In 2023, the Food market’s revenue in Taiwan was estimated at US$53.83 billion, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 3.72% (CAGR) from 2023 to 2028.

Taiwanese people are passionate about all kind of cuisine, 

They love, eating, and exploring the many dishes they have.

Night Markets are super popular, and many Youtubers and TikTokers are making content there.

Top 10 Food Influencers in Taiwan

  1. Nini – @nini_food0822
  2. Teddy – @foodtaichung_teddy
  3. Kelly – @kelly_foodlife
  4. Two Boys Foods – @twoboysfoods
  5. Woody – @woodywoody315
  6. Ma Mei – @foodiefoodiego
  7. Master Food Diary – @master_food_diary
  8. Tainan Food Map – @foodintainan
  9. Lavie food – @laviefoodie
  10. Angel Wong – @angelcooksfood

The public finds food influencers very helpful in giving them inspiration on what to cook and eat.

Food content creators in Taiwan present the most reliable source of recommendations,

List of all the content categories (verticals) for influencers in Taiwan
🇹🇼 loves entertainment and 🧋

as well as easy, healthy, and tasty recipes to try at home.

From traditional, local cuisine like beef noodles to modern cute pastries gen Z enjoys at a cafe,

Top food influencers in Taiwan are nothing but insightful in your culinary journey.

With the types of content these influencers upload, 

It is clear that their fans consist of many foodies in Taiwan.

They are also dedicated and active, meaning that every post these digital creators upload is expected to have massive engagement.

A definitive proof that they are in no way fake influencers.

In this article, I have provided you with more information about the top food influencers in the country.

List of the top Food Influencers and cooking creators in Taiwan

Then, you will see why working with them might be one of the best decisions you can make.

Here are the top 10 food influencers in Taiwan in 2024.

1. Nini – Famous Lifestyle and Food Content Creator in Taiwan

Nini is a famous female content creator from Taiwan.

On Instagram, she uploads about her trips, family, pets, and love for shopping.

But above all that, you can see that she is a huge foodie.

Photos of her behind a table full of food, mukbang videos, and flat lays of dishes she enjoyed are the proof.

The thing is, fans love to see any of her content, even her life updates.

If you work with Nini, I’m sure your brand will thrive in Taiwan with the help of her influence.

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2. Teddy – Helpful Food Reviewer & Influencer from Taiwan

Teddy is a Taiwan-based food reviewer giving you content about the must-try foods in the country.

He posts high-quality photos about various types of cuisine.

Whether it is from Taiwan or other countries, sweet or savory, cheap or expensive, it’s all mouth-watering and worth checking out.

Teddy’s account is also seen as the ultimate account for foodies in the country.

Because it provides information about the restaurant’s address & contact, the menus, and the price.

If you ever feel lost regarding what delicacies to explore in Taiwan, you know Teddy is who to follow.

And if you plan to grow your brand in the country, Teddy’s influence is must-leverage.

3. Kelly – Taiwan-Based Dedicated Food Blogger & Content Creator

Kelly has been food blogging since 2016.

And since then, she has covered the most worth-to-try dishes and snacks from both restaurant and street food stalls.

From fine dining menus to fish balls and boba, you can find them all on her page,

Along with helpful and thorough reviews about the food and information about the eating places.

If you are currently running an F&B business, 

Having it introduced to Kelly’s audience is one way for it to grow in Taiwan.

4. Two Boys Foods – Truthful Two Food Reviewers & Influencers from Taiwan

This account covers the food diary of two boys in Taichung, Tainan, Taipei, and Changhua.

The duo is known for their trustworthy content since they don’t always post the meals they like.

They explain that their captions always say the truth – if a dish is good, then they will say it’s good, and vice versa.

Join their community and be in the know of all the delicious courses, desserts, and street foods in Taiwan,

Especially in Taichung, Tainan, Taipei, and Changhua.

