Ad spending in the Influencer Advertising market is projected to reach 194.60 millions USD in 2023 in Indonesia. Thanks to the large social media base, it has been the backbone of Nusantara’s influencer marketing growth in recent years. Today, I will show you Indonesia’s key trends of influencer marketing in 2024 for a safe land and well-informed decision on your influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Ad spending in the Influencer Advertising market was projected to reach 194.60 millions USD in 2023 in Indonesia
  • Instagram is the most popular network for influencers in Indonesia
  • Fashion & Beauty are the most produced content by Indonesian content creators
  • More brands in Indonesia invest over 30% of their marketing budget for influencer marketing in 2024
  • Indonesian online consumers prefer following influencers over brands’ business accounts
  • Nano-influencers are the most important influencers tiers in Indonesia

Did you know that the mobile connection in Indonesia is 125% of the total population in 2022?

Indonesia’s internet penetration rate in 2022 is also at 73% of the overall population or 204 million people by number.

Yes, Indonesia’s internet base is HUGE.

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That is why Indonesia is a promising market for influencer marketing.

Plus, people follow every single recommendation the influencer says, and boom! The product went viral!

It happens regularly and it is clear that Indonesian online consumers rely so much on influencers.

This is a big opportunity for brands to showcase their products through influencers.

Read this article carefully to understand how is the influencer marketing state in Indonesia in 2024.

Influencer Marketing Study in Indonesia

And let’s find out what insight works best for your brand.

What is influencer marketing in Indonesia?

Influencer marketing in Indonesia is a marketing strategy on social media by brands that leverage Nusantara’s content creators or key opinion leaders (KOL) that have a certain range of audiences to market brands’ products or services.

If you are wondering about the difference between creators and KOLs, it’s the area of expertise.

KOLs are considered experts in a certain topic and their opinion are respected by the public, such as beauty gurus.

While creators are entitled to gain a certain amount of audience by choosing a niche before starting to grow their social media accounts.

In January 2022, 68% of Indonesians are already on social media. It’s equivalent to 191 million people.

The most popular Social Media Platforms in Indonesia
Instagram is still a solid number one in Indonesia

They spend 3 hours and 17 minutes online on social media.

It indicates that millions of Indonesian are actively scrolling their social media for more than 3 hours daily.

No wonder branded content is everywhere on Indonesia’s social media platforms.

Despite the pandemic, social media marketing leveraged by Indonesian SMEs has passed the uncertain time safely.

Today, the influencer marketing space in Indonesia is been upgrading to a mature level.

More brands are investing their marketing budget in influencer marketing.

Also, influencers in Indonesia are increasingly crowding social media.

Many parties have taken advantage of the phenomenon, like how BintanGO plans to ride on the growing wave.

Southeast Asia’s influencer marketing is predicted to hit $2.59 billion in 2024, making Indonesia a more promising market to land for brands and marketers.

Where is Indonesia? (If you don’t know)

When asked about what is Indonesia famous for, the most common answer is Bali.

People recognize Bali more than the country itself.

Indonesia, also known as Nusantara, is the world’s largest archipelagic country.

It is part of Southeast Asia and is located between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with over 270 million people.


inspired by real conversations i’ve had with people 💁‍♀️🚩 #indonesia #culture #livingabroad #fyp

♬ original sound – GESTE

Indonesia consists of more than 1.340 ethnic groups, with Java leading the number at 41% of the total population and the most populous island in the world.

Given various ethnics, Indonesian speaks their local language, and Bahasa Indonesia is the united language.

Uh, and their local dishes: Nasi Goreng, Sate, Rendang 🤤

The Indonesian economy is the largest in Southeast Asia and it is the land of startup unicorns.

The influencer marketing space has also gained attention from brands, but there are few influencer reports in Indonesia.

As the market keeps climbing to a mature level, marketers need some key insights into what is happening in Indonesia’s influencer marketing industry.

Now let’s check the key stats.

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Instagram is the most popular social network for influencers in Indonesia

Indonesian love chatting!

That is why WhatsApp is at the top as the most-used social media in Indonesia, followed by Instagram and Facebook.

