The best influencer agencies in Indonesia will help you build your campaigns with professionals in Nusantara. This article has compiled the top 10 top influencer marketing companies in Indonesia to help grow your brand with Indonesian Influencers and content creators.

Have you heard about the influencer marketing boom in Indonesia?

Indonesian brands should leverage the genuine relationship between influencers and their audience.

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Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Indonesia 👇🏼

  1. Allstars
  2. Marketz
  3. Optify
  4. Influence ID
  5. Mediatics
  6. Ertri
  7. Vybes
  8. CMU
  9. Lemon
  10. Popstars

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But to launch a successful influencer campaign in Indonesia is tricky.

Indonesia has a huge number of social media users, but the audience culture is very broad.

Especially when it is not as easy as it looks to persuade the Indonesian consumer.

They need to see the product multiple times before buying it.

Brands should understand the market insights and strategically plan the campaign if they don’t want to fail.

The best way to avoid influencer campaign failures is:

ask for an influencer marketing service’s assistance.

Here, I show you the leading influencer marketing agencies for your 2024 influencer campaigns in Indonesia.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency in Indonesia

Check it out.

What is an Influencer Marketing Agency?

An influencer marketing agency is a creative company that helps connect brands and influencers together, then develops & manages an influencer marketing campaign for them.


Some offer a full service where they manage the campaign from start to finish: from planning the ideas to delivering the campaign results.

Whether the company works with Instagram or YouTube influencers, from any niche,

the ultimate aim is one:

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Run a successful influencer campaign based on the brand’s targeted goals and voice.

Some companies offer services only for one or two social media channels, but others are also able to work with multiple networks.

However, a good influencer marketing service has clear expertise in one industry.

That way, they can excel in personalizing the campaign and bring the best results for brands.

Why should you work with an influencer marketing agency?

You can save time, money, and energy.

Basically, an influencer marketing service is your best campaign executor.

It helps you run your overall influencer campaigns, from creating ideas to delivering campaign reports.

An influencer marketing solution has direct experience with how the market is running.

They have the best experience and insights from the industry.

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An influencer marketing company has also collaborated with many influencers in hand,

They know best what kind of influencers should work for your brand.

They also have a dedicated team to generate the best campaign ideas for your brand.

Working with an experienced local partner is the best way to enter the Indonesian market.

Top Influencer Marketing agencies ranked and reviewd in Indonesia in 2024

Now you know the best strategy to run a successful influencer campaign in Indonesia.

The thing is,

You need to know which influencer can bring the best results for your business.

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Also, running consistent multiple campaigns with many influencers is not easy.

Here, I recommend you the best influencer marketing agencies in Indonesia to help with your influencer campaigns.

Allstars – One-Stop Influencer Marketing Indonesia Hub

Allstars Indonesia’s mission is simple!

Connect brands, whether they’re small home-based businesses or big players, with the perfect influencers to showcase their products and services. 

This strategy not only boosts brand awareness and engagement.

It also helps to spread the brand to new potential audiences.

They’ve got thousands of influencers on board.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it.

These influencers cover all sorts of fields.

Travel, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Beauty, Mom & Parenting, and more!

Everything is right here!

Marketz – All-In-One Influencer Advertising Agency

Marketz gained recognition by helping more than 100++ brands and businesses in Indonesia.

Their team will assist all sorts of small and medium-sized businesses.

They’re experts in various fields.

With them, businesses can boost their products or services by teaming up with various influencers.

And there’s more!

They’ll be right there, guiding brands all the way through the campaign to make sure they get the best results!

Optify – So Far, The Most Affordable Influencer Marketing Platform in Indonesia

Optify is one of the biggest Indonesian influencer platforms today. 

It’s Founded in 2014, now among Indonesia’s largest. 

Their vision is to help brands achieve 10x growth. 

Not only that!

They also offer affordable packages and diverse influencer options.

It’s a good option for small business owners who want to try influencer marketing campaigns to boost their brand presence.

Influence ID – The Most Transparent Influencer Marketing Platform

Are you seeking transparent data for your influencer marketing campaign? 

Influence ID has the solution! 

They platform provides Profile Followers data, streamlining influencer advertising. 

You can check influencer profiles, apply filters, and track content impressions/views. 

Plus, forget about pricing negotiations. 

Influence ID doesn’t unilaterally determine the prices. 

Instead, it uses technology and data for transparent pricing. 

Brands will achieve guaranteed and optimal results from their influencer campaign.

Mediatics – Top Indonesian Influencer Advertising Agency

Mediatics is one of the agencies specializing in influencer marketing in Indonesia

They offer various influencer advertising services

Paid promotions, content creation, live event reporting, and more.

Established in 2017, they have partnered with various major companies like DBS, Traveloka, and Colette & Lola. 

If you’re in search of a reliable agency in Indonesia, Mediatics could be the best solution.

Ertri – Well-Known Influencer Marketing Agency In Indonesia

Ertrii is a well-known influencer marketing agency in Indonesia. 

They are renowned for their innovative and distinctive approach. 

This agency adopts a holistic approach that focuses on long-term strategies. 

Because of that, it ensures that their clients achieve desired results in their influencer advertising campaigns. 

But that’s not all! 

Ertrii will also assist brands in identifying and collaborating with influencers who align with their goals.

Vybes – Established Influencer Advertising Agency in Indonesia

Vybes is a Jakarta-based agency that offers a wide range of cool services. 

But what they’re truly excelling at is influencer marketing. 

They do it with a strategy that’s all about achieving goals.

Vybes knows how to make your brand famous. 