Also be sure to work with them should you plan to get your brand known by their loyal audience.

5. Woody – Skillful Taiwanese Chef & Food Content Creator

Don’t feel like eating out today?

Try following Woody, a skillful Taiwanese cook who shares many recipes you can follow at home.

Woody has detailed steps in his videos and captions so even beginners can benefit from his content.

His recipes are guaranteed to help you impress your loved ones through tasty cooking.

Follow Woody now to hone your cooking skills.

And work with him if you want to reach home cooking lovers in Taiwan.

List of the social media platforms where influencer marketing campaigns are run in Taiwan
Never forget Youtube. Especially here in 🇹🇼

6. Ma Mei – Xizhi-Based Matcha Connoisseur & Food Influencer

Ma Mei loves green tea so matcha. 😉

Even her Instagram account is green themed and you can see matcha food or drink on every row of her feed.

From matcha ice cream, milk tea, cake, pudding, macaroons, and more, Ma Mei will show you where you can taste them.

Her account is perfect for those who like to enjoy everything matcha.

But even if you don’t, Ma also gives out recommendations for savory meals such as pasta, dumplings, fish balls, ramen, chicken, etc.

Since Ma’s page is followed by many matcha & foodies in Taiwan,

I highly encourage you to work with her and have your brand introduced to her audience.

7. Master Food Diary – Taiwanese Street Food Content Creator

Love street food but don’t know where to buy a good one?

Master Food Diary is your answer.

Because he provides street food suggestions, complete with reels showing how they are prepared.

He also writes detailed reviews in his captions, which is very important to help you decide which is the most suitable for your craving.

If you prefer eating in a restaurant instead, Master Food Diary also has the content for you.

Be it alone or with your family, his page is worth checking out to see more eating place recommendations. 

To get a hold of Taiwanese foodies, I highly recommend you work with Master Food Diary ASAP.

8. Tainan Food Map – Insightful Tainan-Based Food Influencer

Tainan Food Map is an influencer with an aim to share Tainan food, attractions, and information.

The account will help you make up your mind if you ever find yourself not knowing what to eat in Tainan.

What are you in the mood for? Sweet or savory food? Cheap or fancy dishes?

Whatever it is, the account will answer all your questions.

If you are a brand owner planning to grow in Taiwan, especially in Tainan,

Then waste no more time and connect with Tainan Food Map now.

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9. Lavie Foodie – Food Influencer to Follow When Visiting Taichung, Taipei, and Chiayi

If Taichung, Taipei, or Chiayi are where you want to go for your next trip,

Let Lavie Foodie firstly show you around with her content.

She has the most mouth-watering food recommendations from the cafes, bakeries, and restaurants in the three cities.

All are packed with thorough details about the address, price point, and contact information.

Very suitable for your itinerary planning and more.

Moreover, if you find yourself wanting to grow your business in the mentioned cities, collaborating with Lavie Foodie is a must.

10. Angel Wong’s – Dedicated Cook & Food Influencer in Taiwan

Taiwanese cuisine is intricate, that’s true.

And if you currently want to learn more about making it, then Angel’s content is for you.

She presents the most helpful recipes so you can cook your dishes or desserts of choice.

On her platforms, YouTube and Instagram, Angel mainly speaks English.

So, her account is perfect for those who have yet to learn Chinese.

Collaborate with Angel to connect with home cooking lovers from all over the world ASAP.

Expand your reach in Taiwan by working with food influencers.

It doesn’t matter whether your brand is big or small, if you plan to target all the foodies in Taiwan,

Food content creators are your gate to meeting your target audience.

They will help your brand get recognized by many, hence increasing your brand awareness.

One magic trick of it all is to choose the influencer who can represent your company the best.

This is to make sure that your product will be promoted to those who will be interested in buying it.

Good thing the content creators on my list have diverse niches, right? 😉

Wait no more and contact your chosen Taiwanese food creator ASAP

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