Here are the most-used social media platforms in Indonesia in 2022:

  • WhatsApp: 88% of Indonesian use WhatsApp for their daily chat.
  • Instagram: 84% of Indonesian are Instagram users.
  • Facebook: 81% of Indonesian use Facebook daily.
  • TikTok: 63% of Indonesian are TikTok users.
  • Telegram: 62% of Indonesian use Telegram daily.
Most used Social Media platforms in Indonesia
Meta = Instagram + WhatsApp + Facebook are Indonesian leaders

However, Instagram still holds the popular crown for influencers in Indonesia.

In fact, Instagram has always been strong in Indonesia.

In 2021, Instagram is still the most common social media platform among Indonesian influencers.

Here is the popularity rate of each social media network in Indonesia in 2021.

Social Media Networks in IndonesiaPopularity Rate in 2021
Instagram is still far away the most popular Social Network in Indonesia

Most Indonesian influencers choose Instagram to grow a potential account that later can endorse products.

In fact, brands in Indonesia still trust Instagram to spend most of their influencer marketing budget.

This is the detail of the Indonesian brand’s influencer marketing budget by the platform in 2021:

  • Instagram: 74% of brands in Indonesia choose Instagram as the platform they spent most of their influencer marketing budget.
  • YouTube: 21% of Indonesian brands spend most of their influencer marketing budget on YouTube.
  • Twitter: 4% of brands in Indonesia spend their influencer marketing on Twitter.
  • Facebook: 0.3% of Indonesian brands choose Facebook as the platform they spent the least of their influencer marketing budget.

In 2022, the number of brands leveraging Instagram on their influencer marketing keeps increasing.

Media spending by Brands on all Social Media Platforms in Indonesia
Where are brands investing the most in Social Media in Indonesia?

Take a look at this table.

These are the top 3 media spends from brands in Indonesia in 2022.

Social Media Platform% of Brands
TikTok is growing fast in Indonesia for Brands

From this, we know that Instagram is the most important platform, both for influencers and brands in Indonesia.

On the other hand, TikTok has gained more popularity in Indonesia. In the top 3 media spends, the number of brands investing in TikTok slowly climbing up.

In 2022, Instagram users in Indonesia are 99 million people.

While TikTok nearly keeps up with the number of 92 million Indonesian users in 2022.

It is VERY easy to go viral on TikTok in Indonesia, especially for beauty products.

TikTok content will be reposted everywhere on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

This is great exposure for TikTok content. Or a free ride of going viral.

But, brands won’t be risking their money on TikTok as they don’t get as many results as running campaigns on Instagram.

Jump on Instagram ASAP for powerful influencer marketing results.

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INSG. Analytics

What is the most popular Influencer type of content by industry in Indonesia?

Fashion & Beauty.

It is the most prolific and always in-demand content for Indonesian online consumers.

Fashion & Beauty is also proven the most popular content created by influencers.

Take a look at the graphic below.

Fashion & Beauty comes first as the most popular content in Indonesia, followed by Entertainment and Food & Drink.

What type of content is the most profitable for brands and Influencers in Indonesia
Indonesian Influencers who Entertain, Eat & talk about Fashion and Beauty are the winners 😉

Here are the 3 most popular types of content Indonesian influencers tend to produce:

  • Fashion & Beauty: You can find beauty influencers almost everywhere in Indonesia. And they create various types of content like makeup/skincare tutorials, product reviews, product comparisons, mix-and-match daily outfits, etc. Fashion & Beauty product recommendations by influencers are highly taken into account in this country.
  • Entertainment: The second-most popular influencer content in Indonesia is entertainment. Indonesia is known for its chill netizens so entertainment content is a must in this country. There is diverse entertainment content in Indonesia, such as chill conversation in a podcast, stand-up comedy, etc.
  • Food & Drink: The third most popular content by Indonesian influencers is food & drink. But, the type of content in this category is not Mukbang, like most Asian countries. Rather, Indonesian people love to try new foods. So, food bloggers/vloggers are creating food & drink discovery and what makes it unique from others.

Apparently, the top 3 niches have their own favorite platforms.

The Fashion & Beauty influencers love hanging around on Instagram.

While the Entertainment content is mostly on YouTube & TikTok.

And the Food & Drink is most spread across Facebook.

