Influencer marketing in Taiwan is now a serious channel for brands & businesses. Influencer Advertising market is projected to reach $189.50 million in 2023 in Taiwan and the projected market volume of $278.70 million by 2027. In this article I will explain how the Creator Economy is evolving in Taiwan in 2023, and show you the Best Key opinion leaders and Content Creator’s marketing campaigns in the country.

  • Instagram is the most popular platform among Taiwan’s influencers
  • Entertainment is the most produced content by Taiwan’s content creators
  • 90% of Taiwan brands are investing their marketing budget for influencer marketing in 2023
  • Nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate and are the best type of influencers to work with in Taiwan
  • More brands are leveraging nano-influencers in Taiwan

As part of the world’s emerging influencer market, more than 80% of Taiwanese brands will invest in influencer marketing in their marketing budget in 2023.

Indeed, influencer marketing in Taiwan has grown maturely.

Study of Influencer Marketing Landscape in Taiwan

Marketers need more deep insights if they want to launch an effective influencer marketing campaign in Taiwan.

If you are one of the brands that want to land an eye on Taiwan influencer marketing, then this article is for you.

This will give you a broader perspective of Taiwanese influencer marketing in 2023.

Let’s dive in.

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What is influencer marketing in Taiwan?

Influencer marketing in Taiwan is a social media marketing strategy that involves collaboration between Taiwanese brands and content creators from the island of Formosa or key opinion leaders (KOL) that have a certain range of audiences to market brands’ products or services.

The difference between working with creators and KOLs is the area of expertise.

KOLs are the ones who are considered the expert in a certain topic, such as beauty gurus, etc.

While creators are the ones who are entitled to gain a certain amount of audience for their account to grow.

At the beginning of 2022, Taiwan’s internet penetration rate hits a whopping 91% of the total population.

And 89% of the Taiwan’s total population or 21.35 million people are active on social media with time spent 2 hours and 4 minutes on average.

As social media users keep rising, so does Taiwanese influencer.

The Asia-Pacific is predicted to be the world’s largest influencer marketing market in 2024.

It indicates that there is a big opportunity for influencer marketing to grow in Taiwan.

Brands later see this as a great chance to promote their products through the influence of the influencer.

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Where is Taiwan? (If you don’t know)

Taiwan is a 168-islands country in East Asia located at the junction of the East and South China Seas.

According to Worldometers, 23.8 million people live in Taiwan in 2022 and only 2% of them are native.

Taiwan is among the most densely populated countries in the world.

The main island of Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, has an area of 35,808 square kilometers.

People Speak mandarin Chinese and write in Chinese Traditional.

Taiwanese influencer marketing space has been growing in recent years, like everywhere in the world.

But don’t get me wrong.

The market is very very different from China and very similar to other markets in South East Asia

Let’s dive into the numbers.

Instagram is the most popular Social Media platform for influencers in Taiwan

In Taiwan, LINE and Facebook are still the most-used social platforms.

While Instagram that has 11.3 million users in 2023, or 47% of Taiwan’s total population places third.

List of the Most used social media platforms in Taiwan
Line + Meta are leading in 🇹🇼

Here is the detail of the most-used social media platform in Taiwan:

  • LINE: 95% of Taiwanese love chatting very much on LINE, making it the most-used social media platform in 2023.
  • Facebook: 90% of Taiwanese still love using Facebook today in 2023.
  • Instagram: 70% of Taiwanese use Instagram which lands third as the most-used social media in Taiwan in 2023.
  • Facebook Messenger: 68% of Taiwanese are also on Facebook Messenger in 2023 to use it daily.

However, Instagram is still the most popular platform among Taiwanese influencers.

List of the most popular social media platforms in Taiwan
Instagram is the strongest social media platform

This is the percentage of each platform to sort its popularity among Taiwanese influencers in 2023.

Social media networks in TaiwanPopularity rate in 2023
Instagram rules here in 🇹🇼

The popularity rate is proven by another study which shows that Instagram is the most-crowded with influencers in Taiwan.

Here is the detail of the spread of influencers in Taiwan by platform in 2021.

  • Instagram: 44% of Taiwanese influencers are on Instagram
  • Facebook: 39% of Taiwanese influencers choose Facebook to share their content
  • YouTube: 14% of Taiwanese influencers are on YouTube making video content
  • Twitter: Only 1% of Taiwanese influencers choose Twitter to share their content

Taiwan influencers primarily choose Instagram and Facebook when they first landed in the industry.

