #firsthouse

♬ Tattoo – Speed – Ren

One word to describe this young fashion content creator: inspiring.

Through TikTok, Qisthena gives so much fashion inspiration for Malaysian hijabis, the best from a female Malaysian influencer.

She shows off her versions of beach, date, lazy, emergency, university, and simple outfits and these do not even cover half of her fashion insights.

She also shares recommendations for hijab, skirts, and others

It’s like once you follow her, you will not need any other hijabi influencer anymore.

She is definitely the best choice for fashion brands targeting Malaysia’s hijabi fashion enthusiasts.

7. Nadhirah Zamani – Malaysia-Based Youthful Mom Influencer and TikToker


Literally us meeting for the first time 🐛 ib : @Bretanddevey

♬ original sound – The Clay Family

Going by Nadhirah Zamani in real life, the account owner of @naddysushi_ on TikTok uploads her everyday life as a young mother and housewife.

She also documents her husband with whom she makes entertaining couple content.

And her cute two-year-old son is often seen on her account as well.

With a portion of her content being her dancing videos, she shows that mothers can have fun, too

Nadhirah is followed for her shared married life and parenting moments.

Malaysian moms find her relatable and they stick around for this reason.

She is the perfect getaway for your brand to reach mothers and housewives of Malaya.

8. Puteri Rania – Your Go-To Malaysian TikTok Influencer and Beauty Consultant


habis hilang semua jerawat , tiny bumps aku 🤪

♬ Bout love x Addit – Kuya Magik 🪄

Puteri Rania is a Malaysian rising skincare influencer known for her acne-fighting story and skincare product recommendations.

She shares specific skincare recommendations, such as moisturizers for oily skin.

Living up to her bio, she really is your beauty consultant.

Whenever Rania posts something skincare-related, her comment sections are always flooded with her followers asking her to “spill the product”.

She is a must-have on the list of Malaysian skincare influencers you want to work with.

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9. KucaiMarz – Musician Slash TikTok Personality in Malaya


Biar ku sendiri tanpa hadir mu kini lagi 😔

♬ original sound – KucaiMars – KucaiMarz

KucaiMarz is a male Malaysian influencer on TikTok gaining tons of fans on the platform.

With such an angelic voice, people can’t resist being his loyal fans.

The musician is seen making short song covers.

And fans always demand him to make longer covers.

They really can’t get enough of his soothing voice. 

I mean, how can you?

KucaiMarz is totally your go-to TikToker to reach the nation’s music lovers.

10. Alvin Chong – Charming Malaysian Tiktoker and Influencer


Never underestimate someone’s glow up. #DollaBad #Dolla #Bad

♬ BAD – Challenge – DOLLA

Although initially famous for his acting skills, we believe that

With his charm, Alvin Chong can easily get a massive number of fans just by making videos of him staring at the camera.

Now with such a killer combination, also added to his singing skills, it is no surprise that the Malaysian content creator gained huge popularity.

Alvin mostly posts duets, viral challenges, and lip-sync videos.

With the account engagement he gets on each post, Alvin should be on your top list of influencer marketing in Malaysia.

Are you ready to expand your brand reach with these Malaysian TikTok influencers?

No matter your needs, you’re sure to find a suitable Influencer Marketing agency amongst Malaysia’s flourishing scene. 

As stated previously, TikTok in Malaysia is one of the most popular sites in the country.

And advertising to the Malaysian demographic through TikTok influencers is always a good idea.

The influencers we have in this article have devoted fans and their content is always eagerly awaited.

Working with them will get you nothing but incredible sales and growth.

And since we have provided you with our carefully-researched list of the best Malaysian influencers, 

It’s now your time to pick one who you think will pave your brand’s way to success.

Still not convinced?

Check out our ultimate guide as to why expanding your market in this South East Asian country is necessary.

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