Take a look at this stat of the most favored platforms for the top 3 content produced by Indonesian influencers:

  • Fashion & Beauty: Instagram is the most favored platform for this content at 36%, Facebook comes second at 34%, and YouTube is last with 18%.
  • Entertainment: YouTube is ranked first as the favorite platform for this content at 46%, followed by Instagram at 26%, and Facebook at 18%.
  • Food & Drink: Facebook is the most popular social platform for this content with 46%, followed by Instagram with 35%, and YouTube at 5%.
The best Social Media networks for Entertainment, Food & Drink and Fashion & beauty in Indonesia
Entertaining is on Youtube in Indonesia, Instagram is fashion as always

“What is the best influencer tier should I work with if I want to reach out to Instagram beauty influencers?”

Good question.

This is the number of influencer tiers of the top 3 influencer content in Indonesia.

Type of influencer contentMost popular influencer tier
Fashion & BeautyNano-influencers (38%)
EntertainmentMicro-influencers (37%)
Food & DrinkNano-influencers (54%)
Nano Influencers & Micro-Influencers are strong in Indonesia

To sum up, Fashion & Beauty is the most popular influencer content by industry and it is mostly produced on Instagram.

And the most crowded tier in Fashion & Beauty is nano-influencers.

Influencer marketing spends in Indonesia: How much do Brands spend?

Over 91% of brands in Indonesia will expect a marketing budget increase in 2022.

This inclines with the number of brands that want to raise the portion of their influencer marketing budget.

Look at the graphic below.

This is the percentage increase of the Indonesian brands’ marketing budget spent on influencer marketing in recent years.

  • Brands in Indonesia that invest more than 30% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing have increased by 19%, from 10% in 2020 to 29% in 2022.
  • The brands that invest 1%-30% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing keep decreasing, from 69% in 2020 to 60% in 2022 (the decline has moved to the 30%+ budget).
  • The brands that did not invest in influencer marketing keep declining, from 20% in 2020 to only 10% in 2022.

More brands in Indonesia now include influencer marketing in their marketing budget.

Percentage of Marketing Budget spent on Influencer marketing in Indonesia from 2020 to 2022
Marketing investments growing fast for Brands in Indonesia

This shows brands in Indonesia are more aware of the benefits of leveraging influencer marketing as the ace of their marketing channel.

This also means that Indonesia is catching up with the global trend.

In 2022, 68% of global brands agree to invest more of their marketing budget in influencer marketing.

As brands in Indonesia keep increasing their influencer marketing budget, the future trend is going to be more positive.

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Indonesian online consumers prefer following influencers over brands business accounts

If you want to land in Indonesia, remember that this country is a part of Asia.

Asia is infamously known for its word of mouth among consumers.

It means, consumers in Asia, including in Indonesia, trust others’ reviews more than anything.

Indonesian prefer genuine experience, rather than polished truth in a brand’s ad.

It is proven by a study from 2020, that 62% of Indonesian online consumers are affected by an influencer’s recommendation before making a purchase.

Survey about products buying from influencer marketing by Social Media users in Indonesia
Majority of Indonesians users already buy a product from an Influencer

The tendency is also seen in the e-commerce trends in Indonesia, such as modest wear consumer trends.

For example, Muslim influencers are very significant for young modest-wear consumers.

But, it’s not as easy as it looks to influence Indonesian consumers.

You can not just collaborate with one influencer for a campaign once.

You need to do it repeatedly with many influencers if you want your campaign to succeed.

In fact, 93% of Southeast Asian consumers need to see the product at least two times before making a purchase.

These are the intensity of product showcasing needed by Indonesian consumers that impact their buying decision.

What impacts your buying decisionsNumber of consumers
A product recommendation by many influencers within a period of time40%
A product recommendation by one influencer, many times33%
A product recommendation by friends/family, many times18%
A product recommendation by friends/family, within a period of time8%
Influencers have a strong power over Users in Indonesia

The study reveals that Indonesian consumers are affected by two kinds of influence.

First, from influencers and second, from family and friends.

The most influence comes from many influencers showcasing a product within a period of time.

And the least influence is from a minimum recommendation from family and friends.