While few choose YouTube as influencers experience technical barriers and require more entry costs.

The popularity of Instagram later makes brands invest most of their influencer marketing budget on the platform.

Take a look at this graphic below.

List of the social media platforms where influencer marketing campaigns are run in Taiwan
Never forget Youtube. Especially here in 🇹🇼

Instagram takes more than a half portion as the number #1 social media in mind for influencer marketing campaigns

  • Instagram: 54% of influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan are run on Instagram.
  • YouTube: comes second as the social network to run an influencer marketing campaign in Taiwan at 26%
  • Facebook: 19% of influencer marketing campaigns are done on Facebook.

Exactly, Instagram is still number #1 in Taiwan, so take action on this platform ASAP for a better influencer marketing campaign.

What is the most popular Influencer type of content by industry in Taiwan?

There are many niches for Taiwan Influencers, ranging from fashion to pets.

But, the Taiwanese prefer seeing entertainment content more than anything.

In 2021, entertainment is the most popular content created by influencers on any platform.

List of all the content categories (verticals) for influencers in Taiwan
🇹🇼 loves entertainment and 🧋

Here are the 3 most popular types of content Taiwan influencers tend to produce:

  • Entertainment: Taiwan influencers mostly create entertainment content like having fun, funny content, dancing, and basically anything that has a purpose to entertain the audience. It is the most common influencer content in Taiwan.
  • Fashion & Beauty: The second-most popular influencer content in Taiwan is fashion & beauty which usually talks about makeup tutorials, color testing, clothing hauls, and many more. It will be very easy for brands to offer product placement in this type of content.
  • Travel: The third most popular content by Taiwan influencers is about traveling. Despite the pandemic, there is a rapid increase in Taiwan’s domestic tourism, making influencers flocking to share their travel experiences.

Influencer marketing spends in Taiwan: How much do Brands spend?

When I say influencer marketing in Taiwan is hype, it is really happening.

In fact, 40% of Taiwan brands are predicted to increase their marketing budget in 2023.

Later, over 90% of Taiwan brands are investing in influencer marketing in 2023.

Let’s say every brand is now paying attention to influencer marketing as it gives much more benefit than any other marketing channel.

But, how many really trust it works effectively?

30%. Actually, more than 30% of Taiwan brands deeply trust influencer marketing benefits.

They are willing to invest more than 30% of their marketing budget for influencer marketing in 2023.

The next question: who are they?

This graphic shows the Taiwan industry’s spends on influencer marketing in 2021.

Surprisingly, the home appliance industry places third at 9%, beating the food & beverages and gaming industry.

List of all industries that are investing in Influencer Marketing in Taiwan
fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) fashion & home appliances for 🇹🇼
  • Fashion & beauty, is ranked first to invest in influencer marketing at 52%
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), comes second at 31% as the industry that invest most of their influencer marketing budget
  • Home appliances, is the third industry with the most spend for influencer marketing budget at 9%

If you run a beauty business, Taiwan will be the fertile ground for your brand.

Check out the details of Taiwan industries that spend the most of their marketing budget on influencer marketing:

Fashion & beauty is the big spender on influencer marketing in Taiwan

This industry spends most of its resources on influencer marketing at 52% of all marketing spends.

And 64% of Taiwan fashion & beauty brands spend their influencer marketing campaigns mostly on Instagram.

Remember that fashion & beauty is the second-most popular content in Taiwan?

Also how easy it is for brands to step in as the content includes product reviews like color testing, clothing haul, etc.?

Indeed. This is the reason why fashion & beauty brands are brave enough to spend so much money on influencer marketing.

In fact, 57% of global fashion & beauty brands use influencers as their part of marketing strategy.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is the second most spender on influencer marketing in Taiwan

FMCG comes second at 31% as the industry that spends most of its influencer marketing budget.

Unlike fashion & beauty, 58% of Taiwan FMCG brands spend influencer marketing campaigns mostly on Facebook.

FMCG and influencer marketing can be a powerful couple.


The industry could create an authentic relationship with its consumers with the help of the organic connection between influencers and their audience.
On a global scale, the FMCG industry is known as the biggest spender on influencer marketing in 2022 with a 62% increase.

Online consumers in Taiwan prefer the authenticity of Branded Content over quality

If you run marketing campaigns in Taiwan, I want you to believe in the power of word-of-mouth.

Taiwan is part of Asia where people are convinced to buy a product after receiving a direct experience with the product’s usage.

Be it family or friends’ suggestions, online reviews, or even influencers’ recommendations.

