Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of influencer marketing agencies in The Philippines? This is the end of your quest. I’ve curated a carefully ranked list of top-notch agencies to find filipino content creators, tailored to empower brands seeking the perfect match for their needs. This list is based on merit, expertise, and proven track records.

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List of the top Philippines Influencer Marketing Services

  1. Blogapalooza
  2. Leapout Digital
  3. Propelrr
  4. Lime Digital
  5. Influencer PH
  6. Centaur Marketing
  7. InCircle
  8. VCM
  9. Active Social

Influencer marketing in the Philippines is evolving rapidly, and local Influencer Marketing Agencies are playing a pivotal role in achieving brand success.

with agencies playing a crucial role in connecting brands with the right voices.

But how do you choose the perfect partner amidst a sea of options?

The most popular Influencer content chart in the Philippines
The top 3 most popular content will remain the same, even in the Philippines

Here’s a closer look at 9 notable agencies, each with unique strengths and industry focus:

More and more Filipinos spend a bunch of time on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

They spend around 4 hours and 12 minutes every day.

They’re more likely to buy stuff that influencers recommend. 

So, if an influencer says, “Hey, this product is great,” they might just go and buy it.

Simple, right?

But, let’s get real.

Running an influencer marketing campaign isn’t as simple as it may seem. 

Brands often need to team up with local agencies to get the best possible results. 

Why? Here’s the reason;

  1. They have a deep understanding of the local culture and nuances of their target audience.
  2. With fewer clients to manage, local influencer agencies can provide tailored strategies and more attention to your brand.
  3. They typically charge lower rates compared to big agencies.

Also, Filipinos tend to look at influencer accounts over brand accounts when looking for products or making purchasing decisions.

So, let’s dive in 👇🏼

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Blogapalooza – Leading Influencer Marketing Agency in the Philippines

Blogapalooza is a leading influencer advertising agency in the Philippines. 

They have an in-depth understanding of the local market.

But what sets them apart?

They use data-driven methods to identify the most suitable influencers. 

This approach will ensure campaign effectiveness.

Moreover, they have more than 10,000 influencers on their network.

And here’s an important point to remember:

Blogapalooza has collaborated with 300 brands, such as Starbucks and Lenovo.

So, they are the top picks If the brand wants to expand its presence in the PH

Leapout Digital – Philippines Top Influencer Advertising Agency

Leapout Digital delivers a reliable and effective influencer marketing campaign. 

They’re experts in many different fields.

So, why is this important? 

This will ensure the campaign will get a high level of engagement with the targeted audience.

Now, here’s the cool part: 

Leapout Digital has a range of influencers, from small to big ones.

They are ready to boost engagement and sales.

Brands can choose the one that’s just right for them.

They are one of the top choices for influencer advertising campaigns in the Philippines.

The percentage of Filipinos who have already purchased a product based on an influencer’s recommendation
This means one-third of Filipino consider influencers as the buying decision decider

Propelrr – Top Philippines Influencer Agency

Propelrr will help the brand launch personalized campaigns.

They’re pretty good at making sure those campaigns get the best results. 

But, how do they do it? 

By designing influencer campaigns centered on business goals. 

Everything was taken from audience behavior, pain points, and needs. 

This will establish a consistent brand narrative that leads to more engagement and conversion.

Their main priority is delivering the best results!

Lime Digital – All-in-One Solution Agency for Influencer Marketing In Philippines

Lime Digital has established itself as the go-to influencer marketing agency in the Philippines. 

You can think of them as your all-in-one solution. 

They’re also experts in various fields. 

But it’s not just about connecting brands with influencers. 

Their team will also assist brands in fine-tuning their strategy.

Ensuring the campaign resonates with the targeted audience.

This will ensure maximum engagement and sales results. 

Lime Digital will also help brands throughout the campaign. 

Starting from setting goals, running campaigns, selecting the right content, tracking progress, optimizing, and much more.

Influencer PH – The Biggest Influencer Marketing Agency In Philippines

Influencer PH is baked by PopStar.

Who are they? 

Well, they are the biggest influencer marketing platform in the Philippines! 

They have a vast network of over 650,000 influencers.

Ready to help brands boost engagement. 

But wait, there’s more! 

Influencer PH not only connects brands with the right influencers.

They also offer a variety of campaign options. 

So, brands can pick and choose the ones that perfectly match their needs and budgets.

Businesses will also get full access to campaign reports. 

This helps them improve future campaigns using existing data.

The preferred social media platforms to run influencer marketing in The Philippines
Instagram is dominating influencer marketing platform in The Philippines with the gap

Centaur Marketing – Well-Known Influencer Advertising Agency In Philippines 

Centaur Marketing is a well-known agency in the Philippines. 

They’re really good at creating solid influencer marketing campaigns. 

Helping brands connect with the right social media influencer. 

They also have a bunch of influencers from different fields.

Ready to team up with brands to boost their presence in PH.

What’s truly impressive is that Centaur Marketing offers continuous support for the campaign.

They take care of all the behind-the-scenes stuff. 

This means businesses can expect better results!

The list of the most-used social media platform by users in The Philippines in 2023
Meta is leading all the way around 🔥

InCircle – Renowned Influencer Marketing Agency in the Philippines

InCircle is a data-driven influencer marketing agency from the Philippines. 

They bridge the gap between brands and influencers. 

What’s their main goal? 

To achieve the highest ROI. 

They don’t use the same strategy for everyone.

Absolutely not! 

They create unique and creative ad ideas specifically for each brand.

Aligned with the target audience in PH.

Their top priority is getting the best results!

VCM – Foremost Influencer Marketing Agency in Philippines

VCM is known for being an innovative agency in the Philippines.

Their ultimate aim?

Delivering campaigns with the best results.

They make sure these campaigns will keep the targeted audience engaged.

And this is what makes them unique.

They will help brands choose influencers who fit their image.

Also, VCM does things a bit differently.

They use a unique and creative approach to make it all happen.

They’re always coming up with fresh content.

In the Philippines, VCM is one of the top go-tos for influencer marketing.

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Active Social – Established Influencer Advertising Agencies In Philippines 

Active Social is great at influencer marketing.

They’re like the experts in this field.

They’ve also made some really cool content for the campaign!

It not only catches the attention of new people but also keeps them interested.

Oh, and here’s the neat part.

They’re sort of like matchmakers, but for connecting businesses with the right influencers.

They don’t just guess, Nope!

They use data and all their experience.

So, this will make sure the campaign reaches the right audience and gets the best results.

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Main reasons why people in the Philippines are using social media
Family, friends but also Content is on top in the 🇵🇭

Leveraging influencer marketing is a good strategy for breaking into the Philippines market

There are over 84 million social media users in the country.

That’s around 72.5% of the population

Those were impressive numbers

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As I said, influencer marketing is super effective here.

Filipinos aren’t just using social media to communicate anymore. 

Nowadays, it’s become a whole lot more than that there. 

They tend to make purchases based on influencer recommendations. 

When an influencer gives a review and thumbs up to a product, they’re often quick to make the purchase.

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