See the graphic below

What impacts buying decisions of Social Media users in Indonesia
Buying decisions are made on Social Media by Influencers in Indonesia

As you can see, Indonesian trust product recommendations from influencers.

So much of that influence from friends and family only takes a small portion for them.

That is why Indonesian prefer following influencers on social media over brands’ business accounts.

This is the complete list of the reason why Indonesian prefer influencer accounts:

  • More relatable content: 30% of Indonesian follow influencer accounts to get relatable content.
  • Honest reviews: 23% of Indonesian prefer influencer accounts because they can obtain honest reviews from a product.
  • More information: 0.6% of Indonesian follow influencers on social media to get more information.
  • Others: 25% of Indonesian prefer influencers over brands’ business accounts for other reasons.

I bet you will do the same when you trust someone with your heart.

Also, Indonesian consumers like to see what the influencers they trust can bring to the table.

Most Indonesian said that they follow influencers so they can enjoy more relatable content.

Reasons why Influencers prefer following an Influencer Account in Indonesia
More related Content (is king) in Indonesia.

Let’s take some notes.

Indonesian really like genuine reviews, especially from influencers.

If your brand wants to push in, never forget to work with influencers and run the campaign more than once.

Nano-influencers are the most important influencers tiers in Indonesia

Some ordinary Indonesian might only know macro or mega influencers.

Because Indonesian really worship celebrities.

Turns out, micro-influencers are dominating the industry in Indonesia.

While nano-influencers come second as the most-crowded influencer tiers in Indonesia.

Influencer tiersPopulation
Nano-influencer (1k-10k followers)32%
Micro-influencer (10k-100k followers)34%
Macro-influencer (100k-1m followers)21%
Mega-influencer (Celebrity) (>1m followers)3%
End-user (100-1k followers)8%
Nano & Micro are the golden tiers in Indonesia

Even though there are a lot of famous celebfluencers in Indonesia, their population is very small.

While macro-influencers place third with 21% of the total influencers in Indonesia.

Meaning, Indonesian micro-influencers have grown their audience rapidly in a year and reached the next level.

Meanwhile, nano-influencers have gradual growth from 2022 to 2021.

Growth of Influencers by category in Indonesia from 2020
Influencer Marketing is doing well for Micro-Influencers in Indonesia

Despite dominating the industry, the engagement rate of micro-influencers is still smaller than nano-influencers.

A study compares the engagement rate between micro-influencers and nano-influencers in Indonesia.

Two essential things we can conclude from the study:

  1. Nano-influencers have a higher median engagement rate than micro-influencers in any niche (the top 3 influencer content) and any platform (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter).
  2. Nano-influencers in Indonesia who create Entertainment content have a higher median engagement rate on Instagram at 6.60% than micro-influencers with 4.38%.

The high engagement rate by nano influencers in Indonesia also resonates with the global trend.

In 2022, the engagement rate of nano-influencers is at 3.69% globally. 

Nano-influencers are indeed a special breed.

Despite being ‘small’, they have a hidden power to drive engagement from their audience.

This happens because the audience of nano-influencers is mostly friends or family.

It is easier to make your audience engage with your content if you share a familiarity with them.

It also makes the content more relatable to its audience.

That’s why nano-influencers are the best tier to work with.

You can run campaigns as much as you want with a cheaper budget and they can give you real results.

More brands in Indonesia will leverage Nano-influencers in 2024

If you go through some stats, there is one fact unnoticed: the potential of nano-influencers.

Let me explain.

Now let’s recall the buying decisions of Indonesian online consumers.

Most influence comes from influencers at 73%.

But, there is a total of 26% of friends/family influence before Indonesian online consumers buy a product.

Why aim for one if you can get it all?

I tell you one way to reach them out: work with nano-influencers.

Remember that nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate? Also that their audience is mostly friends/family?

Exactly. Nano-influencers are the best weapon to reach them.

Earlier, Indonesian brands have already seen the prospect.

In 2020, 52% of Indonesian brands worked with nano-influencers.

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INSG. Analytics

But as the power of nano-influencers is more prominent, the number significantly increases to 81.4% in 2021.

The brands that previously did not work with nano-influencers are also declining year to year.

It seems that Indonesian brands start to understand how precious nano-influencers are for their influencer marketing.