Now, as social media contents become parts of our daily consumption, more brands leverage social media to promote their products.

But, Taiwanese consumers are well-aware of sponsored content and they tend to avoid it.


Because 66% of Taiwanese consumers prefer content authenticity to quality. They prefer honest reviews to polished content.

In fact, 94% of Taiwanese like to follow influencers rather than official brand accounts.

63% of Taiwanese users prefer following accounts with more relatable content.

See? There is a huge gap between brands wanting to promote their products on social media and Taiwanese consumers wanting honest product reviews.

That is why influencers are the best solution to this problem.

In terms of following social media profiles, Taiwanese consumers consider relevancy more than any other factor.

As influencers create more relevant content, they will create a social bond with their audience.

This will be a great opportunity for brands to push their products through the ‘power’ of influencers’ mouths and gain trust from their audience.

Nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate and are the best type of influencers to work with in Taiwan

Nano-influencers are known for having a small audience.

But not with their engagement rate.

Globally, the nano-influencers engagement rate is up to 3.6% in 2023.

It is twice more than the micro-influencers engagement rate.

The high number of nano-influencers engagement rate is also proven in Taiwan.

Take a look at this study which gives you a wider look at how pivotal nano-influencers position in the Taiwan influencer marketing industry.

The study compares the median engagement rate between nano-influencers and micro-influencers by their niche and platform.

From that study, it can be concluded:

  • Taiwanese nano-influencers have the highest median engagement rate than micro-influencers for any niche and platform.
  • Taiwanese nano-influencers have the highest median engagement rate on Instagram.
  • Taiwanese influencers who create entertainment content have the highest average engagement rate compared to the other two niches.
  • Travel is the influencer niche with the highest engagement rates for Taiwanese nano-influencers.

Why do nano-influencers have high engagement rates in Taiwan?

Nano-influencers are everywhere. They could be your friends, your family, your college classmate, or even co-workers.

They are mostly followed by their closest circle.

That is why their content is more relatable to their audience compared to influencers with bigger followers.

The relativity later makes the audience love to engage more with their content.

More brands in Taiwan are leveraging Nano-influencers

As nano-influencers gain a more pivotal role, more Taiwan brands are looking forward to working with nano-influencers.

They keep growing in recent years.

Check this out:

Percentage of Brands working with nano influencers in Taiwan
Continue to Grow since 2020

And the number is so stunning: 82% of Taiwan brands are interested to collaborate with nano-influencers in 2023.

As more brands realize the power of nano-influencers, the number of brands that don’t see the potential of nano-influencers before is also decreasing every year.

The potential of nano-influencers is real, but why do Taiwan brands choose them?

Because more than 43% of Taiwan brands consider engagement rate as the top of mind before working with influencers.

As you know, nano-influencers are proven to have a higher engagement rate than other tiers.

If you are looking for business growth from the Taiwan audience, keep nano-influencers in mind.

Start working with them before they get too costly 🙂

Who are the Top Influencers of Taiwan?

If you are interested in running influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan, chose the influencer wisely.

There is a common knowledge that some Taiwan influencers could spark controversies in the media.

So, it is important to choose the ‘clean ones’.

I have made this list: the best Taiwan influencers to work with. Check it out.

Hannah Yang (252k followers)

If you want your brand looks elegant, try working with Hannah. She manages her feed to look simple yet classy with a consistent image tone.

She also has a distinct concept for every branded content she posts. They all look stylish.

Hannah is the type of model-worthy influencer that loves fancy stuff.

No wonder because she was previously known as a popular fashion blogger in Taiwan.

Hannah first started her website called “Hannah’s Fashion List”, then she hops on Instagram to share her interests. 

Now, she became one of the most popular fashion, beauty, and luxury influencers in Taiwan. In fact, she once worked with high-end brands like YSL.

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Yuci (899k followers)

Yuci is known as one of the most popular streamers and gamers on YouTube. She later comes on Instagram to share mostly her daily life. She is vibrant and her feed looks very energetic.

On YouTube, she has 684k subscribers on her channel called “Yuci’s Channel”. On her YouTube channel, she produces content more gaming and streaming-oriented content, which her fans like so much.

As she expanded her online presence on Instagram, she created more fanbases, making her cheerful persona get more attention from people.

Even her followers on her Instagram account surpass her YouTube channel’s subscribers.

Jack Su (575k followers)

Jack’s feed is full of his passion for dancing. He is that typical popular boy who can do everything: a dancer, model, actor, and influencer all in one package.