They create campaigns that not only get people talking about your brand but also ensure it stays top of mind.

Vybes doesn’t just go about their business without you. 

Nope, they involve you every step of the way, seeking your input and approval. 

They want to ensure that your brand’s vision is perfectly aligned with the campaign.

CMU – Top-Notch Influencer Advertising Agency In Indonesia

Creative Media United (CMU) is an Indonesian influencer platform agency.

What do they do? 

They offer a bunch of services, like reaching out to influencers, managing campaigns, and reporting on them. 

But that’s not all! 

Their influencer lineup is pretty impressive, ranging from big influencers to those smaller influencers.

CMU’s been teamed up with some big names in Indonesia, like Kopi Kenangan and Google.

They got famous local influencers like Arief Muhammad, Anya Geraldine, and more!

Lemon Id – The Best Influencer Marketing Agency For Small Business

Lemon is a well-known influencer marketing service in Indonesia.

And the cool thing is, it’s not just for big businesses. 

Small business owners can hop on board too!

They assist numerous businesses in finding the right influencers.

Not only do they help in picking the right ones, but they also excel in creating the best campaigns for optimal results.

The platform also makes it easy for brands to monitor campaigns.

Popstars – Another Influencer Marketing Agency In Indonesia

PopStar is one of the largest influencer advertising agency in Indonesia. 

You can think of them as your one-stop shop to make your brand stand out. 

Keep this in mind.

They earned the trust of over 500 brands. 

By collaborating with the right influencers, your brand can achieve some impressive results.

PopStar also has more than 650,000 influencers. 

These top-tier influencers on PopStar are all set to help you.

They will help you to promote your products on various social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. 

But it’s not just about connecting brands and influencers. 

Their team will also help you refine your marketing strategy.

Set goals, run campaigns, choose the right content, track, optimize, and more.

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Instagram is the most vital platform for influencer marketing in Indonesia

Instagram is still number #1 in Indonesian hearts.

It is the most popular for both influencers and brands.

Instagram is known for a common start from an influencer to grow their reputation.

TikTok has also been catching up in popularity with Instagram.

Here are the most popular social networks in Indonesia in 2024.

The most popular social media networks in Indonesia

In fact, 74% of Indonesian brands have also chosen Instagram to launch their influencer campaigns.

If we talk about virality, TikTok is the answer.

It is indeed a great exposure and a free pass of sales increase.

But brands need to establish a steady online presence, and Instagram has the best features to achieve that.

So, my advice is:

Use Instagram for the best influencer campaign in Indonesia!

Indonesian online consumers prefer following influencers over brands’ business accounts

Indonesian doesn’t want to risk their money if they don’t see the real impact of the product.

To get the information, they seek product reviews.

That’s why the word of mouth in Nusantara is very strong.

It is also a reason Indonesian love following influencers on social media.

So that they get more related content and honest reviews from a product they want to buy.

Indonesian consumers prefers to follow Influencers Account

But can Indonesian online consumers be influenced that easily?

Nope. They need to see the product more than once.

In fact, more than 40% of Indonesian online consumers purchase a product after seeing a product recommendation by many influencers within a period of time.

It takes effort to influence Indonesian online consumers, but the possibilities are high.

Nano-influencers are the most important influencer tiers in Indonesia

Indonesian love celebrity influencers so much.

But for the most loyal audience, nano-influencers are still the winner.

Their number is dominating the industry and they also have the highest engagement rate among all tiers.

Because their audience most likely has a close relationship with the influencer in real life, they interact easily.

To sum up, the best strategy for the best influencer campaign that brings results in Indonesia:

Work with many nano-influencers on Instagram with multiple campaigns.

Start your influencer marketing campaigns in Indonesia with one influencer marketing agencies

That’s a wrap!

So, did you find your favorite influencer marketing solution for your Indonesian campaign?

Whoever it is, never forget to know the Indonesian market before landing.

Influencer marketing is a great way for your brand to enter the Indonesian market.

It can help you reach a wider audience and get a higher ROI than traditional marketing channels.

Moreover, influencer marketing can also bring you sales increase.

To help achieve those, I suggest you pick the best influencer marketing company to get the desired results.

Failing in your influencer campaign can cause you to lose in money you have invested.

It also could bring a negative impact on your brand reputation.

So, choose wisely and precisely.

I wish you good luck in your influencer marketing journey in Indonesia 😉

How to choose a good Influencer Marketing agency?

First, find out the influencers they work with. Make sure they don’t work with fake influencers unless they do scams. Second, read their client testimonies and see how satisfied people are with their work. Third, try to know what kind of strategies they will use. If you think their strategies match your expectations, it might be the best option for your brand. Also, make sure they understand the market and use technology to streamline the process. One last thing, pick the one that masters one specific expertise, such as Instagram marketing. That way, you need not worry about the campaign execution.

How to do cost-effective influencer marketing for Indonesian small businesses?

Work with nano and micro-influencers! Not only it’s very affordable, small-tier influencers in Indonesia, especially nano-influencers are powerful enough to reach your marketing goals. They have the most loyal audience and a high engagement rate, very easy to drive engagement and boost sales. Also, you can have alternatives to pay nano or micro-influencers, such as sending a bouquet of new products. Another way is to leverage local influencers for each region in Indonesia.

How to get started with influencer marketing in Indonesia?

First things first, you must define your marketing goal. After that, find the right influencers that resonate with your brand objectives manually or with the help of an influencer marketing platform. Contact the influencers on your list with carefully-written email outreach. Plan your relationship with them and monitor the campaigns.

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