These brands also have a deep faith in them.

78% of Indonesian brands are planning to collaborate with nano-influencers at least once a month.

So, don’t waste the power of nano influencers and start working with them for your brand’s sake.

What kind of best Influencers can you find in Indonesia?

As I have explained before, there are many influencer tiers in Indonesia.

But the most crowded are micro-influencers (34%) and nano-influencers (32%).

While mega-influencers take a small portion.

I can say that smaller tiers are leading the influencer industry in Indonesia.

If you are looking for the top influencers in Indonesia to collaborate with, pay attention to this list.

The list consists mostly of smaller influencer tiers so you can pick the best for your campaign.

Lulu Elhasbu – The best Indonesian beauty micro-influencer

Lulu is one of the top beauty influencers in Indonesia. She is a spokesperson for Wardah, one of the biggest Indonesian beauty brands. She also has many businesses in her hand as a founder and creative director.

She likes to bike and she is a caring mom. Her Instagram feed is full of her precious moments with friends and family, her showing off daily makeup and outfits, and of course, a lot of product endorsements.

She is definitely the best choice if you want to reach out to beauty Muslim enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Jonathan End – Self-growth Coach & Indonesian influencer

Jonathan loves sharing about personal growth. In fact, he has built his own brand community to grow: Growth Space. His Instagram feed is full of life lessons, of course.

But not like those motivational quotes from a best-seller self-help book. He shares healthy and realistic thoughts about life. He also does sponsorship from brands but his approach is very unique.

He creates branded content that can resonate with his audience. He will find a line between his niche and what the product can offer. It makes the content look authentic, rather than a mere endorsement.

It is very rare for a macro-influencer to gain such engagement through branded content. If you want to work with a macro-influencer, he is the one you are looking for.

Ali – Established Lifestyle Indonesian Influencer

Ali is a simple yet versatile influencer, very obvious from his Instagram bio. He likes to share his outfit on his daily activities on Instagram. He loves to smile in his photos and sparks boyfriend material with a calm and sweet persona.  

He also does sponsorship deals on his content. From skincare to e-payment promo, Ali likes to collaborate with any brands in Indonesia. So, don’t hesitate to add Ali to your list. Ali is a good choice if you want to expand your brand awareness.

Syafira Devani – The best Indonesian food Vlogger & Culinary influencer

Syafira is an established Indonesian food blogger on Instagram. She is also the founder of one of the biggest food hunter blogs in Surabaya, Indonesia. As the business grows, Syafira also gets to build her own personal brand.

She uses Instagram to be her daily album to share travel experiences, sometimes also her love for food. Syafira would be great if you want a legit review from the food practitioner. Also, the best channel to open the gate to enter the food industry in Indonesia.

Ana Livian – Indonesian Musician and Mom Influencer

Ana is a musician and mom influencer. She has a restaurant in Bali, yes the most famous island in Indonesia.

She also builds a business for baby oil.

And her Instagram feed, as expected, is full of her family portraits.

Ana also does sponsorship a lot of brands. Start from kids/family products to instant noodles. Her family persona is great for your brand to push in.

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INSG Influeancer Search mobile view

Allecia Angeline – The Best Young Indonesian lifestyle Influencer

Allecia will be the best suit for your brand if you want to reach Indonesian teenagers.

She is a lifestyle influencer who was once the top favorite Shopee influencer in 2021.

This well-known Indonesian female influencer, she creates a wide range of everyday lifestyle content.

She gives the list of the cheapest hotels in Bali, tips for eating seafood on a low budget, or even how to get a free college in Korea. And she makes her content so fun and enjoyable.

Dandi Anugerah – Indonesian photographer & influencer

Dandi is a photographer, plus an influencer. His love for photography has been portrayed so well on his Instagram feed. And yes, his Instagram feed is very aesthetic with a monochrome theme.

He works with many Instagram models and is active on a photography forum.

He also has been working with many lifestyle brands.

Dandi will be the best for your brand if you want to reach out photography community.

Insyira Muthia Khansa – Modeling, Indonesian fashion nano-influencer

Insyira is the first runner-up of Miss Icon Indonesia 2020 and is also a mental health activist.

She shares her special moments on Instagram.