He mostly dances to K-Pop choreography. He is also a fan of Blackpink’s Lisa! He shares some of Lisa or Blackpink’s choreography on his Instagram.

Not only dancing, Jack also shares his daily activities and latest performances on Instagram, like dancing and hanging out with friends.

He also collaborates with various brands on his feed. Don’t hesitate to work with Jack if you want your brand to look bright and lively like him. 

Gray Tsai (1.3m followers)

If your brand wants to attract Taiwanese who loves kids and looks for parenting education, then try working with Gray Tsai. He is a 4-year-old boy whose daily life is posted on Instagram. 

The feed which the account is managed by his father, Aga Tsai, is full of Tsai having fun with his brother.  His innocent and bright personality is loved by Taiwan netizens, making his Instagram account gain more than 1 million followers.

His parents also run a YouTube channel where they also share about Tsai and his brother’s activities. While the Instagram account is full of Tsai and his brother’s faces, the YouTube channel has more various content, like interactions with their parents.

Nana Ouyang (3.5m followers)

Here is another top celebrity influencer in Taiwan: Nana.

She is a famous artist in Taiwan where she started her career in early childhood.

Her Instagram is a daily album of her activities with friends and family, or when she is working.

She also shares her latest songs on her Instagram, making it the official account for her fans to look for sources of her upcoming projects.

Nana also loves fashion so much! She also uses her Instagram to show off her outfits.

Dear Rui Gallery (113k followers)

If you are looking for an influencer that has a good taste in fashion, I suggest you scroll through Rui’s Instagram feed. She is one of the famous fashionistas in Taiwan right now. Her feed is full of her ‘bragging’ about her best outfit of both vintage and trendy looks.

She is also a mom of two, and now she is expecting another baby in her womb. This makes her want to sign a family brand deal like maternity clothes and matching clothes with her son. She is the best choice if you want your maternity dress promoted in a fashionable way.

JojoxDaily (97k followers)

Jojo is a blogger who loves to share her favorite foods. If you open her Instagram feed, you will find a heaven of food. Trust me, it is that many. Jojo mostly shares her experiences rooming around Taiwan’s cafes, while promoting their foods.

Jojo also manages her feed to look neat. She captures the food as if she is the one who sells it. They all look very yummy 🤤. If you want your product endorsed in a drooling promo, try working with Jojo.

Foodie_softc (3k followers)

If you are looking for nano-influencers, foodie_softc is worth trying. She is a food blogger and she shares most of her cafe experiences on Instagram. She takes extra effort to take a photo of the product to look more legit in front of her followers. She also uses Instagram to share her daily life with her loved ones.

She also has posted many branded content with local brands. This is the most interesting part: her engagement rate is a whopping 11.4%! Very fantastic, right? This is a chance for brands to get higher brand awareness and boost sales!

How to start an influencer marketing campaign in Taiwan?

If you ask me what an effective influencer marketing campaign looks like, I would answer: use the help of a third party!

It’s either an influencer marketing platform or an agency.

Both have pros and cons, so I will explain you in detail.

Use the best Influencer marketing platform to find the best Taiwanese Influencers

The influencer marketing platform market in Taiwan is projected to keep growing until 2030.

As the influencer marketing industry keeps rising, so do the third-party players.

It is a good sign, though!

An influencer marketing platform can help your campaigns be much more effective and manageable.

Influencer marketing platform has a bigger database of influencers, so you can find influencers outside of your reach.

They have the auditor tool to show you their account performance and how much they could drive results for your campaigns.

It will be easier for you to find the right match.

They also often have CRM management where you can monitor your influencer marketing campaigns.

All in one place.

Having influencer marketing software by your side while executing many campaigns is like having a handy assistant.

They present the influencer review and you just decide whether you proceed with the influencer or not.

They give you a report and you just check on the performance.

You work less and worry less.

But, you have to be ready to pay for the monthly subscription.

Find the best Taiwan’s Influencer Marketing Agency for your Brand

Choosing an influencer marketing agency is also the best option to start an effective influencer marketing campaign.

They are believed as the easiest way to drive real results on your campaign.

You can have a brief call, say your goals, and voila! They give you the campaign results!

Exactly, an influencer marketing agency can find the right influencer PLUS run the campaign for you.

But why influencer marketing agency?

3 big reasons: exceptional expertise, cost-effectiveness, creative strategy and approach.

Their level of experience and insight in this ever-changing market is what makes it valued.