She is also a model and loves fashion so much, no wonder her everyday outfit always slays 🔥

She has done many sponsorships, mostly on fashion & beauty.

Insyira is a micro-influencer wannabe.

Try the power of a nano-influencer with Insyira before it’s too late.

Eldia Desera – Indonesian model & a rising nano-influencer

Eldia is a rising nano-influencer in Indonesia. She is the 1st runner-up of Miss Gown Indonesia 2021 and now pursuing a career as a model and influencer.

Her Instagram becomes the best place to show off her pose on photoshoots.

So far, she still posts 2 branded content, but it packs with engagement from her audience.

If you want to start working with an Indonesian nano-influencer, Eldia is worth trying.

What is the rate card for Indonesian Influencers in each category?

The rate depends on how much the influencers set the price, even if they are in the same tier.

However, you can still see the average price.

So that your brand could estimate how much money should you prepare to work with certain Indonesian influencers.

Here is the standard, most-common rate card used by Indonesian influencers for each category on Instagram.

The price includes the scope of content: Instagram feed posts, Stories, Videos/Reels, and Ads (Swipe Up).

Indonesian Influencer tier on InstagramRate Card in IDRRate Card in USD
Nano-influencer≥ Rp 350.000$23.5
Micro-influencer≥ Rp 600.000$40
Macro-influencer≥ Rp 6.000.000$404
Mega-influencer≥ Rp 12.000.000$808
All the rates per Influencer tier in Indonesia on Instagram (Source = Lemon)

Good news: we also have the rate card for TikTok influencers in Indonesia!

Since Instagram is considered the most successful platform for content creators,

The average rate card is a bit higher than any other platform, including TikTok.

Check out this rate card from Lemon if you are interested in collaborating with Indonesian TikTok influencers.

Indonesian Influencer tier on TikTokRate Card in IDRRate Card in USD
Nano-influencer≥ Rp 100.000$6.7
Micro-influencer≥ Rp 200.000$13.4
Macro-influencerRp 500.000 – Rp 2.000.000$33.6 – $134.7
Mega-influencer≥ Rp 5.000.000$336
All the rates per Influencer tier in Indonesia on TikTok (Source = Lemon)

Did you see the difference?

Indonesian nano-influencers on Instagram generate higher income in a single post than micro-influencers on TikTok.

This relates to the study I have discussed in this article and also emphasizes

That Instagram is still the most promising platform for influencers in Nusantara.

How to start an influencer marketing campaign in Indonesia?

As a brand, marketing is your necessary need.

You used to work campaign to campaign to market your product.

However, influencer marketing is different from the usual marketing channel.

Of course, you can do it on your own.

But only the best way gets the best results.

Here are the best ways I am talking about. For the success of your influencer marketing in Indonesia.

Choose one of the top influencer marketing platforms in Indonesia

Can you imagine scrolling through Instagram to find the right influencer?

What if you get ghosted when you reach out to them?

Or worse, you put the wrong money on a fake influencer.

You certainly don’t want to lose the money you intend to grow.

So, it’s time to get help through third-party players: influencer marketing software/platform.

It can help your campaigns be much more effective and manageable.

It is going to be a lot easier to find influencers because the influencer marketing platform has a bigger database of influencers.

You will save a lot of time and money.

Yes, you still have to pay for the monthly subscription, but their features are worth the price.

They have influencer analytics where you can review an influencer’s account performance.

It will be very helpful to see how far they can go with the campaign.

They also often have CRM management where you contact & communicate with influencers and monitor your influencer marketing campaigns.

All in one place.

Many influencer marketing platforms are equipped with fraud detection tools.

Using an influencer marketing platform can be a very safe choice because Indonesia is among the world’s leading markets for fraud on Instagram.

It is indeed a powerful assistant for your campaign.

Use the service of the best influencer marketing agency in Indonesia

If I say using an influencer marketing platform can save time and money,

there is one more thing you can save if you use an influencer marketing agency’s service.


Exactly. An influencer marketing agency will help you run the overall campaign, from creating ideas to giving reports.

Just say your goals, sit down, and have some tea, then the agency will give you the results.

But why an influencer marketing agency?

Let me explain.

They have mastered the ever-changing marketing industry for years.

They have the best experience and insights into the industry. 

They understand the influencer’s strengths, specialties, & preferences more than anyone.

It is very easy for them to mix and match the dress (influencers) for the best outfit look (marketing goal).

And that’s an unparalleled competence.

Also, the influencer marketing agency has a dedicated team with a super creative approach.

They are super perceptive about what could work for your brand, from the influencer to the campaign ideas.

Those 2 main reasons are what make an influencer marketing agency valued.

And also a wise choice to land a successful influencer marketing campaign in Indonesia.

What is the best influencer marketing software to find influencers in Indonesia?

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Inflact ❤️ And to be honest we already tried and reviewed a lot of Influencer Tools & Software.

It is a very impressive tool to discover potential influencers in Indonesia.

With more than 10 million influencers around the world, it will be very easy to find one in Indonesia.

Also, the influencer auditor is very powerful.

It is a tool to analyze an influencer’s social media account performance. From the engagement rate to its audience quality.

You can also check the ad performance, the rate card, and other amazing stats.

Inflact will also give you important insights like the difficulty to get in touch with the influencer.

Amazing, right?

Take a look at the stats of rising young influencers in Indonesia, Cici Korea.

She got a 4.2 score review and was named a “low-risk, high-reward influencer”.

Basically, the auditor tool will help you decide whether the influencer can achieve your goal or not.

Also, you can not miss the authenticity test.

Yes, Inflact will show you how many suspicious followers are on the account and make sure you don’t work with a fake influencer.

You can also worry less about being ghosted by the influencer.

Do you also have a problem with managing the campaign progress?

Trust me, you can do anything with this feature. You send bulk messages to influencers and maintain communication.

You can also live-monitor every campaign performance.

It will give you a campaign score, making it easier for you to watch the campaign result in just one look.

Running an influencer campaign has never been easier with the help of influencer marketing software.

Are you ready to launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign in Indonesia for your Brand?

Now you have a comprehensive understanding of the influencer marketing state in Indonesia in 2024.

You will not lack insights and go for a decisive campaign once you land in the country.

As you can see, the influencer marketing trend in Indonesia has reached maturity.

More brands have faith in influencer marketing to bring benefits to their business.

They invest more and seek better ways to achieve the best results.

Also, you can not deny the power of Indonesian online consumers.

They have made a solid stand that they love influencers more than brands’ content.

Brands in Indonesia must be very aware of this.

Start leveraging influencers to wider market your product instead of growing your business account.

You need real sales, not just a legit online presence.

One way to achieve that is through an influencer marketing agency’s help.

They have the best squad of influencers and the best campaign strategy for your brand.

It will be a waste if you don’t utilize their established experience.

So, are you ready to rock the Indonesian influencer marketing industry with us? 😉

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Is Instagram influencer important in Indonesia?

Instagram users in Indonesia are a whopping 99 million people. Also, Indonesian trust influencers more than anyone, so yes, it is important. Especially Instagram is the most popular platform after WhatsApp in the country. The more Instagram influencer active endorsing products from brands, the more likely people from the large user base are interested to buy the product.

How do I become an influencer in Indonesia?

Learn the most important insights into the influencer marketing industry in Indonesia. Start with choosing Instagram as the main platform and your target audience, then pick the most popular niche: Fashion & Beauty, and start creating content. Don’t forget to create relatable content with your audience, engage with them, and be consistent. Lastly, determine some strategies to grow your account, such as leveraging Reels for more content visibility.

Does Influencer Marketing fraud exist in Indonesia?

It does. In fact, a 2019 study reveals that Indonesia is ranked four for the most Instagram fraud in the world. The most common cheating method used is engagement pods, a collective support from a group of influencers to boost each other’s posts. There are also a high number of bot followers and automatic likes used by micro-influencers and nano-influencers. That is why using an influencer marketing platform or agency is the best way to find the right influencer.

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  1. Data showing influencers are impactfull to a brand/product, but that you have a conversion related to the acquisition rate for each category brand that use influencers.

    Thank you.

    • Good question. For the Nano influencers on Instagram, the price for a single post is about Rp 350.000 or $23.5 in 2022. I’ve updated the article with more complete and fresh data for the rate card. Enjoy 🙂

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