Although they don’t have a large database like an influencer marketing platform, they know the influencers they are working with better than anyone.

They understand the specialties, strengths, and preferences of each influencer.

You can’t find such competence somewhere else.

Also, an influencer marketing agency has a dedicated team with amazing social experts.

They will have a bunch of creative ideas based on their years of experience for your campaign.

You can also save time and money, erasing the work of self-research and managing the campaigns.

Running an influencer campaign has never been easier with the help of an agency 🙂

Which influencer marketing platform to choose to find influencers in Taiwan?

They have 4+ million influencers around the world on their platform. It will be very easy for you to find one.

They also have a powerful influencer auditor.

You can get every data you want about an influencer.

There are audience quality, engagement rate, ad performance, even how much you must pay if you want to work with them, and other valuable insights.

You can review their account performance and see how far the influencer can drive results for the campaign.

You can also detect how many suspicious followers are on their accounts.

Amazing, right?

More fantastic feature: you can send a bulk of outreach messages and maintain communication with many influencers.

It’s for easier campaign management where you can live-monitor every campaign performance.

Just take a glimpse of the KPIs from the campaign score and see the direct result.

With the rising of nano-influencers in Taiwan, will be a handy help to run many influencer campaigns in advance.

Content Creator & Influencer economy trends in Taiwan

To enter Taiwan’s economic market, you must not only understand the state but also what is rising ahead.

Meaning, you have to welcome the next Taiwan’s creator economy trends.

Let me explain it to you.

The rise of social commerce in Taiwan

As major social network platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have built more business results, social commerce will become more common in Taiwan.

Taiwan consumers will not leave social media platforms as they can do product discovery and proceed to purchase in advance.

Percentage of the impact of the social media influencers on purchasing in Taiwan
Half of the Taiwanese are ready to buy from Influencers.

As a response to this, brands and influencers should leverage social media features to more sales funnels, expecting business growth through social channels.

However, brands should plan broader marketing goals utilizing this chance. Also, creators need to deeply understand their audience for easier and more effective influencer marketing.

Data & attribution for influencer marketing in Taiwan

Today, data is like a freebie on social media. You can literally get analytics from everywhere like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As data become more prevalent, the demand for it being more attributable to business results is also rising. Brands need to consider beyond the surface: more interactions, relativity, and conversion.

For example, brands now will succumb to follower size but look deeper into influencers’ engagement rates. Brands also must understand the influencer’s audience before collaborating.

Turning Taiwanese fans into customers

The rise of influencer marketing trends will make the market becomes more competitive than ever. This is going to be a challenge both for brands and influencers.

For a successful influencer marketing campaign, they need to turn followers into fans and fans into customers. But while the demand is high, it is more difficult to do so.

The key is to sharpen the relationship between the creators and their audience. While influencers keep growing organic relationships with their audience, it will be easier for brands to create bonds with their customers.

Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign in Taiwan for your Brand, is it worth it?

Now you have a deep knowledge of the influencer marketing landscape in Taiwan.

The trend is positive and many ways & channels brands can leverage for influencer marketing in Taiwan.

But is it really a good choice to run an influencer marketing campaign in the country?

Totally. YES.

If you have read the whole article and don’t see the opportunity, then I suggest you read it again 🙂

Here, I tell you why:

Each party that shapes the influencer marketing industry in Taiwan has gained a solid stand, even some become more promising.

Also, more and more brands in Taiwan want to work with influencers.

In fact, more Taiwanese brands seek better channels to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, such as leveraging nano-influencers.

Don’t forget about the Taiwanese belief in the power of the word of mouth.

This is a sign of maturity and brands in Taiwan must follow the hype before it’s too late.

And the best way to start the most effective campaign is through the help of an influencer marketing agency.

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Their competence in finding the right influencer and conducting a campaign that drives real results is unmatched.

You won’t find better help except by utilizing their established network and years of experience.

So, are you ready to launch your first successful influencer campaign with us? 🙂

Is Taiwan a good choice to launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Absolutely. The industry has grown maturely as many brands want to invest their marketing budget for influencer marketing campaigns. Also, Taiwanese consumers have good faith in influencers. It will be easier to steal their hearts through the influence of the influencers.

How much does it cost to start working with Influencers in Taiwan?

Depends on the influencer’s tier. If you choose to work with celebrity-influencer, then it will be costly, usually $10k more. But if you want to ride the wave of the rising nano-influencers, then it will be very affordable, it can be $5-$10 per post. You can also try micro-influencer in a range of $100-$500.

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